Ch 7: The Wisdom of the Gran

Shit! I was running so freaking late… again. I need to start taking care of the note drop first thing in the morning. I was currently driving like a bat-out-of-hell down highway twelve toward the shack before the sun set. So much had happened in the few days I had been here I just wasn’t thinking like I normally would.

The evening was gloomy as the sun peaked down over the horizon, only recognizable by the faint yellow spot behind the dense black clouds. A thick cover of fog spread out over the ground reminding me of a graveyard in a zombie movie and patches of more fog hovered in the air, making it impossible to see more than twenty feet ahead while driving through one. It was dangerous to drive so fast in such conditions, but I had to get in and out of the drop point before sunset. I didn’t have the time to worry.

I saw a familiar grove of trees, and I knew the shack was right ahead so I began to slow down. My car, my piece of shit car, started to cough and sputter. Oh Holy Hell! Please no! This is not happening. The car started jerking, and the engine buzzed loudly before cutting off completely. The car coasted down the road, and I turned it into the dirt patch in front of the shack, luckily I made it this far.

I was panicking. I had maybe ten minutes before the sun set, and my car broke down right in front of the drop point where Eric was sure to come at some point tonight. I had no idea if he came first thing when he rose or later in the night. I could only hope it was later otherwise I was in trouble and so was my plan.

I got out of the car and rubbed my hands over my face trying to calm myself down. “Keep cool Sookie. What are the chances he comes right away?”

What was I going to do? TV Sookie’s life was so country bumpkin and back woods she didn’t even own a cell phone, and I haven’t had the chance to get one yet. Even if I did, I didn’t know anyone’s phone number. I was totally screwed.

It was getting extremely dark at an alarmingly quick pace. I popped the trunk of the car. Maybe there’s a flashlight or something in there. I ran to the back of the car and looked in, shuffling some things around.

“What the hell?” I said picking up an old farm lantern and a box of matches. Who the hell carries a farm lantern and box of matches in the trunk of their car instead of a flashlight? Yes, very country bumpkin.

Once I finally got the damn thing lit I looked around realizing I was completely shrouded in darkness. The black clouds and fog made the night pitch black, and the lantern did little for visibility because of the thickness of the air.

It was dangerous to stand out here. I needed to get in the shack and think. I will figure this out. I ran inside and started pacing back and forth. Checking the note totally slipped my mind. I was freaking out too much over my current predicament.

Okay, this is what I’ll do. I’ll take the license plate off my car and walk home. That way Eric won’t be able to track my address from the car plate. Then I’ll come back during the day and get it towed. I might even sell the damn thing and get something more reliable. I had no idea why she had bought the piece of crap in the first place.

Perfect idea! I turned toward the door and froze, every hair on my body standing on end. There was a silhouette of a large man standing in the doorway. I couldn’t see his face or what he was wearing, but I knew the shape of that body anywhere. It was Eric Northman. I squealed in heart-pounding shock and jumped back, the color draining from my face leaving me as white as a ghost. “Shit!”

“Well, well, well.” He said strutting into the shack like a fox in a hen house. “What do we have here?”

As he sauntered in his features were lit up by the yellow light of the lantern. “Eric,” I whispered, my voice cracking. Holy crap! Alexander mother freakin’ Skarsgard… No, not him. This was Eric in the flesh, not the actor! My mouth went dry and I stood still like a statue closing my eyes. Maybe if I counted to ten and opened my eyes he would be gone. I wasn’t ready to meet him. Not like this. It needed to be on my terms.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” He purred with a smug smile. His eyes twinkling with an other worldly flair as they raked over me.

“How did you know my name?” I said unable to hide the trembling in my voice. He started to circle behind me and I held up the lantern and turned my head to watch his movements over my shoulder.

“Tell me Miss Stackhouse.” He said from behind me, bringing his lips to my ear, his breath sending cold shivers through my body. “How do you know so much about me? What do you know about my maker?”

“I told you. I’m a seer.” My heart was nearly beating out of my chest. My breath came out in short fast rasps.

“I think there is more you aren’t telling me.” He ran a long finger over the pulsing vein in my neck. “Mmmm,” he growled moving his face to my other ear and inhaling the scent from my hair. “I think you will come with me. We have much to…” He slid his cold hands up my arms. “Discuss.”

I jerked myself out of his grip and turned around to face him. “How could you? I helped you and you think you can just take me. You think you can do what you want with me?”

I felt hurt.

He smiled and it was not a pleasant smile. It was full of mischief and wickedness. This was not the side of Eric I hoped to see when we met. “If you have these gifts as you claim. Then you must come with me for your own good.” His fangs clicked out making me jump. “And I like your other assets as well.”

His hooded blue eyes brazenly slid all over my body without a hint of shame. It was kind of thrilling but this wasn’t what I wanted.


I had done this all wrong. I had seriously fucked everything up. I knew the situation was fragile. I knew the outcome of how Eric would react to me depended on my actions. I had to earn his respect before I revealed my identity to him and I failed.

Sookie dear…

The pressure was overwhelming and I had totally miscalculated. I was royally fucked. Maybe Alan Nut-sucker was right. Maybe I had no business being here.

Suddenly, Eric was holding me in his iron grip, his arms circled around me pushing me flush against him. I couldn’t move. I didn’t even see him move toward me. His fangs were looming over me dangerously and the light of the lantern that now lay on the floor danced in his eyes, mesmerizing me like a fool. “I know a fake when I smell one. This place is too real for you to handle.” What does that mean? He struck toward my neck like a viper, and I let out a terrible scream.

Wake up Sookie!

“FUCK!” I screamed bolting upright in the bed, darting my eyes around the room. My chest was heaving. I was… I was… dreaming? I was in my bedroom, and it was daylight. “Gran.” I huffed looking at the wide-eyed old lady who was obviously in shock at my language.

“You were having a nightmare. So I woke you dear.” She patted my hand.

“Oh. I’m sorry Gran.” I muttered rubbing my hands over my face.

“It’s nothin’ to be sorry for honey.” Gran looked at me with concern. “When are you gonna tell me what’s been bothering you Sookie?”

I froze and looked into her worried eyes. “What do you mean?”

I should have known that I couldn’t fool Gran. She has raised Sookie since she was eight years old.

“You’ve been different the last few days. You talk different. You act different. Something has gotten into ya dear and I’d like to know what’s going on with my granddaughter.”

“If I told you… well you’d think I was crazy Gran.”

“Honey, what did I tell you about talking like that?”

I sighed and looked down at hands, folding them nervously over each other. “I’m not sure if you’d hate me or have me committed.”

How is she going to react when she finds out I’m not really her granddaughter? She deserved to know the truth.

“How could you say that Sookie? I love you and I’ve always done right by you.”

I looked into her eyes, my tears threatening to flow. “You promise not to hate me if I tell you?”

She smiled. “I could never hate you. Talk to your old Gran.”

I was silent for a minute, wondering if I was about to do the right thing. “Well,” I began. “Three days ago was the first day I stepped foot in this house…”

I told her everything. I told her about my world. About the TV show True Blood, confronting Alan and him pushing me into the doorway that led here. I explained about what would have happened as I knew it from the show, and how I had changed everything. I even told her how Renee ended up killing her on the show and how Bill had used Sookie.

“You mean there’s a vampire living in the Compton house across the cemetery?”

“No Gran I killed him. It was the only way to prevent him from delivering me to the vampire Queen because he would have done that when I didn’t start a relationship with him. You can thank Hadley for all that.”

She continued to listen silently as I explained the rest of the story about how Hadley is still alive and basically everything that had happened since then.

“So I understand if you want me out of the house since I’m not really your granddaughter.” I muttered sadly.

“What makes you think you’re not my granddaughter?” She said confused.

I shook my head in disbelief. “Because I lived a totally different life in the other world. I even had a different last name. How could I be your granddaughter?”

“You look exactly like her. Didn’t you say your appearance didn’t change? Your name is also Sookie.”

“That’s true. But that is where our similarities begin and end. My personality is completely different.”

“Don’t you have telepathy?”

“Yes. But that wasn’t until I got here.”

Gran looked through the window in my bedroom, deep in thought. “There are too many coincidences Sookie. I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not know Gods plan but he always seems to have one. You were meant to come here.”

That was another difference between myself and the original Sookie. I was not a very religious person. I wasn’t an atheist or anything but I didn’t go to church or attribute everything to God. Despite my views I kept my mouth shut. I knew how religious Gran was.

“What was your last name in this other world you say you came from?”

“It was Strickland… Sookie Strickland.”

“Strickland?” Gran’s eyes widened and she let out a sharp breath.

“Yes. Why?”

“Well hon, you know how I like to study family history. Our family name wasn’t always Stackhouse. During the war it was changed from Strickland to Stackhouse.”

“What? Why was it changed?”

“Because the Stricklands were known as southern sympathizers. Our ancestors changed it because of all the Yankee carpetbaggers who started moving south. They were trying to protect the family financially. Our family also originally lived in Little Rock. They sold everything, changed our surname to Stackhouse and moved here to Bon Temps. That way they were able to start anew without persecution. Our family has lived here in this house generation after generation since then.”

Goosebumps formed on my arms. “I’m from Little Rock. I’ve lived there my whole life.” What did all this mean?

“Tell me about your family members from the other world.”

“Well my mom… actually she is my aunt. She’s who raised me. Her name is Sandy. I don’t know much about my parents. I know my mom died when I was a baby and my aunt doesn’t talk about her. Says it’s too painful.”

“Sookie. Your mama here had a sister named Sandy but she died when she was about 6 years old.”

My head was reeling. “What does all this mean Gran?”

“I think it means you are connected more to this world then you think.”

“But how does this world even exist? I mean it’s a TV show where I come from. This makes no fucking sense.”


“Sorry…” I cringed a bit. “None of it makes sense Gran.”

“You never wondered why you looked like the Sookie on TV?”

“I just thought it was a coincidence. I mean there are lots of actor look a likes. I once saw a look a like special on TV where a woman looked almost identical to Paris Hilton. I thought it was just neat and didn’t really think it meant anything beyond that.”

“You say there are no vampires or supernatural things like telepathy in the other world? Are you sure?”

“Gran I’m positive. One hundred percent. There is nothing like that there. The most supernatural thing there is how Beyonce can bust the dance moves she’s able to do.”

“I can see how the lack of things like a history of vampires would greatly alter events.”

“Maybe some magical force created this world and shaped it from the TV show in the real world.” I was grasping at straws.

“Or maybe this is the real world and your world was created based off an idea here.” She said pointedly.

I gasped. The concept that my world was not the real one, or at least the original one, never even occurred to me.

“What makes you think your world came first? There is no magic there. It’s a clean slate. And if there is no magic how could a new world, this world, magically be created from someone or something there. I believe it is more likely to be the other way around. This world is shrouded in magical phenomenon according to what you’ve told me. Who’s to say some magical creature, or witch, or fairy, or a combination of all the things you told me about didn’t have something to do with creating a sort of parody of this world where no magic existed.”

I had no argument. What she was saying had merit. She’s a wise one, that Gran.

“This Alan fellow seems overly concerned that you are changing things here. Why would he be so concerned if the TV show already aired and finished?”

“The events that happened in the show are happening here. I’m having to do things to prevent them from occurring.”

“So the TV show is like a crystal ball?”


“Like a fortune teller in that world that predicts the future in this world. You threw a wrench in that when you started to alter things.”

“Maybe.” I said frustrated. “I don’t understand what it all means.”

“Maybe that Alan Nut has some sort of vested interest in knowing what happens here.”

My brow scrunched up. I thought my goal here was simple. I thought I was here to change my favorite TV show because I didn’t like the outcome. All of that seemed so shallow now. I had been under the assumption that maybe this True Blood universe I found myself in had been created from some idea, maybe some mass hysteria of fandom that was so strong it brought people’s favorite fantasy universe into existence. I know it sounds far-fetched but so does falling through a portal into a TV show. What if what Gran said was true? It made more sense. How can this world magically be created from a world, my word, which is devoid of magic and magical creatures.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people, and supernaturals here that I’m sure have wished on a star that another world without all the crazy shit existed. One without the violence and screwed up vampire society that Lilith set as a president since the first of their kind. What if their wishes were enough to bring my world into formation. What if I’m the fake? The intruder? I frowned remembering how Eric called me a fake in my dream. What happened to the Sookie Stackhouse here? Is she living my life in the other world or did she just phase out of existence? Did I somehow merge with her? I seemed to now possess some of her qualities, such as telepathy.

All of these things I needed to be aware of as I moved forward with my plans to change things. I was glad that I had the conversation with Gran and I felt so much better about my role here. What she said about the world turning out different there made so much sense if vampires didn’t exist. Imagine all the people they’ve killed here and the things they’ve done that would have made people’s lives turn out differently. All of this is just a theory. But it’s the best one I’ve got with the little knowledge I have.

An idea struck me as I thought about the challenges of changing things that were yet to happen. I thought about Godric. I had been concerned about how I was going to save him since I got here. Was this knowledge enough to give him a new lease on life? The show went into very little detail about why he was killing himself. I knew that he believed vampires weren’t right. He believed they acted evil and that even he had indulged in that evil for centuries. He felt great remorse at what his society had become and a profound sadness that he failed to make a difference in changing it. Would the prospect of a new beginning intrigue him enough to make him want to live?


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  1. Sookie’s dream was quite disturbing, hopefully she will take the clues flashlight, cellphone and get abetted car into advisement. Let alone better time management on her part during the day.
    Loved Gran’s take on the whole situation. Hope we get to keep her with us.


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