Ch 37: The Light That Pulls

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“Can’t… get… free! Dammit!”

I stuck my bottom lip out and blew upwards to get the damn hair off my face, but all that did was blow a strand in my nose. I stretched my upper lip and nose trying to get it to stop tickling.

Why the hell was I naked? How Ironic, like one of the True Blood fics I used to read back in the other world. Sookie falls asleep and wakes up naked with a Viking glued to her, dead to the world… literally. Except I didn’t just have a Viking next to me, I had a Gaul too, and they were both sandwiching me like I was the deli special at Save-A-Bunch.

And yes they were both naked. I could tell that much from the cool, smooth skin pressed against me. What is it with vampires affinity for sleeping in the nude? Is it like a law of nature or something?

I might have been a little turned on but I had to pee.

I’m glad they had the sense to pull a blanket over us or I would be freezing. There had to be at least five blankets in fact, and all it did was help ensure that I remained trapped between them. I was between a rock and a hard place. Yes, pun intended.

I seemed to be stranded. I realized if I didn’t find a way out soon, I would be embarrassing myself by peeing right there in the bed.

I was somehow buried in the crook of Eric’s arm, even though he was lying slightly on his side, pressed against part of my back and my side.

Godric’s chest was pressed against my breasts, and he was gently cradling my broken arm. Yea, the broken arm wasn’t helping one bit. I was lying on my other arm. It was completely numb from falling asleep. Is that Godric’s leg over my thigh?

Shit… both of them had their legs over me. We were like a tangled briar patch and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of the mess I was in. God I needed to pee.

I groaned out with a nasty stomach cramp that was all too familiar. Shit! Shit! Shit! Please don’t let it be all over the place. I can’t believe I started my period, and here I was naked and trapped between two slumbering vampires.

I started wiggling frantically to get free, and a pain shot through my broken arm when I twisted it the wrong way.

Like a blurry flash the blanket was being ripped off of me and Godric was suddenly on top of me, on his hands and knees straddling me.

“Sweet schlong almighty!” I screamed when I felt a deliciously large part of his anatomy lying across my belly.

I stilled, eyes like saucers looking up at him, in a total state of shock.

“Godric, did I wake you up?” I said, or rather croaked, a huge lump stuck in my throat.

I could hear a rumbling coming from his chest as he gazed down at me in a damn near state of total rapture, the passion dancing in his eyes and threatening to hypnotize me. I shook my head to try and knock myself back to reality. Those damn eyes of his!

“It is 2 pm,” he said huskily, his voice deeper than usual. “I always rise around 2 pm.”

I tried not to stare at his eyes but I chanced another glance. They were dilated, almost completely black, save for the small band of blue around the pupils. Something wasn’t right with him.

His nostrils flared and his fangs slid out, sharp and menacing. I nervously looked around as his eyes raked all over my face.

“Eh… Godric?” I whispered. “What’s wrong?”

His eyes flicked down to the bandage on my throat as he hovered over me, crowding me, trapping me with his body; his completely naked body. He dipped his face down to my neck and started running his nose all over me, taking in my scent, inhaling deeply as he nuzzled me all over the neck, shoulders, and chest. He started humming and purring in pleasure and I giggled a little at his enthusiasm. I know we have been separated awhile and I really wanted to be with him, but I needed to tend to my business first.

I laughed when he growled into my neck and eased him away with my hands.

“What is that intoxicating perfume?” He crawled a few steps down my body, looking southward. “That mouth-watering fragrance?” He inhaled deeply again and his eyes rolled slightly back in his head. When he opened them back up he arched his back, stretching it like a cat. Every single muscle on his body flexed and spasmed as if they were coming alive for the first time in 2 millenniums. “It stirs my insides aflame.”

He looked back to my eyes, a look of complete shock and surprise as his eyes widened. His body started shuddering and his muscles were twitching.

“Godric I have to get up and go to the bathroom. I need to… eh… you know human business.”

He continued to stare at my face, his lips slightly parted as if nothing I said registered in his brain. His nostrils flared again then his tongue licked his top lip.

He slowly started inching his way backwards down the bed, lower down my body, staring deep in my eyes with those dilated pupils. He looked like a wild animal on the prowl. Then to my utter horror he dipped his head to my core and growled, sucking in a sharp breath through his teeth.

I screamed. Swinging my leg over his head, I quickly stood up beside the bed and turned to him. He was standing on his knees now, his eyes still wide as he clenched the sheets in his fists. By instinct I covered my eyes and looked slightly away, still not used to seeing his delicious bounty. Then I remembered myself and looked at him directly, all notion of our nakedness forgotten for a moment.

“Gross, Godric!” I said exasperated, my brow furrowed. “I’m on my period!”

His pectoral muscles twitched and his erection was standing at attention.

I stood there, dressed only in my arm sling waiting for him to answer but he just stared with that look of shock, pure savage lust dancing across his features.

“Your scent is exquisite,” he breathed coming to the edge of the bed, his entire body shuddering.

“Disgusting Godric! It’s like old dead blood. How can you like that smell?”

He got up and stepped to me and pressed his body against mine. Wrapping his arms around me he growled and nuzzled his face in my neck, the side that wasn’t bandaged.

With a huff, I ducked out of his arms and started marching to the bathroom. He was acting like a crazed maniac. Why should I be surprised that a vampire might actually like the smell of menstrual blood? They were kinky as hell.

I spotted my clothes and purse sitting on a chair against the wall. Good, Pamela must have brought them in from the car after I fell asleep last night. There was a tampon in the purse, thank god. I stopped to turn and retrieve it when I bumped into Godric who was right on my heel, following an inch behind me like my own personal shadow.

“Ouch!” I said when he stepped on my foot. “What’s wrong with you Godric?”

I quickly turned to look at him, only to see that glazed over expression while he fixated his stare on my shoulder. I had the distinct feeling he was contemplating whether to bite it or not. I could also feel his emotions over the blood-bond, and oh man was he aroused.

“You are mine,” he said calmly, his eyebrows slightly pressed down evilly.

“Oh my god,” I said turning and running away. “Get a grip! I have to pee!”

I ran around the other side of the bed where Eric still lay in his slumber, I could feel Godric chasing after me. I turned to see he was holding his hands out like he was herding a trapped prey into a corner.

“Look,” I said annoyed. “I have to go to the bathroom. You can’t come in there with me. I uh… have business to attend to.”

“I will not leave you unprotected,” he mumbled, slowly bringing his eyes up to mine.

“Nothing is going to get me in the bathroom. I’ll be fine, Godric.”

He shifted uncomfortably on his feet, standing there in all his glorious nakedness, his muscles still twitchy.

“I will attend you. I will bathe you, give you some blood to heal you, and feed you.”

My jaw dropped open. “Didn’t Dr. Ludwig say vampire blood and lemon poisoning don’t mix?”

“She will be here shortly to check up on you. Perhaps she will allow it since the poisoning would have subsided by now,” he said, his eyes shifting to my neck. He started to reach his hand out for me but must have thought better of it because he lowered his arm back to his side. He began speaking in a foreign language with guttural sounds and I sighed in exasperation.

“Okay, well just wait out here,” I said grabbing my purse and clothes and swinging the bathroom door open. I stepped inside and sighed in relief as I heard the door shut. Finally, alone! It was like the body snatchers stole my Godric! I started digging through my purse looking for the tampon. Dammit, I know I brought one. I always keep one in my purse for emergencies.

After about five minutes of digging and squeezing my thighs together before I peed all over myself I finally found it.

“Bingo!” I said holding it up. I turned around and screamed. Godric was standing a hair-width behind me. How the hell had I not felt him there?

“Godric!” I squealed. “Wait out there.”

“I cannot leave you alone. You could be in danger.”

“From what? The toilet gremlins?”

He looked over to the toilet suspiciously and narrowed his eyes.

“Godric, look,” I grumbled, my voice coming out way grouchier than I meant. “I’m dirty, I’m sore, I have to pee, I’m probably on my period, and to top it off I’m standing here naked.”

His eyes flicked down to my breasts when I said the last part and he licked his lips again and leaned slightly forward.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Yes, we will shower,” he said thickly. “I will wash you.”

He slowly strutted towards me, his chin dipping low as he looked through his eye lashes. But it wasn’t a sweet look. He was tracking me, stalking me, and prowling like a stealthy, hungry animal. I gulped hard as he ran his fingertips lightly across my shoulder as though he was touching silk. The purring noises coming from him gave me delightful chills and I felt the goosebumps prickle all over. I had to step back away from him and take a deep breath.

“Why don’t I take a shower and tend to my human business and you go call the doctor. You can find out when she’s going to come check up on me tonight so you can give me blood for healing.”

His eyes darkened and he licked his lips. “Yes, I will give you my blood.”

“Yes, Godric. Maybe you can get the doctor to come early so you can give me blood as soon as possible.” I really hoped he would hurry and leave before I peed right there on the floor. I started dancing a little on my feet in an attempt to hold it.

“Eric and I planned to do the second blood exchange with you after the doctor checked in on you,” his voice came out in the most erotic growl.

I smiled widely, an exaggerated crazy smile. “Great!” I said, shifting from one foot to the other. “You better hurry! The faster you call her the faster we can exchange blood. Won’t that be fun?” I beamed a toothy grin, but I imagine it looked more like a grimace.

I could see the passion flare in his eyes as his fangs slowly slid out a little more. “Yes, quite fun.”

He turned and zoomed out of the bathroom door, leaving it swinging on the hinges.

I shuffled over to the toilet, holding my thighs together and quickly sat down. It seems I am learning something new about my vampires every day. Now I’m learning the gross fact that they may go nuts when I’m on my period. Did I have this to look forward to every month? It just didn’t make sense. If women going through their menstrual cycle caused this sort of behavior then why weren’t they crazy all the time? You would think they ran across women nightly who were on their period.

I looked down. There was no blood on my thighs. That was good I guess. At least I didn’t ruin the sheets on the bed.

When I wiped and looked at the toilet paper to confirm I was on my period I cocked an eyebrow. There was no blood. No, not one single drop. I was completely confused. I was sure I had started my period.

I stood up trying to think. Something very strange was going on with my body and I had no idea what. I glanced over to the toilet and noticed there was a light coming out of the toilet bowl as if the sun was in there! Holy shit!

I backed away from it until I hit the wall, just staring in denial and shock. Was it some sort of fairy thing or had I hit my head last night?

I gulped hard. And what was it doing to my vampires? I had so many questions. Was this why Godric was acting so feral and crazy? Would Eric act the same way when he woke up?

Okay, I needed to just get in the shower and wash up before the doctor arrived. I’d figure the rest out later.

I took a good long shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over my body and just thinking about everything. I was so glad Godric was back. I felt whole again. The only problem we faced was Nora and it wasn’t like she was a big scare. Nora and Lorena were no Edgington and Angur. My vampires could stomp them into the ground in a split second.

I quickly got dressed. Somehow my clothes had been washed. I wondered if Godric and Eric did it last night. I decided not to use the tampon. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me and I wanted to wait to talk to Dr. Ludwig first.

When I walked back into the bedroom I stopped in my tracks and my jaw fell to the ground. Godric was pacing back and forth at the end of the bed, running his hands through his hair and growling. He looked very agitated.

Eric was hunched over in the bed with his eyes half open and the phone to his ear. It looked like Godric had forced him out of his slumber early, although I don’t know how. I have tried before and have never been successful. He was mumbling incoherently on the phone in a grouchy voice. It looked like they had both put on a pair of sweatpants.

They both froze and looked over at me. Eric dropped the phone, leaving it swinging to the ground beside the bedside table and rushed towards me. Godric was rushing towards me as well.

“Lover,” Eric purred, apparently wide awake all of the sudden. “You look stunning.”

“Divine enough to devour,” Godric rumbled, his voice coming out rough and hoarse. He pulled the back of my hand to his mouth and kissed.

Eric dipped his nose in my hair and breathed deeply. “Your scent is…”

“Intoxicating,” Godric finished, the tips of his fangs peeking out under his lips.

“I never noticed it before. It has always been alluring… but now, it is irresistible.”
Godric growled in agreement as he pulled my sleeve up on my arm and started kissing a trail to my elbow.

Eric’s mouth latched on below my ear and started sucking. “Your skin tastes truly amazing,” he breathed.

“She is a delicacy, my child,” Godric murmured, his mouth still trailing up my arm.

I wrenched myself away and stepped back. “Okay, what is going on?” I said putting my hands up in the air.

Eric and Godric looked affronted that they no longer had their hands on me and started to take a step forward.

“No,” I said waving my good arm in the air. “Stop right there and you better start talking. I want to know why the heck you both are acting so…. sexual.” Okay, that wasn’t right. This was Godric and Eric we were talking about here. “I mean more sexual than normal.”

Eric shrugged his shoulders and smiled deviously. “Can we not shower our mate with affection?” He said, holding his hands out.

Godric said something to Eric in that foreign language and they started conversing. They were speaking quickly while they stared at me, both their eyes raking up and down my body from head to foot.

I frowned and put my hands on my hips. “That isn’t very nice you know; to talk in another language when I can’t understand you. What are you saying?”

“The North Man said he wants to bend you over and make you scream his name and the Gaul said your breasts look soft and call to him as the moon calls to the wolf.”

I turned around to see Dr. Ludwig glowering, a doctors bag in her hand.

“Then the North Man said if he doesn’t get inside you in five seconds he will die the true death. The Gaul said perhaps they should form a strategy and take their pants off, for it would arouse you and get you under them in the bed.”

She waddled over to me and sniffed before turning to Eric. “By the way vampire, next time you call me, you best end the conversation properly. I don’t appreciate being blown off mid-insult.”

That’s when I noticed Eric and Godric were both growling at her and starting to circle like wolves.

“What the hell is wrong with them?” I gasped.

She quickly reached in her doctors bag and pulled out a small bottle of liquid. Screwing off the cap, she doused both vampires with it.

“Stop! What are you doing?” I said in a worry. I didn’t think she would harm them, but I wasn’t sure what she was doing.

“Don’t worry. This liquid will overpower your scent temporarily so they can be lucid and I can have a civilized conversation with them.”

“Dammit!” Eric screamed. He started rubbing his nose. “Gods! That is awful.”

Godric was wiping his nose with the back of his hand and grimacing. “Gambit root,” he hissed.

“I don’t smell a thing,” I said.

“Most people don’t,” the doctor chuckled. “Just vampires.”

Eric desperately rubbed his face. “It smells like… Ludwig’s five day old underwear.”

“Watch it vampire,” she grumbled, lifting the bottle and dousing him again.

“FUCK!” Eric hissed like a snake, flashing long white fangs. He desperately twirled in a circle as he wiped his face and bobbed his head.

“Dr. Ludwig can you please tell me why they were acting so crazy?”

Eric shook his head one last time and looked up with an innocent face as if he was not at fault.

“Hmm,” she said evaluating me carefully. “This must be your first time to go through the Claro Que Tira.”

“The what?”

“The light that pulls; every female fairy goes through it several times within their lifespan. Though you’re the first hybrid I’ve seen go through it.”

“Well what does it mean? I mean what sort of things is it going to cause?” I glanced nervously over at Godric who was staring at me like a statue, completely motionless and for a minute I thought he had literally frozen in time, until I saw him blink.

“Male vampires will be very protective of you. They will be attracted to you as well. I need you to sit over in that chair so I can examine your throat. We still have the issue of lemon poisoning.”

I walked across the room and looked at her while she pulled some sort of contraption out of her bag. “They were acting… feral.”

“Yep,” she said digging around in her bag. “The Claro Que Tira can be described as fairy heat.” She waved her hand dismissively as if it was no big deal. “Similar side effects to your human period, cramps and the like. Instead of blood, your body will produce a liquid that is irresistible to your mates and cause them to be insane with arousal and possessiveness. Your blood will taste better to them and your scent will smell better from the pheromones you are producing.”

“How long does it last?” I asked. “And can they get me pregnant? You said it was like fairy heat.”

“Lasts about 24 hours, give or take,  and your body will stop producing the light and pheromones associated with the cycle by this time tomorrow. And no they cannot get you pregnant, at least not in the manner you are thinking of. The biological purpose of the cycle is to attract a mate. If you already have one,” she looked over at the pair of vampires. “Or two in your case, it strengthens your bond with them. During and after your mates will be more protective of you. It would be a good idea if no one comes around you while you are in the cycle. They are likely to kill anyone who does, friend or foe. Also, all male vampires will be more attracted to you”

“This is crazy. I don’t know what to think.”

“I imagine that your body was triggered into the cycle because you were hurt and never received blood from your mates. It is a natural biological survival response as your systems believed your vampire mates weren’t protective enough of you to heal you with their blood.”

Both Godric and Eric growled loudly.

“That is not true!” Eric yelled as he pointed down at the doctor, fangs bared in a snarl. “You ordered us not to.”

“We would have given her our blood had you not told us it will mix badly with the lemon poisoning,” Godric hissed with venom. I wasn’t surprised at Eric’s outburst, but Godric’s look of fury startled me. Even Eric put his hand on his maker’s chest in a half-hearted attempt to make sure he didn’t launch himself at the doctor.

“Calm yourselves vampires! I know what I said. It is her biological systems that don’t know what my instructions were.” She looked into my mouth while Godric continued to growl, his chest heaving. “It all goes back to the beginning. Most don’t know it, since the fae are merely thought of as a myth in this age, but vampires and fairies were made for each other. The fae will deny that little fact though, after certain members of the vampire race nearly drove them to extinction. In any event, your body will react to them and theirs will react to you.”

The doctor looked over to Eric who responded with a hiss, reminding me of a furious tom cat.

“The gambit root is wearing off. This exam is almost concluded. It looks like the swelling in your throat has gone down considerably, which is a good sign.” The doctor straightened up and put the device she used to look in my throat back in her bag. “I’m going to go ahead and clear you for vampire blood. How long has it been since you ate food?”

“I guess it would have been yesterday before we came here. About 24 hours.”

The doctor started shaking her head and glared at the vampires. “Are you trying to starve her? She needs to eat three meals a day, especially while she’s healing. I suggest you prepare her a meal as soon as possible.”

The doctor sighed.

“You should take it easy for the next few days. Hopefully your vampires can manage to protect you from getting hurt until then?”

Godric and Eric both took a step towards her and roared.

“Anyway bye. I’ll send a bill.” The doctor poofed away, just in the nick of time before they tore her apart. She was a snarky little thing.

I looked over at the clock on the wall. It was a quarter until three, still daylight outside and we weren’t going anywhere for awhile. I could also hear rain beating down on the roof from a storm outside and wind blowing against the windows that were covered by some sort of metal plating that must go down during the day. This mansion was like a fortress for vampires. It also occurred to me that Alan Nut was somewhere in the mansion, probably still asleep for the day. Eric had explained to me last night that the Magister made Nut king, and he now owned this mansion and had offered to let us stay here as long as we wanted. There were also several human servants that Eric told me about, all who had pledged their allegiance to Nut, the new king.

There was a loud crack of thunder outside and I jumped a little. Eric looked up at the ceiling and growled as if he was going to fight it off.

“So did you guys hear what the doctor said? I guess you can heal me now.”

They were both immediately in front of me while I sat in the chair, kneeling on the ground and taking my hands in theirs.

I grimaced when Eric took the hand from my broken arm. Godric looked at him and growled, snapping his fangs at his child. I had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe the aggression Godric just showed towards his own child.

Eric didn’t back down though, he snapped right back at Godric, his fangs coming within an inch of his face.

Godric pushed Eric’s hand off of mine and hissed which made the Viking slap Godric’s hand off of me as well. They were acting like children!

“You are clumsy and hurting her. I command you to go back to slumber!” Godric spat.

Eric laughed. “Ha! You can’t even command me right! It is not working.”

To my horror, Godric launched himself at Eric and they rolled around on the floor in a blurry mess.

They came out of their roll for a split second and I saw Eric behind Godric with his legs wrapped around him, pulling his hair before they spun in another roll and slammed into the wall. When they hit the wall, Godric was on top of Eric pulling his ear with his fangs.

I quickly stood up and screamed. “Stop it! Both of you right now!”

They immediately stopped and laid on the ground heaving, wrapped around each other as they looked at me wide eyed.

“You are upsetting her,” Eric hissed.

“You are the one, my child, who nearly pulled her hand off and made her cry out in agony.”

“You speak a falsehood!” Eric snarled. “I was merely cradling it to…”

“Enough! I can’t believe you two are fighting like this!” I said. “You are fighting each other when you should be healing me.”

They quickly stood and started lumbering towards me, all the while trying to push each other back.

“I will heal you!” Godric said desperately.

“No, I will!” Eric growled, grabbing his maker by the nape and slinging him backwards.

“I command you to go crawl in a hole!” Godric roared as he grabbed Eric around the hips and pulled him back to the ground. I screamed when he buried his fangs in Eric’s side and reached around twisting the Viking’s nipple.

Eric yelled out as he lay on the ground on his side, Godric on top of him, fangs buried and giving him a purple-nurple. He started pulling Godric by the hair which caused his maker to slap him in the balls. Eric roared.

“Oh my god! If you guys don’t stop right now I’m leaving and neither of you will be able to heal me!”

“Stop distressing my Lover!” Eric yelled as he pried Godric from his side.

“You stop agitating my mate!”

“Okay, how about this!” I said putting my hands up. “How about I take both of your blood.”

They stopped wrestling and looked at me. They both stood to their feet, tall and straight and eyed each other out of the corner of their eyes.

“That is acceptable,” Godric said, his hand on his abdomen, as if he had been standing there calmly and serenely all along.

“I agree,” Eric muttered, retracting his fangs.

“I have one condition,” I demanded. “No more fighting!”

They both nodded.

“Okay, then come here!”

Next thing I knew I was being carried to the bed by Godric.

“Careful with her!” Eric hissed.

“I got her. Quickly, my child, fluff the pillows.”

Eric rushed to the bed and started fluffing the pillows and pulling down the sheets. A few seconds later I was being lowered to the mattress.

“I can walk you know.”

“It is possible that you could further damage yourself. I do not want to risk it, Little One.”

He sat me down and both of them were on the bed on either side of me, staring at me with wild, hungry eyes. Eric had already bitten in his wrist and was shoving it in my face.

“Stop!” Godric yelled, giving him a dirty look. “Did you not hear the doctor? She is dying!”

Eric looked over at his maker with a dumbfounded face and gulped.

“She must eat food! Human food! She might starve to death if we wait much longer, my child. Look at the state of her! She is too thin! Quickly go to the kitchens and prepare an extravagant meal. Only the best for our mate! Quickly go! Before she dies the true death before our very eyes! Only you can save her! I know nothing about human food.”

Eric grunted in agitation, his eyes getting wider. “I will be back!” He yelled zooming out of the bedroom. I could hear crashing outside in the hall as he trailed away. There were several human screams clear across the mansion a few seconds later.

Godric watched him leave as he leaned over me. He slowly turned his head back to me with the most wicked smile I have ever seen playing across his face. “So foolish,” he chuckled.

“Godric I don’t like this. I don’t like you guys fighting like this. It isn’t right.”

He frowned. “Please forgive me, my love. I did not mean to upset you. I fear I am not myself, nor is Eric.”

“Do you really not want him around me? Are you guys jealous of each other?”

He looked up thinking for a moment. “No, my love. It is not that. I merely fear he may hurt you.”

“Well the only thing that is hurting me is you guys fighting. I’m about to start crying.”

He recoiled and sat up on his knees, putting his hands on his chest. “No more fighting then! I swear this to you! I will speak to Eric when he returns.”

“Make sure that you do. Because I’m serious, Godric. If you guys say one more cross thing to each other I will leave this mansion and you won’t be able to follow me because it’s still daylight outside.”

He gasped and  his fangs slid back out.

“That’s right,” I squealed. “I will walk right out and neither of you will be able to protect me.”

“I will not allow it!” He whispered in disbelief.

“You won’t be able to stop me. I don’t want to hurt you guys but I will blast you back with my light and leave!” I was still angry and I knew threats were unbecoming, but I was pissed.

“I will follow you in the sunlight,” he breathed, eyes round and serious.

“Godric, you can’t. You’ll catch on fire. What are you saying? That’s impossible”

He looked down at his hands for a moment and back to my face. “If I go speak to my child, will you vow to stay within these walls?”

“Yes,” I said smiling. “Go talk to Eric. And when you guys come back maybe you can be civil.”

Instead of getting off the bed on his side he crawled over me, stretching his legs wide so his erection rubbed against me through his sweatpants as he moved. “I assure you when we re-enter this room there will be nothing civil about our manner,” he hummed seductively. “I will go speak to Eric and when we return you must be ready to feast upon all that we bring you.”

He dipped his head down to my jaw and ran his fangs over my skin until he reached my lips and brushed his against mine in a soft caress.

His eyes closed and he whispered in the most wanton tone I believe I have ever heard as he rocked back and forth on top of me. “Are you ready, my love? Are you ready for us both because that is what you are asking for and I am eager to grant your wish.”

My body vibrated in anticipation and I wiggled a little under him.

He looked into my eyes and smiled through his fangs. “Yes I can feel your arousal over the bond,” he said smugly. “Do you have any idea how much I want to spread your silky thighs and taste your sweet honey?”

His muscles started doing that twitching thing again as he poised himself on top of me.

“Do you have any idea how insanely aroused I am this very moment?”

I gulped and shook my head.

“You shall soon discover, my love. That I promise you.”

We heard Eric curse clear on the other side of the mansion, his loud yell carrying all the way to us. Godric turned his head to the door and slightly growled at the interruption before turning his attention back to me.

“You… uh… better go check on him. And talk to him too about the fighting.”

He stared down at me, clearly struggling to tear himself away.

“It’s okay, Godric. I’ll be fine. I’m just a few seconds away and if anything happens you’ll know over the bond. Nothing is going to happen. I’m safe here.”

His eyes became rounder. “I do not feel right leaving you alone, but I shall go just for these few minutes in order to grant your wish.”

He bent down and kissed me on the lips, lingering for a long moment before getting up and strutting towards the door. He turned back and gave me a look before disappearing out in the hall.

I leaned back in the pillows. Oh sweet Jesus. What was going to happen when they came back. Maybe I should have let them fight. It would have distracted them from other things. I felt very nervous all of the sudden when I realized I was about to go on the ride of a lifetime, the VIP passenger on two big lemon carts in about ten minutes…




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  2. That was funny in a scary sort of way. Maybe she should have both of them bleed into a cup for healing so she will be ready for what comes next. Great chapter.

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  3. I feel like every person in the world who is attracted to men would kill to be in between Godric and Eric right about how.
    Sookie is in for the ride of her life. (pun intended)

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  4. So not fair stopping here! You’re evil :p Update soon…Pleeeease.. on pins and needles. But sooo funny our vamps all nuts over fairy heat lol crazy sexy have both at once! Yummy Godric & Eric sandwich..what woman wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that Mmmmm :p

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