Ch 4: Friends Save Sookie from Eric

“Even you don’t have that kind of power Eric,” Bill said with a very unsure tone. Eric had more power and connections than most realized. He couldn’t wait to see Compton’s face when he took his pathetic company right from under him. Clever plans to take Bill down were already forming in his mind.

Eric smiled smugly and chuckled under his breath. He strutted up to Bill and stood for a tense few seconds staring down at the shorter vampire. Eric was older, most vampires could tell. But Bill Compton had aged longer before being turned. This made Eric feel superior as well; he had his youthful looks. That was more than Bill could say.

Within the blink of an eye, his fist impacted Bill’s face knocking out one extended fang, making it fly towards the wall with a loud clink. The trail of blood that was knocked out of the gaping hole in Bills gums flung through the air and landed on the floor with a nasty splat. The younger vampire grabbed his mouth and stared at Eric with hate-filled eyes. He would be a one-fanged vampire for months while it grew back.

“Pierce, get this stinking pile of shit out of my bar.” Eric took a step toward Bill and bent down to his ear. “And If I hear about you in here again I will introduce you to the true death myself.”

Bill’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t dare.”

There was a time that vampires were ruthless and took life without a second thought, even their own kind. But there had been a paradigm shift in recent years. Without the need to hunt they had become complacent and comfortable in their lives, closer to that of humans. Hate crimes against vampires were now almost nonexistent and attacks on humans were just as rare. Even vampire/supe crime was at an all-time low. Eric, was very old, living through an entire millennium. He was used to adapting to a changing world, but it didn’t mean he was afraid to revert back to some of his old tendencies now and again.

Pierce and West grabbed Compton roughly by the shoulders and escorted him out of the room.

“My child, you know that you cannot follow through on your threat to deliver the true death to Compton. We cannot go back to the old ways. The consequences would be too great for us all.”

Eric growled and punched a hole in the wall beside him. “Sometimes our new way of life is so… un-stimulating.” He remembered how good it had felt to exact his revenge on his enemies. He remembered what it was like to feel strong in those moments. He would even settle for the days when life was simple for him. His family had been his reason to go on. But he hadn’t loved that way in hundreds of years. His only family now was Godric and his children.

“Perhaps, but the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks. You have been able to build a great financial empire that would not have been possible even ten years ago. Our family wields more power now than we ever did in our Sheriff positions. We don’t have to worry about discrimination or drainers anymore.”

Levi laughed. “The old vampire power structure. What a joke. If we had to deal with Queens and Kings I think I’d vomit.” The monarchs had been so caught up in themselves, in their power. They often overlooked their people and the humans they needed to survive.

“Precisely, Godric agreed. “A monarch would have never allowed you to amass so much wealth and power, not without taking a cut for themselves. They have traded their crowns for seats in congress. Their main concern now is gaining votes. They are too small-minded to realize that real power comes from business.”

“I fear this great experiment by our kind will end in utter failure,” Eric groaned. “There is no outlet. Vampires can’t even act out in secret. Every damn human wears glamour proof contacts now.”

He gazed over at Sookie curiously. He did not miss the fact that she did not wear the special contacts manufactured for humans. It was the first thing he had noticed when first seeing her in the elevator a week ago. In fact, he could not recall coming across a human in years who didn’t wear them. Why did this beautiful curious woman not protect herself from a vampires glamour with the contacts?

“I have to agree with you on that one,” Levi said looking longingly in Sookie’s direction. “I can think of a few ways right now I’d like to express myself.”

“She is mine!” Eric roared rushing to him, fangs extended. Levi and Godric stared back at Eric dumbstruck. It wasn’t normal Eric Northman behavior.

“Eric, I do not think…” Godric was interrupted by Sookie groggily sitting up.

She grabbed Godric’s arm. He was the only one within her reach. “Hi y’all,” she said pulling herself up and leaning against the ancient vampire. Godric was so unused to human touch that he flinched at the feel of her arms as they wrapped around his neck. It wasn’t a bad flinch. He just had not known that sort of comfort in many years. He had not allowed himself to.

She started to stumble so he grabbed her around the waist to keep her from sliding to the floor. “What’s your name?” she said with lazy eyes and a wide grinning smile. He looked like a boy in his late teens, but she could see he was one of them.

His eyes were wide as he looked into her face. “Godric,” he answered.

His attention turned to the door as a frenzy of screaming and crashing approached. He could hear Pierce’s voice on the other side of the door along with two other voices.

“Miss, you can’t be back here,” Pierce yelled in a gruff voice.

“Do I look like I care vampire!” growled a female voice. “Where’s Sookie? I swear if you touch me I will stab you in the head with my heel!”

“You heard the woman. If she is threatening you with her shoe she is dead series. Girl don’t mess around when it comes to her shoes! Out of the way sexy,” came a flamboyant male’s voice. There was another crash and the doors flew open.

The three vampires stared at the two small humans who came whirling in like a tornado. They were at a loss for words. Godric still had his hands on Sookie’s waist and she didn’t even seem to notice the interruption.

“Sookie!” Christopher shrieked.

Brandy quickly stomped up to Godric with Christopher on her heel.

“Christopher take Sookie she’s obviously drunk,” she ordered. She turned to Godric and narrowed her eyes. “You listen to me!” She poked her finger in the 2000 year old vampire’s chest. “I will rip your balls off!” Brandy obviously thought these vampires were responsible and seeing Sookie hanging on Godric like his own personal neck tie raised her suspicion.

A soft lopsided grin spread across Godric’s lips. This human had some guts coming in here with all these vampires and throwing around threats and accusations.

“What have you done to our friend?” Brandy hissed.

“I believe you are misinformed.” Godric tried to explain grabbed her hand which was still poking his chest.

Eric walked up with a glare on his face.

“Oh aren’t you a tall drink of water!” Christopher gushed. Then realization hit him. “Eric Northman?”

Eric looked to the Latino male human. “Your friend was drugged by a patron in the bar and we brought her back here for her own safety.” He wasn’t a rapist.

“Wait,” came a giggling voice. They all turned to look at Sookie who was now swaying under Christopher’s arm. “I have to tell you something.” She stumbled to Eric. “Come here,” she said smiling.

She fell in his arms and pulled on his tie so that he had to bend his face closer to hers. “Yes Miss Stackhouse?” he breathed.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and crashed her lips to his. “Mmm,” she moaned. Eric was a bit surprised. He had actually expected her to say something to him and she tricked him. He smiled with his lips still locked on hers and tried his hardest not to get too aroused with a room full of spectators. Instead he kissed her back, a soft smile hiding behind her lips.

“Oh shit!” Christopher shrieked practically jumping up and down with excitement.

Brandy stared with her mouth wide open, her hand still in Godric’s grasp. While everyone was watching Sookie devour Eric’s lips, she turned to look at the Gaul.

His intense stormy eyes met hers and his lips twitched in amusement. ‘Jesus,’ she thought. His eyes seemed to dance with the ancient wisdom of dozens of lifetimes. Some unnamed destiny swirled in his deep penetrating orbs and almost devoured her soul. They reminded her of the calm in the eye of a storm. She gasped and turned away, yanking her hand from his. She smoothed her ginger hair and cleared her throat, casting a sidelong look at him through the corner of her eye.

“Damn girl,” Christopher said as Sookie leaped up and wrapped her legs around Eric’s waist. The vampire stumbled backward a bit as he put his hands on her thighs to hold her up.

“Sookie, come on now. We have to get you home,” Brandy said grabbing her arm. “Put her down!” she ordered Eric.

He grunted at Sookie’s annoying friend and reluctantly loosened his grip on her legs. Sookie slid to her feet and stumbled backwards into Christopher’s waiting arms.

“Thanks,” Brandy said to Eric more like a scold. She turned to Godric. “We appreciate you helping her. Do you know what kind of drug she was given?”

“It was a type of roofie, ecstasy combination that should wear off fairly quickly,” Godric said calmly making Brandy feel uncharacteristically vulnerable with his intense gaze.

Eric raised one eyebrow at his maker’s behavior. If he didn’t know any better he would say that Godric was sizing the human up in a carnal way. He was speaking to the girl with a very smooth and somewhat deeper voice. That could not be right could it? He had taken very little interest in such things for centuries. In fact, he would almost say his maker had been depressed as of late.

Brandy seemed to be getting herself together and stood taller with a scowl back on her face. “Well,” she said with exaggeration. “Thank God for you then,” she turned to Christopher and snapped. “Let’s go.”

“Wait,” Godric called. “What is your name?”

She turned and gave him a dirty look so she wouldn’t start giggling like a fool. “Brandy.”

Godric put his hand on his abdomen and slightly bowed. “I am Godric. Please do drive home safely Brandy.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes but didn’t turn around quickly enough to prevent the vampires from seeing her smile.

A grin creeped across both Godric and Eric’s faces as the humans shuffled out of the door. Eric’s eyes darted to Sookie’s purse which still sat on the couch, but he kept his mouth shut as they left.


A/N: Godric’s fangs slide out. “I have not had human blood in years.”
He closes his eyes and sighs deeply. “But I can not resist you when you leave a review.”

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9 thoughts on “Ch 4: Friends Save Sookie from Eric

  1. Wow that was great..Chris and Brandy storming in to “save” Sookie from Eric! Hehe!
    Bill is such a delusional ass…he really thinks Eric can’t ruin his business if he wanted to?


  2. Hahahaha. One night back in my college days, I was at a party and I grabbed this really cute guy by the tie, very seriously (even tho I was drunk) said I needed to tell him something important, and pulled the exact same move Sookie did. Unfortunately, I had no idea I even did it until my best friend told me the next day, then it all came crashing back. Once I remembered, turned out he was a pretty yummy kisser. LOL

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