Ch 3: Eric Saves Sookie from Bill

Eric ran his hand through Sookie’s silky hair as they sat on the couch. Her head now lay in his lap, and she was still out cold.

He patted her cheek trying to wake her. “Sookie, wake up.” He knew nothing about human health.

“My child, she will recover.”

“Maybe we should take her to one of those human hospitals so they can heal her.”

Godric shook his head. “The last female that Compton drugged was taken to the hospital. They ended up having to restrain her the entire night. They could not help her, and in the end, it only caused the girl trauma and embarrassment.”

“I agree, the hospital is a very bad idea. For her and for us,” Levi said while he annoyingly stared at Sookie’s unconscious form.

“Well, I’m not going to sit here with my dick in my hand. I have to do something,” Eric growled. He looked at his maker. Godric’s head was tilted slightly as he considered his child with some sort of secret thought. Was it pride and maybe some amusement he saw in his normally melancholy maker’s eyes?

He flipped his phone open and dialed his chief of security. “Pierce… Northman here. Find Bill Compton and bring him to me,” he snapped into the phone. “He did it again… I don’t care… I’ll break him in half.”

He disconnected the line and dialed another number. “Pam… Yes… Have Willa cancel my meetings tonight… I don’t give a fuck. I have some things to deal with… Fucking Compton… You can handle the final details on your own. The paper work is already signed it’s just government jack asses wanting their dicks massaged for reassurance… Yes… Uh huh… Good.”

He flipped the phone shut without saying goodbye. He knew Pam could handle the finalization of the land deal he was supposed to wrap up. She was his progeny; what more was there to say? He had done well with her.

Sookie started to stir in his lap. Of course, Levi was there instantly which made Eric grit his teeth.

She started wiggling around in his lap, and his erection grew rock hard. Oh… Gods… What is this woman doing to me?

He raised his hands in the air afraid to touch her and looked down at her murmuring lips. She turned her face against his hard lump, which nearly made him bolt upright. Usually this wouldn’t phase him in the least, but this woman was having some unknown effect on him.

“Oh shit!” Levi said with a smile.

A small growl was all Eric managed to groan out.

She climbed over him face down so that her torso laid across his lap and tried to stand up on her hands in knees.

“Are you okay doll face?” Levi asked, bending down beside her.

She looked at his face with one open eye.

“Sookie,” Eric breathed hoarsely.

She turned to look at him, and her face lit up with half open eye lids. “Over six feet of sin!”

She climbed up his body and straddled him with both legs making her dress hitch up to her thighs. He had to grab her around her waist to keep her from tipping over as she swayed on top of him.

“Oh Gods,” he groaned out. He could feel her warm wetness on his throbbing… uhhh… 

“I thought you left me mishter!” she slurred, poking him in the chest.

“Oh course not Miss Stackhouse,” he said with wide eyes.

“Miss Stackhouse, you’ve been drugged. Is there someone you would like us to call?” Godric’s voice came. He was already sitting beside them on the couch watching Eric struggle to contain himself.

She lazily turned to him, and for some reason that was lost on the vampires, his question made her burst out into a fit of giggles. Eric laid his head back and tried to think of disgusting things to distract him from the vibration she was causing between his legs with her laughing.

“Damn she’s cute,” chuckled Levi. Gods he better back the fuck off!

He was already so possessive he instinctively sat up straighter and leaned into her, wrapping his arms around her. This was a mistake because she fell limply against him, and her mouth went right to work on his throat. Licking… nibbling… sucking. Oh shit!

He looked at his maker and was surprised to see even the Gaul had wide eyes. “Her libido seems to have been substantially increased from the drug. That is consistent with what happened to the last girl,” Godric said with a large grin spreading across his face.

Sookie put her hands on Eric’s chest and leaned up to look him in the face with a wry smile across her beautiful wet lips. She is a vision. Her hair was disheveled, and she was breathing loudly with her chest heaving in and out. Her eyes were darkened with pure primal lust. “Ah, you taste as good as you smell,” she said huskily. Fuck Fuck FUCK!

His fangs slid out. What the fuck! That never happened. He had been a vampire for a thousand years and in that time learned control. Luckily, she didn’t see because her head lolled back as her eyes closed.

She started moving her hips in a circular motion on his lap, and he nearly came unglued. He ran a finger lightly down her spine as he tried to figure out how he was going to maintain control. Most women didn’t matter much to him, but this one seemed different somehow. Taking advantage of her would ruin everything. She had to be dead sober before he made his move.

Before he could react she fell on top of him with her face nuzzled in his neck once again, closing her eyes and passing back out.

Dammmn! She is awful attached to you. You lucky bastard,” Levi said with his own fangs suspiciously extended.

He turned to look at Godric. Yes, his fangs were out too which made Eric snort back a laugh. He obviously wasn’t the only one this woman affected. She just unnerved three very old vampires in less than two minutes.

Her smell nearly had him paralyzed. Every human and creature had their own distinct scent, but hers was unbelievable. He turned his head putting his nose in her mess of hair and inhaled deeply. Mine!

Oh… fuck… that was a bad idea. He was throbbing now and his fangs ached. He suddenly had the urge to bite down on her neck and taste her. What the fuck? He hadn’t drank from a human in years. He never even had the urge anymore. Not since New-Blood had been perfected. What is happening? He gathered her tightly in his arms and nuzzled his nose in her neck inhaling deeply again.

“Come now, my child,” Godric said sensing Eric’s thoughts. “Control yourself.”

A low rumbling growl came from him as he ran his nose and lips along her neck. His whole body was trembling with need. Need for his Sookie. He needed her in every possible way. Fuck! I need her now! Every inch of his body screamed it. Mine!

“Eric!” Godric was louder this time and put his hand on Eric’s shoulder.

His head snapped up toward his maker with a snarl. “What!?”

“She is unconscious Eric. You cannot do this. I have taught you to be better than that I hope.”

Oh Fuck! She is unconscious. Of course he can’t do this. He can’t be thinking things like this. What is wrong with him? He’s not a monster… not like that fucking Compton. Wait! Yes he is a monster. A damn good one and prides himself on being just that! So why was he so concerned with it? Why does he even give a fuck? He had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted Sookie. Yes… he would wait to take advantage of her when the drug left her system. A conflicted, yet evil grin spread across his lips, but he had to get her out of his lap.

He stood up and carefully laid her down on the couch, smoothing her away from her beautiful sleeping face.

There was a commotion outside the door and he recognized the voice of his head of security, Pierce. In Eric’s position in the world as a very famous businessman, it was important that he had trusted security to oversee certain details such as intelligence. Being a strong, 1000-year old vampire was not enough in the business world. A disgruntled human could take him out from a distance with a wooden bullet. His security team oversaw his safety. They were highly paid, very capable, and loyal individuals who were led by Pierce.

The door burst open. Pierce and West, another of his security detail, were dragging Bill Compton in by the collar of his shirt.

“What the fuck! Do you know who I am?” Compton was shrieking as he was tossed in the room at Eric’s feet.

He looked up and saw the tall Viking and a bit of worry darkened his face. “Eric,” he said while scrambling to his feet. Levi walked up just as pissed as Eric. They co-owned the bar together. Eric was more of a silent partner and Levi pretty much ran things. He wasn’t happy that this was the second time Compton had drugged a girl in their bar.

“Compton,” Levi hissed. “What did I tell you last time?”

Eric put his hand up and strode toward the CEO of Monster-Mart. “Compton,” he spoke in a surprisingly calm and quiet voice. “Say goodbye to your company. Say goodbye to everything you have. When I’m through with you, you will be nothing more than a sniveling piece of shit with nothing.”


A/N: Eric smiles wickedly down at you. “I always did like a human who let others know what they think”
He inhales your hair. “It makes them more appetizing.”

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8 thoughts on “Ch 3: Eric Saves Sookie from Bill

  1. Oh Sookie is so so bold…kissing Eric’s neck…
    I know she’s been drugged but I guess sober Sookie wouldn’t have the courage to do that!
    Eric losing control..he already wants her but Godric brought him back to his senses…
    Eric is gonna have fun with Billy boy yeah!


  2. Three chapters in and hooked. Love fate! Bill up to his smarmy tricks and a new club. Interesting take on mainstreaming. BYW- how did she end up there?


  3. Mmm – How very devious and cunning of you to use Eric and Godric to seduce us into commenting… Why resist? I’m having too much fun reading this.


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