Ch 7: Be Mine!


“Please forgive me, Sookie. It is true, I have consumed wine which contributed to my deplorable behavior tonight, but I cannot put all of the blame on that.” I looked into her alluring eyes.

This woman brought me to this chamber to care for me. She trusted me, and I betrayed her trust by trying to force myself on her. I am better than this. I have more control than what I displayed this night. How could I convey to this beautiful creature what I was feeling? Alia was right, I did love her. But was I worthy of her? My inner beast could be so savage, so wild, and so primal and she was so soft, so vulnerable, and so compassionate. I could not quell my vampire tendencies, and I found that I did not want to. I found that part of myself thrilling, and I could finally admit it now that I was human. If I could not have her as a mate, I did not want to lose her all together. I was determined to keep her in my life in any capacity, even if it was what humans called a friend.

“I find I still have the hunger of a vampire.” I began, trying to explain to her how I felt. “I find myself in pursuit of a delectable prey knowing that at our cores one of us is unworthy of the other. Despite this I wish to continue to have you, Sookie, in my life if you will…”

She suddenly stood to her feet, tears in her eyes, and ran from the room.

My heart began to beat rapidly. If I was a vampire I would have a hard time preventing my fangs from dropping. Something stirred in me. Perhaps it was some remnant of a hormone or chemical reaction, but I rose to my feet and pursued her, driven by some wild desire that I was powerless to control. I became a predator, and she was my prey. I had felt this many times as a vampire, and these traits still persisted, ingrained so deeply within me, etched in my bones, flowing through my veins, pumping in my now beating heart, they were a part of me forever.

She did not make it two steps outside the room before I had her by the arm and was pulling her back inside the chamber, slamming the door shut and pinning her against it.

I entangled my hand in the hair at the nape of her neck and pulled her head back, exposing the column of her throat to my ravenous gaze. My hunger for her was so strong, I could barely think straight, but I was also confused, it was a different sort of hunger than I was accustomed to. I wanted to bite her, and yet I did not. I wanted to ravish her, and yet I did not. My mind was so muddled and perplexed. I knew not what to do.

My brain struggled to cope with its now human body which came with an entirely new set of desires and hopes. Yes, the desires at their core were all the same, but there was also something that was missing, and yet something that was more. I could not comprehend, and the mystery of it confounded me.

I loomed over her, staring down at her as she trembled against my body which was pinning her to the door, her eyes wide and her rate of breathing increasing with each passing second. My hand still grasping her hair, a low growl began to resonate from my chest. This growl was my way of telling her she was mine and she would not run from me again, my inner vampire winning the battle between human restraint and vampire tenacity.

I ran my nose and lips along the curve of her jaw to her ear and captured her lobe in my mouth. I began to suck on the fleshy skin, and I heard a throaty mew escape her lips. My tongue licked her ear, and I whispered softly so my breath would send shivers through her body when it brushed against the wetness I left there. I was in full seduction mode, a trait I learned very well over the course of my existence.

“Why do you run from me, Sookie?” I whispered. “Why do you run when I bare to you what is in my heart?”

She trembled in my arms and took in a sharp breath. “Because, Godric, I… I couldn’t listen to you tell me things you didn’t mean. I know you have been drinking wine and…”

“I am 2000 years old, Little One,” I leaned my head back and looked her in the eyes, our faces mere inches apart. “I never speak words I do not mean.”

“I heard your thoughts. You were thinking you were falling in love with me.”

After everything that had happened, with the adrenaline now coursing through my body, I had obviously sobered up for the most part now. But in my inebriated state earlier I had failed to remember that Sookie could read my thoughts. This was something I had hoped to not reveal to her yet, for I wanted to guard my heart. I did not want to scare Sookie away by revealing my true feelings, which was exactly what I had done.

“Yes,” I whispered, putting my forehead to hers. “Now you know what is in my heart.”

“But it was the wine speaking.”

I looked back into her eyes. “You are correct. Had I not been so intoxicated I would have buried those thoughts deep so you would not know the truth. But the wine did not make me feel something that was not there.”

My eyes searched hers. This was it. I would finally know what she thought, if she had any vestige of the same feelings for me as my sister Alia had claimed she does. She was not going anywhere, she could not escape me. My arms tightened around her. I did not want to let her go.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” I said, bravely putting my hope and heart on the line. She was worth it. “I love you. I began falling in love with you from the moment I met you. I have never felt this way about another in the two millennia I have walked the Earth. But I am telling you now, with every fiber of my soul, I love you. I want you. I need you. And I will until my last dying breath. You have stolen my heart, and I am but your humble slave. I will tear the world apart for you, I will protect you, provide for you, and I will be faithful to you if you will have me. But I warn you, I am not any human man as you well know. I have seen things, horrible things. I have done things. My soul is battered, bruised, and tortured. I have many flaws, but I have tried to live a life of honor, integrity, and justice for the last 1000 years.”

I stopped myself from speaking further. Closing my eyes, I lowered my face downward waiting for the rejection I feared might come. Sookie was full of so much goodness, and I was darkness, an evil that slithered in the shadows, an evil that lurked on the fringes of virtue. I know technically I have yet to effect the lives of those I hurt so shamefully the first time I lived in this time, but the memories still haunted me.

“Godric,” she whispered, and I raised my head to look back into her eyes. “That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. No one has ever told me they loved me with so much conviction and honesty.”

“Then they are fools,” I growled, my heart racing. How could anyone who was lucky enough to lay their eyes on this beautiful creature not love her? “Hear me now, Sookie Stackhouse, and never doubt me again, for my heart is yours whether you want it or not.”

Cupping her face with my hands, I leaned against her and closed my eyes. I felt my body sinking into a comfortable blanket of warmth, and I began to drift, the exhaustion taking me away. My body jerked itself back awake when I started to relax.

“Godric!” Sookie gasped. “Please, lay down on the bed. I don’t want you to fall asleep and collapse on the ground again.”

“Yes,” I sighed. “I believe I need to lie down.”

I let her take my hand and lead me. She gently turned me until I faced her and my back was to the bed. I took my shirt off and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking up at her.

“I apologize, Sookie, for my behavior tonight. Perhaps, we can continue this conversation when I rise,” I murmured with half open eye lids.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about. I’ve just had a really rough day. I found out some things that pretty much put in question everything I knew and believed. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow, including what you know about Bill.”

I growled and tried to snap out my fangs, but to my dismay my fangs did not extend. I imagined I looked ridiculous growling with my blunt human teeth. If we were still in the future, I would have Compton silvered and tortured for information.

“Yea, I’d like to growl about it too, but I need to know what you know,” she said, trying to take a step back.

I grabbed the back of her upper thighs and held her in place, spreading my knees and pulling her to me.

“Little One,” I said schooling my features. “You will stay with me tonight while we slumber so that I may protect you.” I planned to find out tomorrow if she considered herself mine, but whether she did or not, she was staying with me. I needed to be able to protect her, and that I could not do if she was not here.

“Godric, I… I want to,” she whispered unsure herself.

“I insist, disrobe and you can sleep between my body and the wall as I wrap my arms around you, so that anyone who wishes to harm you will have to rouse me to get to you.” I said seriously. I felt a familiar sensation in my core at the thought of her sleeping in my arms disrobed, my bare skin pressed against her softness.

“Disrobe?” She gasped.

“Yes, you cannot sleep in such a dress.” I said lifting the hem as I ran my hands up her silky thighs.

“Godric!” She half screamed, half laughed as she pushed my hands off her thighs. “I can’t undress and sleep with you.”

“Why not? I cannot sleep not knowing if you are safe or not.”

“Well… because…” She said looking around as if she did not even know her reason. “It’s just unlady-like.”

“I will not make love to you tonight,” I said trying to reassure her. “If that is what worries you, Little One. I will not allow my instincts to get out of hand as they did earlier. You have my word and honor.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that…”

“So you wish me to make love to you tonight?” I asked, looking up at her from the edge of the bed as she bit her bottom lip and snapped her head back to me. “Then we shall…”

“What?” She gasped.

“I will make love to you then. Come here, Little One.”

“No, oh god. That’s not what I meant.”

“So you do not want me to pleasure your body?” I asked disappointed. I was confused what this creature wanted. She seemed to change her mind every few seconds.

“Yes, I mean. What?” She closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair. “Godric, it is inappropriate for us to uhh… make love. I mean yes… I want… ugg. Ladies do not do such things unless they are in a relationship with the man. That was how I was raised.”

“You mean they must claim each other first.”

“Yes, something like that.”

“I have already claimed you, my Sookie. I have confessed to you that I love you. The question is, have you claimed me? The question is, are you falling in love with me as I am with you?”

She came and sat on the bed beside me and I pivoted my body to face her. Though I was exhausted, I was hopeful that I would now get the answers I sought.

“Godric,” she said putting her hand on my knee. “Humans aren’t used to being so honest and forward about their feelings. But I will do my best.” She sighed. “It’s only fair. I can read your mind and you can’t read mine.”

I nodded.

“Yes, the truth is, I am falling in love with you,” she confessed. My heart nearly stopped beating in that moment. It was true! My Sookie wanted me as I wanted her. “But things are really complicated right now and my mind is full of all the things I’ve learned from the Pythoness. I’m very stressed. We need to talk about Bill, which we will do tomorrow. Also, you are going through your own things right now, trying to adjust to being human, dealing with Titus.”

“I understand, Little One. Yes, tomorrow we will talk more and you will tell me of all the things you have learned. We will deal with this together.”

She smiled. “I’d like that.”

“And I understand and will not pleasure you tonight even though I believe it will relieve your stress. But I still insist that you disrobe and lay with me.” You are mine! “I will wait until you are ready, and when that time comes, you Little One, will feel pleasure as you never have, I assure you.”

Before she could resist, I stood up and pulled her to her feet.

“Let me feel your body against mine, Sookie.” I whispered pushing her hair off her shoulder so I could gaze at her neck. “Let me hold you while we fall asleep. Let us forget all of our troubles.” I pulled her closer to me. “Let it only be you and I tonight, Sookie.”

Her breath came out shaky as she gazed into my eyes. She seemed mesmerized though I knew I could not glamour her, and even if I could she was immune. I would never glamour love from her even if I could.

“Okay,” she said softly.

I slowly lifted her dress up her body, running my fingers along her skin as I did so. I might have agreed not to make love to her but that did not mean I couldn’t touch her. I lifted the offending cloth over her head and tossed it across the room.

I looked down at her breasts, glad that she did not wear the strange brassiere that modern women of the future used to hold their breasts. She was unable to wear it in the open back dress. I pulled her body against mine and ran my hands up her sides and down her back. I sighed at the feel of her soft skin against me. The only thing she was wearing was a lacy cloth that covered the spot that I so desired to sink into.

I may be pushing my luck but I brought my hands to her bottom and squeezed, pressing her mid-section hard against me so she could feel my arousal through my thin pants. “I may not be vampire anymore,” I dared thickly. “But I will not wait long like a human man might. My desire for you is like a fire that consumes me. And now that I know how you feel, you cannot escape me.”

Her breathing increased and her eyes glazed over in wanton desire. The corner of my mouth turned up in a half-smile. I was quite pleased at myself for wooing this beautiful creature. But I would keep my word. I would not take her tonight, and even if I did, I fear that I could not stay awake much longer.

I walked forward, forcing her to step backwards until she sat on the bed. I stood in front of her and slowly lowered my pants. I did not wear the uncomfortable undergarment over my sex like she did. She gasped when she saw my hard erection, and I smiled further. I kicked the pants away, standing before her, showing her all that was now hers.

I may have been young when I was turned during this period, only seventeen human years old, but my body was muscular and hard from many years of slave labor, and before that I trained in battle at the tender age of ten as my people prepared for the Roman incursion on our fatherland. The training toned my body, and I received the tattoo’s that were a right of passage in my tribe. Young ones of my tribe were usually not pushed to adulthood so soon, but those times were dire as my people faced a desperate horde at the midst of their doorstep.

I wordlessly climbed into the bed beside Sookie, and my head sank into the pillow. It was like a cloud of contentment welcoming me into its embrace. I reached for her and pulled her against me, pressing my chest to her back. I felt a cloth blanket cover us and soon my eyes drifted shut as sleep consumed me. Oh, how it had been so long since everything in the word felt so… right.




My eyes slowly began to open as the sunshine in the small window of the chamber shined on my face. I had slept the entire night with Sookie in my arms. The human dreams were so strange. I dreamt of her. I dreamt of making love to her. I dreamt of fighting off hordes of monsters to protect her, blood drunk with rage in my dreams as I defended my love.

I looked over to assess our positions. I was lying on my back, and she was curled into my side, her head on my shoulder, and her breasts pressed against me. The blanket was around our waists giving me a good view of her upper half.

I could feel her leg over me, brushing against my now raging erection. I groaned in torturous desire. How much longer could I tolerate this torment? I wanted this creature, not just sexually, I wanted every part of her.

I thought about how my sister said I should take her as a wife, have children with her, and live my life with her. The concept was so foreign to me that I was not sure if I fully comprehended the gravity of it, but the prospect excited me. I have come to realize that being a human will never be enough for me, but having Sookie as a mate, now that stirred me beyond words.

Grabbing her thigh and lifting her leg so she would not remove the intoxicating limb from me, I slowly turned on my side to face her, ever so carefully so I would not wake her. I lowered her leg back on my side, lifting it a little so it was now around my waist. I rubbed the underside of her leg, up and down, moving my hand under her lacy panties as I caressed her.

My intentions were far from pure as I moved my hand closer to her sex with each caress. When she did wake I wanted this creature to be so sexually aroused that she could not refuse me. I wanted her so badly I could barely breathe. Oh, how I wanted to sink so deeply in her, feeling her hot depths stretch around my aching cock.

I closed my eyes imaging the feel of her as I slid my length in and out of her, pleasuring her, feeling her wet heat as I buried myself in her over and over. I would kiss her and tell her I love her then I would slam in her so deeply that she would cry my name in pleasure. She would beg me to keep going, calling my name, clutching at my body as I hovered over her pumping myself in and out of her, my now human seed ready and desperate to spill in her. Oh, by the spirits!

I shivered in pleasure as I opened my eyes and looked at her sleeping face. My fingertips brushed against the edge of her sex under the lacy cloth, and I breathed in excitement as I felt the heat and wetness there. She was already aroused at my touching her, even in her sleep. I leaned up on one elbow, leering down at her as my hand came back up to her secret spot.

I hissed at the offending scrap of cloth there, wishing that I could rip it off of her and press my cock against her heat. I told her last night I would not make love to her until she was ready, but by the gods this woman was going to be more than ready when she woke.

I gently caressed my fingertips up and down her slit, careful not to touch her clit because the sensation may wake her up before I had her aroused to my liking. I inwardly smiled at my cunning plan.

She began to stir and softly moan in her sleep.

“Godric,” she whispered so silently and seductively I barely heard her with my human ears. My heart began to race, and I vibrated in excitement. She was thinking of me while I pleasured her in her sleep! “Yes, mmm,” she mumbled and squirmed as I continued to caress her.

I slid my index finger in her entrance and pressed my thumb to her clit and began moving my hand rapidly. Her eyes shot open, and I bent down and pressed my lips to hers.

“What… Oh Godric!” she cried into my lips, jerking her hips into my hand. I pressed my finger onto the spot inside her that drove women crazy, and I massaged my thumb on that other spot that drove them wild with desire. She clutched at my shoulders and mewed in pleasure, the fire in her belly obviously rising to the surface. “Oh God Yes!” she screamed.

As abruptly as I began, I ceased my administrations.

I removed my hand from her sex and kissed her on the lips again. Rolling over and standing up, I strutted away from the bed towards my clothes as I licked the wetness from my fingers, feeling the confused and lustful stare of her gaze on my back.

I turned around and faced her, watching her as she sat up, her eyes falling to my hard erection. My eyes raked over her body and I growled, letting her know how much I wanted her. But I would not take her. I wanted her to spend this day thinking about what almost just happened. I wanted her to evaluate what she really truly wanted. If she truly wanted me as a mate, then she would return to me.

I did not understand these humans notions of not being ready, of waiting, of not engaging in carnal pleasures, especially when we felt love for each other.

Sookie was trapped by the pressures of human society, telling her it was unlady-like to feel pleasure. I did not want her to suppress her sexual desire for me as human women were taught to do from a young age. The concept was foreign and offensive. Yes, if she truly wanted me she would come to me.

Ah, but she knew exactly what I was thinking didn’t she. No words were necessary. No questions needed to be answered. She laid back down on the bed, staring at me, sighing in frustration.

“The Pythoness told me last night that she is my mother,” she said, rolling over on her back and staring up at the ceiling.

I looked at her speechless.

“She’s part fairy and she lived 600 years before she was turned into a vampire. But when she was very young she had a daughter. Me.”

I walked back over to the bed and sat beside her, staring in shock. “How did you…”

“End up in the 21st century?” She said turning her head to look at me. “Her grandfather, my great-grandfather, who is apparently a full-blooded fae, rescued me as a baby from slave-traders after the Pythia was given to the priests of Delphi by her crappy father. And oh yes, he sold me to slave-traders, his own grandchild.” I growled at this news. If the man had not already died from old age I would have hunted him down and ripped him apart for putting my Sookie in danger. “Anyway great-gramps, the fairy, apparently took me to the future for safe keeping.”

“All these centuries I have known the Pythia, and she has never mentioned to me she had a daughter when she was human.” I looked back at Sookie, feeling guilty for further causing her stress regarding our relationship.

“Don’t feel guilty,” she said putting her hand in mine and intertwining our fingers. She looked up into my eyes as she laid on her back. “You’re right about everything. I love you, you love me, I’m a damn mind reader and I know it. Yet, here I am acting all unsure about everything.”

I raised her hand to my lips and kissed the back. “You have endured much this last day that I was unaware of, Little One. You have every right to be confused and unsure of your life.”

“So have you,” she whispered. “You’re human, Godric. You were one of the most powerful vampires in America, and now you’re a human slave. That can’t be easy and yet you are always positive about the future.”

“I guess we both have our problems,” I said smiling. “But we are both here for each other, are we not?”

“Yes,” she said, a tear rolling down her cheek. I reached out and rubbed it off her face with my finger.

“I am here for you, Sookie, always.” I said bending down and kissing the spot where her tear just was.

“I know you are,” she said sniffling. “And you have no idea how good that makes me feel. And yes, Godric, I’m here for you. Getting you safe from Titus is the most important thing to me right now.”

“I am here, Sookie, away from the swine.” I whispered brushing her hair out of her face. “I am here with you.”

“But for how long?” She said, more tears welling up in her eyes. “The Pythia told me herself, and decreed it in front of Titus, that by law she could only hold you for a few nights for investigation.”

“We will deal with that when the time comes. For now I wish to enjoy these moments with you.”

She nodded. Sitting up and wrapping the blanket around her body. I prevented myself from growling in protest at her body being hidden under the cloth. “I know you don’t want to talk about this. But we have to.” She said looking at her hands. “You have to tell me what you know about Bill.”

I sighed heavily. This is a conversation I hoped not to have. “Compton,” I growled. “Is unworthy of you, Little One.”

“Why do you think that?”

“My people vet and conduct background checks on all new arrivals in my territory. My second in command, Isabel, pulled records on Compton herself and what she found was disturbing.”

Sookie’s brow furrowed and she frowned.

I squeezed her hand as I spoke, hoping to assure her that I was there for her should she need me. “Isabel discovered that Compton worked for the Queen of Louisiana.”

“Queen? Like a vampire queen?”

“Yes, during that period of time, our future, or present, however you want to look at it. Each state had either a queen or king that ruled over it. The states are divided into area’s which are overseen by Sheriff’s as you know. Compton had been in the Queen’s employ for many years, living at her court as a procurer.”

“So he obtained things for her?” She said, her worry increasing.

“Not just any things. He procured people for her. Wanted individuals, meals, and bounties, whatever she requested. When I returned from the Fellowship of the Sun, Isabel informed me of the information she had found on him. This worried me since I knew him to be living in my child Eric’s area. So I contacted an old acquaintance of mine who I knew to be living at the Queens court.”

I sighed and scooted closer to Sookie, putting my arm around her.

“Are you sure you want to hear this, Little One? I do not wish to hurt you.”

“Just tell me please,” she said looking down at her hands.

“My contact told me that Compton was on assignment in the field, in the town of Bon Temps, tasked with assessing a human female with possible telepathy. He told me that the Queen learned of this human’s existence through a woman named Hadley Hale, who is a favored pet in her retinue because of her slightly sweetened blood. So the Queen sent Compton to Bon Temps to assess the situation, learn if she is a telepath, learn if her blood is flavorful, and tie himself to the telepath through a blood-tie if possible. This tie would allow him to gain her trust and bring her back to the court willingly where she would be transferred into the possession of the Queen and serve as a special donor and telepath.”

“That her is of course me,” Sookie said closing her eyes. “So why didn’t Bill take me back to the court?”

“According to my source, Compton reported to the Queen that the telepath was indeed not a telepath and that her blood was ordinary. But the Queen was apparently irritated with Compton, believing that he was trying to deceive her so he could have the power of the telepath for his own gain as evidenced by his unwillingness to return to court and his insistence that he wanted to live in his ancestral home of Bon Temps, where the suspected telepath lived. She had chosen Compton among all her procurers because of his local ties to Bon Temps, plus the woman Hadley had told her that the telepath, you Sookie, would easily fall for a local man with southern charm.”

She clenched her teeth and hung her head. “And Bill apparently played the part well.”

“Sookie,” I said lifting her chin with my hand. “You could not have known. These vampires have lived for centuries and are cunning and devious. You are good and innocent, and these evils would not have occurred to you.”

“Why could I have not met you first?” She said tears falling down her face. “I gave him my virginity,” she hissed, looking away in shame.

“Should I ever return to the 21st century I will deliver this Bill Compton the true death for what he did to you,” I growled.

“My own cousin, Hadley. She started all of this. You have no idea how much that hurts. She was supposed to be my cousin, my family, but I guess that was all a lie too.”

“Most likely she wished to gain favor with the Queen,” I said wrapping my arms around her and pulling her closer. I wanted to comfort Sookie. I ran my hands through her hair to soothe her as she sobbed. “I am sorry, Little One.”

“I have nothing left in the 21st century. The only person left I thought was my family is my brother, Jason who apparently isn’t even my real brother. And he hasn’t exactly been good to me. The only thing I have is you Godric, and the Pythoness. The two of you are my world now. You are what matter to me.”

“I will never allow anyone to hurt you again, my love. You have my word. I will tear them limb from limb.” I growled as I tightened my hold on her.

“I believe you, too.” She grumbled into my chest as I rocked her. “I don’t want to think about it anymore.”

“Very well, my love. What do you want to think about?”

“Tell me something about yourself, Godric. I want to know more about you and I want to forget all the BS right now.”

“What do you wish to know, Little One?” I asked confused. Vampires rarely talked about themselves. Their pasts were guarded like a secret. It helped to ensure survival. Though I was not vampire anymore, the same thought still applied. But I would tell her every detail of my immortal unlife if that is what she desired.

“Tell me something pleasant.”

A special memory struck me that I knew Sookie would appreciate. “Yes, I know of a story to tell you. It was shortly after I turned Eric.”

“Oh goodness. This should be interesting!” she laughed.

“I told Eric to take candied lemons to the Pythia to gain her favor. So he did so. This of course was a punishment for a minor insubordination, but he knew not of my trickery.”

“Oh dear. She is allergic to lemons!”

I chuckled. “I know this well. It is an ongoing joke I have with her. When he arrived at the Pythia’s dwelling, he presented her with the candied lemons. He had searched Europe for months trying to locate a human who had the skill to make them so he could glamour them to do so.”

“What happened?”

“Well she had her handmaid Ass, who is an immortal demon by the way, curse him with a temporary spell which caused his penis to shrink for two weeks. It was the size of your modern day Vienna sausages.”

“Oh my god! That is awful!!! I can imagine Eric believing it was the end of the world!” I looked down at Sookie as she giggled, happy that I was causing her some joy.

“Yes, he was quite distraught that he could not engage in carnal pleasures with any women for an entire two weeks. His cock was too small.” My smile faded thinking of Eric. “You know Sookie, my child Eric, he wished to engage in carnal pleasures with you.”

“Yes, I’m well aware what Eric wanted.”

“And you did not wish to enjoy him?” I said curiously.

“No,” she shook her head. “I think Eric was more interested in the chase rather than the catch.”

“Yes, Eric has always guarded his heart jealously. Some day he must learn though that having a mate can bring more joy in his life than having all the women in the world.” I frowned. “I hope that I have the opportunity to teach him this, by example.”

She sat up. “Godric, do you wish to become a vampire again?”

“I have thought about it, yes. I do not feel right, Sookie. I am always confused. I do not understand these human urges, such as drowsiness and an empty belly. I miss blood, the feel of it as it rushes through my veins. The very thing which I deplored about myself, I do not understand how I can miss it so. Even now as I hold you in my arms, I desire to bare my fangs and sink them into your flesh, and yet I have no fangs to speak of. It is frustrating. I fear I will not be able to protect you from the evils of the world, evils which you cannot even imagine, unless my strength returns. I feel… inadequate and average.”

“Believe me, Godric,” she whispered, staring deeply into my eyes. “You are far from inadequate and average.”

I sighed heavily, looking down at this creature who was still wrapped in the blanket, hiding her beautiful body from me. I found the edge of the blanket and moved my hand inside, sliding my palm up her silky skin. I knocked the offending cloth aside, exposing her glorious nakedness to my lustful eyes.

She gasped as I lowered her onto the bed and moved on top of her, my lips kissing a trail up her belly until I reached her breasts. I cupped one in each hand as I sucked on an erect nipple. Unable to decide which I preferred, I moved my mouth back and forth between her delicious breasts.

But no, as much as my body ached for her, I would not take her now. I still wanted her to think about us, to decide what she truly wanted. I raised my mouth to hers and kissed her, pressing my hard erection into her center, wishing with all my fiber that the lacy cloth was not there. Wishing with every part of me that she would tell me that she wanted to make love to me right then and there. Wishing for the impossible, that my fangs would click out so I could sink them into her neck and taste her, feel her as she became a part of me. I wished that I could give her my sacred blood and feel my essence pulse through her body. I wanted to feel her emotions as I brought her to the brink of ecstasy.

We heard screaming in the corridor coming down the hallway, approaching quickly.

I raised myself from Sookie, covering her with the blanket. and I turned and growled, ready to fight off any attacker who dared enter the room.

The door swung open.

“Caesar is dead!” Ass screamed. Her eyes fell to my erection. “Oh holy Jupiter, what a peck… uhh… sorry for da interrupt.”
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  1. Oh god, Ass.
    Seriously I think he is my favorite minor character in this story.
    I’m kind of glad Ceaser is dead, only because him not dying, I think, would just make it more difficult for you as a writer to have to change a lot of stuff because of the butterfly effect.
    I’m also excited to see how he died. Because if I recall Titus is responsible for the first attempt on his life, so I wonder what kind of deviousness he thought of for it.
    I’m really excited to see how they plan to make sure Godric isn’t forced back to Titus.
    Maybe just maybe Godric has some supe in him and that will save him [but nothing is ever that easy lol.]
    Can’t wait for more!
    Oh and I’m also excited to see what you plan to do with Sookie. Sookie is obviously more of a Fae then in cannon, and she is the A.P’s daughter, so I think that would gift her with more Fae powers than in cannon[or at least hoping so.]

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  2. oh my! Godric is definitely intense. such emotions. this is the best Valentine’s Day gift ever! better than flowers. 😉

    well i am glad Ass is impress with “the Peck”! 😀

    yeah…Caesar’s death is actually too important to not to happen. can’t mess with history that much.

    amazing chapter. 🙂

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  3. So Caesar got bumped off anyway. Sookie and Godric expressed their feelings for each other, which is good. Hope Pythia is agreeable. Love da Ass. A demon, huh? Excellent chapter.

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  4. What a great chapter. I think writing from Godric’s POV in this story would be so difficult. While I know he’ll need to be changed or risk rewriting history, a part of me wants to see little Sookie/Godric love babies. They both showed amazing amounts of self control in that room. Damn.

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  5. You are having way to much fun with Ass.😄

    I flove Godric sweet talk. Sookie is a fool, I would have smacked that by now. What a waste!

    Loving the story bunches!

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  6. lol of course when Godric is in the works of seducing Sookie would Ass storm in with a “Caesar is dead” and thus completely ruining the moment(damn cockblocking daemon!) and I’m not surprised that he did die cause even if history didn’t change I highly doubt that Titus would’ve let him live. I hope Alia is alright though I can’t help but think that you have plans for her. and also don’t tease us with the thoughts of sook/ric babies possibly being around and not deliver. I could imagine they go back to the future with Sookie being pregnant and Godric having to deal with her and Eric throwing a temper tantrum over the idea of having a baby brother or sister. lol. update soon.

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