Ch 21: I Need Your Body


A/N: Soooo I have changed the name of a certain character in this story from Ball to Nut. I’ll be going back and changing the name in previous chapters. Just covering my ass!


Alan Nut-Sucker didn’t expect he would find himself in this situation. He knew Edgington was unstable and insane but this… this was just unbelievable. He had done everything asked of him and more, with great risk to himself, and yet it still wasn’t enough in the eyes of his ruthless maker.

Alan cursed the day he found that case of stones in the woods when he was a child. Just a boy, he had picked up the first stone, and a series of visions bombarded his senses leaving him in a gasping heap on the forest floor. Over the years he had convinced himself it was just his childhood imagination. Once he grew up, he even made a TV show based off what he had seen. But after the show had finished airing he found himself fiddling with the stones again. That was when the portal opened for the first time.

For weeks he explored the fantastical universe of True Blood to find all the creatures and people from his visions living out their lives, completely oblivious of the interloper from another realm. He had hoped to glean some information for a spin off series back in his world, that’s when he ran into Russell Edgington. That’s when his life took a nose dive for the inevitable rock bottom.

At first he liked the idea of being a vampire. He had extra strength, keener senses, the ability to glamour, and let’s not forget immortality. But he soon realized he had lost his freedom to a 3500 year old lunatic.

That was only a few weeks before the fairy named Sookie from his visions appeared to him in his office. He started to put together that at least half the humans in his world had a duplicate of themselves in the True Blood Universe. The other half must have either been dead or never born due to the butterfly effect. The population of True Blood universe was quite smaller than his world, probably due to all the deaths and vampire attacks over the centuries. It only had an estimated population of 5 billion people worldwide.

He would have never tossed the Sookie from his world into the portal had he known she would merge with her duplicate, gain the ability of telepathy, and take the entire True Blood universe on a rollercoaster ride. He honestly thought she would die her first night, not having anywhere to go, picked off by some monster, but she proved to be industrious and resourceful.

“As I was saying back in Shreveport, I will have use for you yet.” Russell chuckled as he walked to the bookshelf in his office.

“I’m at your service your majesty,” Alan said enthusiastically, hoping to gain back Russell’s favor.

“Good because I’m going to need your body.”

Alan’s eyes widened. “What do you mean you… you need my body?”

“Centuries ago my child was murdered in cold blood. Though he was my favorite child, I was never in a hurry to bring my plans into fruitrition until you told me of Godric’s future suicide and my eventual murder by Eric Northman. It would seem I need a strong ally now more than ever.”

“I still don’t follow what you’re saying master. Don’t you want Godric dead?”

“Eventually, I want him destroyed yes and of course you don’t understand me, you idiot. Ever heard of the sanguinista resurrection?” Russell was leafing through an ancient looking book as he spoke, so old that it was on the verge of crumbling in his hands.

“Yes, it postulates that you can bring a vampire back to life if you possess a sample of their blood.” Though a full resurrection never took place in his visions he learned a great deal about the vampire sanguinista religion during that mental bombardment so many years ago. He recalls a lot of discussion about it in the Authority prior to Bill drinking Lilith’s blood and her partial resurrection, when Bill became Bilith.

“Correct. Unfortunately, I do not have a sample of my child’s blood. However, his blood flows through the veins of his last walking progeny, the very same progeny who murdered him 2000 years ago. We need only retrieve a small amount of blood from his child.” Russell closed the book and looked at Alan from his seat behind the desk.

“Who is he?” Alan said stepping closer, almost overwhelmed by curiosity.

“You really are quite stupid aren’t you?” Russell got up and started walking towards the door to leave, waving Alan to follow.

They walked down a series of hallways before coming upon a locked door. After entering without knocking, Alan saw a woman standing in the center of the room as if in a trance.

“Meet Kate,” Russell said holding his hand out ceremoniously and laughing.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Glamoured. She’s a witch. I’ve been searching for centuries for a witch as powerful as her. One who could perform a full sanguinista resurrection with watered down blood.”

“Forgive me master, I still don’t understand why you need my… uh my body?”

“Because my dear Alan. You are the host.”

“The host?” Alan said with a tremble.

“Oh yes, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately,” He pondered with glee. “Your mind will be completely overpowered and suppressed by my child once you drink the watered down blood from his murderer and our dear Kate here performs the resurrection.”

Alan gasped in shock, unwilling to believe what he had just heard. He was taking a step backwards towards the door when he bumped into a hard chest. He turned around to see six large werewolves looking down at him. All of which he knew were unstable and addicted to V. Among them was One-Ear, an especially nasty werewolf who delighted in terrorizing Alan since he was first turned by Russell.

One-Ear sneered down at him with a wicked smile before grabbing him by the arms.



It was about three in the afternoon, and I had borrowed one of my vampires cars to go back to Bon Temps and see how Gran was doing. I planned to be back at the safe house long before sunset.

When I pulled up I was surprised but relieved to see Jason’s truck. I had yet to meet him and was a bit nervous. I knew he wasn’t exactly a wonderful brother to Sookie in the show, but I was happy that he was out of jail.

“Damn sis. Where’d you get the wheels?” He said walking around the silver Audi r8 that I found parked in the garage at the safe house.

“Oh, it belongs to a friend of mine,” I muttered, evading the question. “Did everything go okay with your release from jail?”

“Yea,” he said frowning. “Can’t believe they thought I’d kill someone. Man… Rene was the murderer all along. I was friends with him and didn’t even know squat. Now Maudette’s dead, Dawn’s dead, Amy’s dead…” He shook his head.

“Don’t beat yourself up Jase. Important thing is he can’t hurt anyone else.”

“He admitted to police he’s been watching the house for weeks through a telescope up on the hill waiting for you to come home. Where the hell have you been Sook? Sam told me you haven’t been into work for weeks. What the hell…”

“I was out of town taking care of something important. And I was getting you off the hook remember?”

“Come eat kids. Dinner is ready.” Gran hollered from the porch steps. She made an early dinner just for me, and I’ll admit I was quite hungry.

Once we got settled at the table with Gran and Claudine we started chatting while we ate.

“Is everything going well with you and the vampires at the safe house Sookie?” Claudine asked, sitting prim and proper in her chair.

I heard Jason’s fork clink down hard on his plate, and I looked over to see him staring at me wide eyed. “Vampires? What the hell is she talking about Sookie?”

“She’s talking about the same vampires who helped capture Rene and free you from jail.” I said matter of factly as I took another bite of my food.

“Oh…” he responded surprised. I was a little astounded he didn’t call me a fangbanger. But at the same time I recalled him also defending Sookie in the show. “Well tell ‘em thanks for me will ya? I would kinda like to meet them.”

“As long as you promise to be polite,” I scolded playfully.

“What are you talkin’ bout. I’m always polite. Ain’t I Gran?”

“Well,” Gran said with a chuckle. “Most of the time dear. But you have your moments. The vampires are good boys. You just remember that Jason.”

I jumped when the phone started ringing loudly, and Gran got up to answer it. “Hello?” She said as she glanced over in my direction. “She’s right here. I’ll let her know.”

She put the phone to her shoulder. “Sookie dear. It’s that sweet boy Godric on the phone for you. Shouldn’t he be sleepin’ or what not right now?”

My brow furrowed. “Yea, I thought so. Something must be wrong. I’ll take it in my room Gran.” I got up and took the phone from her before sprinting up the steps and shutting my bedroom door behind me.

“Godric?” I pressed the phone to my ear.

“Sookie…” He said in a panic. “What is happening? I rose from rest and you were gone! Are you safe?”

“Yea, everything is fine.” I tried to assure him. “I was just visiting Gran and making sure Jason got out of jail okay. Why aren’t you uh… asleep?”

“I rise earlier than most vampires due to my age. When I rose from my slumber and saw that you were missing I thought you were in danger. But I felt your contentment from my blood so decided to call your Gran’s house to check and make sure.”

“I’m sorry Godric. I didn’t think you guys would be up so early or I would have left a note.”

“Eric still slumbers, and do not apologize my love. But I would rather you not go anywhere without me until the current dangers have passed. I cannot protect you or come to your aid during the day should trouble arise. And I would not be able to live with myself knowing that harm befell you while I was trapped in the confines of the safe house. Please heed my words little one.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about that Godric. I just finished eating, and I was about to head back that way anyway.”

“I miss you little one. I find myself painfully longing for your presence while you are away.”

“I miss you too, Godric.” I said smiling.

“I await the moment you return to my protective embrace. And I look forward to our first blood bond tonight when Eric rises.”

After saying my Goodbyes to everyone, I hoped in the Audi and headed back to the safe house. The drive was uneventful, and I pulled into the garage 45 minutes later.

I walked into the underground light tight living area and found Godric sitting on the couch in the living room, shirtless with wet hair. He had obviously recently showered and he was watching an episode of True Blood.

He didn’t turn to look at me but it was pretty apparent he knew I was standing in the doorway watching him by the smile that formed on his lips. I dramatically tiptoed up behind him and put my hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” I giggled.

“Um… Joan of Arc?”


“Florence Nightingale?”


“Um…” He pondered. “Eleanor of Aquitaine?”


He abruptly grabbed my hands and pulled me over the back of the couch, over his shoulder and onto my back forcing me to lay in his lap. It happened so fast I felt like I was standing one second and laying down the next. “Sookie Stackhouse, the most beautiful woman who has ever walked the Earth?” He said running his hands through my hair as he leaned down into me.

I gasped in surprise at his face suddenly being inches from me. “Oh!”

Then he was brushing his lips lightly against mine as his eyes closed. “Yes,” he whispered. “My Sookie, the most beautiful woman who lights a fire in my heart and makes me hunger as I never have. You have returned to me.”

His lips pressed against mine in a surprisingly gentle and slow kiss, and I found myself being slid off his lap and pushed into the couch. He was on top of me, blanketing me with his body as he kissed me ever so softly over and over on the lips.

“Oh, how badly I want to take you now. How I want to see the pleasure I have caused you across your beautiful features.” He said thickly, leaning up and looking down at me through extended fangs, the muscles of his chest and shoulders glowing yellow from the softly lit lamp on the end table beside the couch.

My heart started pounding in my chest from a mix of nervousness and excitement. I was wide open to him with my legs spread over his thighs as I laid flat on my back, his body towering over me. The corner of his lip twitched before slightly rising, and his eyes blazed in the yellow light with an intensity that I saw that night back in the other world.

I swallowed hard as my body longed with want for this beautiful man. I suddenly found my hand reaching out and unbuttoning his pants. I heard an exhalation of air escape him in excitement and surprise as I unclasped the button and started lowering the zipper.

“That sounds very appealing,” I teased with a seductive grin as I sat up. “But I think it’s your turn to be at my mercy.”

I pulled his boxers down in the front revealing just how hard and excited he was. Wrapping my hand around his thickness he let out a hiss and moved his hips slightly forward toward my hand. I started working my way up and down his length and he leaned his head back, closing his eyes. I felt my excitement and confidence rise seeing the obvious pleasure I was causing him.

Leaning forward, I started kissing his chest. His hands immediately found my hair and his fingers entangled themselves in my locks. This was the first time I touched him so intimately, the first time I touched any man in such a way for that matter, and I found I loved it… loved seeing the need and want in his eyes… loved making him feel so good. I still couldn’t believe a man, two for that matter, were so enthralled with me. And not just sexually, but they actually wanted me for me, for eternity and everything that entailed.

I scooted back slightly and leaned down kissing his swollen tip, and I licked the bead of moisture that had formed there as my tongue swirled around the head. I jumped a little when I heard him start growling in a soft rumble.

I was shifted so quickly onto my back that I squealed in surprise. He was on top of me pinning me down, the growls having risen louder and more dangerous sounding.

His lips pressed against my jaws as his hips bucked into me. “You cannot,” he said hoarsely.

“I’m sorry,” I said getting upset. I thought he would like it. I thought he did like it. I thought he looked like he was enjoying it. I guess I was mistaken. I felt rejection and embarrassment in my heart to have been so wrong.

“Do not feel that way little one,” he said sensing my emotions from his blood. “I want you so much, so badly, more than mere words can describe. But we must wait for our other mate, and I fear I will not be able to stop myself if you continue. I may present an exterior of control and discipline, but when it comes to you my Sookie, I find myself a caged animal ready to break free, on the verge of losing control in a murky lake of primal instincts.”

“Okay.” I muttered as he scraped his fangs along the curve of my neck. “Because… it…” I gulped as he kissed a trail of kisses across my collarbone. “That’s only fair.”

“I hope you are ready for us little one.” He whispered into my ear, his cool breath making me shiver. “Because we are going to show you just how much you belong to us, and how much we belong to you.”

Gee. I think tonight was going to be one to remember. I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I wasn’t going to complain. Life was good. Bill was dead. Rene was in jail. Godric wasn’t suicidal. There was that tiny little hiccup with Alan Nut-sucker and Russell Edgington but I wasn’t too terribly worried about it. Alan was currently shackled in silver in Fangtasia’s basement, and I knew the vampires would take care of him tonight. I also knew that Russell Edgington was no match for two ancient vampires along with my fae magic. He would be toast if he made a move against us. Yes, life was good.



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  1. Why do I get the feeling that this child Russell wants to bring back to life is that same vampire that was a horrible abusive maker to Godric?
    If it is him I’m just hoping he doesn’t have a makers pull over Godric anymore.
    I also wonder if it is him if he will be as strong as he would currently be if never killed.

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  2. I was so thrilled when I saw you updated this story!
    Ohoh Russell is getting more and more crazy…he wants to resurrect his lost progeny…
    I don’t want to be Alan Nut-Sucker right now!
    As for Godric and Sookie…
    you left us a nice cliffie…
    More Please?

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  3. Sigh, the ‘next’ button didn’t work….
    Great chapter even though you left us right as the good stuff was about to start! Such a twist with Russell wanting to bring his child back. Looking forward to next update.


  4. Did not see that Appius twist… That should be an interesting situation to play out…
    My word it’s suddenly a very steamy 30 degrees here… So full of anticipation!


  5. Oh man…wake up Eric!!! I like Jason in this one so far. I don’t know how big of a role you are planning for him, but I liked that he accepted that the vampires saved him and are with Sookie. Gran is delightful. I hope you don’t plan to kill her. LOL


  6. You are almost making me feel sorry for Alan. Almost. Love your Russell being nuttier than a fruit cake. And I’m terrified if Russell brings his progeny back, will he have the makers command over Godric?


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