Ch 2: Bill And His Pill


Sookie reached down and pulled on the strap of her stiletto. Okay, she wasn’t sure if fuck me shoes were really the message she wanted to send, but Christopher wouldn’t let her leave the apartment in anything less than four inch heels since she had told him about ‘over six feet of sin’ in the elevator. That was nearly a week ago.

She looked at the clock behind the bar. Christopher and Brandy were supposed to have been here fifteen minutes ago. They were supposed to ride together but the two of them had gotten in a fight. When Brandy started throwing shoes at Christopher, Sookie had high tailed it out of there. You did not want to mess with Brandy when she was mad. She was 130 pounds of ruthless bitch when she was angry.

“Hey sweetheart. Can I buy you a drink?” She jumped and turned around on her stool. A sleazy man with oily hair was breathing down at her.

“No thank you. I’m waiting on friends.”

“Oh come on darling.” He looked at the bar tender. “A margarita for the lady.”

In less than fifteen seconds, a tasty looking margarita was pushed her way. He grabbed her margarita and held it out of her reach. What the hell?

“I’m Bill Compton darling. What’s your name?” God his breath stank, and he had something stuck in his teeth. He was probably the nastiest fucker she had ever seen with his weasel face and sharp-pointed nose. She didn’t know they made men so fucking ugly. Maybe if she took a drink of the margarita her eyes would be spared. What’s that saying about drunk goggles?

Okay, she was being mean. She was just in a really bad mood. He was invading her personal space and he had really bad hygiene. She was sort of a germ freak and she had a knack for spotting red flags in men. She decided to be nice. He was a human being after all right?

“My name is Sookie Stackhouse. It’s nice to meet you.” Be gone asshole.

Sookeh Stackhouse, that’s a beautiful name.” He handed her the margarita. “What do you say we go somewhere more private Sookeh Stackhouse?”

Wait… what? “Like I said I’m waiting for some friends.” She took a sip of the margarita. It tasted a bit funny.

“Oh I see how you are. I buy you a drink and you won’t even leave with me? Sookeh Sookeh Sookeh.” He shook his head. He was trying to sound amused but she could tell he was agitated.

She was glad to see that she was worth one lousy margarita in his eyes. “Look…”

She was about to put this asshole in his place but she was interrupted by the bartender. “Hey dude, I don’t think the lady is interested.”

The oily man named Bill Compton took a step back and his eyes went wide. He gave the bartender an incredulous look like a serial killer on crack. “Dude? Dude? Do you have any idea who I am? I am Bill Fucking Compton, CEO of Monster-Mart.”

Oh God. Sookie had seen Monster-Mart commercials on TV. It was like the tacky supernatural version of Wal-Mart, but on a much smaller scale. She wondered if that was supposed to impress her.

“I don’t care if you are CEO of Dicks “R” Us. Leave or I’m calling security,” said the bartender who looked suspiciously like a werewolf now that she thought of it.

Bill Compton huffed, blowing an oily mat of hair out of his face and turned without another word.

“Sorry about that,” said the bartender. “I think I need to take this drink.” He had a worried look as he scooped up her margarita and headed to a back room.

What was that about? She sat on the bar stool with her mouth hanging open for several minutes.

“Miss?” came a deep voice behind her. Oh for fucks sake! Who now? Can’t a girl sit in peace for five minutes? She spun around.

Oh… shit… wow… “Uhhh,” she said as smiling hazel eyes seared her.

“Miss, I’m the co-owner here.” Oh shit he was definitely a vampire. Were all vampires hot as hell? Well there was that one. What was his name? Bitch Crotchton or something, she couldn’t remember. He most assuredly was uglier than a bucket full of armpits. “My name is Levi.”

“Umm hi?”

He ran a hand through his silky dark hair. “Yea, I’m really sorry about this Miss but, we think that fellow that was talking to you spiked your drink.” He smiled apologetically.

“What? Spiked my drink?”

“Yea, he drugged your drink.”

“Drugged my drink?” Maybe repeating everything he said would make her brain catch up to the conversation.

“Yes, the vampire you were just talking to. Bill Compton.”

“Vampire? Bill Compton?” She stood up and immediately started swaying on her feet. “Oh God.”

Levi grabbed her arm to steady her. “Maybe you should sit down dollface.”

She sat down and looked up at him. Her mouth formed a large grin and she bit her lip to try to prevent what was coming next. Oh… no… She couldn’t stop it. Her mouth opened wide and she started giggling in such a fit that her stomach hurt.

He looked down at her with those sexy hazel eyes and a chuckle came out. “Oh damn honey.” Several people were staring at her. “Maybe we should get you to the back and figure this out. Maybe call someone for you.”

Levi pulled her hand and Sookie stood on unsteady feet. “Just lean on me honey. I’ll help you to the back where you can sit down.”

“Umm… Okay…” she said between fits of laughter.

After several minutes, he managed to maneuver her to a large office area in the back where two other men were talking. That was some drug because she could swear that one of them was…

“Over six feet of sin!” She screamed like they were old friends and stumbled across the office towards him.

The two men turned to face the whirlwind that was Sookie Stackhouse as she tumbled across the room. “What the…” Eric said catching her in his arms before she fell flat on her face.

“Bill Compton was in again,” Levi said dryly. “He spiked her drink, but the bartender saw it.”

“I know her. She lives in my building,” Eric said scooping her in his arms and looking down at her wide-eyed.

“Seriously? You lucky bastard!” Levi chuckled. “She’s fucking adorable.”

Sookie blinked her eyes, trying to focus and absorb what was happening. The other man who hadn’t spoken yet strode up beside Eric and looked down at her face. God he was hot too! What the hell! He was young though. Maybe a little too young for her.

“Miss, my name is Godric. Can you tell us your name?”

“Umm…” She giggled again but bit her lip. “Sookie Stackhouse.” Wait, was she being held bridal style in the arms of ‘over six feet of sin?’

She nuzzled her face against his chest. “Mmmm over six feet of sin you smell so good.”

“Did she just call you over six feet of sin?” Levi laughed.

Eric smiled. “Nice nickname.”



Oh God, what the hell was this woman doing to him? His dick twitched every time she opened those luscious lips. The warm bundle was sprawled in his arms and enveloping him with her sweet scent and contagious smile. He hadn’t gotten her out of his head since he first saw her in the elevator a week ago. Now she just happened to be in his club on one of his rare visits and she… needed him. This must be fate!

He held her against his chest protectively. That piece of shit Bill Compton was going to fucking pay for this. He would bring that little son of a bitch down to his knees after this.

This was the second time Compton had drugged a woman in his bar and no one touched HIS Sookie. Wait… his? What was he thinking? He barely knew her, but she is HIS. She will be HIS! She just didn’t know it yet. She smiled up at him, and he let out a little grunt.

“It must be the same drug Compton used last time.” Godric said dryly reaching for HIS Sookie’s face and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. Oh, he didn’t fucking care if it was his maker! No one touched his woman!

A deep rumbling growl came from his throat.

Whoa! Keep your pants on!” Levi laughed. “Someone is possessive.” Levi joined him and Godric as they stared at Sookie. “Damn, she is adorable.”

He looked around for somewhere to escape and run away with his woman. Gods they’d better keep their hands off her or he would start breaking balls! Was he going insane?

Sookie now slept in his arms.

“My child, calm yourself. No one is going to touch her. But perhaps we should get her medical help.”

“I will give her my blood.”

Levi’s eyes went wide. “What the fuck man?! You know that’s illegal now without written consent.”

He didn’t like the way Levi was admiring his Sookie.

“The blood is sacred son. Her body will recover on its own if this is the same drug Compton used last time. And from the smell, I would surmise it is.”

There was a time when vampires gave their blood freely to humans; a time when humans were even pets. But that was long ago. His kind had integrated into human society quite well over the last few decades. As vampires became more open, humans became more accepting. They even saw each other as equals now, more or less.

Hell, vampires could even stay awake during the day now with the new formula of New-Blood that he had perfected. They still had to stay in a light-tight area, but they no longer suffered from the bleeds. Times were good for the supernatural world. A golden age if you will, and he was raking in billions.

Eric walked over to the couch and sat down, pulling the sleeping girl closer to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and his breath hitched in his throat at the peaceful look on her face. He stared for minutes, hours… he wasn’t sure. He wanted to reach down and put his hands all over her silky skin. But he wasn’t a monster; he didn’t take advantage of unconscious women.

It had been a long time since he felt so protective and possessive of a human. He wasn’t sure what it was about her, but she lit his insides on fire in a way that no one ever had. She was perfect. Could he really introduce such an innocent girl to his dark, dark, fucked up world? What was he going to do?


A/N: Godric looks down at you with an intense gaze.
“Little One, you must show kindness to the writers.”
He stares deeply into your eyes and leans forward. “Leave them a review.”

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6 thoughts on “Ch 2: Bill And His Pill

  1. Oh Billy boy is the usual douchbag isn’t he?…
    Loved the line “I don’t care if you are CEO of Dicks r us..”
    Eric is already intrigued by Sookie…
    I like that Godric is still undead in this story!


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