New: Ch 27 Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole



Ch 27: Godric Reflects on Suicide. Click here to go straight there. So I have to work tomorrow and teach 110 students. So yea, can’t sleep and was tweaking Ch 27. All the sudden this came out during Godric’s part and I really felt like it deserved it’s own stand alone chapter/thing despite it’s shortness. You will still get a chapter next Wednesday. This is a bit of a reflection from Godric about him wanting to end his life. And from someone who has suffered severe depression and grief from a loss and betrayal and a shattered life to someone who picked the pieces up and owned it, who healed her heart, put herself through school as a single mom and found that you create your own happiness and no one can do that for you. This is what I have to say through Godric. I apologize for any errors. It is unbeta read and raw from my heart!

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