Ch 31: Violations


Red. I saw red. For 200 years I was the only woman who mattered to Eric and Godric! 200 years they treat me like a fucking Queen before I left and now I’m nothing more than a nuisance! I hated this. I hated coming out of my daytime rest and thinking about this first. I wiped the tears away from my face. Not Important Nora! Tonight we save Godric! That’s what is important.

Fuck! I heard a noise. Thump! Thump! Thump! Against the wall. They are fucking in the next room! Does Eric not know what he is doing to me? I felt the blood tears streaking down my face. You’re better than this Nora! Get it to-fucking-gether!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

I stood up and started pacing the bedroom.

Think! Think! There has to be something you can do! Okay, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll go into the bedroom and make Eric remember what he is missing. Yes, once I show him what he’s missing he’ll be all too happy to get rid of that little… that little dinner platter. Yes, she’s nothing more than a fucking morsel that needs to be ripped apart. God, I just want to rip into her, suck her dry, fuck her, and leave her a dead heap on the floor!

Thump! Thump! THUMP!

Ahhh! Fuck! Okay, what would Salome do? Yes, she’d use sex to get what she wants. I can do that too… I mean Eric used to love to fuck me. I hate that fucking fairy.

I patiently waited half an hour in my room for the thumping to stop. Then there was nothing, no noise. I put my ear against the wall. She was asleep. I could tell by her breathing. Humans never could handle Eric’s insatiable appetite. Why is he even with her?

I don’t know where he is… I can’t hear him…

I took off all my clothes and slowly snuck out of my room and down the hall. Oh this is going to be good. Eric is going to love this.





I made love to Sookie upon coming out of my daytime slumber. I was surprised to find her on top of me kissing me when my eyes opened. There was still not much we could do regarding Godric with the sun still in the sky so we enjoyed ourselves for hours, basked in the comfort of one another. We burned off some of the anxiousness that stirred in our bodies. I loved that woman.

After making love to her she fell back asleep. I guess I wore my fiery little bonded out. I smiled smugly. I needed to build her stamina if she was going to handle both Godric and I at once.

There was not much for me to do except go into downtime. My mind had been so busy in my waking hours I needed to let it relax anyway. I needed to be at the top of my game tonight when I faced Edgington. Both Sookie and Godric’s lives could depend on it. Not to mention Pamela and Nora. Everyone I love will be there. I could potentially loose everything in one fucking night. I pushed the thought away and let my mind drift into downtime as I lay beside my bonded on the bed.

Sometime later, about half an hour I calculated, I felt my mind stirring out of downtime. The corner of my lip twitched upward. I felt Sookie on top of me again. This could be fun. I kept half myself within that void of the downtime. I just wanted to enjoy the sensations.

I felt her kissing down my chest. I was still naked from our earlier exploits. She had full access to my body. I wanted to see what she was going to do when she thought I was in downtime. I left my body paralyzed and my eyes closed. I only brought myself enough out of the downtime to have the feeling of touch. I wanted to savor every caress from my Sookie.

I felt her lips and her hands moving down my body. Why were her hands so cold? Why was my bonded cold? She was always so warm. I loved that about her. I brought myself a little more out of downtime so I could open my eyes and look at her. I was slightly concerned about her temperature.

I felt her mouth go around my cock and I moaned in pleasure.

“Sookie,” I said huskily as my eyes opened and I looked down at her.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“What the fuck!” I screamed. Nora was on top of me! I flew out from underneath her and tossed her across the room. She hit the wall with a hard thud.

“What?” Sookie said groggily sitting up in the bed. She saw Nora getting to her feet and covered herself. “Oh my god!”

I was in such a blind rage I moved without even thinking. I rushed toward Nora and slammed her hard, grabbing her by the throat.

“Eric,” she croaked clutching at my hand. I had her pinned against the wall.

Sookie was now beside me with the blanket wrapped around her. “Eric, what is going on? Let her go.”

I continued to squeeze Nora’s throat.

“Eric!” Sookie put her hand on my shoulder and I looked at her. “Please, let her go.”

I loosened my hold but didn’t let the bitch go.

“Okay,” Sookie said concerned. “Now tell me what is happening!”

How could I? How could I tell her that another woman just pleasured me and I thought it was Sookie. She would never forgive me. I knew enough about Sookie to know how hurt she would be.

“Why is Nora in here naked?”

“I’d like to know the same fucking thing!” I hissed.

“You didn’t seem to mind when I had my mouth around your cock.” Nora groaned.

“What?” Sookie screamed. “What is she talking about?” She was now looking at me with hurt in her eyes.

“I…” I began. I let go of Nora. “Get out! If I ever see you again I will deliver you the true death.” I turned my back on her.

“Eric?” I heard Nora cry behind me.

“You have five seconds to be gone from my house before I kill you.” I growled.

She sped away, leaving a moaning wail in her wake. Then Nora was gone.

“I am sorry, Sookie.” I said squinting my eyes shut. My back was to her. I could not bear to look her in the eyes. I felt her hand on my back.

“Eric, just tell me what happened.”

“I went into downtime. I thought you were on top of me. When I came out of downtime it was Nora. She was…” I sighed heavily and looked at the ground. “She was…”

“Shhh…” She wrapped her arms around me from behind. I felt her warmth engulf me and her calm over the bond. “You don’t have to say it Eric.”

“How can you forgive me for this, Sookie? She was pleasuring me.”

“You thought it was me, Eric. You were in downtime and didn’t have your senses to tell you otherwise. You. Have. Done. Nothing wrong!” She enunciated every word. “You were violated.”

“The first mistake I made was bringing Nora along. I knew she would be a problem from the moment I spoke to her in the driveway.” I turned around and faced her. “The truth is I wanted her to help us save Godric. We need all the strength we can get and she’s nearly 400 years old. Now it’s only Pam and I. Pam is barely a century old.”

“You have me too, Eric. Don’t forget about that.”

“Trust me. Every second I think about how you will be there in danger.”

“Okay. Let’s forget about Nora. Don’t we have a phone call to make?” She told me.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me. “Yes,” I said inhaling the scent from her hair. “Let’s get dressed and make the call.”



Shut the fuck up. Get out of my fucking head!

You shut the fuck up. It was my head first. The voice echoed in my mind.

And now it is mine. It is time you realize that and be silent!

You will never win. I will always be here. Scratching and clawing and driving you to insanity!

The voice in my head was incessant, never-ending. It would not fucking go away! Why did I not leave my maker a vial of my blood as most progenies did? If I had been wiser I would have done so, and I would now be enjoying my own body instead of some fucking host that was required because I was resurrected with Godric’s blood instead of my own.

“Get up.” I said to Godric who was still lying on the ground in a weakened state from the night before. The maker-tie was finally re-established.

He slowly rose to his feet, glowering at me.

I smiled with fangs out. “Not much you can do now is there?” I taunted.

You can not win against Godric. He will destroy you.

“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed. I looked at Godric who was staring at me with a raised eyebrow. “Do not look at me!”

He continued to stare, with those eyes, full of hate and rage and disgust. I despised those fucking eyes.

“I command it! Do not look at me!” He slowly turned his head to the side.

He destroyed you once, he will do it again.

I punched myself in the head. “I said be silent!”

“I have not spoken.” Godric said, still looking to the side curiously. I could see those wheels in his brain turning. I could not let him figure out what was happening inside me. His intelligence has grown since I last knew him. He seemed so ancient now. It was a sight to behold. I almost felt pride. But my hatred ran deeper. I will make him pay for what he did to me. But the pride… it was also welling inside me. I wanted him. I wanted him to be mine again. Why could I not make him see that he could be mine again?

“Look at me,” I commanded.

His head turned back to me and our eyes locked. The hate, the rage, the contempt, it brewed deep within him. I could make him see! I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. I smashed my lips to his.

He pushed against me, and I smiled. My maker hold over him was strong. It did not matter how old he was, his strength could never be greater than his maker. I hissed when he turned his face to the side so I could not kiss him.

I put my forehead against his shoulder. “Why do hate me, Godric?”

“You are vile,” he hissed.

He is right. You are vile. The voice taunted.

“I loved you.” I said desperately. “I love you still. Tell me you love me still.”

“You represent all that I hate, all that is wrong. I can never love you.”

“I command it!” I bellowed. “Tell me you love me!”

“I love you.” Godric said in a monotone.

“You do not mean it though! I command you to love me!” I growled, looking at the side of his face as he kept it turned away from me. His eyes were now closed and his teeth clenched as if he could not bear my touching him.

“You know that you cannot command feelings.”

Hahaha. The laughter of the voice rang in my head. Pathetic.

I slammed my fist into the wall beside Godric’s head.

I stepped back away from him. “Get on your hands and knees, Godric.”

He turned his head and looked at me without moving. “No.”

“Get on your fucking hands and knees NOW!” I screamed. “I command it!”

If you do this he will never forgive you. You will loose him forever.

Godric stepped away from the wall slowly. “Wait.” I said. He looked at me. “I will not force you. You will come to me when you are ready.”

“I will never come to you unless it is to rip your head from your body.” His fangs were out fully now. He was angry. I forgot how formidable my child looked when he was angry.

“Get dressed. You will be joining us upstairs for a meal. I have a delectable little morsel for you to feed upon. I will await you upstairs. Be in the feeding hall in 10 minutes. I command it.”

I walked out of the basement and went to the feeding hall to wait with Russell. I might not be able to make my child love me again with a maker’s command but he would love me. I would start by giving him the gift of blood.

10 minutes later Godric was walking into the feeding hall. He was fully dressed in the clothes I left him. He still looked awful. The skin on his arms and legs were in shreds from his silver bindings. His body seemed almost withered away from the spell. I would take care of my child and he would love me again.

You are an idiot. He will never love you.

I growled at the voice.

“Godric, my child, come.” I said holding my hand out to him. He stood in the doorway without moving. “My gods! Do I have to end every statement with ‘I command it?’ You are weak. You need to feed.”

“Why is he still alive? He has no more use.” Russell said as he lounged on a couch with Talbot. “We already checked the farmhouse and the safe house. There was nothing at either. He doesn’t know where the fucking stone is.”

“Because I want it so!” I screamed. “Godric, come to me.”

“Fuck you.” He spat.

“Come here,” I laughed. “I command it.”

He started walking toward me, glowering at me, his lip in a snarl. It pained me to see him hate me so much.

It’s because you are disgusting.

“Shut the fuck up!” Everyone looked at me and I cleared my throat. “Bring in the human.”

Godric watched as a woman about 18 years old was brought into the room.

“This is my gift to you, my child.” I said taking the human and petting her hair. She was shaking. Good. Fear always tasted better. My child would love it. I took the human woman by the hand and led her over to Godric. “Now feed upon her. You need to heal. I command it.”

“Girl, are you here against your will?” Godric said to the human.

“Oh my gods! Why are you talking to it?” I yelled. “It’s your food. What is wrong with you?”

“We do not take unwilling humans anymore.” Godric said. “We live in equality with the humans.”

“Yes, the Great Revelation. Russell has told me all about that debacle. I don’t give a fuck. Humans are food. I taught you this! Have you disregarded all that I taught you?”

“Yes!” Godric hissed. “You are insane.”

He’s right. You are one crazy son of a bitch.

I pushed the human woman toward Godric and she screamed. “I command you to eat it! Drain it dry!”

Bad move!

Shut the fuck up. You are nothing more than a newborn.

“I command you to drain the life from it!” I screamed.

Godric’s eyebrows scrunched up as if he fucking cared. He looked at the woman with a sorrowful expression. What is wrong with him? Why is he acting this way?

“Please don’t do this,” the woman pleaded in a sob as she fell to her knees and looked up at Godric, her hands in front of her chin as if she was praying to her God. Humans are so pathetic.

Godric fell to his knees in front of her, unable to fight my maker command. I smiled in victory. He looked over at me. “It is not necessary to take to her life. I will feed but I ask this of you. Do not force me to take her life.”

You should grant his request. It could earn you brownie points.

“What the fuck is a brownie?” I yelled.

“I haven’t seen a brownie in centuries. Nasty little creatures.” Russell chuckled. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Never mind,” I hissed. “Drain her dry, Godric! Bite her neck now! I command it!”

His fangs slid out and he moved toward the woman. His eyes were closed as if he did not want to see this wonderful experience. What the fuck. The woman stood to her feet and ran away from him.

My fangs excitedly slid out. “I command you to chase her. Drain her! Kill her!” I pointed toward the woman as she ran.

The woman sobbed and cried as she ran across the room. Godric stood to his feet and rushed toward her, grabbing her by the arms and facing her towards him.

“Please forgive me.” He said with a sorrowful expression.

“Please don’t!” the woman screamed right before his fangs penetrated her neck. I watched as my child pulled her blood from her body. He cradled her in his arms as if he was trying to comfort her. He sank to the ground, holding her protectively in his arms. I watched as the woman’s life slowly drained from her. Gods I loved to see this.

Her spark was soon gone and Godric released her neck, lifting his chin with a hiss, blood running down his face. My child loved it! He loved my gift. I knew he would.

To my ever fucking surprise and disgust he pulled the woman into his arms and rocked her, holding her tightly to his chest.

“I’m so sorry,” He whispered. I looked at his fucking face which was covered in blood tears as he buried his nose in her hair. He didn’t even know her. She was just some woman I plucked off the streets.

My lip curled up. “What has happened to you in my absence, Godric?” I shook my head, hardly able to believe his behavior.

Very bad move! The voice echoed so loudly in my mind that I could hardly hear my own thoughts.

I grabbed my head in desperation and hunched over, beating my skull, trying to beat the soul that rattled around inside me. It never relented, it never gave me peace, it was always there, taunting me, driving me insane!

Then something hit me, so hard that I felt like a tree had fallen on me. I was pinned to the ground. I knew not what was happening. Had the voice taken control of my body now?

No. I looked up. It was Godric on top of me, punching my face. He hit me so hard it dislocated my jaw from my skull and I could not speak. Smart. Now I could not command him off of me, at least not for a few seconds, until it healed.

I could hear Russell and Talbot laughing, as if this was a good source of entertainment for them.

Russell’s soul is just as rotten as yours.

Godric dug his fingers into my eye sockets and pulled out one eye. Fuck! I needed to push him off of me before he ripped my new body apart. He slammed his fist into my jaw again just as it began to heal. Broken again. Fuck. He raised his fists high in the air, clutching them together like a sledge hammer, and brought them down on my face, crushing it in.

Is Russell just going to sit there and watch him tear me apart?

Then the phone started ringing.

“Hello,” Russell said loudly with a laugh as he answered his cell phone.

Godric continued to bellow out angrily in a blood drunken rage, as he beat my face in.

Good job dumb ass. You’ve killed us both. I told you he would destroy you.



Eric had the phone on speaker. This was it. We were finally going to negotiate with Russell for Godric.

When Russell answered the phone I could hear Godric in the background yelling angrily. My heart fell to my stomach. Was he being tortured?

“Edgington,” Eric hissed. “What are you doing to Godric?”

“Ah I guess the cat’s out of the bag. You figured out he’s alive did you?”

“I will rip you apart!” I heard Godric scream in the background. “I will tear your head from you body as I did the first time.”

“Too bad you’re missing the entertainment here.” Russell said. “Your maker is worked up into quite the frenzy right now, giving Angur the beating of his life. It’s quite hilarious.”

“Let me talk to him!” I said exasperated. “I want to know he’s okay!”

“Now why would I do that, little girl?” Edgington laughed. “Godric won’t survive the night. Once he is done with his temper tantrum, he will meet the true death as he has wanted to for centuries. He’s too much of a risk as evidence by his current blood rage.”

“I have the stone. If you want it you will not touch him.” Eric growled.

“You have my attention.” Russell said seriously. “What do you propose?”

“A trade. Godric for the stone.” Eric said.

“Enough,” Russell screamed, his mouth slightly away from the phone. “Godric, I have your child on the phone. If you want to see him again you will stop what you are doing right now.”

Godric continued to scream in the background. I could hear flesh ripping.

“Eric, I’m putting the phone on speaker. If you can manage to calm your maker down I might be convinced to listen to your proposal. You’re on speaker now.”

“Godric!” Eric said loudly.

“Godric!” I screamed. “Godric, oh my god, Godric! Are you okay?”

The yelling in the background stopped.

“Eric? Sookie?” I heard a soft voice.

“Silence!” Russell barked. “Everyone will be silent or I will not listen to The Northman’s proposal.”

I could hear someone moaning in the background.

“Northman, I will agree to trade Godric for the stone on one condition.”

“What is your condition?” Eric asked.

“We make the trade here at my estate, outside in the moonlight. In four hours.”

“I agree. But I have a demand of my own.”

“State your demand.” Edgington hissed.

“I want to talk to Godric.”


The phone clicked and there was a dial tone.

I looked at Eric with wide eyes. “I knew he was alive!” I said jumping to my feet.

Eric smiled at me. “Yes, Godric is alive! And it sounds like he is giving them hell!” He laughed.

“We have four hours! Four hours and we’ll have Godric back!” I grabbed him around the neck.

“I don’t think it will be as easy as you think.”

“The re-connection of the maker-tie obviously didn’t work though! I mean Russell said Godric was giving Angur the beating of his life. He wouldn’t be able to do it if there was a maker-tie would he?”

“Usually no. But Godric is opportunistic and cunning. He may have taken advantage of a situation and incapacitated Angur from being able to command him. There are so many variables. We should not rule out that Angur has control over him.”

“If Angur does have control over him what does that mean? I mean what could happen?”

“He could very well command Godric to attack us when we make the trade. We would never survive an attack against both Godric and Russell. I have no idea what sort of strength Angur will have.”

“Okay so what if say Godric is forced to attack us? I will blast him with my light and reverse any curses.”

“The maker-tie is not a curse though. It was already there. The curse was the absence of the tie. It has merely been re-established.”

“I can blast Angur with my fae magic and knock him out of his host’s body. That is a witch spell.”

“Yes, that would most likely work.” Eric said in thought. “I still think you should blast Godric if something goes wrong. I really don’t know Sookie. It may break the maker-tie. There are just too many variables. This resurrection is unprecedented. I don’t know enough about it to understand how it works.”

“Okay so tell me how a normal resurrection works. Do you know about those?”

“A normal resurrection using one’s own blood. It’s pretty simple really. You just have a witch cast a spell over the blood and the vampire is manifested from the blood, in his own body. But we know that a host had to be used for this resurrection since they used Godric’s blood instead of Angur’s.”

“Why did Godric never tell you about it?”

“There are so many things to learn Sookie. It would be like asking why a human parent never taught their child how to… say grow a tomato.”

“A tomato?”

“Yes, it was the first thing I thought of.” He shrugged. “Maybe it never came up. Maybe the parent thought it was unimportant.”

“I think I understand.”

“It is impossible to expect a maker to give every piece of knowledge he has to his child just as it is impossible to expect a human parent to give all their knowledge to their human child.”

“Okay, so say everything goes smoothly and we make the trade…”

“Very unlikely, but I’m listening,” he said.

“Which stone do we give Russell? One has the letter ‘N’ on it and the other has the letter ‘B’ on it. I don’t know what the third stone had on it.”

“It was an ‘L’” He said in thought.

“An ‘L’?” I asked, my eyes widening.

“Yes, an ‘L’. I remember seeing it before I shattered it. I didn’t know what it meant at the time. Still don’t”

“BNL… NBL… LBN… do the letters spell anything?”

“No, not in any language I know of.”

“I wonder if they stand for a word, maybe the first letter of a word. Or maybe they are an acronym for something?”

“The only one that worked was the ‘L’ stone. That has to be significant. Did your Grandmother bring the case they came in?”

I got up and walked over to the dresser. “Yes,” I said retrieving it. I walked back over to him and handed him the case.

He opened it and tore the foam out the stones had sat in. He turned the case over looking over every inch of it. Then he opened it back up and tore out the cloth lining that was under the foam. Under the cloth lay a single piece of square paper. He lifted it up and showed it to me.

“It’s in my handwriting.” I gasped. Two words were written on the paper. DESTROY LILITH.

“Lilith…” Eric whispered.

“The ‘L’ stands for Lilith. Why is my handwriting on this? I never wrote this.”

“I do not know,” Eric said.

This was a big clue. What did Lilith have to do with any of this? How in the world did I write this note? Did my other half write it and I didn’t know about it since I didn’t have her memories. That made no sense. It would have been in the show.

“Okay so the ‘L’ stands for a name. So could the ‘N’ and ‘B’ be names too maybe?”

“Perhaps. There’s no time to figure it out right now. We just have to pick a stone and hope it’s the right choice. We must prepare to leave for Jackson.”



“I don’t want a fucking Tru-Blood! Give me the good stuff!” I screamed at the bartender.

The nasty Werewolf growled and slid my drink across to me. I picked it up and chugged it. I’m going to need my strength. I had plans. Big plans. I had been doing a little research. Turns out Sookie Stackhouse wasn’t just any human. Yea I had connections. I had ways of finding things out.

I looked over at the entrance way of Josephine’s bar and my eyes widened. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Nora Gainesborough came in looking like a whipped dog. She walked right up beside me and ordered a real meal. My wheels started turning.

“Hi,” I said holding out my hand. “I’m Lorena.”

She looked down at my hand and picked up her drink, ignoring me. Fucking bitch.

“You’re Nora Gainesborough aren’t you? Your maker is Godric. Your sibling is Northman.”

She looked over at me. “I have no sibling as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t spoken to my maker in almost two centuries. What of it?”

A smile formed on my face. “Perhaps we could help each other.” I said carefully.

She faced me with her whole body. “I am older than you by at least a century. I can smell your age. So be warned. What do you want?”

I took a sip of my drink and sat it back on the counter. “I merely want to be friends.”

“Stop with the games.” She hissed.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” I growled. “She killed my fucking child Bill Compton.”

Her eyes widened and her lip snarled up. “That fairy stole my maker and brother away from me.”

“Then I suppose we can help each other after all.” I said excitedly. Nora knew Sookie was a fairy. This confirmed the information I had gained. I took the lemon out of my pocket and sat it on the counter.

“What is that?” Nora said looking at the lemon.

“Fairy’s are fatally allergic to lemons.” I sneered.

“What are you planning? I will not hurt Eric or Godric.” She whispered in a hiss.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t dream of it. Let’s go somewhere private and talk more. Shall we?” I said getting up.

“I will listen to what you have to say.”

She followed me out of Josephine’s. Yes, things were coming together nicely.

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13 thoughts on “Ch 31: Violations

    • Sookie mentioned a couple chapters back that she wasn’t sure if lemons would hurt her… that she drank lemonade all the time in the other world. Claudine told her that most likely since her power has grown so much that she would be allergic to lemons and iron. I know them together is bad news for sure! 🙂


  1. that’s never a good thing…two deranged vampiress walked into a bar….definitely not good; joke or otherwise. Nora just lost her damn mind.

    jeez. can’t believe i’m rooting for Allan. imaqgine having him in your head. enough to make you crazy, that’s for sure. but then again, Angur sounds like he’s already deranged….with or without the voice in his head.

    now Godric is really mad. how dare they piss off my sweetie.

    and i’m betting this is gonna be an epic rescue by Eric and Sookie. can’t wait!!!! 😀

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  2. Well now we know for sure Nora is up to no good.
    As much as I would enjoy seeing her in a different role, she is just one of those characters I love to hate.
    I’m excited to see how Nora and Lorena scheme together.
    Hopefully Sookie will be powerful enough to hold her own against them, even if it’s just long enough for help to arrive.

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  3. And the plot thickens…
    Nora what a bitch! Now she’s teaming with Lorena
    I hope lemons won’t cause any harm to Sookie!
    Oh I’m routing for Alan Nuts now I really wish he survives after all this shit!
    can’t wait for more…

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  4. Indeed, it’s violation.

    Nora and Lorena together. Very bad news.

    Allan will persist, because it’s an advantage for Godric. I don’t know what is L.

    Lillith will be there? Maybe destroying Lillit will destroy the curse (Angur/Allan).

    Four hours plannig maybe is enough time.

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  5. Too bad Godric didn’t go on and rip Angur ‘ s head off. Though it’s entertaining to see Alan driving him crazy. I was sure Nora couldn’t be trusted, and I wondered when Lorena would turn up. I hope Sookie’s zapping ability doesn’t fail her. I can’t remember if lemon bothers her in this story. I guess we’ll find out. Great chapter.

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  6. Fudge…. Nice to know the Knights worked. Now, I see I need to send the black Knight to you to help with everything going down!! At least with a flesh wound he can contribute some blood to our vampires….

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  7. As funny as Angur and Alan going back in forth was I was hoping Godric would’ve ripped his head off. If Angur heals he will just command Godric to hurt Eric&Sookie.
    For as old as Nora is she acts so childish. Eric shouldn’t have kicked her out. She knows the location of the safe house and the codes to get in. Plus now she’s teamed up with the shebeast Lorena will really put a HUGE kink in saving Godric.


  8. So Angur is going koo-koo-bananas thankfully Godric is taking advantage. Why is Nora such a twat? I was so hoping they could all be one family not to mention they need all the help they can get. By the way I fucking hate Lorena!!


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