Ch 8: Viking Voyeruism

The rabbit hole has gotten a whole hell of a lot deeper and I have a lot to consider now. Let’s see. I staked Bill through the heart while he was sleeping in his hidey-hole, in pink lace panties and heels no less. I convinced my fairy grandmother to teach me how to use my powers. I made first contact with the ancient, yet naughty vampire Sheriff of Area 5 via a secret note drop location. I’m sure he’s irritated about my reluctance to meet him face to face. Also, I was an accessory to calling the Queen and making her believe Bill was calling her.

What else? Oh yea, I threw Rene the weasel faced psycho killer off my trail, and I kicked Alan Nut’s ass. Not to mention, I found out that most likely my world, which is your world too by the way, was farted out someone’s backside from this world. Nice! That’s my grouchy way of saying someone over here in True Blood land dreamed up the unmagical world over there where my fellow Viking and Gaul fanatics have been apparently watching a TV show that is actually visions of the future over here. Oh yea, and Gran knows everything.

On top of that, I got a phone call from Sam earlier asking me to cover Dawn’s shift. She kicked the bucket yesterday. I realized that tonight is the night that Bill took Sookie to Fangtasia and she met Eric. Gran is having a cow because Jason is in jail blamed for the murders Rene is committing. I assured her I will take care of the whole thing and make sure it’s set right. But Jason is just going to have to deal with it for now because I have bigger fish to fry.

I’m still working on Eric and trying to earn his respect, and I’m not going to earn that by begging him to take care of my problem. I might mention it to Eric and gauge if he is willing to help me. I still had a training session with Claudine before my shift at Merlotte’s. I hope I can finally get some sort of handle on my powers. I wanted to make sure I was ready before I stand toe to toe with Rene because Eric may not be willing to help.

I heard a familiar pop and turned to see Claudine standing in my bedroom. Right on time for our first training session.

“Sookie,” she smiled. All trace of Bill Compton’s voice gone. “Are you ready to begin?”

I stood up and sighed heavily. “As ready as I’ll ever be. How do we start?”

“First, lets have a seat so we can relax.” She sat on the bed and I joined her, anxious to see what she had planned.

“The first thing I’m going to teach you is how to use your telepathic shields to block out voices. Then I’m going to show you how to hone in on one individual and block the other voices out.”

“That would be helpful. If there are more than a few people around it just sounds like a loud crowd in my head. I can’t really decipher what anyone is thinking.” I had come home with a splitting headache from Merlotte’s the last few nights.

“It’s actually quite easy. In order to hone in on one individual all you have to do is pour all your concentration on that person. Imagine a bubble around you and the person you want to hear. You don’t have to strain but rather relax your mind and just not think about the other people in the room.”

“Really?” Maybe that was my problem. I was trying to use pressure to listen to one person. I’m sure people were wondering why I was walking around Merlotte’s looking like veins were about to pop out of my forehead.

“Yes. I want you to try it tonight at work and see if you can do it.”

“What about blocking people out? I’ve been trying to imagine a brick wall but when I do I can still hear an annoying hum.” It’s been giving me a headache.

“That’s even easier to do. Instead of a brick wall try concentrating on your own mind, your own thoughts. Try imagining the bubble around just yourself. That way you are honing in on your own thoughts instead of others.”

The way she explained it seemed so simple. I guess I had been making things more difficult than they have to be. We practiced for awhile. We even brought Gran in the room and I introduced her to Claudine. I had already told her about the fairy that morning so she wasn’t as shocked as she should have been. I practiced blocking out Claudine and Gran and only hearing myself. Then I practiced only hearing one of them at a time. After about an hour I was getting pretty good at it.

“Now for your light. You can use it as a shield, a weapon, or to heal. Which one would you like to learn today Sookie?”

“Oh I wanna learn how to fry someone’s ass.”

We went outside for this lesson and after another hour I was shooting light balls every which way like a cat having a seizure. Yea, I’ll have to work on accuracy later but at least I now had a handy weapon.

Claudine turned toward me and reached out touching my face. A bolt of raw light shot through my skull filling me with the most profound sense of joy and contentment I’ve ever felt. I tried to jump back startled but couldn’t move. As fast as it came it was gone. “What was that?” I gasped.

“All fairies have the ability to spread joy.”

That was news. “Claudine, in all the erm um… visions” TV shows. “I”ve had I’ve never seen this.” Of course there weren’t a lot of scenes about the fairies.

“Really? It’s one of the most important things about us. It’s what defines us as a fairy.”

“Can I try?”

“Of course, just touch my face and think about instilling me with positive feelings.”

I reached out and put my palm on her face but nothing happened. I frowned. “Did you feel anything?”

Her eyes twinkled. “It takes a lot of practice. It took me nearly four hundred years to learn, and I’m considered a fast learner.”


My heart was pounding as I pulled up to the shack, the dream still fresh in my mind from this morning. I was dying to meet the gorgeous Viking but I was still nervous and if my dream was any warning I knew I needed his respect before he found out who I was.

I crept into the shack. I have no idea why I was always so nervous coming in here. I always felt like something bad was waiting for me.

I sprinted to the dog bowl and my heart leaped out of my chest when I saw the note.

Hello Lover,

Oh my god! He called me lover… How does he even know I’m a girl? A chill ran down my spine, and I sprinted outside and looked around but saw nothing suspicious. I walked back in the shack and read the rest of the note.

Your information has been useful. Come to Fangtasia
tonight. You have nothing to fear from me except
maybe hours of mind blowing pleasure.

– E

Oh god! I grabbed my heart and nearly collapsed into a pile on the floor. This was so not fair! He doesn’t waste time does he? I pressed my back against the wall and looked to the ceiling. Delicious thoughts were swirling through my muddled brain.

I felt a familiar urgent sensation in my nether regions that licked its way outward through my body. I never really considered myself a raging horn-dog but in that moment ornery and mischievous thoughts darkened my eyes. Plus, it’s not like anyone would ever know. Right? I felt no guilt at what I was about to do as my hand slid down my naval to the waist band of my shorts.

I mean this is Eric Northman we’re talking about here. The mouth-watering, gorgeous, sinful, sex on a stick Eric Northman, and he just tried to entice me with promises of hours of pleasure.

“The nerve!” I giggled deviously. I take no responsibility for my actions, and I’m sure any court of law would deem this as temporary insanity considering the dire circumstances!

I was pretty confident I’d have no problem resisting his charms in person and giving the wanton Viking a run for his money but that doesn’t mean I can’t do what I want in private, behind closed doors, where there are no prying eyes.

I bit my bottom lip between my teeth in excitement, and I pictured Eric in my mind. My hands slid down my shorts… into my panties… further I went as the heat in my body radiated and rose to new heights. I let out a trembling moan when the tips of my fingers made contact with the slickness between my legs. My head was swimming in dreamy carnal naughtiness as I sank into the wall and let myself be taken away in the sensations.

For several delicious moments I bucked my hips toward my hand and closed my eyes, sighing loudly with a combination of whispered breaths and lustful whimpers. It was all so inappropriate which only made the immodest occasion all the more raw and titillating.

The ceiling spun in a surreal haze as every inch of me burst into a frenzy of pleasure, a jumble of incoherent melodies tore from my mouth. I’m sure if anyone was within half a mile around they would have heard me. I think I may have even moaned Eric’s name a few times and growled a little as I rode the waves of juicilicious passion.

“Wow,” I gasped.

It’s not like I’ve never pleasured myself before but that was mind-boggling. I squeezed my thighs shut tightly. My hand was still unceremoniously down my pants, and I leaned into the wall enjoying my afterglow, twitching a little when an aftershock tingled through my body. I’m so glad this shack is in the middle of nowhere. I’d die if anyone knew what I just did.

When it was all over I scrunched my shoulders up toward my neck and snickered evilly under my breath as I animatedly tip-toed out of the shack in long strides, reveling in my villainous shenanigans. I’m so bad.

When I came back I was sporting a pearly white smile. I wiped my hand off with the paper towel from the car and tossed it in a pile of debris and trash in the corner. Hey, don’t look at me like that! The place was a dump. No one will notice one more little piece of trash! I sat on the cardboard from last time with pen and paper in hand and wrote a note back to my vampire.

Dear Eric,

Your seductive antics do not faze me in the least. Not one little bit!
I have no doubt in my mind that you mean exactly every word you
say, but I must point out that for all you know I could be an old nasty
man-troll, or worse yet, a brutish werewolf.

I laughed a bit. I am so clever. He’s going to think I’m totally not into him. Poor vampire! I pouted my lips out. How is he going to react when he finds out for the first time in his life a woman is immune to his beguiling charms? I felt no remorse about lying like a bastard. Temporary Insanity!

On a more serious note, there is going to be a police raid in your bar tonight.
A vampire named Taron will be feeding on a human in the bathroom at the
exact moment the police burst into your club.

Also, I have a small personal problem that I am having trouble dealing with.
The problem is a serial killer who is targeting women who associate with
vampires. I don’t think I’m a target at this point but I would have been.
The killer has been watching me to try and find any indication that I am
sympathetic to your kind. Is this a matter you would be willing to
assist me
with? If not, I will take care of it myself.

Until Next Time
~ A big old hairy troll

I was satisfied. The note wasn’t a big revelation but it was enough to keep up the intrigue. And since I wasn’t going to Fangtasia tonight I felt like it was my responsibility to warn him about the raid as original Sookie would have. I was hoping that Eric might be willing to help me out with Rene. After all, I have been helping him. It was also a way to find out if I had earned any form of respect from him. If I had, he would offer to help. This could give me a clue if I should meet him any time soon. It must be driving Eric crazy not knowing who I am. I smiled smugly knowing everything here was on my terms. I held all the power in my hands!


A/N: Godric pins you against a wall, “Is it true what they say? You left a review?”
He ghosts his fangs and lips along your neck. “That is so unbelievably sexy.” He growls.

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8 thoughts on “Ch 8: Viking Voyeruism

  1. Happy that Claudine is teaching her. It seems to be helping Sookie and she’s learning things faster than tv Sookie.
    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe she did that! Eric is going to just love that video footage and dare I say the paper towel, too. 😄


  2. The reaction Eric will have when he walks into the cabin will be priceless! Sookie’s little catch up on what has happen was fun and makes you realize how fast things are happening. Gran and Claudine helping Sookie was fun. Also how your putting even more of your own spin ie fairy light not relying on the books and show is a huge turn on.


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