Ch 16: Sookie Sucks A Sheriff

Eric was kneeling in front of Godric who had just arrived at Fangtasia moments ago. The Viking had so many questions but above all he was overjoyed that his maker was back in one piece. He had spent the last night in heart-stricken grief at the thought that he would never see Godric again after he shattered the portal stone.“Eric,” Godric said fondly. “You know that you do not have to kneel to me. Stand up.”


Eric rose to his full height, towering at least half a foot above his maker who measured around 5’10”. He looked at Godric’s face, his expression stoic, but his eyes spoke a thousand words under the carefully composed façade of his perfect features. Godric needed no maker bond to tell him his child was feeling vulnerability, pain, and relief.

“All is well,” Godric put his hand on Eric’s shoulder and smiled softly. “Very well indeed. I have much to tell you.”

Eric’s lips parted slightly. He had not seen Godric smile in at least a century. “You have fed recently.” It wasn’t a question. He could see how healthy Godric looked. His maker wasn’t as pale anymore. In fact, his cheeks were slightly rosy, his lips had a pink tint, and his eyes were bright. He had not seen his maker looking so good in a very long time. If Eric didn’t know any better he would say Godric fed on a whole town of people. The Gaul seemed to radiate with a bright glow and a new zest for life that Eric thought he would never see again.


“Yes, I fed,” Godric’s soft smile turned into a wicked smirk. “A fortnight ago, on the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

“Sookie Stackhouse?” Eric muttered. “Is she your human now?” His voice trailed off into what could only be described as a mix of happiness for his maker and disappointment for himself.

“No,” Godric shook his head. “She is not a human, nor is she to be claimed like chattel.”

“Do you plan to have her as your eternal companion?” Eric knew that Sookie could live thousands of years. There was no need to turn her to a vampire. She could be a companion for a very long time with her humanity intact, which was very desirable to vampires. They loved the warmth of a human companion. They loved to be their protector, to feed on them, and to provide for them.

Godric walked a step or two over to the bar and picked up a figurine of Count Dracula. He turned it in his hand absentmindedly. “No, not my companion,” he mumbled with his back to Eric.

“I do not understand,” Eric said puzzled looking at his makers back, one eyebrow raised in question. “I thought you said she was the most amazing woman you have ever met?”


“Our companion,” Godric revealed turning to face Eric. “She will be ours, and we will be hers.”

“That is not the human way,” Eric murmured, but he was unable to prevent the grin forming on his lips. “She may not be fully human, but she lives by their ways.”

It was not uncommon for a maker and child who had spent centuries together and grown very close to share a human and pretend that person was their mate. Like a game. It was usually a situation where the human was a claimed pet, and said human usually didn’t last long. Eric didn’t want that sort of relationship with Sookie and he knew Godric very well. His maker would never condone such a sick game with a human. Godric was serious about the three of them living as real companions.

“It has been done before,” Godric reassured, putting his hand over his heart in a tight fist. “Where the three involved were equals. And it may not be their way, but it is what Sookie wants. And it is what I want.”

“She said she wants this?” Eric stepped closer to Godric. “She said she wants me?”

“No,” Godric chuckled. “But it is not difficult to decipher her feelings. However, we should proceed carefully with her. As you said, humans would see such a relationship as taboo. And Sookie is very innocent.”

Eric’s fangs clicked out in excitement. He would never share a human with anyone except Godric. The mere thought of being a large part of his makers life again stirred him more than he had felt in a very long time, and with a woman such as Sookie. The future looked bright and was sure to be full of excitement, an excitement that had been devoid from his life for so long as he drudged on tediously through the years.

Over the next several minutes they shared their stories with each other. Godric told Eric about the experience he had in the other world with Sookie and his plans for them to return there. Eric was excited by the idea of escaping the bureaucratic bullshit that vampire society has evolved in to. He was also shocked to hear about the intimacy that Godric shared with Sookie, calling him a lucky bastard. He wished that he had been there to share the moment with them.

Next, Eric told Godric everything he had experienced since he received the first note from Sookie and about the serial killer who was still on the loose. He also informed him of his suspicions that Russell Edgington wanted Godric for something and how Alan Nut confirmed he was the vampire who killed Eric’s human family.

Godric frowned. “Russell Edgington, I believe I have heard that name before, but it was two millenniums ago. So long ago that I do not recall where or who spoke his name.”

“Too bad you do not have a photographic memory as I have,” Eric boasted.

“I prefer my vampiric stare. It served me well in the other world,” Godric said smugly. “In any event, vampire memory is superior to that of a human.” Godric’s voice became serious. “The serial killer you spoke of, you said he took the last note Sookie left for you?”

“Yes,” Eric gritted his teeth. “I have been trying to identify him since, but I have failed.”

“Sookie said she was going there to see if you responded to her last note.”

Eric stiffened. “She may not be safe.”

“We should return to her house at once. We will have to continue the interrogation with this Alan Nut after we see to Sookie’s safety and deal with the serial killer. Where is Pamela?”

“She has gone home for the night. But Nut is secure in the basement. He will not be going anywhere.”

“Very well. We shall leave at once”


Godric and Eric landed in front of Sookie’s porch and quickly climbed the steps to the door.

“She has not returned here. Her scent is half an hour old and the vehicle is gone,” Godric said worried as he knocked on the door.

The door opened a few seconds later and Adele peeked her head out. “Oh dear! Sookie told me you boys were coming over tonight. It’s so nice to meet you.” She had a wide genuine smile of delight.

“Ma’am I am afraid introductions will have to wait.” Godric began hurriedly. “Sookie is alone and apparently the serial killer is still at large.” He gave Eric a glance who looked away with a hint of shame and regret.

“Yes, Rene is still out there. I thought you and Sookie already knew that.” Adele explained stepping out onto the porch.  “But far as I know, he doesn’t have any reason to go after my granddaughter. Sookie still hasn’t come back though. I’m startin’ to get awful worried.”

Eric and Godric both looked at each other. “I will wait here in case she returns.” Godric told Eric.


It was the logical choice. Godric didn’t know where the shack was and Eric did. Someone needed to stay at the house and see to Adele’s safety. Godric would have never left Sookie had he known she was a target. He had only found out when Eric told him about the serial killer following her to the shack and taking her note. The killers words were crystal clear on the video feed that he would kill her next.

Eric nodded and took to the pitch black sky without saying a word.

“Oh goodness gracious!” He heard Adele gasp as he flew away at top speed towards the shack.


When Eric landed he didn’t even bother to stop and look around. His sense of smell told him immediately what had occurred. The smell of Sookie and her intoxicating blood hung so heavily in the air that he gulped to compose himself.

The serial killer had attacked her. He ran into the shack and straight up to Sookie, stepping on Rene on his way. The bastard was still alive, but unconscious. Eric planned to deal with him after he helped Sookie.

There was blood everywhere! He closed his eyes momentarily and leaned over her, trying to rouse her.

“Sookie,” he whispered at first. Then louder. “Sookie!” She was still breathing, but barely. She was slipping away before his very eyes!


He ripped into his wrist desperately with his fangs in order to heal her, and held it over her mouth as his blood dripped onto her lips.

After a few seconds she started to stir but his wound had already healed. He bit again and held it to her mouth. She began to suck weakly at first, her eyes still closed. Then her lips pressed down and she took in a big gulp.

He hissed in feverish excitement as she reached up to cradle his wrist in her dainty hands. His eyes darted over her body, which was covered in blood. He willed himself to stay focused on her. She needed him!

His wrist closed, and she started whimpering and lolling her head from side to side. He could see the wounds on her face and arms slowly begin to heal. She would open her eyes any second. He sighed in relief knowing she would be okay.

He could not help himself. He leaned forward and started licking the blood from her face and lips, a mixture of his and hers. Gods, he could hardly believe it. He had desired this woman so much and now he was a part of her. He shivered in exhilaration as he felt his blood running through her veins.

His tongue slowly caressed over her jaw. Her taste… she tasted like honey and sunshine. He had never tasted anything like it. Most blood was flavorless, but hers was unbelievable. He greedily sucked the drops of blood off her bottom lip as he began to growl.

“Eric?” she groaned putting her hands on his shoulders and pushing slightly.

He lifted his head above her, eyes wild, fangs glistening in the moonlight. He was still growling under his breath in a low hum.

“Eric…” She gasped. “Oh my god! Eric, you saved me!”

He was so stunned he didn’t say a word as he stared down at the object of his desire.

“Were you just licking my blood?” She said wide eyed.

He continued to stare at her and finally spoke after a few seconds. “Yes Sookie. I was.” The corner of his mouth lifted in an ornery grin.

Her mouth dropped open wide before closing and dropping open again. “Well you might as well finish hadn’t you?”

Sookie had so much to say to Eric and he knew that she was waiting, instead offering her spilled blood to him first. He could tell that she was slightly embarrassed. Why he wasn’t sure but it probably had something to do with the fiery look of lust and longing in his eyes. Mostly she seemed genuinely relieved and happy to see him there. She was trembling as he loomed over her, but fear from the ancient vampire was not the cause of her shaking and chattering. This surprised him, she was not even frightened as she laid in her own blood under him looking like a goddess. Instead, she seemed to completely trust him, putting her life in his hands. That was his last thought as he leaned back into her and trailed his tongue up the column of her neck.


Don’t be mad at me! Anywhere I stop will be a cliffhanger in this story!

A/N: Godric beckons you to him. “Come, little one. We have a review to leave.”
He takes your hand in his and kisses the back tenderly.

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39 thoughts on “Ch 16: Sookie Sucks A Sheriff

  1. Arg! So glad Eric was able to get to her in time but damn that was a bad place to end chapter, sigh. Love that they will all be equals in a relationship. Looking forward to more of that…

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    • I’m so sorry about the cliffy. But I need to switch to Sookie POV so I thought it would be great to start the next chapter from her POV rather then switch mid scene. I did that in another chapter Giddy with a Gaul and it was awkward.

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  2. I’ll forgive you for the slight cliffy since you so swiftly updated this story. Am I the only one to be worried that they are ignoring Rene even if he is unconscious? He’s a slippery one and I wouldn’t put it past him to try and stake Eric if he can. I’m glad Gran isn’t alone to worry herself into knots. *Giggles* hope Godric doesn’t give her the stare to relax her! OK that might have been creepy so I’ll just say seniors need loving too!

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      • I forgot to add that that is a fabulous pic of Godric with the Fangtasia sign to the right. Oh and I’m glad I could give you a laugh when you give us so many light moments!


  3. I knew Sookie wouldn’t be going out so quickly, so I knew one of them would save her. But it is still relief inducing that she is saved.
    I’m sooo excited for them all to sit down and talk about things.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing what kind of relationship Sookie and Pam have.
    I also can’t wait to see what they do with Rene.
    It’s a nice heads up to know that all chapter endings will be cliffy.
    Can’t wait for more.

    p.s. I’m so happy you told me about this site, because I love the faster uploads, and I so appreciate them. :]

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    • Thanks gabby! Hopefully not all chapters will be a cliffy but there is a lot going on in the story right now plot wise and the next plot arc that I’ve been easing into is even more dramatic. What was your pen name on the fanfiction net website?


  4. I’m so glad Eric got to her. I hope she doesn’t doubt Eric and Godric’s feelings due to the blood factor. I wonder what Sookie will think about Godric’s idea. I enjoyed the chapter.

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    • Thank you! So glad you are enjoying the story! Well Sookie has already had the hots for them both for years and she has read enough fanfiction and all the books. I’m sure she won’t go all spazy on us!


  5. I thought it would be the three of them together 😍 Eric made it in time! and looks like they get along😉 I wonder if Sookie would be ok with the three of them together, most likely she will and only because she’s not from there with Gran raisin her 😍

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    • Oh I don’t know! We’ll have to see. She did jokingly say in chapter one that she might be fine with going to hell if either Eric and Godric were there… or both together! Next chapter they will all be in the same room together so I’m interested to see how that goes!


  6. Yessssss!!!!!!!! They met again and she’s not pretending to deny Eric. I’m excited to read, the part when they drop the threesome .I mean it’s like a big BOOOOMMM!!!! For her because she has hots for both of them..

    Anyway I truly love it here in WordPress, not only for the fast upload but you could add some pic. And it’s gearing up our imagination.

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  7. So, I see that you are in the ‘Sisterhood’, too! LOL Love the final first interaction between them. Glad she’s safe and can’t wait to see the three of them finally together. They need to finish watching the DVD’s!


  8. Did my heart happy the reserved joy Eric showed in Godric’s return. Glad they got to spend time together, talk over the knowledge they’ve learned and even discuss the subject of sharing Sookie as an equal. 😊
    So glad Eric got to Sookie in time and it seems they are starting a bond(?). Can’t wa see how this blood sharing turns out.
    Not sure if I’m happy Rene is still alive. Hope he doesn’t attack Eric.


  9. Holy shnikes 38 responses!!!! Having Sookie in peril then saved by Eric and Godric announcing he and Eric will share Sookie gets the people going! I’m sure we will now see more scene w/ E&G which makes me so happy I love their relationship it’s so complex lovers, father/son and companions.


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