Ch 19: Forbidden Fruit… Err Fruits

Everything was set. The vampires waited outside while I called Claudine (by call I mean hollered into open space in my bedroom) and she was all too happy to stay with Gran while I went on an adventure at the safe house. Even though I had a ton of Eric’s blood I was more exhausted than I had ever been in my life. I felt like I had been awake for days and my body ached all over. My mind was pretty much going on auto pilot at this point.

Eric had gone back to Shreveport while I was packing and retrieved his candy apple red corvette to transport us to the safe house. He must have not thought it through or maybe he did, because the car only seated two.

On the way to the safe house I sat in the passenger seat on Godric’s lap. He was delighted about the whole affair but frankly I felt dirty and nasty. I was still wearing my bloodied up dress, not having enough time to shower and not wanting to ruin another article of clothing.

One of his hands had somehow ended up on my knee and was tracing little circles there while he intensely stared at my neck the entire way with his fangs fully extended. Maybe pulling my blood soaked hair up into a pony tail before leaving wasn’t such a good idea. I dozed off a few times in Godric’s lap on the way there, always feeling a comforting embrace wrapping around me like a blanket when I did.

Every now and then he would lean forward and whisper sweet nothings in my ear in the most velvety voice I have heard, or rather the vampire version of sweet nothings, such as: “You look delectable my little one,” or “Your blood smells so divine. I have not forgotten the moments we shared a fortnight ago,” or “Do not fear my love, I swear on my dead heart I will take care of you.” When he did this his lips would brush the edge of my ear when he spoke and linger there as his cold breath swept across the sensitive area, sending delightful chills through my body.

By this point my guilt had ceased about having been intimate with both of them by kissing Eric in the shack and basically having an orgasm (completely clothed I remind you) under Godric’s administrations in the other world. Instead, I was confused and bewildered and my fatigued mind wasn’t able to figure out what was going on.

They were both showing interest in me brazenly in front of the other. There was no way Eric didn’t hear the things Godric was saying to me on the way, and the Viking had also reached over and brushed my bottom lip with his thumb when he got in the drivers side of the car, obviously reminding me of our kiss. Half way there he even grabbed my hand and held it, intertwining his fingers in mine as he drove with the other hand.

As the blush rose up on my cheeks and chest Eric just looked over and smiled knowingly. The Viking knew what I was feeling from his blood. I looked over my shoulder at Godric to see what his reaction was, and I saw the corner of his mouth twitch slightly, shadowed by the interior darkness of the car as his stormy blue eyes glowed back at me. Those eyes were full of nothing but love, adoration, and a fiery lust that made my breath hitch. There wasn’t a trace of jealously or disappointment.

It struck me at that point that he knew about my kiss with Eric, just as Eric knew about my intimate moment with Godric. This only served to confuse me more. I tried to recall a scenario during the True Blood show where two vampires behaved in this manner towards one human and couldn’t think of one instance. As far as I knew, when they were interested in a human they became very possessive and territorial. I tried to keep an open mind though. We definitely needed to have a talk about their intentions as soon as possible.

We pulled up to the safe house and by this point I was sound asleep in Godric’s lap as he held me tightly, my head laying limply on his shoulder. All I remember is him whispering in my ear that we had arrived and I must have dreamily walked up to the house because the next thing I knew we were standing at the door.

The house was very modern looking and white. It was quite beautiful and apparently a version of Fort Knox.  Eric pressed a series of numbers into the pad at the front door, bent down for his retina to be scanned by a red sweeping laser, and when he spoke his name the pad answered back in a automated voice. “Identity verified. Welcome home Mr. Northman.”

Normally I would have probably walked in at awe of the place wanting to look around but I was exhausted, dirty, and still limping in pain. My brain was in a fog and I just wanted to shower and sleep.

“If you don’t mind I would like to shower and lay down.” I said turning wearily to the two vampires who were each holding one of my bags.

They gave each other a look before both stepping closer to me. “I must heal you first,” Godric implored.

“Do you mind if I wash up first?” I looked down at my blood covered dress and gave my matted ponytail a tug. “I feel really dirty.”

“Of course lover,” Eric said with a smug grin. “I will prepare a bath so we can wash the blood off of you.”

“Yes,” Godric agreed with a straight face.

“Wait, what?” My jaw hit the floor. “Wash me?”

“Once we clean you and you have more blood you will not feel so exhausted, and you will no longer be in pain,” Godric answered.

“That’s not what I meant… You guys are planning to wash me? Not only that, but both of you?” I was still standing in front of them with my jaw on the floor. If I wasn’t so tired maybe I could have thought more about what they were saying.

“Maybe this is not the best time to broach the subject, but the sooner it is said the better.” Eric began and looked at his maker. Their voices seemed dreamy because of my exhaustion and them speaking so softly wasn’t helping me decipher this as true reality.

Godric didn’t take his eyes off of me as he waited a few seconds. “Little one, it is obvious to us that you want both of us.”

Blunt much? I started laughing nervously like an idiot which made me glance around to see where the loud noise was coming from. Oh, that was me laughing. “Both? I don’t know what you mean.” It was just the first thing that came out of my mouth okay!

“We both want you,” Eric purred stepping into my personal space and running one long finger under my chin. I leaned into him with half open eyelids. This was a good dream.

“More precisely, we both want you as a mate,” Godric said gently, stepping to the other side of me and putting his hand on the small of my back. “This is a very sacred union for our kind, an eternal union that we take very seriously.”

I gasped in shock and what little part of my brain that was working became inconveniently blank as my arms hung limply at my sides. The vampires were basically pressed up against my shoulders on opposite sides of me. My mind was already on autopilot and I just couldn’t process this revelation right now.

“We only ask that you think about it. But for now, I insist you allow us to take care of you little one. We will bathe you, I will give you blood, and you will feel better.” He said turning my mindless zombified form in another direction and slowly walking me towards… the bathroom I guess.

After a few steps of me limping and stumbling he just picked me up bridal style and walked at human speed down a hallway. Eric had already vamped ahead with my two bags. My eyes drowsily closed as I looked up at Godric who was staring down at me, the corner of his mouth turned slightly upward.

A second later, or minutes, or hours, or years… I wasn’t sure, my eyes opened as I was slowly being lowered into a warm bath full of bubbles. Oh holy cow! I forgot they were going to give me a bath… Ah! How did I get here? The shock of the wet water jostled my weary mind as I realized this was no dream! They really were about to wash me and I was completely nude! They had undressed me as I dozed. How embarrassing!

“Godric? Eric?” I looked around. Eric was folding my blood stained clothes and sitting them on the sink as he stared at me with hot molten eyes, and Godric was standing beside the very huge bath tub unbuttoning his shirt. “What are you doing?” I said mouth agape.

“I am taking my clothes off so I can get in with you. I fear you are about to fall over and drown.” He replied with the longest fangs I’ve ever seen. So long, I swore they were scraping the ground. His jaw was clenched in unmistakable excitement as he spoke.

“Oh okay,” I mumbled. “OH! You are…” I turned my head back towards him and didn’t finish that question because he was pulling down his pants. Ah, oh my God! That sobered me up! My eyes raked up and down his sculpted body stopping at a very hard throbbing part of his anatomy as he stood in front of me completely naked! My eyes lingered there for several long seconds as my breathing became more rapid before continuing up his body to his abs and chest, then his tattoos. Finally, when my gaze reached his face I realized he had been standing there for god knows how many minutes so I could admire him.

His mouth was shut in a small smile and his eyes were twinkling down at me. I quickly looked away gasping. I had just ogled the man and he enjoyed it!

“She is embarrassed.” I heard Eric chuckle. I looked around to give him a scolding glare, but my mouth fell open again making the water splash when I saw the Viking was already shirtless and unbuttoning his jeans. When he saw me looking at him he started going slower, and he dipped his chin as he leered at me through blonde eyelashes.

“Um,” I squeaked. “Are you getting in too?”

“Of course Lover.” He said huskily. “You should know everything that will be yours if you agree to be our mate.”


“We will be yours as you will be ours,” Godric said which made me look at him again. He was standing even closer. Oh sweet Jesus! My half-baked mind couldn’t handle this right now. But I did understand the meaning of his words. He wanted me to know they weren’t trying to claim me. They were just as much mine. That really meant a lot to me.

“Yes Lover,” Eric said. “All yours.” I looked back over at him as he slowly lowered his jeans and boxers all in one movement. When he stepped out of them he put one hand on his cock and held it. I quickly lowered myself under the water wanting to scream. I could not believe the size of both of them which definitely extended past their belly buttons. I heard through my water filled ears Godric telling Eric to stop teasing me because I was too innocent and inexperienced for such teasing, which caused Eric to bellow out in laughter.

I closed my eyes and held my breath, just laying under the water like that for as long as I could.

Then Godric was lifting me into a sitting position. “That is dangerous while you are so exhausted my love.”

I smiled and nodded nervously with wide eyes trying not to glance at his rock hard you know what. “Eh hu. Uh la eep.” I said through loose lips.

“What?” Eric said grinning.

“I think she is in shock.” Godric chuckled. “Perhaps I should give her my blood now.”

He scooted me forward and stepped into the hot tub behind me. Oh god! As he sat down I felt his hard cock sliding down my back until it finally settled into the curve above my bottom, pressed firmly there. He pushed my hair to one side and put his chin over my shoulder.

“You are so beautiful Sookie.” He breathed, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“She is exquisite,” Eric said stepping into the tub in front of me. There was no avoiding looking at him. There was six and a half feet of raw Viking in all his glory standing a few feet in front of me. My big eyeballs looked up at him through heavy black eyelashes.

A few seconds later he was gracefully sitting directly in front of me with his legs draped over both mine and Godric’s, his knees brushing my sides.

Okay, what now?

Godric’s hands started massaging my scalp as he lathered shampoo into my hair. It felt so good and I leaned my head back closing my eyes. Then I felt Eric washing my arms. I guess he didn’t have a sponge or washcloth because he was just using his soapy hands. Okay, this wasn’t so bad. I could get used to this. I was embarrassed though because I was sitting up and both of them had a wide open view of my breasts. They are the first men that have ever seen them.

Godric shook me out of my thoughts. “You have dried blood on the nape of your neck.” He said hoarsely.

“Oh… I guess Eric missed that when he was… uh…”

The next thing I knew Godric’s mouth was on the back of my neck sucking the skin there greedily. I moaned into the air at his touch which encouraged him even more as he reached around me and rested his hand right below my navel.

I opened my eyelids half way to see Eric looking down at me with piercing blue eyes. “Godric will give you blood now Lover.”

“Now?” I asked bewildered.

“I can not stand to see you in this pain.” He said.

“Nor can I. You must heal,” Godric added as he reached around with his free arm and offered his wrist to me. It was already sliced by fang.

I took his wrist in my hands and brought it to my lips. Closing my eyes, I began to drink the sweet liquid. Before, when I had Eric’s blood I was in far too much pain to really know what was going on. This was different. I was in pain but not like before.

I felt electric tingles shooting through my body. It is hard to describe how I really felt, but I guess the best analogy would be how my body feels when I wake up from an erotic dream. To my horror, I started moaning into his wrist and gently rocking my hips. I tried to keep still, but it was near impossible with the way I was feeling.

I immediately was wide awake, my exhaustion almost completely gone, and my pain a memory. I became very aware of Godric rumbling or purring, I wasn’t sure which, into the side of my neck as he nuzzled me there. His fist below my navel was clenching open and shut and I realized he was just as aroused at that moment as I was.

That’s when things really started to heat up…

As he pulled his wrist away after the wound had closed, both vampires scooted so close to me we were practically a skin tight sandwich. Eric reached under me and lifted me onto his lap so he could get even closer and this caused me to lean backward into Godric’s chest.

The Viking started nibbling at my neck while Godric’s hand went lower and started caressing the sensitive skin above my triangle of curls with his fingers. I sighed and leaned my head back on his shoulder. I was putty in their hands.


“We are both a part of you now,” Godric whispered into my shoulder.

“Yes,” I said my voice so husky I barely recognized it.

He reached with one hand and turned my face sideways to look at him. His eyes were so intense and full of desire as I’m sure mine were. That is when he kissed me for the first time. His kiss was dominating and feverish, the opposite of Eric’s in the shack who, by the way, was still nibbling and kissing my neck. Godric’s hand cupped my chin and cheek as his tongue demanded entry into my mouth. I reached out with my tongue and ran it up one of his fangs. I didn’t realize how sharp it was because I immediately nicked my tongue.

He started growling softly and kissing me more excitedly, sucking the drops of blood off my tongue and lips. By this time his hand had lowered to my clit and he was rubbing his fingers in small circles down there. I moaned into his mouth as the hazy sensations of pleasure began to build within me.

Godric released my mouth and started nibbling at my ear. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I think I’ve had this dream before at one point in my life while the True Blood series was airing. I turned my head back to Eric who had stopped kissing my neck. He was just looking down at me with a soft expression on his face. Our eyes locked for the longest moment and finally I moaned again from Godric’s touch without taking my gaze off of the Viking. He tilted his head sideways curiously and smiled.

“We are yours.” I heard Godric whisper into my ear.

Eric put his hand on my chin. “You are ours.”

“Yes. Yours. Mine.”

I heard them both growl as they tightened their hold on me. Eric bent his mouth to mine and kissed me tenderly. “Mine,” he growled.

The Viking put his hand under one of my thighs and lifted it outward so that my legs were spread wide apart then he bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. He inserted one long finger into me, curling it up so he could rub my G-spot while Godric continued to play my clit like he was a savant fiddle player. Someone’s mouth was on one nipple and someone was tugging the other one, I lost track of who was where. I gasped as my orgasm neared. They expertly worked me with skill as the heat rose higher. My breathing had become heavier and I whimpered into the thick steamy air as their hard bodies pressed against me.

Our bodies moved and melted in each other almost like one entity as the soapy lather of the bubble bath clung to our skin making us all slippery and wet.

After a minute or two of the most mind boggling pleasure I had ever experienced I screamed out as my body exploded with an orgasm. I panted and moaned riding the spiraling waves as their hands and mouths continued to ravish me.

It was delicious insanity.

As I floated back to Earth I realized the rabbit hole had just gotten a whole hell of a lot deeper. Both of these men wanted me, and yes I’ll admit I wanted them too. I agreed to this relationship with them involving all three of us. It was definitely delicious insanity and I wondered what was in store for the future.


A/N: We are about at the estimated half way point of the rabbit hole, and I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all the wonderful people who have given me support and encouragement with this story. I am so glad there are people out there who are enjoying this and it has become so popular in the 5 or so weeks I have been writing it! Thank you Keplie for the story spotlight on Kelpie’s Korner and Kittyinaz for your re-blogging of this story. I love you both!

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44 thoughts on “Ch 19: Forbidden Fruit… Err Fruits

  1. Wow. Didn’t expected that to happen. What wonderful bliss….. I so want that to happen to me. So hooked on this story.


  2. whew! that was ho-ot! i can almost hear “boom-chika-wo-wow” sound on the background. i like that this Sookie version is more receptive and adventurous. the book and tv show sookie annoyed me so much, often making me want to pull my hair with frustration and annoyance.


      • oh i love her! she’s witty, smart ass, and knows what she wants. i mean who wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a Viking and a Gaul sandwich. i’d take that deal in a heartbeat. the book and tv Sookie would be so prudish and would go all “I’m a Lady!”. screw that! 😀

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  3. What a great chapter.
    I’m so excited to see all that is to come now that it seems they have finally confirmed their relationship and seem to be together together now.
    I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.


    • It’s so exciting now that the cat’s out of the bag! Or the sausage… sausages… Ah! I wanted to keep writing the lemon for another 1000 or so words but I wasn’t sure what the thresh hold of tolerance would be.


  4. Wow! I’ve been following kittyinaz’s re-blogs and came here to follow this story a couple weeks ago but didn’t read it because I have a lot of other ongoing storys I’m reading. That being said as soon as I saw that pic you made I couldn’t hold out anymore! So I decided to binge read so I could get to that chapter. Man am I glad I did. This whole story is fantastic but this scene is super hot!


  5. Well done on the drawing! What program do you use?
    Your story is one of the best stories I’ve read so far. Your story was actually the reason I’m on WordPress now since I found it on Thank you for that by the way! 🙂


    • Oh My GODric thank you so much for the kind words vintagearrowheart! I used Adobe photoshop 7.0… I know I’m old school but I get frustrated learning new things and I know that program like a savant! I’m so glad you are on wordpress now! It’s so much better. I’ve actually only had this website for 2 weeks but I’m loving it much more than FF. The community of people I love the most.


  6. uggh the reviews that everyone left tricked my into thinking the chapter was longer. great chapter by the way, I’m repeating the same words but it’s how I feel. I wish I was in sookie’s place. update soon.

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  7. Thank you for pushing our fantasies a little bit further … Yes, indeed why not have both ? I was not tempted by Sookie’s daydream in TB when involving an “Eric & Bill” threesome but this one is definitely a much better combination.


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