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Work In Progress
ETA – 50 Chapters


15 Chapters


Work In Progress
ETA – Unknown
On Hiatus

17 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Eric commands, I obey (sheesh he’s running me ragged today but I’m loving all the new sites.). I’m looking forward to reading through all your stories. thank you for feeding my OCD monster ❤


  2. I’m sorry to hear you are leaving. It makes me very sad. I’m a new writer and from my first post, not very sure or successful. It took reading all these wonderful stories to grow balls to write my own. I’ve been reading since 2009 and started writing shortly after but could not publish. How could I amongst the greats? Who am I to believe that I could make enough sense to draw attention to my dribbling nonsense? The answer was all of you wonderful artist’s that encourage one another. So i did it. Posted a chapter and even made a shitty WordPress account complete with crappie mistake filled chapter. But it’s there because you had balls as did so many others. My inspiration, motivation my saving grace from a shitty day were I would rather climb a clock tower to pick people off than run science experiments with electricity. So please don’t leave but I understand you need to go. I’ll be abandoning my fanfiction acct and will try to work on my WordPress. My Internet connection is spotty at best but solidarity for my sisters in keys wins out. More power to you girl. I am writer, watch me type.
    Ps before I trade up from ffn I will leave the most raunchy, dirty, violent one shot I could possibly leave. With respect and full regard to Lady American Android, far thee well maiden of fantasy and intrigue, Mistress of woven tale and seductive literary allure, you will be avenged. Please always remember embrace the flame and light within. It’s their energy they expend, “I don’t teach, I absorb! ”
    Party on Dude’s! !!!!


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