Ch 29: A Meeting of Minds


I was lying beside my Sookie enjoying her scent while she slept. I watched her serene face as she inhaled and exhaled air through her parted pink lips, the slow rising of her chest, the flitter of eye movements under her eye lids. I brushed the golden hair off of her neck and swallowed hard at the pulsing vein there that called to me. I wanted nothing more than to sink my fangs into her silky skin, and I was on the verge of doing just that when she abruptly sat up in the bed, her eyes wide and her breathing heavy.

“Lover?” I said sitting up beside her.

“Eric!” She gasped looking at me. “Oh my god!”

“What is it?”

“Godric is alive!” She screamed excitedly, grabbing me around the shoulders and wrapping herself around me. “Godric is alive! I just talked to him in my dream!”

“You talked to Godric?” I asked confused.

“I know it was a dream. But he was there, he was real. It was really him. Please, Eric you have to believe me. He’s alive!”

“I believe you,” I said dumbfounded. I knew my Sookie had powers that I had yet to understand. I trusted her and if she said my maker was alive, then there must be a reason. “But if he is alive why do we not feel his tie? Pam said he was killed in front of her.”

“Listen Eric. Godric told me that we were deceived and he isn’t dead. It wasn’t him that was staked. He said a witch severed all his ties. He’s in Mississippi right now Eric, Russell Edgington has him. And oh god, he was in so much pain. They’re torturing him, Eric!”

I stood up and ran my hand through my hair. Pacing back and forth in the bedroom, I tried to think. “Lover, tell me exactly what happened in the dream. I want to know every single thing that Godric said to you.”

“Okay,” she said scooting to the edge of the bed. “I was watching a sunset and Godric just showed up and told me it was beautiful. Then he turned to me and said the sun doesn’t compare to my beauty. He started hunching over like he was in pain and fell to his knees. That’s when I asked him how he was there in my dream, I knew it was a dream you see, I asked him how he was there if he’s dead. Eric, he just looked at me and told me that he wasn’t dead, that our tie was cut, that he was trying to put his mind in meditation to deal with whatever the hell they’re doing to him, and with him doing that and me sleeping it must have relaxed us enough so we could communicate.”

“It’s possible. Ties used to be cut in this manner all the time during the witch wars. And that means it isn’t permanent. It can be rebuilt by a witch but the mortality rate is high.”

“We don’t even need a witch to do it. Claudine showed me how to reverse curses with my fae magic,” she said excitedly jumping to her feet.

I stopped and looked at her, almost afraid to hope, to hope that Godric lives. “What happened after that?”

Sookie looked at her hands and her brow scrunched up. “He was screaming in pain. I was trying to hold him and make him feel better. That’s when he told me he was in Mississippi. He told me we had to get the stones and Gran out of the farmhouse. That she isn’t safe. And that we had to go somewhere that he didn’t know about. He practically screamed at me not to tell him where.”

“Fuck!” I growled. “Then it’s true! They’ve resurrected Godric’s maker! Pam said that Godric told Edgington that the blood of a child would never work. That is the only thing that makes sense. Godric could never be coerced into revealing information unless he was commanded by a maker to give it. That had to be why he was in so much pain. They were re-establishing the fucking maker tie!”

“Eric, why did Pam say she had seen him killed if he’s alive?”

I thought a minute. “I never did get all the details from Pam. She was so upset, we were all upset. No one was thinking straight. Damnit. I can’t believe I’m such a fucking idiot.”

“Eric?” She said stepping closer to me.

I grabbed her by the shoulders. “Sookie! The Werewolves were ordered to lick up all the blood, remove any remnants of Godric’s clothes, they tore Pam apart and yet left her alive, but only to smear her blood all around the room. They were fucking covering the fact that Godric wasn’t the one who met the true death. They played us like a couple of newborns.”

I turned and punched a hole in the wall. I can’t believe I had been so fucking stupid. All the signs were there. And now Godric had already spent two nights going through whatever wicked torture that Edgington had in store for him.

“He’s alive!” Sookie said running up to me and jumping into my arms. I could not help but smile. She was right. This was cause for celebration! We had the upper hand. Edgington was unaware that we knew Godric was alive. “What are we going to do?”

“We need to do several things.” I said. “First, you need to call your Grandmother, have her pack some things, and bring the stones. It isn’t safe for her there. Edgington will go straight there as soon as he finds out where the stones are.”

“She can’t come here. Edgington can get the location here too.”

“Right,” I said thinking. “I have a safe house near the Lousiana-Mississippi border, right off the Mississippi River. It’s fairly new and Godric doesn’t know the location. That will work even better for us because it’s about an hour drive from Jackson, Edgington’s headquarters.”

“We can take Gran and the stones there.”

“Yes, I need to call Pam and give her instructions. Nora will be joining us. She felt the maker tie severed last night with Godric and showed up in Dallas. She’s on a flight here right now. She’ll be landing in about an hour.”

“We are going to kick Edgington’s ass!” Sookie squealed.

I sighed heavily. “Sookie, you are going to stay at the river house while I go deal with Edgington and rescue Godric.”

“Hell no!” She screamed. “I already made that mistake once and Godric was nearly killed.”

“Lover, I will protect you, keep you safe. That is my job.” I clenched my fist and put it to my chest. Her safety meant everything. “I cannot allow you to be put in harms way. It is too dangerous. You are staying at the river safehouse with your Gran. Godric would want it that way too.”

“No, Eric! I’m not staying at the river house and loosing you too! I may never see you or Godric again.” She began sobbing. “We live together or we die together.”

I stepped towards her and wrapped my arms around her. “Sookie, Lover, look at me.” I said lifting her chin. “Why must you fight me? Please allow me to protect you. The only way I can do that is to make sure you are secure at the safehouse. You mean everything to me. I love you. I cannot bear the thought of you getting hurt.”

I have never spoken truer words. Sookie was my everything. If she met her true death because I allowed her to come then I would walk into the sun without a second thought, but not before leaving an angry trail of death in my wake. I have never felt so fiercely protective of anyone, not even Godric or Pamela. Perhaps it was because she was so vulnerable; with the strength and weaknesses of a human female. Perhaps it was because she was my bonded. I do not have these answers, but I would never leave her, I would never forsake her. My love for her was so strong, so pure, it nearly crippled me. I have shared parts of myself with her that I have never shared with anyone.

I tightened my hold on her in near desperation, desperation that she would agree for I would not force the love of my immortal unlife into anything unwillingly. I loved her too much to be so cruel. I could only be persistent and insist and hope my fiery bonded would adhere to my words and allow me to protect her.

“I love you too, Eric. I love you so much,” she circled her hands around my neck, and buried her face in my chest. “But I’m coming. I have to call Gran.”

I sighed and watched her as she pulled away from me and walked across the room, leaving cold air where her warmth just was. I picked up my own phone to call Pamela. I needed to have more then one conversation with her. I dialed the number and pressed it to my ear.

“Eric,” she said answering. “Why such the elated mood?” She could feel my excitement over the maker-child bond. Despite my disagreement with Sookie the euphoria over learning Godric was alive radiated out of me.

“Pamela,” I said. “I need to know exactly what happened when Godric met the true death. I need every detail.”

“I already told you, Eric. I do not want to relive my grandsire’s true death again.”

“You will tell me in detail what you saw right now.”

She growled. “I didn’t see shit, they blind-folded me and staked him.” There was a long pause before she continued. “Wait… are you saying…”

“Yes,” I hissed. “They had no reason to blind-fold you.”

“Fuck! They staked the nobody vampire with them!”

“The what?”

“I told you Eric, they had 3 Werewolves, a vampire, a witch, and Edgington. I didn’t know who the vampire was. He looked young and feral. They silvered Godric and covered my eyes with a blindfold. Then Edgington went into this monologue talking to Godric about how he would never let him live. Then I heard a vampire being staked. When they took the blindfold off of me, the only people in the room were Edgington and one Werewolf.”

“Edgington knew you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference over the stench of the Werewolves. They must have somehow gagged Godric and taken him upstairs. They wanted you to believe he met the true death so you would report it to me.”

“That’s why fucking Edgington ordered his Werewolves to lick up all the blood.”

“Notice how they didn’t lick up your blood when they ripped into you.”

“No, they didn’t. In fact they rolled in it and rolled all over the room. I… I’m sorry Eric! I should have known!”

“You were upset, Pamela. We all were. With what happened and the ties being silenced it seemed like the only logical explanation at the time.”

“So what’s the plan? I want to help Eric.”

“Nora is on her way here. I need to have you pick her up at the airport. She will be landing soon. But be aware Pamela, she is very upset. She still thinks Godric met the true death. I need you to bring her back here as soon as possible. Then we will all make our way to the river house.”

“Why there?”

“Because Godric’s maker has been resurrected and they are currently restoring his maker tie. Once that happens we aren’t safe here. We need to go somewhere that Godric doesn’t know about and the river house is close to Jackson where Godric is being held.”

“Fuck! That bastard Angur?”

“Yes, I do not even want to think about the horrors that Godric is going through right now. Tell Thalia she will be running the club for a few nights and get Nora, make your way here as quickly as possible. We have little time.”

I hung up with Pamela and Sookie was already walking up to me with her phone in her hand.

“I talked to Gran and gave her directions here. She is packing a suitcase and she’ll be here in about an hour with the stones.”

“Good.” I said grabbing Sookie by the waist. “Everything is coming together. Soon we will have Godric back!”

“I guess all we have to do now is wait until everyone gets here in about an hour,” she said giggling.

“Oh no, Lover, we will not be waiting around. I have plans for us for the next hour.”

“Oh,” she said gasping as my fangs snapped out. She craned her head to look up at me while I wrapped my arms around her.

“Yes,” I said huskily. “There has been too much sadness as of late. Now it is time to celebrate. It is time to enjoy ourselves.”

The only thing she was wearing was an oversized Fangtasia t-shirt that she must have put on when she came back to bed after Claudine left. I pulled it off over her head and tossed it across the room. I on the other hand was wearing only a pair of boxers that took seconds to kick off.

“Tonight we will celebrate, Lover.” I growled stepping up to her and putting my hands on her face. I brushed my lips to hers. “You are so beautiful.”

“But Eric, Gran, Pam and Nora will be… Oh god! Eric!” She gasped as I put my hand between her legs.

“Mm, why are you so wet,” I growled as I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.

“Ah! Eric!” She laughed landing on the bed and bouncing once in the air before landing back on the sheets.

“I said, why are you so wet?” I purred crawling on top of her.

“Because you are touching me!” Her eyes were wide with surprise and excitement.

“Like this,” I said, moving my hand between her legs again.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Or like this?” I started circling my finger around her clit in a rapid movement and a smug smile formed on my lips at the sight of her pleasure.

“Oh god! Yes like that!” She nearly screamed.

I spread her legs apart wide and pulled her bottom to the edge of the bed. Kneeling down on my knees on the floor I inhaled her scent deeply. Gods she smelt good. I buried my face in her sex and breathed in again, barely able to control my growling.

“Lover, I’m going to lick your pussy until you scream.” I informed her.

“Okay,” she said in tiny squeal. Then I felt her embarrassment over the bond. She’s still shy around me. I will have to remedy that. I have been remiss with everything that has been happening.

I ran my tongue up her slit, savoring the taste of her. She started lifting her hips to me already desperate for my touch, which made me smile. After a few minutes I already had her writhing and screaming under me as I basked in the fog of her orgasm over the bond.

I sank my fangs in her femoral artery and felt my eyes roll back in my head as her sweet blood assaulted my senses. It still amazes me how good she tastes. I wanted more! I needed more! I released my bite on her leg and climbed on top of her, draping one leg to her side and one between her legs, I lined myself with her entrance and slid in. My fangs immediately found her neck and I began to sink in her in two spots.

“Oh my dear god Eric! Yes!” She moaned, clutching her hands on my shoulders.

I pumped in and out of her furiously as her blood flowed through my veins. There was no other place I’d rather be, no other person I’d rather be with. I was where I belonged, here with Sookie. It was pure bliss. I felt so close to her, we were one.

I wondered if my Sookie liked things a little dirty. When I had my fill of her blood, I didn’t need much, I released and looked at her.

“Lover, I have made love to you, but I have yet to fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” She gasped with wide eyes.

“Oh yes. Would you like me to fuck you?”

“I… I uhh…”

I stood up at the edge of the bed and looked down at my fiery little bonded.

She reached her hands for me. “Please, Eric.”

Smiling I grabbed her thighs and flipped her on her front. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her up on her hands her knees, her knees on the edge of the bed. I pressed my hard erection against her skin.

“Oh God!” She said in anticipation.

“Tell me,” I said pressing my hips into her harder.

“Tell you what?” She asked giggling.

“Do you want me to fuck you Sookie?”

“Oh God yes! Yes! Fuck me Eric!”

I slid my dick into her pussy from behind until I was buried to the hilt. “How do you like it Sookie? Do you want me to fuck you hard? Deep? Fast?”

“Yes, yes! All of that.” She sighed. “FUCK ME! I mean fuck me please!”

I pulled out and slammed in her hard and fast until our skin smacked together. She let out a loud whimper. “Like that, Lover?”

“God yes!”

“You want more?” I teased.


I slammed in her five times at vampire speed, making our skin smack together with each thrust. Her whimpers and moans filled the air.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” she sighed.

“You like it?”

“I love it.”

“Or maybe you’ll like this.” No one can ever accuse me of not knowing how to satisfy a woman. I reached around her and put my fingers on her clit. I started massaging her there the exact moment I began thrusting in her again. I continued this for several minutes until she started screaming with an orgasm.

I fucked Sookie for the next forty-five minutes. I pushed her against the wall and held her up with her legs over my arms. I slung her legs over my shoulders, and I had her ride me while I lifted her up and down. I loved fucking my Sookie. She is so beautiful and she fits me so perfectly.

“I love you, Sookie.” I said while she lay on top of me panting.

“I love you too, Eric.” She raised her head and smiled at me. “Where did all that come from?”

“I figured it’s only fair you know what you have gotten into for the rest of eternity. You can expect this often.”

“Are you telling me, Mr. Northman that you plan to have lots of wild sex with me?”

“Of course! You can blame Godric though, my insatiable appetite runs in our blood-line.”

“Oh you can’t blame Godric! I think you had an insatiable appetite before you were turned!”

I bellowed out laughing. “Sometimes I forget how much you know, Lover.”

“I will be sure and tell Godric when we rescue him that you said it’s all his fault.”

“Oh trust me, Lover, he will gladly take the blame. Right before he bends you over and makes you scream out his name.”

She gasped. “Godric is a little more tame than you I think, Mr. Viking.”

“Oh no Sookie. When it comes to you, I don’t think so.” I looked at her and smiled. She had yet to see Godric’s wild side. She just had not spent enough time with him. Had he not been taken away from us the first night he made love to her she would  have become more than acquainted with his insatiable appetite by now.

“It’s the doorbell, Eric!” She gasped jumping off of me and grabbing her clothes. “They’re here!”

I wondered if it was her grandmother or Nora and Pam. I honestly hoped it was her grandmother. I am not quite sure I am ready to deal with Nora, but I will have to any minute. It was inevitable. I stood up and slipped my jeans on.


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26 thoughts on “Ch 29: A Meeting of Minds

  1. I think the only real problem Nora could present is when she finds out Godric is alive she may try to go off half cocked and mess things up.
    I’m looking forward to how Nora reacts to Sookie. Hopefully since Sookie is basically what is leading to Godric’s [hopeful] rescue it will make Nora appreciate her.
    I’m hoping Godric’s shitty maker is too into driving up the anticipation, make Godric go a bit batty wondering what will be done to him, and give Eric and company time to set up the rescue mission. I wonder if the authority will get involved.

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  2. Loved the citrusy ending! Damn good
    So they realize Godric is alive and a plan is taking shape.
    Hopefully Nora won’t put any kinks in the plan.
    Wonder how she’ll react to Sookie?
    So looking forward to more!

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    Being of doctors is always a nightmare, especially when they do not know what you have. Best wishes to you.

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  5. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. I your doctor figures it out and fixes you.

    The chapter is great. A lot is happening. I hope Gran makes it there safely. I think they should have gone after her and had Pam and Nora meet them at the safe house. I really hope it’s one of them at the door. Poor Godric, he needs rescuing in the worst way.

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  6. Excellent chapter –now…..onward to get Godric. One suggestion –someone as old and strong as Thalia should not be left behind to run the club. Give that to Maxwell –with Edgington’s age, Thalia will be needed!
    Hope you’re feeling better!!


  7. Such a good chapter. Eric’s mind spinning fast hopefully to a great rescue plan. I hope Nora doesn’t put a kink in his plan.
    Such a lovely lemon.


  8. Thank you for having Eric be smart enough to trust Sookie’s dream, my head was reeling at the pace Eric was putting everything together. You are really getting into the love scenes they keep getting better and better! Go on Sookie smite Russell’s old ass!! And Angur can die yet again!!


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