Ch 1: The Elevator Encounter

“Oh… oh… hold… the uh…” Sookie dropped her bag on the dirty ground of the parking garage, almost tripping over her own heels trying to scoop it up. “Please… hold the elevator!” she pleaded while she clacked as fast as she could across the pavement. No way did she want to climb twenty-three flights of stairs in these blasted heels.

“Oh damn it!” she screeched as she saw the door closing shut on her. She’d be waiting at least fifteen minutes for the elevator to come back down.

Her eyes darted to a pale hand that reached from inside of the elevator to halt the doors, forcing them to swing back open.

Sookie’s eyes lit up, and with a sigh of relief, she scrambled inside. Oh… dear… Her jaw hit the floor as she ogled the man standing casually in the elevator. He was over six feet of… pure… male… sin.

Her eyes raked up his body. He was wearing black slacks and a white linen shirt under a black suit jacket. He had a silver blue tie neatly around his neck. Her eyes trailed to his face. Oh… lord… no one should be this good looking. The blond stubble on his face only added to his masculinity. Those perfect lips were smiling at her showing straight white teeth.

Her eyes finally found his. Brown eyes locked on ocean blue: there was no other way to describe it. It was as if she had fallen feet first into a vast ocean. There was something predatory in those eyes as they bored into her and seared her skin right off her bones. She could actually feel the after effects as tingles shot down her sides. Something sexy as hell fogged up the air in the small space and made her insides twist and flip.

“Oh… um… thank you,” she fumbled as she quickly turned and faced the elevator doors and averted her eyes to her feet. ‘Don’t look Sookie Stackhouse. Do not look!’

Oh goodness… She felt the heat of his hot gaze on her back as he leaned his shoulder up against the elevator wall and stared at her.

Oh dear, how long does it take an elevator to go twenty three floors? This is torture. She fidgeted on her feet and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She turned slightly and glanced back at his feet. She didn’t have the boldness to look at his face again. She bit her bottom lip and turned back around quickly looking straight at the reflecting door of the elevator.

Oh… God… She forgot it reflected. He was looking straight at her eyes. A hand was in his pocket. His other hand was on his chin and one finger was caressing his smiling bottom lip. It… is… sexy as hell. Her face grew red as she tried to face the floor awkwardly once again. She concentrated on a piece of lint on the floor.

The elevator dinged. Thank the lord finally! She could not take the intensity anymore. The doors flew open and she scurried out of the elevator as fast as her heels could take her, only to realize it wasn’t the right floor. Shit! How embarrassing! She had to give herself credit though, she wasn’t used to that type of reaction to any man. Her home town was a small one and all she knew were friends and family. The big city of Dallas had so many people it sometimes made her dizzy.

She stepped back in the elevator with a face as red as a tomato. She tried to melt in a corner as far away from this criminal as she could. She was sure that being so hot was a crime against humanity. He didn’t say a word but she could feel the amusement on his face.

Who did he think he was anyway? Laughing at her! It could have happened to anyone. She was new here! She just moved in last week. Hopefully all her neighbors weren’t like this. If they were as good looking as him she may as well die now.

She dared to look up at him with a scolding expression. How dare he treat her that way!

Oh… oh lord! He was looking at her again with that look. His blue eyes burned with a predatory lust and she thought she was going to melt into a pile right on the floor. Was she being stalked? She felt like a helpless mouse in an elevator with a hungry lion. His blond mane of hair certainly fit the bill.

He started to move towards her as she clutched her bag to her chest protectively. Oh no she was in trouble. She took a deep breath and shook like the little mouse she was, her hands going clammy as she squeezed them tightly. He walked the short distance across the elevator to her wall and leaned up against the reflective metal behind her. He had to be no more than three feet behind her! She took a deep breath. In and out Sookie.

There were alarms going off somewhere deep in her mind but she couldn’t hear them over her blood swooning and her rapidly beating heart. He was so close. His delicious male scent filled her nostrils.

She glanced up at the reflective wall in front of her and saw his face. He was still looking at her with his hot molten eyes. For fruit’s sake! No one should have this much sexual power. He was still rubbing that delicious looking bottom lip of his with one finger. She suddenly had the desire to grab it between her teeth and suck on it. Was the stranger deliberately trying to seduce her?

She tore her gaze away from the reflection of his lips and looked at her own reflection. She wasn’t sure who she saw but it wasn’t her. It was some ho who was swaying on her feet invitingly with the dumbest grin she’d ever seen. The tramp opened her mouth and started giggling hysterically. What… the… hell! That wasn’t her! She never behaved so pathetic. She bit her lip to stifle her laughter.

The elevator dinged again and this time she had the sense to look up and check the floor. Thank goodness, twenty three!

She turned around and smiled her nervous Sookie smile. “Thank you… uh… for holding the elevator… ya know,” she gushed.

“It was my pleasure,” he said in a velvety voice laced with pure sex. She was no match for this man.

“Are you still going up?” she breathed hoarsely. I mean there were only two more floors. Was he staying in the elevator just because she was there or did he actually live on one of the next two floors?

“Yes, I live in the penthouse.” His eyes burned her, willing her to stay. Something naughty and delicious and oh so sinful danced in the depths of those hot, predatory blues.

Her flight or fight kicked in and she scrambled out of the elevator like a fumbling idiot. She stood on the other side of the doors and watched him as the elevator closed. Those molten eyes and that delicious smile disappeared behind metal.

She dropped her bag on the ground and sighed in relief. Sweet Jesus. That was the most intense five minutes of her life. Brandy should have warned her that a walking blonde sex god lived in the building, then at least she could have prepared herself. Perhaps she wouldn’t have made a complete fool of herself.

She made her way to her apartment. It was in one of the fanciest places in Dallas. Brandy, her best friend who was also her roommate, owned it; it was a gift from her parents. Their other roommate and equally best friend was Christopher Martinez.

She stuck her key in the lock and opened the door.

“Oh girl! How did your interview go chic?” Christopher said jumping from the couch and swaying his skinny hips as he rushed to her.

“Pretty good I think,” Sookie said. Her face was still flushed from her encounter with the tall blue-eyed dream in the elevator.

“What happened?” Christopher said crossing his arms over his chest and narrowing his eyes. “Girl spit it out.”

She wrinkled her nose. There was no getting out of it. Christopher was the nosiest gossiper she’d ever met. He was also 100% gay and proud of it.

“Well… uh… see… a man.”

Christopher screeched and jumped up and down. “Give it up girl!” he said and pulled her by the hand to the couch.

“Give what up?” Brandy said walking through the front door and taking off her jacket.

“Sookie finally did the nasty!” Christopher screamed. “Deets now!”

“No way!” Brandy ran to the couch and flopped down on the other side of Sookie.

“Wait… what?” She did the nasty? No!

“Oh don’t be coy girlfriend! I’ve been waiting for this moment for years so you better speel it!” Christopher snapped his fingers dramatically in front of her face.

“Well… okay… I didn’t… I mean a man in the elevator!” She leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes and fanned herself. She couldn’t even speak properly. What had that man done to her?

“You did it in the elevator?” Brandy said with wide eyes.

OH SHIT! You go girl!”

“NO!” She bolted upright. “I mean I met a man in the elevator who was really hot!” She sniffed. “That’s all.”

She heard two collective “Ohs.”

Christopher grabbed her shoulder. “Well what did he look like?”

“Um… tall… blond… suit… lives in the penthouse right at the top.”

FUCK!” Christopher screamed and jumped to his feet.

No way!” Brandy followed him a second later.

Her eyes darted back and forth between Brandy and Christopher. “What?”

He looked at her with bulging eyes. “That was Eric Northman! As in business tycoon, zillionaire, delicious sex on a stick, vampire Eric Northman!” He threw his hands in the air. “You know sometimes they like men too. Those vampires are KIIINKYYY!”

“I’m pretty sure he is… uh… straight.” Sookie said looking at her hands.

“Wait, how do you know that?” Brandy pressed.

“Well… um… he was sorta… I don’t know.”

“God he saw you in that dreadful outfit,” Christopher said tugging at her sweater. “Okay, we need to be more prepared next time. You are not to leave this apartment until I approve your outfits.”

“Wait… no!”

Mmmhmm,” he said looking down at her with wide eyes.

“It’s not like that.” Sookie protested.

“Girl you have a lot to learn. If Eric Northman is interested in you then you better be looking your best at all times.”

“He’s not…”

Less than two minutes later, Sookie found herself standing outside her closet while Brandy and Christopher tossed one outfit after the other through the air.

“Nope, this won’t work.” Christopher snapped as a particularly favorite outfit of Sookie’s flew through the air and landed on her head.

“Are these heels or a museum exhibit?” Brandy sneered and held up a pair of Sookie’s favorite shoes. “Never mind; they won’t do.”

“Oh my god! You’ve been exchanging fashion tips with my grandma again haven’t you Sookie? That’s it, follow me,” Christopher said dragging her by the hand to his closet.

“Wait… I think my clothes are just fine. They’re…”

“Behold,” Christopher said dramatically as he opened his closet door. “These are my most prized possessions. All the finest stitches from the best designers around the world.”

Sookie walked in the closet and looked around in amazement. She hated her friends criticizing her clothes, but damn it, these outfits looked good! She didn’t expect she would run into ‘over six feet of sin’ again, but she would go along with their over-dramatic shenanigans just so she could wear one of those lovely dresses.


A/N: Eric saunters up to you. “Invite me in.” He twirls your hair in his fingers. “Then leave a review.”



7 thoughts on “Ch 1: The Elevator Encounter

  1. What an adorable Sookie! Over 6 feet of sin LOL! I think you have the ingredients for I love: sleazy Compton, Godric alive & Eric’s maker, fun supportive friends for Sookie, and an inexperienced sweet Sookie. I can’t wait to read more. Thank goodness I found you on the You Want Blood Awards site. Looks like you’ve been hiding from me for a couple of years!


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