Ch 33: One Vampire, Six Vampire, Red Vampire, Bitch Vampire

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“Crap!” I screamed. This was it! Godric was attacking Eric! He was on top of him faster than my eyes could see. The adrenaline rushed through my veins, and the scene played out before me in almost slow motion. My mind raced as I turned to Nora. “Angur is controlling Godric! We have to step in. He’ll kill Eric!”

I didn’t wait for her to respond. I ran out of the trees into the edge of the clearing. I didn’t stop there. I kept running towards Edgington, Alan, and the woman that Angur possessed. I was half way there before they turned to me. I saw the surprise on Edgington’s and Alan’s face but my hand was already in the air, pointed towards the female Angur.

I let out a mighty roar as I unleashed my fae magic on Angur, willing every bit of skill I had learned from my training sessions with Claudine.

She stumbled and fell backwards causing me to stop in my tracks. The surroundings were still moving in slow motion around me. It was the adrenaline affecting my mind, making me think quickly which made events seem slower.

I nearly sighed in relief as the woman looked around in surprise and shock. She quickly got to her feet in confusion. Of course she was confused! I just released her from her possession. That is when her thoughts bombarded my mind, and I knew she was no vampire, and if she wasn’t a vampire Angur could not possess her body. This can’t be happening. Where is Angur? He must be hiding somewhere out of sight.

I began to panic as I took a step backwards. Where the hell is Nora? Godric was on top of Eric, and I turned to look just in time to see his fist slamming down into Eric’s face, causing the Viking to scream, “fader, no!”

Everything was falling apart! I started to run towards them and saw that Pamela had already grabbed Godric from behind, trying to pull him off of Eric, but it was no use. He was too strong.

“Godric stop!” I knew it wouldn’t do any good. I grabbed him from behind with Pam and that’s when I saw his face. His eyes were closed and blood tears were flowing down his cheeks. He was killing his child and couldn’t stop himself! We had to do something.

“Hit him with your fae magic, Sookie!” I heard Pam scream as she went flying backwards. I had no idea what was happening with Edgington, Alan and the woman on the other side of the lawn, but I heard Edgington scream in sickening pain.

I stepped away from the scuffle on the ground. It was no scuffle, Godric was tearing Eric apart! I lifted my hand to blast Godric and that’s when something very big and very furry slammed into me. I went flying several feet and shook my head in a dazed mess.

“Nora!” I screamed. “Help me with the Werewolf!” I looked towards the trees to see her running towards me just as the Werewolf stood to his feet and growled at me with snarling fangs. “Stop the Werewolf so I can blast Godric!” I said as I heard Nora’s feet quickly approaching me.

“Eric!” Nora screamed running right past me and the wolf to the fight still going on with Godric. She could care less about the situation I was in. The Werewolf jumped on me again and bit my shoulder.

I let out a shrieking scream from the pain, and I was sure my arm was broken. Pam was my savior, she came running over and grabbed the Werewolf around the neck, but as suddenly as she was there so were four other wolves. They swarmed her in a heap and dog piled her, literally.

The chocolate! I reached in my pocket and grabbed the half eaten package of m & m’s. This is why I had brought them! Claudine had told me Werewolves couldn’t resist eating chocolate and they were just as allergic to it as fairies were to lemons.

I started pelting the chocolate at the Werewolves with my good arm. They almost immediately smelled it and released Pam who was cussing and spitting mad and they jumped on the candies, snapping at each other as they fought over them. The first one fell on its side in a whimpering mess and Pam picked them off one by one, breaking their necks.

“Sookie,” she said running up to me. “Are you okay?”

“I think my arm is broken.”

She helped me to my feet. “Did you blast Angur? Godric is going to kill Eric.” I heard Eric scream out in pain again as Godric’s fist came down on his shoulder.

“It didn’t work.” I said as she helped me hobble towards Godric. “I’ll have to blast Godric and hope it at least breaks the maker command temporarily.”

I lifted my hand and unleashed my fae magic on Godric. He immediately stopped hitting Eric. “My child! Forgive me, my child.” He sobbed throwing his arms around Eric whose face was now covered in blood.

I closed my eyes in bliss as my mind was engulfed with the presence of Godric once again from our re-connected blood-bond and I knew that Eric must be feeling the same thing. It felt as if a warm blanket covered me and I was whole. When I blasted Godric it had reversed the severed spell connection that a witch had cast.

“It worked!” I whispered. That is when things took a very dark turn. I heard a voice from behind me speak in a language I didn’t understand. It was the unmistakable voice of Alan Nut and that’s when I realized he was possessed by Angur.

I turned to him, ready to blast but there was a herd of vampires on top of me. All the vampires I cared about, and one I didn’t like so much.

Pamela was holding one of my arms and Nora was holding the other. Eric and Godric were kneeling beside me, their fangs bared.

“No!” Eric screamed.

“I can’t stop it!” Godric hissed angrily.

“Blast Nut!” Pam screamed.

“Please, no not this!” Nora said in suppressed glee.

“Nora, Godric released you long ago. Why is the command compelling you to hold down Sookie?”

Nora looked over at Pam and smiled and that’s when I knew that Angur commanded Godric to command Eric to command Pam and they were all being forced to attack me. The command from Angur was going on down the blood-line like a domino effect and none of them could control themselves.

“I do not know Pam.” Nora said, doing a bad job of trying to act forlorn. “For some reason I am being forced by Godric’s maker-command as well.”

Nora was holding my good arm. The one I needed to lift to blast Angur who I now knew was in Alan Nut-suckers body. I had no idea where Edgington was but I could still hear his vague screams somewhere in the background.

Godric looked away from Nora and down into my eyes. “Sookie, oh Sookie. I’m so sorry, my love. Please forgive me, I have no control over what I do.” The tears flowed down his face as he lowered himself to my neck, fangs dangerously bared.

I looked over at Eric. “Fight it, Sookie.” He choked. “You must blast him. I cannot bear your death. Please don’t allow me to be the one who delivers it.”

Then his fangs were sinking into my flesh along with Godric’s.




It was one of the best moments of my life when I felt Godric once again over the maker-child bond. I heard the command come over the bond to me and Eric to drain Sookie and for Eric to command Pamela. The command was not in words when it was given over a bond like that. It was as if we just knew what our maker wanted and carried out his orders. Most vampires didn’t have this ability. Godric was one of the few who was powerful enough to command a child in this manner.

There was no doubt in my mind that Godric was giving a command that he did not like. His strong feelings of dismay and crushing regret told me that. Angur was forcing his hand. I always respected Angur, even though I never met him personally until this night. We held some of the same ideologies about humans and I planned to get to know him better when this was over. He was a part of my blood-line after all.

Even though I still heard Godric’s command I was not compelled to follow through with it since he had released me long ago. But my fader gave the order so I would carry it out anyway because I am a good child and I was determined to prove it to him.

When it was over he probably would not be happy with me, but some day he would see it was for the best. It was dangerous, this Sookie thing that had somehow bewitched him and Eric. She was too powerful, powerful enough to destroy my maker if she desired to do so.

Yes, it must die.

She will someday be the true death of my maker and brother. Even though they wish her to live, this was for the best. They would thank me for this.

“I can’t stop myself.” I said to my blood-line as they held the Sookie thing. “She must have made the bond like new when she blasted you fader!”

Godric was not looking at me or acknowledging me as I spoke and that hurt like hell. Why was he punishing me? Eric and Pam were doing the same thing as me.

“I love you fader!” I said desperately.

He still did not look upon me but instead chose to speak to the creature we held down, giving her his apologies as blood tears flowed down his face.

Why should he apologize for anything he does? He is a powerful vampire and it sickened me to see her have this hold over him. She made him weak.

I would make him strong again by making sure she died this night. Perhaps he would be so distraught and angry at the world for the loss of his bonded and he would fall into a pit of hate. Perhaps, that hate would bring us together again in our shared disgust of humanity. We could live together again, killing everything in our way as I know he once did long before he made me. Maybe he would even rejoin the Sanguinista.

I wish I knew that side of him. It must have been a sight to behold to see him so powerful and feared. Many feared him, even to this night for that period in his unlife. He was once a great leader in the faction that I was a part of. Why couldn’t he see that I only aspired to be like him? Why couldn’t he see that I only wished to follow in his footsteps?

I gasped in euphoric pleasure as I watched Godric’s fangs pierce its neck and then I could not resist.

“I want its blood.” I said before my fangs sank in the fairy too.




I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I could not bear to kill my bonded. This would destroy me, it would destroy us all.

I never thought that it would come to this, all of us commanded to destroy Sookie. She was powerful and Angur had seen the danger she presented when he realized that she could use her magic to expel him from Nut’s body.

I sobbed into her neck as I drew in her blood and I ran my hand through her hair to soothe her.

I could hear Godric sobbing beside me as well.

My mind quickly raced as I tried to think of a way out but I knew not what to do. My heart broke as I heard Sookie crying under me, aware that her life was ebbing away.

Godric and I lifted her and pulled her into our laps and we both wrapped our arms around our bonded.

That is when I realized that Nora too was attached to Sookie by fang. It enraged me even though I knew that Godric had commanded his children to drain her over the maker bond, forced to do so by Angur. His command had only told me to have Pam assist so she was not draining Sookie, only holding her broken arm, trying to do as little damage as possible.

What enraged me the most about Nora draining Sookie was that she was ripping her neck, tearing flesh and causing Sookie to scream out in pain.

I reached out with one hand and took a fist full of Nora’s hair, causing her to release her hold on Sookie and grab my hand, but her fangs remained in Sookie and she began draining her faster.

In that moment I hated Nora and I would forever hate her for this.

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13 thoughts on “Ch 33: One Vampire, Six Vampire, Red Vampire, Bitch Vampire

  1. NO, NO, NO!!!!
    Nora needs to die a horrible painful death! Hopefully Eric pulled Nora away enough and Sookie is alert enough to use that hand to blast!

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  2. It’s a horrible death that will never be forgiven. Alan has to take control of his body, that Godric can be released momentarily. I suspect that Godric knows that Nora is lying.


  3. I don’t know what the witch is doing to Russell, but she needs to finish up and do something to Angur. Poor Sookie. I think Godric and Eric will take care of Nora.


  4. You really brought the angst in this chapter. Nora is a real piece of work, I have to think she has sealed her own fate now and look forward to Godric’s release and what comes after.


  5. I’m still slightly worried but I know something will happen to fix this, because I highly doubt you would kill Sookie.
    I can’t wait until things work out because Nora is so fucked. Like I would be completely shocked if she isn’t killed by Eric or Godric.
    Eric held a grudge against Russell for 1000 years, I guarantee he will hold the same lengthy, hate-filled grudge against Nora if on the off chance she escapes with her life.


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