Ch 11: The Puzzle Unravels


44 BC – Wraith Lair


Deep in a hidden chamber in the Wraith lair I laid on my back, the cool dirt ground heightening the sensations as shivers ran up my spine. Sookie was sprawled on top of me, latched to my neck as she pulled blood from my vein in lazy drawls.


My muscles relaxed into a paralyzed state, and my eyes closed as I was lulled into a sense of euphoria. This must be what it was like for my countless victims. I sighed with a sense of peace knowing those victims will never have to endure my blood lust. They were spared that fate when I was pulled to the past and afforded a second lease on life—changing history and reversing a long trail of carnage that reached through nearly a thousand years of my life.


I am a two thousand year old former vampire who will die a much pleasanter death than I deserve at the hands of the woman I love.


A small growl escaped Sookie’s lips. She cannot help her blood lust can she? I do not hold ill will towards my love. I now knew what the Wraith meant by primed and desperate. They had somehow enchanted her with the spell of lust. For one such as a vampire, and a fairy I suppose, that encompasses blood lust as well. Yes, the Wraith were desperate to ensure that Sookie was impregnated so her child’s blood could unlock the power of the Jewel.


That is the thought that made my eyes snap back open. I was here to save my love! I will not let such a fate befall her!


“Sookie,” I breathed, trying to will my muscles to move. I slowly circled my arms around her body. “You must take no more blood or…”


Her tiny fangs pressed harder into my skin, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how blood drunk she was. She reminded me of a newborn vampire, but with her fae side being fully unlocked as the Wraith had revealed, it did not surprise me that the fairies possessed similar instincts. I did not know why they had fangs nor did I know why they took blood, perhaps it was a mating ritual, I knew not.


I reached up with my arm, the weight of it feeling like a thousand tons, and I brushed my fingers through her hair.


“Fight the feeling, Sookie. You are strong, Little One. You must release your hold on me or I will surely die in your arms.”


I felt and heard a gasp into my neck before she released me and sat up, looking down at me as her blond hair framed her face.


She put her hands to her red stained lips in shock. “Oh my god! I don’t know why I did that, Godric!” She started sobbing. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


I scooted her down my hips to my upper thighs and sat up. “Do not cry, Little One. You have had an aphrodisiac spell cast upon you. You could not help what you did.”


“But…” she cried. “I bit you!”


“It must be something to do with your fairy side.” I smirked at her with a crooked smile. “I envy you, my love. I have wanted to do that to you since the first time I laid eyes upon you.”


Her fingers glided over the wound on my neck where I imagined two small punctures now graced my skin from her marking me—possessing me—claiming me, and my heart sang with rapture and joy. “Did I hurt you?”


I shook my head and pulled her a little closer. “On the contrary, it was very pleasurable.”


Her eyes darted to mine, and our gaze locked when I spoke the last word. Two beats passed between us while we stared at each other in the dim chamber. The only sound was our breaths and the only thing that existed in our small worlds was each other.


Then her lips were on mine as she crushed herself against me with a passion I have never witnessed, and yet, it matched my own lingering vampire tenacity. The force of her launch sent me backwards, and I lay flat on the ground once again with her straddling me.


I flipped us over so I was on top, and I looked down into her eyes as she squeezed her thighs around my waist.


“The first time we made love,” I said ruggedly. “You were unsure if you wished to claim me—unsure of your acceptance of my claim on you. I vow to you, I will get us out of this place and live at your side if you will have me.”


She pulled my face to hers and kissed me. “Don’t worry,” her breath brushed against my lips. “So much has been going on. It’s been such a stressful few days. I want you, Godric. There is no doubt about that.”


“Good, because you, Sookie Stackhouse—Sookie of Delphi—daughter of the Oracle of Delphi and love of my life, you are mine for the rest of eternity.”


She laughed and kissed me again. “And you are mine, mister. You better not ever forget it!”


My lips found her ear, and I whispered against it. I smiled as I felt the goose bumps rise on her skin. “Believe me, I will not forget it. Not even another two thousand years will make me forget the woman who means everything to me.”


Her hands pulled at my shoulders desperately as I hovered over her ear, breathing cool breaths against it, and she spoke in a hoarse whisper, “Words. Prove it to me. Show me I am yours.”


Without a word, I sat up on my knees, not taking my eyes off of hers; I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. I sat motionless for a minute while her eyes raked over my muscles. She reached up and ran a finger across the tattoo on my bicep that indicated I was of the Western Water Clan, nestled deep in the Gaulish homelands. It signified my origin. It was in an area that would one day be known as the French coast that ran along the British Channel.


A fleeting thought went through my mind: perhaps I would return there with Sookie. I was sure my tribe still existed even though they had suffered heavy loss when they raised arms against the legions of Rome. The Romans did not annihilate those they conquered, but rather preferred to absorb tax paying citizens into the Roman Empire. I could not be for certain if my tribe survived. I was wounded and fell unconscious in the battle, and then awoke in the slave barracks of Rome with Alia tending my injuries. We were both children at the time. I was a mere 10 years, and she was but 15.


“Godric?” Sookie coaxed, bringing me back to the here and now. “Are you okay?”


“Yes, my love. I fear two thousand years of memories sometimes makes my mind run rampant with a million recollections.”


She sat up and put her hands on my face. “I don’t like it when you think of sad things. I know you’ve been through hell in your life.” She looked down momentarily before her big eyes found mine again. “I’ve seen it in your mind. I’ve seen things that’s been done to you. I’ve even seen things you’ve done to others. I wish I could make you feel better. I love you.”


I let out a loud breath of air and realized I had been holding it while she was speaking. I shook my head and smiled widely at her. “By the gods, Sookie, I have lived so long and been so alone, just hearing you tell me that you accept me… that you love me, despite the things you have glimpsed in my mind, makes me the happiest vampire to walk the Earth.”


“Human,” she corrected with a grin.


I laughed. “Yes, human indeed.” I smiled wickedly. “But I am afraid, my love, that you are about to get a taste of my vampire side despite my current human condition.”


“Am I now?” Her face showed pure glee.


“Yes,” I smiled and squeezed my hands on her hips. “You look quite tasty right now, tasty enough to eat.”




I leaned forward and planted a kiss on the curve between her neck and shoulder. “Oh yes, my mate,” I whispered against her skin. “If I were vampire, I would sink my fangs into your delicious skin right on this spot.”


I felt her shake beneath me as she let out a long sigh. I pulled the straps of the Roman dress she still wore off her shoulders and slowly pulled it down as I kissed a trail across her collar bone, down her chest, and to her nipple.


She clenched my arms in her hands when I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked. I nibbled slightly before moving my face to her other breast and doing the same. “But despite vampire or human, I will always love tasting these.”


Her fingers tangled in my hair as I went lower, pulling her dress down inch by inch as I ran my lips down the warm skin of her belly. I sat up on my knees again and looked into her eyes as I put one hand under the small of her back and lifted her so I could pull the dress down her hips. Her eyes were hungry and full of desire, the spell still filling her with a lustful itch that must be sated. I would gladly be the one to sate it.


Her hips rose in the air, and she let out a small whimper of excitement as I exposed her completely naked body to my roving gaze. My gods, she was beautiful, and she was all mine.


She sat up so quickly and put her hands between my legs that I gasped in surprise, not only at the unexpectedness of it, but the feel of her palm on my rock hard erection under the thin fabric of my pants.


She scooted closer to me as I still stood on my knees and I looked down at her face. She craned her neck to see me, her small fairy fangs peeking behind her lips. She looked down and roughly tugged at the rim of my pants, making my heart beat rapidly as my length was freed from the confines of the cloth.


I breathed deeply as her hand ran up the length of my erection. I was frozen, unable to move, at her mercy as her hands roved over me. Every fiber of my body screamed for release, screamed to dive into her, and yet, I could not will myself to move as I absorbed the sensations of her touching me.


No sexual encounter I had ever experienced in my long life could compare to being with Sookie—the one who held my heart in her hands.


I moaned a little louder than I meant to when she leaned forward and kissed the tip of my erection. I was in a trance as I watched her brush her lips sensually over the head, and I nearly lost it when she looked up at me and slowly took it in her mouth.


“Gods,” I sighed as I reached down and tangled my hand in her locks.


We were deep in a chamber, but I was trying to be quiet, yet I could not help the sounds that escaped my lips as her mouth glided over me, taking me deeper. Her hand still wrapped around the lower part of my erection and started moving up and down again which caused me to clench my fist in her hair. The pleasure was savagely glorious.


As much as I enjoyed the feel of her tantalizing mouth on my erection, I knew there was a greater prize to be had, and from the first time I made love with her I knew that my human body was only capable of one release in a stretch, another negative to being human I vaguely thought.


I lifted her chin with my fingers when her mouth came up to the tip and forced her to look me in the eyes. She kissed the head of my length again when she did so and a smile of adoration curled on my lips.


“Sookie, I want to be inside you,” I whispered, coming closer and guiding her onto her back.


I lay over her and kissed her. I ran my hand over her body, feeling her, loving her, learning every inch of my mate.


I sat up on my haunches and grabbed her hips, pulling her in one movement until her skin was flush against mine, causing my erection to press against her hot, wet sex. She gasped when she felt me lingering there, touching her, teasing her, giving her a feel of what was soon to come.


I shifted in anticipation on my knees. Draping her legs over my forearms and grasping her hips, I pushed into her and gasped as she stretched around me. Gods, she was so tight, and hot, and wet, and silky that my body momentarily went limp as I pushed into her to the hilt. She whimpered in pleasure and raised her hips up to meet me as we joined together. Her heat engulfed me, fogged my mind for a moment, and my length jerked inside of her as I gathered myself.


Something happened in that moment. Something profound, and the vampire in me took over in all its savage and primal desire. I pulled out of her, her legs still high on my forearms and slammed into her again, causing her to cry out in a luscious melody that spurred my beast on. I growled loudly as I pulled out and thrust deeply in her again and again. She writhed under me, meeting each thrust with equal need and want as I felt her hot silky flesh glide over my swollen length, threatening to milk it of its human seed when we had only just begun.


I growled in rebellion against the mounting climax of my body and slammed into her hard and fast. I held my breath and became lost in the feel of my mate for many long moments.


I removed one of my hands from her hips and reached around her thigh. Finding her bundle of pleasurable nerves, I rubbed my thumb against it rapidly while I continued to drive into her with powerful thrusts. She leaned her head back, and a long drawn out cry of hoarse melodies filled the air around us.


“Gods, Sookie,” I rasped at watching her have an orgasm under me—because of me. It was too much, and I met my own release in that very moment. With a loud grunt I propelled myself into her deeply and slowly as my seed spilled into her. My mind was lost as my head tilted back and I cried out in a flurry of incoherent Gaulish phrases.


Breathing heavily, I collapsed on my elbows above her and buried my face against her sweaty neck.


She sighed under me, wrapping her hands around me and rubbing my back. “I could get used to that,” she giggled.


I laughed against her neck and kissed her there. “Good, because I am afraid I still have the appetite of a vampire. I imagine you will be experiencing this daily and nightly for some time to come.”


Her hands glided down to my butt and squeezed me there, and I was surprised when my hardening erection jerked inside of her. This woman already had me primed for more, despite my body now being human.


I started moving my hips in circles and she gasped.


“Oh yes,” I said sitting up and smiling at her devilishly as she stared back wide-eyed. “Again.”


I pulled out of her and flipped her onto her hands and knees…


2009 Shreveport, Louisiana – 2 Years post Great Reveal


Eric sat on his throne in Fangtasia, bored as usual and slowly drifting into down time. He had not thought about the events of 1984 in many years. It was strange after his grand-maker, the Pythia, took the last 2000 years of Godric’s memories. It was as if his maker had led a different life.


Godric seemed almost depressed and remorseful of a long list of deeds that he had never committed. Yes, technically he had committed those atrocities from the first time he had experienced the timeline, and then he had gone to the past and had the chance to live anew, correcting all those errors and righting those mistakes, wiping those deeds away from the slate of the universe so to speak, but his maker didn’t know that. In fact, he didn’t even know that the Pythia was his maker. He thought it was Titus, an evil Roman vampire who had turned him the first time. The thought made Eric shudder.


Eric thought the whole situation was fucked up. Godric didn’t even want to be around him any more. He had faded into seclusion and clamped down the maker tie shortly after he lost his memories. In his humble opinion, it was bullshit.


Eric hated having his nest in this fucking backwater state. The only reason he was even Sheriff in Louisiana was because Godric insisted upon it long before he lost his memories. His maker wanted to ensure that they had control over Bon Temps, the home of his mate.


It was plan B. If they were unable to retrieve Sookie when she was a baby, for whatever reason from the Stackhouse residence, then this was the next plan and Eric was following through with it. For the love of the gods, Godric had coached him for centuries about the girl who would some day come into his bar, accompanied by Bill Compton. It had been drilled in his head since he was first turned and he knew everything. He remembered the first time he saw Bill in San Fransico with his despicable maker. The only reason Compton had come out unscathed was because of what Eric knew.


Eric had memorized what he was supposed to say, what he was supposed to do to ensure that he got Sookie to Dallas where Godric was supposed to take her into his care. But that wasn’t going to happen was it? Not any fucking more.


The Pythia had guaranteed that events in this timeline would occur as they did in the first, because technically Sookie hasn’t met Godric yet. She has to go to the past for that to happen with his maker who has no memories of her. So they don’t fucking know each other at all. But then to make things even more fucked up, it was supposed to break the meld of his maker who was technically a meld of his 2000 year old self and 4000 year old self, leaving the 4000 year old Godric behind on the rooftop with his memories, while Sookie was whisked to the past with the 2000 year old half of Godric. A never ending time loop as his 2000 year old self melds with his human self and the whole thing starts again. Yea, fucked up.  Meld, split, meld, split, over and over and endlessly.


Eric supposed the one saving grace was that when the split does occur on the rooftop that he would have his old maker back, the 4000 year old one with his memories in tact, and he would be freed from the fucked up time loop. It was because of Godric that Eric could say he had never once taken a human life, unless it was self defense. His maker had spent centuries teaching him the importance of honor and the value of innocent life.


It was still an unknown if Godric would ever get Sookie back from the past after the rooftop event occurs. In fact, the Pythia said it was a 50/50 chance and warned Eric that if he did not follow through with her guidance the Wraith will take over and the world might end. Well whip-adee-fucking-doo-dah, isn’t that peachy as the humans say.


A delicious scent filled Eric’s nostrils and his eyes snapped open in search of the source. Raising his head off of his fist, he looked around excitedly.


His upper lip curled off his fangs in disgust when he saw Bill Compton looking at him, a beautiful blond woman sitting by his side. Eric’s eyes flitted to her and his fangs quickly retracted as he looked in another direction, trying to look indifferent.


It is her, he thought. It is starting now.


“That’s Eric,” he heard Bill say in derision. Compton is old enough that he should know that one as ancient as Eric could pick up even the quietest of a whisper. What an imbecile. “He’s the oldest thing in this bar.” The corner of Eric’s lip curled into a small smirk.


He lazily looked back at the couple and gave a fangy smile full of predatory mischievousness.


“Uh Oh,” Bill continued. “He has scanned you twice already.”


Meanwhile in Dallas, Godric sorted through stacks of papers in his office. He looked at one particular report about the Fellowship of the Sun.


“They’re getting more aggressive,” Isabel, his second in command said.


“Has anyone tried to talk to them?” Godric asked.


Isabel chuckled. “Sheriff, I do not think they are interested in talking. They are after blood and the only thing they want is to kill our kind.”


Godric furrowed his brow as he quickly scanned the report with his eyes. “Perhaps,” he said softly, almost lost in memory. “But then humans have good reason to fear our kind, do they not?”


He frowned, remembering all the atrocities he himself had caused in his long life, all the human blood on his hands, all the carnage he had reaped. He remembers even teaching his child Eric to kill humans in his first years. He had unleashed Eric on an entire village of innocent humans when he was newly risen. The burdens of his crimes were nearly intolerable.


Yes, he sighed to himself. These humans have good reason to fear us, for I am not the only of my kind who has caused suffering. A mends must be made, and perhaps I can leave behind a legacy by offering myself upon their alter as a sacrifice. Perhaps good can come from it and bring the humans and vampires to a closer tolerance and understanding of each other.


Isabel cleared her throat as she patiently stood in front of Godric’s desk.


“Is there anything else?” He began writing and did not bother to look up at his second.


“Yes, Sheriff. Your child Eric is on line two. He would like to inform you that he will be coming in about a month for a visit. He will be accompanied by special guests. A human woman named Sook…”


Godric stopped writing but continued to look at the paper. “Tell Eric, that a visit at this time is not… tell him it is not a good time.”


“You have not seen him in years,” Isabel said in protest. “We can easily clear your schedule for a few nights to spend time with your child.”


Godric slowly looked up, his features set sternly in a stone-faced expression that made her shudder and he spoke softly, managing to sound frightening and menacing despite his quiet and even tone. “You have my orders.”


“Yes, Sheriff,” she mumbled and quickly exited the room.


44 BC – Wraith Lair


I ran my fingers through Sookie’s hair as she lay against me, her head in the crook of my arm. I wanted to enjoy the feel of her but at the same time I knew we must get dressed so I can get her out of this place. Then I would come back and find the Jewel so I could destroy it.


“Godric?” She said softly as she turned her head to look at me.


I smiled and ran my fingertips down her arm. “Yes, my mate?”


“That isn’t happening…”


“What?” I quirked an eyebrow.


“I know what you’re thinking. I’m not leaving you here alone to find the Jewel. I’m coming with you to help.”


I sighed heavily and looked at the ceiling of our earthen chamber. “You cannot, my love. What if you are injured? Or worse…”


“And what if you are?”


I looked back to her, my gaze intense. “Your mother says it is my destiny and I must complete this task.” I moved a tendril of hair that was stuck to her sticky skin. “I must stop the Wraith so the world is safe. It is the only way I can ensure your safety.”


“I agree,” she said and I sighed in relief. “But I’m still coming with you.”




“I know you’re probably used to getting your way. But I’m coming with you. You need me. I can read the thoughts of the humans in this place, and I can even tell when a Wraith is nearby, like the void of a vampire mind. I know where Titus is too. I can lead you to him. He’s sleeping now. How the heck do you expect to make it to the Jewel when he can sense where you are? You’ve had his blood.”


“I will destroy the Jewel and be gone from this place long before nightfall.”


“You’ll never make it to the Jewel before nightfall. The lair is huge and it’ll take you forever to find it. We can find it quicker if I can get information from the minds of the humans. It may take hours even then.”


I looked back down at her and frowned.


“You know I’m right.”


“It is a risk I will have to take. You cannot accompany me.” I looked at her intensely, the plea in my eyes. “I cannot put you in danger. It goes against my every instinct.”


She sat up with a stinging anger in her voice. “That risk, Godric, is suicide. You would be committing suicide and you’d be leaving me here, 2000 years in the past by myself, completely lost and heart broken.”


I sat up too and put my hands on her face. I closed my eyes and shook my head, not even trying to hide the turmoil that I knew must be etched on my features. “Please do not speak of such of things, Little One. I would never intentionally cause you pain.”


“Then take me with you.” A single silvery tear rolled down her cheek and hit my hand. “It’s the only way, Godric, and you know it. I was meant to be here with you.”


“You speak of destinies and fate as if these events are already carved to the books of history.”


“Maybe they are,” she said gazing into my eyes. “You said yourself this is your destiny. You know you have a better chance of succeeding with my help. What happens if you don’t succeed, Godric? Then what? Then what happens to me when the Wraith come back for me because you know they will. You know they need me to unlock the Jewel. What happens to Alia? Titus can still find her through their blood-tie.”


I smiled sadly at her. I knew she was right and it broke my heart and filled me with dread.


“The way I see it—it’s a bigger risk not taking me with you.”



Outside the Wraith Lair – The Wild lands


Half way across the parched lands that Alia crossed she stopped and looked up at the noon sun.


She slumped her shoulders in a sigh of defeat and sat heavily on the cracked and barren sand of the expanse.


“Oh brother,” she cried, putting her face in her hands. “I cannot leave you to your fate.”


She wiped the tears off the zig-zag tattoo’s on her cheeks that signified she was of the Western Water Clan. Raising her index finger, she touched the protection band tattoo that ran across her forehead like a crown. It was similar to her brother’s tattoo across his collar bone. The only difference was that hers had the tree of life tattooed at the center. Hers signified the status of a druid and his a warrior. Both were protectors of the tribe in their own ways.


“I am of the druid guild,” she said looking up and taking a deep breath as she squared her shoulders. “I do not run from danger. I have been blessed by the hand of a fairy—by a druid-maker!”


She would help her brother just as she had countless times. Just as she had when he fell in battle and she was forced to leash an arrow into the heart of his assailant. Just as she had when she had fought off the other slaves who tried to steal their food in the slave barracks of Rome. Just as she had when she hid him as a young boy from Titus, their evil dominus.


Her brother may now be 2000 years old, but she was still his older sister, and she had spent her life protecting him the best she could under the sad circumstances that they were forced to endure. Her brother may not have knowledge of what Alia knew, but she was well aware that he had been molested by Titus, and it tore her heart to know that she had failed him.


She would not fail him now.


She frowned with disgust and fought back the tears, replacing it with angry determination. Standing up, she turned and headed back in the direction she had come—back towards the god forsaken Wraith lair where Godric and Sookie were.


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  1. Gahhh this story is so great and each chapter just makes it more amazing.
    I wonder how Eric will respond to Godric saying now isn’t time for a visit.
    I wonder if when we finally get back to the rooftop the minute Sookie disappears the other Sookie who has already been back in time returns not even a second later.
    I can’t wait to see the first meeting of Sookie and Eric.
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  2. Time paradoxes can certainly be frustrating. Godric is beset by stubborn women. It doesn’t surprise me that Alia would go back to help. I think they should stake Titus as soon as they find him. I am wondering if the jewel is actually an object, or if it’s Sookie or her child. I hope your time off is renewing. I look forward to the rest of the story.


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