Ch 11: Glimmering My Eyeballs Ain’t Polite

10 days earlier…

Eric was in a nasty mood. It had been three days since he had indirectly confronted Sookie at the shifter’s hair-brained bar. He had heard neither hide nor hair of her in that time. Had he made a mistake? He wondered if he spooked her and she fled back to her world. Her ability to resist his seductions only made him want her more.

He decided he would give her a few days to hopefully cool off and get used to the idea that he was not going to relent. Yes, he would pursue her. He was tired of playing games. He needed to know what she knew about Godric but he also wanted her in every perverted way that crossed his twisted mind! Three days… He didn’t think he could wait much longer. She would be his!

The only thing that made it worth the wait was his possession of a certain little video of the captivating little telepath. He had watched it over and over.

Pam was so sick of his grumbling and bad attitude she avoided him as much as possible. He had even punished her for one of her usual snide remarks by making her wear a yellow Wal-Mart sweat suit with a picture of a bunny and carrot on the front. This punishment lasted for 24 hours.

The punishments didn’t stop there. For no apparent good reason to Pam, for the tiniest mere suggestion she was given the most extreme punishment she had ever received. All she had said was that she thought he was acting like a teenage boy with a hormone problem. Next thing she knew she was forced to go up to Ginger in front of an entire bar full of humans and vampires and humiliate herself.

She had to wear a pink ballerina outfit. First she had to bow, then curtsy, then she had to tell Ginger that she wanted to hang out for a girls night. Which Eric had every intention of forcing her to do. The ass! Ginger however was ecstatic. Eric watched from his throne with amusement. When he was in such a dejected mood few things gave him pleasure, but being ornery to Pam was one of them.

On the third night Eric rose to check his laptop. He didn’t expect to find anything. She had not come back to the drop point. But he checked anyway just in case. When the surveillance program was blinking his mouth opened and a small laugh came out. He quickly looked around to make sure no one had witnessed his glee.

He clicked the program and once it had loaded he saw Sookie enter the shack and leave a note. The corner of his mouth twitched upward. “So you want to continue this little game do you?”

The screen went blank and he was surprised that the motion dector on the surveillance camera had recorded something else. After a few seconds the view of the shack reappeared and he waited with baited breath (If a vampire could even do that).

He frowned as he watched a stranger enter the structure. It was a weasel face of a man. He had dark hair and a goatee. Definitely human. He looked at the time stamp. It was only thirty minutes after Sookie had left. Had this man followed her?

The stranger spent some time looking around and Eric almost cringed when he kicked the dog bowl with his boot, revealing the note underneath. The man picked it up and read it. Eric’s fists clenched, his finger nails digging into his palms.

What was even more disturbing was what happened next. The man’s mouth opened and Eric listened as he spoke.

“You’re going to die next you disgusting vampire fucking fang-banger. I’ll enjoy squeezing the life out of you and watching you choke on your own vomit.”

Eric immediately got dressed and headed straight for Sookie’s house. He needed to protect her. He would rip the man’s weasel faced head right off his neck.

Landing in Sookie’s front yard he sniffed the air. Her sorry excuse for a car was gone and her scent was so faded that he was sure she had not been at this house in days.

Walking up to the front door he knocked. He knew another woman lived with her. An elderly lady, probably a relative. He would glamour her if he had to and get the information he needed to find Sookie so he could protect her.

“Who is it?” The elderly woman spoke through the door. She didn’t even open it. Dammit!

“A friend of Sookie’s. I have come to call on her.”

“My granddaughter isn’t here.” The woman called. “She left… out of town.”

Eric didn’t believe the woman. Out of town? Did that mean she went back to her world. That was the last thing he wanted to hear.

“I am having difficulty hearing you through the door ma’am. Perhaps if you could open it?” He was laying the charming voice on thick.

“Don’t lie to me young man I know you have good hearing.” She paused apparently in thought. “I’m sorry to be rude. Sookie told me not to open the door at night. I’m supposed to just talk through the door if anyone comes.” Eric gritted his teeth. Sookie had coached the woman. Smart. But the lady seemed to be still talking to him out of some sort of human politeness. “Who are you?”

“As I said, a friend.”

“Don’t be smart with me boy. What’s your name?” Eric raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“Eric Northman, the vampire sheriff of this area.” He smiled wryly knowing the woman must be shaken by this revelation. Why did he tell her? He hoped his honesty would earn him points. The woman probably already knew anyway.

“Well I ain’t opening the door.” Her calm voice indicated that she did know. “Don’t want my eyeballs glimmered.”


“Well yes, glimmered.” She scolded through the door. “I’ll let Sookie know you came when she comes home.”

“So she is coming back?”

“Of course, she lives here.” She said exasperated. “She may be gone awhile though so you just go on young man. I’ll let her know you came.”

He tried to play authority card. “Ma’am. I am the sheriff in this area.” She was elderly and they reacted with more respect when he sounded official. He knew how to play his cards with humans. “I have come because I believe your granddaughter is in danger. If you see her will you please ask her to contact me immediately at Fangtasia.”

“Danger?” The woman said surprised. “What sort of danger?”

“If you see her please have her contact me. If she is afraid to come in have her call on the phone.” He decided to throw in a bit of charm before he left which couldn’t hurt since he planned to make Sookie his. “Have a good night ma’am.”

Then he was gone. Adele opened the door and looked around, slightly shaken. No trace of the vampire was anywhere in sight.


Godric and I crashed on to a cold hard floor with a loud plop after we exited the doorway between the worlds. I had no clue what was happening or why I had been pulled through the rabbit hole by a rope.

As I was trying to explain before…

Godric was laying on the floor on his back, and I was spread flat on top of him with my face smashed into his neck. He had heroically broken my fall so I wouldn’t be injured. The rope around my torso and arms was digging into my skin with a biting sting, and I had somehow scraped up my knee which was bleeding pretty badly.

I wriggled my body trying to get up, and my legs moved to straddle Godric around his hips in a very unladylike way. I sat up still slightly dazed. He groaned and closed his eyes at my movements. And let me tell you, it wasn’t a painful groan because it came out all throaty and husky. His hands were still wrapped around my waist and he looked up at me with his fangs still dangerously bared, a mix of utter shock and smoldering intensity etched in those eyes of his.

Before I even knew what was happening he was lifting me off of him like I weighed no more than a feather, and he sat me beside him, the rope still binding my arms.

Within a split second he was on his feet and poised for battle. I heard a woman scream in a frightening blood curdling shriek that nearly broke my ear drums.

Oh wait, no. That was Nut-sucker screaming, one hand holding the other end of the rope that bound me and the other hand holding some suspicious looking device.

“What is the meaning of this?” Godric snarled stepping closer to Alan. My eyes got bigger as I watched in horrific fascination. Godric looked dangerously formidable and I didn’t think such terrifying contortions were possible on his serene face. His eyes were as black as midnight which reminded me of a shark. The growl-like hiss coming out of his mouth accompanied by his looming fangs gave him the appearance of a rattlesnake about to strike. Even I cowered and huddled myself together as the fury seemed to radiate off him in invisible waves.

Nut-sucker screamed again dropping the rope, and he dived into the blue swirl on the wall where Stephen Moyer’s poster previously hung on the first night I visited this place. The dive looked physically impossible as he hurtled himself through the air like an Olympic soccer player. The last thing I saw were his black shoes on his feet disappearing into the psychedelic portal.

He obviously had not expected Godric to appear here. I had no doubt in my mind that he was trying to prevent me from putting a stop to Godric’s suicide. Why did he care so much? Maybe Gran was right. Maybe Alan had some sort of vested interest in knowing what happened in the True Blood universe. I think there is much more here than meets the eye.

As soon as he dived into the rabbit hole Godric was rushing across the room to jump in after him but the doorway closed too fast and the poor vampire slammed into a hard cinder block wall. He put his hands on the wall, patting it as if confirming what his brain was already telling him; that there was indeed a wall there now.

I was still sitting on the floor in a huddled ball, having brought my knees close to my chest I had a good view of the nasty gash on the side of my knee. I definitely knocked it against something hard on my tumble into Alan’s office, perhaps the corner of his desk. It was still bleeding pretty badly and my calve was covered in lines of blood. Now I had little trails of blood going down my inner thigh and staining the hem of my shorts.

I tried to get to my feet, but my movement only caused the rope to tighten. I let out a painful moan.

“Miss Stackhouse,” Godric said stepping to me and kneeling down. “You are injured.” His eyes darted to my bloody knee.

“I’m fine. I just need this rope off.” I grumbled.

With a little effort, I’m sure to prevent injuring me further; Godric had the rope off of me and was helping me to my feet. His eyes were still wild as the flames of some savage instinctual lust for violence licked his irises. Or was it the smell of my blood?

“Why did that young vampire bring you here?” Godric questioned.

“He doesn’t like that I’m changing the future in your world. I haven’t figured that part out yet.”

He nodded and looked around the office. “This is your world?” He said flatly, a little disappointed that it looked no different than his.

“Yep, this is it.” I said as my tone became worried. “Godric, I have no idea how to get back.”

He stepped up to me and put his hand on my shoulder, making me shiver with little butterflies. “Do not fear Miss Stackhouse. We will figure it out together.”

I smiled. “Call me Sookie.”

He stared in my eyes for a few long excruciating seconds reminding me of the chemistry we had shared earlier in his office when we had our heart to heart. I think he felt it too because the corner of his mouth quivered with some sort of sagacious and pleased emotion that I was sure any sane person would have missed. But I was staring at his mouth and longingly raking my eyes all over his face.

Once I realized I was ogling and leering at him the embarrassment zipped through my body, and I looked away about three shades redder. I’m sure he had no qualms about standing around staring at people for hours on end. But it was just awkward for me.

“I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon and it’ll be sunrise in a few hours.” I explained. “We can’t stay here. We’ll come back later.”

“What do you suggest?” He asked. It was my world after all.

“Hopefully my car is where I left it in the parking lot the first night I came here. Before I… um entered your world. We should go back to my place. I can cover the windows to black out the sun in the bedroom and you can sleep there.”

He visibly cringed at the thought of being so vulnerable. Why? I thought he wanted to die. It gave me hope that he might be changing his mind.

“I know it doesn’t sound ideal. But it’s not like there are any vampire slayers lurking in this world or anyone after you. No one even knows you exist.” I rambled. “Trust me Godric. I’ll keep you safe. You have my word.”

He looked at me with even more intensity and took a step closer. His nostrils flared as he came so near I could swear I saw little brown flecks in the irises of his stormy eyes. “Very well. I will trust you… Sookie.” What was going through that wise ancient brain of his?

As we rode down the elevator of the empty building a few thoughts struck me. One, there is no Tru-Blood synthetic drink for vampires in this world and I had a vampire who had obviously already gone awhile without sustenance. Two, our hope on getting back to True Blood universe hinged on catching Alan and getting that device from him that obviously controlled the portal between the worlds. What was that thing? It didn’t look electronic. More like a magical stone of some sort.

I chanced a sideways glance at Godric who was standing in the elevator backwards facing the back wall like it was the most normal thing in the world. Yea, older vampires obviously missed some of the finer details of modern times.

I smiled to myself. My life may now be wrought with danger and the kind of horrific excitement that could give you a heart attack, but I was living every fangirls dream. I really think I’m making a difference. And here I stood beside a two thousand year old gorgeous vampire, the Godric, who was standing backwards in an elevator, staring at the back wall, on his way to my place of all things.

“Godric?” I mumbled slightly embarrassed. “How long has it been since you… um fed?”

He continued to look at the back wall and didn’t answer.

“I’m sorry if I’m being rude.” Was it considered tacky to ask a vampire about their feeding?

“No, it is an acceptable question given the circumstance.” He said dryly. “I consumed some of the synthetic blood last Sunday.”

“That was two days ago.” That wasn’t too bad. From the way he looked I would have thought it was much longer. His face was extremely pale, almost albino looking. His cheeks were slightly sunken in, and if I didn’t know better I would say his reactions were off-kilter and slightly delayed. Still much faster than mine, or even most vampires. But for a 2000 year old vampire he seemed off his game.

“No the Sunday before. Nine days ago.” He was completely expressionless.

I gasped. He must have known my shock because he finally mustered the resolve to look at me.

“I require very little blood at my age.” He said in the gentlest voice, trying to reassure me. His eyes spoke of some deep unnamed regret. “I will not harm you.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about, Godric.” I faced him, my brow knit in concern. “You need blood.”

“I will be fine. I have gone longer without.” His mouth closed shut and he returned his gaze to the back wall of the elevator signifying the conversation was over.

I clutched my purse. I had somehow managed to hang on to it in all the chaos. It was a good thing too because I just remembered tucked inside of it was the warning label I had pulled off the Tru-Blood bottle after Eric left Merlotte’s. I took it hoping to learn something about vampires that wasn’t included in the show, but I had completely forgotten about it until now. Maybe I could learn something about how much blood, at least Tru-Blood, a vampire should consume. Godric wasn’t looking good and he obviously wasn’t going to share the specifics with me.


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5 thoughts on “Ch 11: Glimmering My Eyeballs Ain’t Polite

  1. I hope Gran doesn’t get killed. Maybe she’ll shoot Rene if he turns up. Eric doesn’t know he’s the killer because he got the note. Hope Godric and Sookie can get back soon.


  2. I just loved Gran! Very smart of her!
    Her line “Don’t want my eyeballs glimmered” made e laugh so hard…
    Now how will Sookie and Godric get back…I think Gran was right about AB
    Renè followed Sookie ! Hopefully Eric will “take care” of him…


  3. Crap! Rene followed her and took the note. I’m sure Eric’s figured out that he’s the serial killer. Love Gran! Got a kick out of her.
    So it was Alan who brought her back to our world. Curious to why he doesn’t want her to change things and how he’s going between worlds. Hopefully this time with Godric will convince him not to meet the sun.


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