Ch 20: I Demand It

I was sitting on the massively large bed as I nervously brushed my fingers over the soft fur blanket that I sat on top of. I wondered if the fur used to be a black panther, it certainly looked like it. When I asked Eric about it he said that it was actually a steppe lion which went extinct shortly after he was made a vampire. Apparently the Roman’s captured them for the Colosseum for so long that they were driven to extinction. I just sat there amazed while he explained the history of the fur to me and how he had hunted the rare lion as a baby vampire with Godric, spending three years trekking through the Ahaggar Mountains in Africa’s desert-steppe to find one, known today as the Sahara. He explained that the mountainous area where the elusive black lion lived is covered in patches of dark stone, accounting for their dark furred evolution. He had held on to the fur for all this time.


Note: Black lions never existed as far as scientists know and the steppe lion is made up. It’s just fiction!


I had my knees against my chest and my arms wrapped around my flannel pajama clad legs. I had brought them from home along with the Bon Temps girl’s basketball team tank top that I was wearing. I had found them in my… err the other Sookie’s closet, or rather the other half of me…

When I summoned Claudine before I came to the safe house with the vampires I talked to her a little bit about this. She is really old so I figured she had a lot of knowledge. I really wanted to know what happened to the other Sookie, the one who grew up in this world. She suggested that it was possible that I had somehow merged with the other Sookie. She started speaking a lot of mumbo jumbo that I didn’t understand. She said no two identical fermions may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously. I looked at her dumbfounded and she put it in simpler terms I could understand, and said that identical matter can’t occupy the same space. She cited some laws of physics called the Fermi-Dirac Statistics developed in 1926, but said that the fae had known about this for far longer due to some unfortunate accident with magic centuries ago. I never was good in physics, but I’ll take her word for it.

Claudine said even though I possess the memories of the Sookie from the other world I possess telepathy and some personality traits from the Sookie of this world. Essentially two people became one. It made sense. I did find myself doing things I would have never dreamed of before, such as shrugging off dangerous situations like it was no big deal.

I did argue a bit saying that Godric didn’t seem to merge with his other self when we went to my world and she said that was because the other Godric lived and died in ancient Gaul 2000 years ago, having never been turned to a vampire there because vampires don’t exist in that world. That did make sense. The actor who played Godric on screen was almost identical to him but basically just a very good look-alike. He was two inches shorter at 5’8”. That was one difference I noticed. I wondered if Allan Hyde was Godric’s descendant.

I really needed to figure out how Alan Nut knew what was going to happen in this world. He did make a TV show based off events that were yet to happen here. I was going to ask her about the stones; maybe that had something to do with it. I believed them to be fae in origin, but Eric had arrived with the corvette and it was time to go. I’ll ask her about it as soon as I can.

For now, I felt much better as I sat on the bed contemplating the rapidly changing drama of my life. Godric was in the other room on the phone, apparently trying to find out as much as he could about Russell Edgington before dawn, and Eric was sitting on the bed beside me with his cell phone to his ear doing the same. He was trying to entice me by tracing circles on my shoulder with his fingers or running his hand through my hair as he carried on a conversation with an old associate of his. Every now and then he would bend down and capture the edge of my ear in his teeth and growl suggestively, totally indifferent to the fact that whoever he was talking to could hear it.

I had told them everything I knew already from the shows about Russell Edgington and they planned to watch those particular episodes on the DVD’s themselves tomorrow when they rose.

Our provocatively erotic encounter in the bath tub ended not long after I… um fell victim to their persuasive yet delightful administrations. This was only due to the rapidly approaching sunrise and the fact that there were dangers that needed to be addressed, namely Russell Edgington. I was sort of glad for it. This was all very new to me… ya know, being in some sacred union with two gorgeous ancient vampires as their mate and all that goodness. I needed time to process and I think they sensed that.

Eric stirred me out of my thoughts as he hung up the phone and sat it on the bedside stand. He turned to me and pulled me close against him, my head resting on his shoulder.

“Did you find out anything useful?” I asked caressing my fingers through his blonde chest hair making his muscles spasm and shiver.

“Nothing I did not already know from my investigation before you and Godric returned.”

“You say that like you are happy.” I looking up at him confused. He had a small smile on his lips.

He gazed down at me and said, “Do you have any idea how you make me feel… I mean make me.” He paused. “Yes feel… that I have found you. How fortunate I am that you are here and have agreed to form a union with Godric and I. You have saved my maker Lover. You have brought my maker back into my life. That alone makes me… feel ‘happy’ as you put it. If this is what happy feels like, then yes I am full of happiness.”

He pulled me on top of him so that I was laying on my belly and put his hands on my face. “For the first time in a thousand years I am excited because for the first time I know I will never be…” His eyes were so intense as he looked at me. “I am trying to be open. I know I will have to be with an eternal mate… but this is new for me as well lover.”

I swallowed before speaking, I think I knew what he was going to say. “Eric, were you going to say this is the first time you know you will never be alone again?”

He frowned slightly and gave one small nod.

“But you have a child, a maker. You could take any human woman, or a vampire mate who would be eternal as well.”

He shook his head and looked away. “Pamela has only been my child for a century. Though we are close we do not have that sort of relationship. She lives her own life and I live mine. While Godric and I have a closer bond than most makers and their children, politics, war, and the need for survival in this damn world have often separated us for centuries at a time. I can not take a human mate because I could not bear to see them grow old and die. A vampire mate is undesirable. I crave the warmth and life that one such as yourself has to offer.” He looked back at me and ran his hand through my hair. “Lover, there have been times that I have gone decades without having a conversation with any living or unliving person, such is the life of a vampire sometimes. I hope you know what you have agreed to because I will face the true death before I let you go.”

“I do,” I nodded. “I know what I have agreed to and I’m excited too. I mean, I just found out I am going to live thousands of years. I’m still trying to process what that means. But I do understand that I am fortunate to not have to do it alone, that I have someone like you and Godric to be there with me through every step of the way. But I’m curious about one thing, if you and Godric were separated for politics, war, and the like… what makes you think that won’t happen again with you two, or with you and I for that matter?”

“It is this world.” He waved a hand in the air. “The vampire politics, the supernatural affairs are what cause dangers and problems more than any other. Most monarchs will not grant us stay in the same fiefdom for fear that we would grow more powerful than them, and it has been this way for us for the last 400 years. It is only by luck that our territories currently reside so close. We plan to find a way back to the world from which you came. We could keep you safer there. You may not age but you are as vulnerable as any human. We would be safer as well, and Godric and I would not have to live apart due to some bullshit decree. Is this something you desire to do with us? Because I will not leave anywhere without you.”

“Actually, yes! It sounds like you and Godric have really figured this out. The stones are burnt out, but I’m sure there is a way we could get them working again.”

He pressed my head against his chest and wrapped his arms around me. “Yes, if I have to make it my life’s work we will restore the magic to the stones. When I rise I plan to go to Fangtasia and get every last ounce of information from the Nut-sucker who is currently chained in silver in the basement.”

We laid there in silence for awhile, both of us deep in our own thoughts. I was thinking about Nut, going back to the other world, and my new fae abilities. But something else was on the Vikings mind as he absentmindedly caressed my hair and stared at the ceiling.

“Bond with me.” He blurted out.

“What?” I said raising my head to look at him.

“Tomorrow when we rise. Bond with both Godric and I.” His eyes searched my own for answers as I looked at him with a dumbfounded face. He sat up holding me in his lap. “Yes, tomorrow we shall bond if it is agreeable to you. I know that you are not ready for certain things and I have regrettably agreed to Godric’s demands that I be patient, however, I want to bond with you.”

I laughed. “Godric demanded that you be patient?”

“Yes,” he grumbled. “He is afraid of pushing you too quickly. I would be a foot deep in you right now giving you the pleasure of your life had he not made these ridiculous demands.” He smiled wryly.

“When did he make these demands?” I was still giggling. I should have guessed Godric would be keeping his child at bay.

“When we were washing you.”

“I don’t remember him saying anything of the sort. Did I miss that?”

“He did not have to say it. We have been around each other long enough to correctly infer what the other is thinking. The same will be true with us given time. The point is, if he had not made such demands, you would be screaming my name in ecstasy right now. But since I agreed to his outlandish suggestion lest he force me with the makers command I will wait, for now we can bond by blood tomorrow night. I want you to be a part of me as much as I am you lover.”

“Don’t you have to bond three times for it to stick?”

His eyebrows rose. “Sometimes I forget how knowledgeable you are.” He nipped at my neck and made a half-hearted threat to bite into me. “You have no idea how much it turns me on. Yes, three times seals our bond. It is best not to do it all at once or it can be too overwhelming. Tomorrow night we can make the first exchange. Say you will agree? I demand it.”

I giggled as he playfully growled into my neck again. Before I knew it he was pinning me under him on the bed trying to act all ferocious while he pressed his fangs against my skin.

“Consent woman or I will sink more than my fangs into your mouthwatering body.” He said excitedly as he pinned my wrists above my head and spread my legs with his knees.

I started half screaming, half laughing as I wriggled underneath him. I knew he was playing, and I had to admit I really loved this side of him.

“Consent to what?” Godric said walking into the room and assessing the scene before him with a crooked smile.

“He wants me to bond with you and him tomorrow.” I said laughing as Eric grabbed my shirt in his teeth and shook his head growling.

“I have not seen my child so playful in a long time my love. You truly provoke him. And yes, I think a first blood bond tomorrow is a great suggestion. I demand it too.” He said jokingly.

I looked over at Godric who was smiling fully now. “But Godric. Your child threatened to sink more than fangs in me if I didn’t agree!” I said smugly knowing I had won. I had no objection to a blood bond but I liked the idea of winning an argument however fake it may be against Eric.

“Well then you better agree, else I will be joining my child in sinking into you so deeply and thoroughly that you will be unable to walk for days, if not weeks.”

I gasped loudly in wide mouthed shock at his words. Godric’s fangs were fully extended and he had a feral look on his face.

Eric started laughing and released me. “Where do you think I learned it from lover?”

They both started chuckling through fangy grins like smug bastards. I was surprised they didn’t high five each other.

I crossed my arms over my chest and put on the most serious face I could muster. “Well I may have agreed to spend eternity with you two, but I never agreed to let you feed from me or be intimate with you in any way. The nerve of you both to assume such things.”

Their smiles faded so quickly you would think they were staked. I lasted about two seconds before I burst out laughing and fell on my side in a fit of giggles. You should have seen their faces. They both narrowed their eyes and smiled as they vamped toward me. Ah!


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  1. Awesome chapter I like the playfulness that eric has and the way you are portraying godric. I got to tell you that reading was kind of hard with your new background even thought it’s I love it.


    • Thanks for letting me know about the ipad situation. I will have to experiment some when my kids get home with their tablets tomorrow. And yea that playfulness sorta just went from my fingers to the page. No idea how that happened but it turned out cute!

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    • Well if you are interested in string theory there is a great show that is really exciting and explains so many of those scientific things in layman’s terms. It’s called “Through the wormhole with morgan freeman.” Here is episode link you can watch about string theory. It is so interesting! Well actually it talks about M theory which unifies all the superstring theories into one unified theory which was always a problem since each string theory was different and yet mathematically correct. And here is a quick video that explains the 10 dimensions of superstring theory theory in 10 minutes. … (But there are actually probably 11 dimensions) Sorry I’m going nuts here. I’m a science teacher I can’t help it! There’s also other episodes on wormhole about parallel universes, multiverses, and shadow universes.


  4. Love the three of them together like this, their sense of playfulness and apparent love for each other stands out…The idea of the three of them going back to Sookie’s world is a bit scary, they will truly be alone (except for anyone Ball sack might have told about their world).
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    • thanks murgatroid. I will get the background issue sorted. Yes it seems that if you read stories on my website on a computer screen there is no pictures under the text. Only on android and tablets does it present a problem. But I will fix it since so many people enjoy reading that way.


  8. Love how playful they are with each other in this chapter. Can’t wait for the bond. Although you made it sound like this would be the first but godric took some of her blood in the bath. Wouldn’t that have started a bond? I think you explained something about it not being a bond in the shack with eric but I’m gonna have to go back and look. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season.


    • Yes Eric explained to Sookie in the shack that he would have to sink his fangs in her to get enough of her blood for a bond. Same with Godric, he just licked a bit of dried blood off of the back of her neck. he didn’t actually sink his fangs in her. The only time she has been bitten was by Godric back in the other world when he drank from her femorial artery.


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