Ch 3: Super Secret Agent Sookie

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Special Thanks to The Queen of Delicious who has spent countless long hours working on this story with me to perfect it for the readers. She not only beta reads, she walks through chapters with me like a professional editor, bounces ideas, listens to me bitch, and gives me encouragement and a kick in the ass when I need it.

Also thank you to others who were involved in the editing process of this story, pre-reading chapters before they were published, researching information, and general beta work. Suzimeinen, Navidasti, MistressJessica1028, Royal Ember, and Alycenwonder.

A shout out to those readers who take the time to leave a review. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is truly inspiring for a amateur like me.



I was burning daylight, and I had several things that I needed to do before night fall. The first thing I did was look up the phone number to Merlotte’s and call Sam to get my schedule.

“Hey Sam, it’s Sookie,” I muttered nervously into the phone.

“Hey cher!” He said so enthusiastically I raised an eyebrow. I smiled. Sam wasn’t my favorite person, but I was surprised how I automatically liked his kind and friendly voice.

“Hi, I can’t remember what time I’m supposed to come in. I thought I’d just check with you what my schedule is for the next few days.

“Oh,” he paused a minute, seeming surprised that I didn’t even know what time I worked. I hoped he didn’t suspect anything. “7:00 to close tonight and tomorrow, cher. The usual.”

When I began the conversation, I wasn’t particularly excited about working at Merlotte’s, but I found that I actually looked forward to seeing all the familiar Bon Temps faces. Plus, I didn’t want to raise any suspicions. It was important that I kept up appearances.

“Thanks, Sam. I appreciate it.” I knew if I needed time off Sam would give it to me. He seemed good about it during the show. I had always wondered what the hell kind of boss kept on a worker who constantly called in sick or who had an emergency, but I guess it would work in my favor.

“Is everything okay Sookie?” Sam said rattling me out of my thoughts.

“Oh yea, absolutely, Sam.”

“Okay, you just sound different.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, my heart beating faster. Does he know something?

“I thought you had a cold. Your accent is gone.”

Shit! I forgot about the accent. “I’m just tired. Just woke up from a nap,” I said, quickly trying to interject a bit of southern drawl into my voice.

“Ah okay, cher. Well, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Thanks, Say-um. Have uh good n’.” I sounded way over the top. I quickly hung up. Gah! I will need to practice before my shift tonight.

I sighed to myself knowing that Maudette Pickens was already dead. It was one of the first things that happened in episode one, and tomorrow Dawn would be killed.

Tonight was also the night I was supposed to meet Bill for the first time during my shift at Merlotte’s. But, if all goes according to plan, he’ll be a pile of goop by then. But one crisis at a time.

I had a plan regarding Eric Northman. I had the perfect way to begin with him, and I had to initiate it before he rose from his daytime rest. I was going to become pen pals with him. Before you laugh, hear me out. I planned to drop strategic notes for him apprising him on how to prevent certain events. Like a real secret agent. It was perfect.

I started driving to Fangtasia to take care of that task first. I was looking for something specific, and about half way between Bon Temps and Shreveport, I found it. There was an abandoned shack that would be a perfect drop point. I got right to work writing my first note.

Dear Sheriff,

I have important information for you regarding your area.
I will give you the message at an abandoned shack located on HWY 12 about 15 miles from Fangtasia.
I know it’s hard for you, but you will have to trust me.

~A friend

This note I would tape to the backdoor of Fangtasia. There was no way I was driving all the way to Shreveport every day to give him information, so he’ll just have to meet me half way. Plus, anyone could see the note and steal it. And no, I wasn’t going to actually meet him in the shack, but I didn’t want him to know that. The shack would serve as a drop point. I just needed to intrigue him enough to get him out there. I started writing the note I would leave in the shack.

Dearest Mr. Northman,

I am a telepath and seer that lives in your area. Before you throw this note away, I am telling the truth. But I can’t read vampire minds so don’t ask.

Recently I began to have visions of certain events that could be detrimental to peace and prosperity for those living under your rule, including and especially you. I will not reveal myself to you, because frankly, your reputation proceeds you, my dear Viking.

He’s going to wonder how I know he’s a Viking, and think I’m a woman of mystery. This is such a great idea. I hoped to hell it would work. Eric Northman was easily provoked and not one to trifle with.

I will not be claimed by a Vampire, and that is exactly what would happen, so you will have to settle with my cryptic notes for now. It is imperative that you keep my existence a secret, or I will cease all communications with you. Please check this location nightly.

The first bit of information that I will give you is a small matter. There is a couple living in your area by the name of Rattray. They live in a rental trailer at Four Tracks Corner on the outskirts of Bon Temps. They have been draining vampires and selling V blood since the Great Revelation. They have gotten away with it by moving around a lot. If you investigate this, you will find that I tell the truth.

Until next time…

~ A friend

I started to get worried thinking he may actually hire a Werewolf to snatch me during the day when I was making a drop so I added another line.

P.S. Don’t even think about hiring a Werewolf or something to snatch me up when I make my drops or spy on me and follow me home. I will know, and you will never have use of my gifts again.


I had no way of knowing, but he doesn’t know that. Once I learned a little more about my powers, I could probably use my light on anything he did send for me.

I drove to Fangtasia using the address I got from the phonebook and taped the first note on the backdoor just as I had planned. On the way home, I stopped at the shack and went inside.

I took a long look around at the place. It was old and run down. That was a good sign that no one had been there in ages. The floor was dirt, and the walls were made of wood. One wall was completely covered in shelves and cabinets, and a long counter extended from one corner to the other. Dingy clutter and trash were strewn all over the counter and shelves.



The biggest thing I liked about this place was that no other structures were around. I could reach out with my mind before I made a drop to make sure no one was lurking. Apparently, I’m even supposed to be able to feel the void of a vampire mind. These were all things I was hoping Claudine could help me with when I spoke to her tonight about my powers.

I placed a kiss on the note and held it to my chest as I whispered a few words of encouragement to myself. God, I hoped this worked.

I saw a broken, yellow dog bowl leaned up against one corner. I turned it over and placed the note underneath. If Eric was as smart as I thought he was, he would find it when he comes here.

I just had to check back at the shack tomorrow and see if he wrote a reply.



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11 thoughts on “Ch 3: Super Secret Agent Sookie

  1. I’m liking the pictures you have throughout your story, it really adds to the overall effect. Oh and another thing – I am now officially stalking your site for updates! Hope you don’t mind. lol


  2. She’s so funny; trying to get rid of Bill and QSA, alert Eric to the Ratts, draw out Rene as the murderer, and keep her work schedule all in one day! The poor child is going to be exhausted! “Here she comes to save the day!” Super Sookie!

    Where’s the other Sookie?


  3. Sookie is a smart cookie!! Funny how she had a instant liking to Sam knowing all she knows of him, it makes me wonder if this world is influencing her w/o her realizing it? Great idea making an anonymous note still wanting to help the sexy Viking not to mention Godric down the line. IMHO killing Godric off killed so much potential for the future.


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