Ch 39: Peeping Tom


A/N: I really wasn’t sure if I needed to put a warning. I mean it’s rabbit hole right? But this is a very detailed and explicit chapter that is dirty as hell. I think the next chapter is a sweet chapter. I hope you are enjoying the roller coaster. Also, I decided to write this entire chapter in 3rd POV so sorry if that seems odd since most of the story is in 1st. I want the practice trying something new (for me) where the narrator is so close to the action it could almost be 1st, so please tell me what you think and how I did. As always thank you to Leah who beta’s this story. And thank you to the other ladies who help me by pre-reading and bouncing ideas.


Alcide looked up at the thick clouds overhead. The rain was still pouring heavily, thick tears beating down on the windshield, and the late afternoon sky was dark and gray. A thick lightening bolt struck in the distance a few miles away and the clouds rumbled with irritation.

He glowered out of the front window of his truck at the dark, iron gates that blocked his way. He had been sitting there forever pushing the button for the security guard in the mansion to open the gates so he could move up the driveway and park, but there had been no response.

“Dammit,” he cursed loudly, looking to the side at the windbeaten trees while he tried to think. He dragged a hand through his hair and roughly rubbed the two-day-old whiskers on his square jaw as if he were trying to wipe away the frustration. “Damn dumb-shit fangers.”

He had come all this way, driving for nearly an hour, just to sit at the gates like an idiot. He needed the money though; business had been slow for awhile. Babysitting some girl for Northman would be a cake walk, and the vampire was generous with money to those he hired. Plus, the fact was, Alcide owed Eric a favor, and he hated owing favors, so he had to get this over with one way or the other.

With a sigh of irritation, he took a deep breath and turned the truck off, knowing well enough that he was about to get his ass drenched. He opened the truck door and stepped out into the torrent.

He climbed over the iron gate with an unnatural speed and started jogging up the driveway toward the mansion, his white t-shirt and too-tight levis getting soaked and plastering to his body.

Coming to the front door, he cursed again. The damn thing had a key pad on it and every window was covered with thick metal plating.

A far away voice came from across the lawn. “Hey there, Mista!” He turned and shook his head, trying to get the rain drops out of his eyes as water beat on his face. A middle aged woman was running through the rain towards him. Red flags went off in his mind. The situation was strange and he had a bad feeling.

She came to a stop in front of him and squinted her eyes, the rain dripping down her face and drenching her graying-brown hair.

She yelled over the loud rain and wind as she pointed at the door. “You ought not go in there, Mista!”

He put his hand above his eyes to shield them from the heavy raindrops and hollered over the noise. “I was called by someone named Alan Nut to come watch a girl for Eric Northman.”

“They some crazy vampires in there. Mista Edgar, he’s da butler, sounded da alarm and we all run outta that place. Rumor says they be makin’ food in da kitchens. They gone out they minds. A big blond one even growl at Mista Edgar and accused da old man of trying to get up on they bonded.” She threw her hands out and made a pained expression as she shook her head. “Ol’ Edgar like 80 years old. He weren’t doin’ nothing wrong!”

It sounded to Alcide like the servants were just over reacting. Vampires could be pushy and were far from courteous. He knew from personal experience that Northman was no exception. He was ready to get out of the rain and hoped she would grant him access. “Can you get me inside?”

“Don’t say I weren’t da one who ain’t warned ya. You got to put da code in da doors to get yourself in. All us workers got a code, and I know you was supposed to come, so never mind that one bit Mista. Majesty Nut told us about you last night.” She jogged over to the door and started punching the buttons. “Hurry, Mista! Come on in!”

Alcide followed her into a small, dark room. Once the door shut behind them he sighed in relief that he was out of the torrent raging outside. Being outside in the loud rain and wind and now in the quieter room was a little unbalancing and it took his body and mind a moment to adjust. He squeezed some water out of his t-shirt which dripped onto the ground.

“I’ll put my code in da next set of doors now. They got two sets so that when some one comes or be going during da day they ain’t be lettin’ no light in.” Smart, Alcide thought. He had heard that the vampire mansion in Jackson was decked out to the teeth for the fangers. Most older vampires were paranoid as hell. She punched her code in the next key pad and the lock on the doors made a loud click.

He turned to her with a questioning look. “You called Nut the Majesty. Is he the king now?”

“Oh yes, Mista. He done gone and plunged a treebranch right through da heart of that old nasty King Edgington. That right nasty King deserved it too, he not never messin’ with us old folks, said on the account of our blood be tastin’ stale, but he weren’t no nice boss. That’s for hell sure.”

He stepped inside and looked back at her.

“Oh hell naw, Mista. I ain’t going back in there. You go on now. I ain’t stickin’ around here. I’ll be going on to my house as soon as my son gets here to pick me up.”

“Well, thanks,” Alcide said nodding.

The door shut behind him, and he turned and started walking through the mansion. So Nut, who he never met or even heard of, was the new king now. Strange how he didn’t mention that on the phone. And the girl he was supposed to be watching, this Sookie Stackhouse, she was Northman’s bonded? Interesting. That meant she wasn’t a fangbanger or a pet after all. He wondered what sort of woman could manage to get that vampire into a serious relationship. He’d known Eric for years and the guy was always surrounded by fangbangers. Truth was, Northman never seemed pleased about it, like it was never enough. The son of a bitch may have figured out what comes instinctively to the living, but no it couldn’t be, vampires were too selfish to realize that love and loyalty were everything.

Alcide saw a door cracked open and walked into a room that felt claustrophobic. It was filled with high-tech computers and monitors on a long counter in front of a few swivel chairs. Ah… it must be the security room. A fortress like the one he was in didn’t spare any expense. Maybe he could use it to figure out where the girl was that he was supposed to be guarding. The mansion was fucking huge and he didn’t want to wander around all day. He hoped Northman was awake by now so they could discuss the arrangement of his babysitting job, but it was probably still a little early. He knew the vampire must be old as hell, because he had a meeting with him one time during the evening hours before the sun went down. It was no secret among the supes that the older a vampire got the earlier they woke.

He spotted movement on a left monitor and turned to look. It looked like some damn fight was going on and Alcide became more alert as he watched events unfold on the screen. Northman was on top of some guy, looked to be another vampire if the pale skin and fangs were any indication, pulling at his head like he was trying to tear it off his shoulders. A woman rushed through the door and started pointing, and it looked like she was screaming.

Alcide squinted his eyes. “So you’re the woman who has Northman all up in arms. You’re Sookie Stackhouse,” he said, remembering the name Alan Nut had given him on the phone. He wondered where Alan Nut was. Maybe he was the vampire Northman was attacking? That didn’t make sense though, it seemed like Nut and Northman were working together when the vampire had called him on the phone and said Eric’s retinue controls the state.

He turned his attention back to Sookie. She was blonde and curvy. She was bright and beautiful, total opposite of what he figured a vampire would go for. He chuckled a bit watching her on the computer screen as she pointed and wordlessly moved her mouth.

Eric rolled off the other guy and bowed to Sookie.

Alcide laughed. What the fuck?

There was no sound so Alcide had no idea what they were saying to each other.

He held his breath when another vampire, a shorter dark-haired one, stealthily came through the door and glided up behind the woman. The pudgier guy was still laying on the ground, holding his hands out in surrender.

The vampire sneaking up behind her looked like he was going to bite her. “Turn around!” Alcide hollered. His heart-beat quickened and his knuckles turned white as he squeezed the back of the chair he was leaning against while he peered wide-eyed at the screen. He felt like he was watching a horror movie. That fanger looked feral as hell as he moved up behind her, his lip curled off his fangs in a devilish snarl which made him look evil as hell because he was smiling at the same time. Alcide had the sinking feeling that whoever this vampire was, he was ancient and dangerous, not someone to trifle with. He wondered if this vampire who managed to look both innocently-young and savagely-terrifying was Alan Nut, the new King who had called him about an hour ago. But then who was the vampire on the ground that Northman had attacked?

Alcide gasped and put his hand over his mouth when the vampire lunged at her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He buried his face in her neck but didn’t bite.

Alcide arched his eyebrows, deep creases forming in his forehead when she started laughing and batting him away. The vampire started trying to…uh… was he rubbing himself on her like he was marking territory?

He could have sworn the servant who let him inside said Sookie was Northman’s bonded so why was the shorter dark-haired vampire acting like he had a claim on her while Northman stood watching them with a smirk? Bonded vampires were territorial but he had never heard of them acting that way. He decided to watch a little longer and learn more about what the hell was going on.

Both of the vampires, Northman and the dark-haired one started circling around the one laying on the ground. Sookie started pointing and screaming at them both while they looked like they were being thoroughly chastised. Eric started putting his hands out like he was arguing but she kept pointing and making dramatic gestures.

Sookie obviously wasn’t afraid of these vampires. In fact, she looked like she was being bossy as hell. Alcide silently chuckled. He had never seen vampires respect a human enough not to kill them at the first sign of irritation. Even Werewolves were wary around those fucks. They were deadly and had no remorse for those they killed.

Finally, the dark-haired vampire grabbed the one on the ground by the shirt and started roughly dragging him away while Northman followed from behind puffing his chest out and bowing his arms. Sookie seemed to calm down and relax but continued to point and talk as if she was giving them orders. He couldn’t hear what she was saying but saw her mouth moving. They all walked out of the camera view and Alcide looked around at all the monitors for several minutes trying to catch a glimpse of them again. He needed to learn more. He wanted to learn…

Ah, there they were, three monitors over, walking down a hall and opening what looked like a bedroom door. Alcide quickly walked over to the security room door, shutting and locking it.

He stripped off his sopping wet shirt and gave it a tight squeeze to ring the water out. Hanging it on the back of the chair to finish drying, he then settled himself in front of the monitors, deciding he had a long evening and night ahead of him while he watched and learned, waiting for the vampires to die for the day. If in fact the fangers were displaying some territorial aggression, like the servant woman had implied, it was safer for him to stay put. The mansion was huge enough that he hoped he wouldn’t be discovered before he made sure the coast was clear. As much as he hated to admit it, Northman could kill him. He didn’t want to tangle with a vampire if he could help it, though he wasn’t afraid to stand up to them if he had to.


Godric dragged Nut down the hall towards the bedroom by the collar of the shirt. He stopped outside the door and peered in, making sure it was safe for his mate to enter. Sookie was right; the entire room was lined with silver like she said she had seen on the True Blood DVD’s. The door, the walls, even the windows were covered in the deadly metal. Godric shuddered a little at the thought of being trapped in a room like this. He looked down at the baby vampire that dared to attempt to lay a hand on his mate. Yes, this room would do nicely to keep him away from her.

Godric narrowed his eyes at Alan Nut. If not for Sookie, his beast would have destroyed the baby vampire, ripped him apart, smeared his bits and bone marrow all over the walls, and used his eyeballs as ping pong balls on that game table he saw downstairs. A small voice told Godric it would be something he would regret tomorrow, but he paid it little mind and forgot all about it when Sookie walked past him into the room and her breasts brushed against his arm.

He absentmindedly dropped Alan Nut on the ground and followed after her.

“Now put him in here,” Sookie said, turning around and putting her hands on her delicious looking hips. “We can let him out once the Claro Que Tira is over. Since my scent is so strong right now it must have woke him up before the sun went down.”

Dammit. Alan Nut. Godric had let go of Alan Nut. The swine may very well…

Ah, Eric had him. His child must have grabbed the vampire after Godric let him go.

“Then we kill him?” Eric asked hopefully, dragging Nut through the door into the room, completely ignoring his desperate moans of protest.

She gave Eric a scornful look, “No! There isn’t going to be any killing! He’ll be acting normal tomorrow night,” she snapped. “Just put him inside and we’ll shut the door and leave him in here. He’ll be fine.”

After securing the door to make sure the criminal could not escape, Godric turned and followed Sookie and Eric down the hall back towards the kitchen. She had mentioned she had not even been able to drink her iced tea yet. Godric watched her bottom through her pants as she walked and contemplated reaching out his hand and grasping her voluptuous cheek and giving it a good squeeze. He reached in the pocket of his sweatpants and fingered the bottle of oil he had used earlier.

“What do you think, Godric?” She asked, looking over her shoulder and slowing slightly until he was walking beside her.

“Pardon me, my love?” Godric said, in confusion. He was not sure what she was asking him. He was sure she had not been talking when he was looking at her bottom and it was shaking as she walked and the oil and…

“About Nora… Do you think she will try to come here when the sun goes down in a bit?”

Godric let out an irritated grunt.

They turned out of the hall and stepped down the stairs towards the first floor. Godric offered his arm to Sookie and she tucked her hand on the inside of his elbow, giving him an appreciative smile. He did not want her to trip and fall. He was ready to catch her in the event that happened. He noticed Eric was also mindful of her safety. His child was watching her feet as she stepped down each stair.

“Nora will not return here,” Godric said flatly. “She knows Eric and I are prepared to destroy her if she attempts to do so.”

“I may yet destroy her anyway,” Eric growled.

Sookie eyed Eric and brought her hand up to her collar. “Do you really think that’s necessary?”

“Lover,” Eric said, the anger boiling in his voice. “She tried to kill you. She poisoned you with lemon and nearly ripped your throat out. It is our duty to avenge you. You are our bonded.”

“Eric is right,” Godric said in agreement, his eyes flicking to his child approvingly. “We must seek her out and deliver her the true death once the sun descends in the sky.”

Sookie sighed. “Please don’t. This is our first night together since you disappeared, and I don’t want you guys to leave. Can’t we just forget about her? If she comes back we’ll deal with it, but let’s not go looking for trouble.”

Godric opened the kitchen door for Sookie and he followed her inside. “Very well, Little One. We will grant your wish, however, Nora must eventually answer for her crimes against you. And when that night comes, you must accept the punishment that Eric and I deliver upon her. It is our right and duty as your bonded to seek justice on your behalf.”

“Is it really that important to you guys?” Sookie asked walking to the counter and retrieving the tea she had poured earlier.

Godric watched her drink the tea and lost his concentration when the vein in her neck slightly protruded as she swallowed. He was vaguely aware of Eric answering her question as he stood in the center of the kitchen watching his child and his mate, the surroundings swirling around him in a hazy mess.

He gazed at her for what seemed like the longest time, though in reality it wasn’t long at all. His eyes fixated on her pink lips as she alternated speaking to Eric and sipping her beverage. Soon his admiring inspection fell to her breasts and watched as the shirt strained against her skin when she lifted her arm and brought the glass to her mouth. He shivered, a pleasant tremble crawling down his spine, when Eric brought his hand to the waist band of her pants and ran one long finger under the rim. Obviously the subject of the conversation had changed, but Godric knew not what it was.

He walked over to the microwave and popped in the bottle of oil he had used to make himself slick and wet earlier, before he slid in Sookie. He sighed remembering how his hot length had screamed and ached and throbbed with need as he buried himself in her, claiming her in a way she had never been claimed. He wanted more. He wanted to be inside her again and the connection the three of them had earlier was magnificent. He had never felt such pleasure in his long existence, never tasted such exquisiteness, never been so swept away in a sea of passion.

Due to vampires rapid regeneration, it only took minutes for a male vampire’s sated body to be ready again after release. He could last all night and he wanted to be sure his mate was well aware of his stamina and endurance. There could be no question left in her mind that he could give her pleasure from dusk till dawn if she so desired.

He watched with impatience as the bottle turned in the microwave on the glass plate. He could feel Sookie’s eyes behind him, trailing up the sea dragon tattoo on his muscular back, muscles that had been earned two millennia ago in an unforgiving and harsh era. He had purposefully worn his sweatpants low so that she could see the muscles of his hips as they joined to his abdomen in a v. He had seen her eyeing him there on previous occasions.

He turned his head sideways and looked at her over his shoulder through the corner of his eye. Her mouth was agape as she held her iced tea in her hand and stared at him. No doubt wondering why he was heating up the oil. The corner of his mouth turned up in a crooked smile as he thought to himself that she was about to find out why.

“You did not think we were done did you, Lover?” His child said beside her, craning his head to look down at her much shorter stature as he towered at his full height.

The microwave made its shrill beeping sound, indicating it was done. He opened the door and retrieved the bottle of oil. He turned to face the two as he shook it in his hand to even out the temperature.

Godric knew that his child felt as he did, an innate and overwhelming need to stake their claim—again. They wanted there to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sookie was theirs, their mate and not a pet or plaything. The encounter with Nut had made them nervous and they needed their smell inside her and all over her, coating her body thickly as a warning to other males, as a blaring red sign that they had claimed her many, many times. The pride swelled in Godric’s chest at the thought of another male looking upon Sookie and knowing that she was theirs, that only he and Eric had the right to her sweet honey, to taste her mouthwatering blood, to share their blood with her, to pleasure her endlessly, and most importantly—only they had her love and only they could shower her with love in return.

Godric stepped in front of his child and his mate and roughly kicked his sweatpants off as he held his throbbing erection like a handle, the head protruding out far from his hand as he slid his palm up the thick shaft.

“Wait,” she said with concern. Godric froze. Eric froze. But he wanted… he wanted to be inside her! He needed to feel her!

He would have to woo her he realized. Woo her before he slid his oiled length back inside her and made her scream in pleasure. He considered ignoring her and ripping her clothes off before he thrust himself in her depths. Of course he would stop if she really wanted him to, but he could feel her arousal over the bond as she eyed his hand stroking his hard erection. He was betting she would not resist him. He thumbed the drop of wetness that drooled at his tip and smeared it over the head as he rubbed. Her arousal spiked up a notch and he smiled knowing exactly what he was doing, knowing very well that he was seducing her.

She looked over at Eric as his fangs peeked out under his top lip. His eyes were moving between Godric’s hand as it stroked his length and Sookie.

“How come I’m always at the center of y’alls attention?” She asked, putting her hands on her voluptuous hips. Godric’s eyes trailed down the curves of her body with a screaming hunger. Perhaps he could catch her eye and she would see his near-dying need and desire for her and then she would crumple, spreading her thighs, her white fleshy thighs as he buried himself deep in her dripping honey. “I mean, when we first talked about this y’all told me that all three of us would be in a tri-mating thing-a-ma-jig. It sorta feels like I’m the focus of attention.”

“You wish to watch Eric and I?” Godric asked with a smirk, knowing all too well that his question would embarrass her. He glanced down at his hand as he moved it along his length in slow powerful strokes, knowing that she would instinctively follow his gaze. He gave it several powerful pumps, making it swell even bigger in his hand, which he thought was not possible at that point.

Her eyes widened and her face became stricken. “No, I didn’t mean…”

“You want to see me and my maker fuck don’t you?” Eric chuckled. Godric would gladly pleasure Eric for Sookie. He would take great satisfaction in it. Then when he was finished with Eric, he would spread Sookie’s legs and finally go where he was meant to be, where he longed to be, joining them in a dance of lovers as they re-solidified their connection and bond. When it was over he would hold her, rub her hair, kiss her face, whisper to her that he was hers and she was his.

“I uh… I…” She gulped hard. “Have you guys?”

“Have we what?” Eric said smiling.

“You know…”

“No, Lover, you must say what you mean. I do not know.” He leaned in closer to her. “Say it, Sookie.” Godric smiled at his Eric’s mischievousness. It was one of the things he loved about him.

She cleared her throat. “Have you… um… had sex before? You know… with each other,” she mumbled in embarrassment, the tastiest pink tint becoming visible on her cheeks and chest.

It was not fair of them to tease their mate. Eric and Godric both had centuries of cunning and experience to draw on while she was a mere 25 years old, but she was so irresistible and it was so endearing to watch her in these situations. Godric imagined with a wistful glint in his eye that someday she would be besting them with equal craftiness.

“Many times,” Godric said, answering her question. “But it has been several centuries.”

Godric stepped over to Eric and tugged his pants a little, revealing the v indent in his muscles over his hips. His progeny shook them down his legs the rest of the way and kicked them aside. Then he stretched his body showing off for their mate.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you had to… uh! Wait, are you going to?” Sookie fumbled with her words as she stepped away from them. Godric hoped she would turn around and take off running. He bit back a growl at the thought of chasing her, catching her, and pulling her to the ground so he could do unspeakable things to her.

“It is clear that you are aroused by the thought of Eric and I engaged in carnal pleasures,” he said taking Eric’s massive erection in his hand and leering at Sookie. His actions made her squeal softly under her breath. He squeezed some liquid out of the bottle onto Eric and started rubbing it around, getting him slick and oily. He prodded the maker bond and felt arousal storming within Eric’s body. The Viking had always enjoyed it when Godric gave him this sort of attention. It was strange really, the way Eric took such pleasures in these rare encounters. Godric was the only male Eric had ever been with. He was a red-blooded male, as the humans say, through and through.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Sookie said, putting her hands on her crimson face and turning away. “I uh…”

Godric nodded to Eric with a mischievous sparkle in his eye, using unspoken words and the slightest of facial expressions to convey his meaning. Eric had understood him easily from 1000 years of experience, knowing exactly what he wanted and sped towards their mate, picking her up and putting her in a chair that sat against the wall.

“Oh no, Lover,” he said grinning. “You asked, and I would hate for you to miss the show.” He reached down and undid the buttons on her clothing, making quick work of them and soon she was sitting in the chair naked.

Godric sighed as he looked at her beautiful body. He felt his erection jerk and twitch as he yearned for her tight heat.

“I just meant that I shouldn’t always be the one getting all the attention is all! I want to pleasure you guys too. I didn’t mean you guys had to do that just for me!”

“First of all,” Eric began, “my maker and I enjoy pleasuring each other, though we have not done it in a very long time. Second of all,” he paused and looked back at Godric. “Do not move. I have an idea.”

Godric watched curiously as Eric walked the few steps back over to him and pressed himself against his back, enveloping him with his larger body. He moved forward, urging Godric towards Sookie, and he reached around and grabbed the bottle of oil out of his hand. Eric continued to push him until he was straddling Sookie’s knees with his legs, his erection practically in her face as she gripped her arm rests and stared with eyes like saucers. He growled in warning when his progeny roughly pushed him forward so that he had to catch himself by putting his palms flat against the wall, his muscular arms bracing his body as the tattoo bands on his biceps rippled and twitched.

“Be warned, Lover. My maker likes it rough.”

A growl escaped Godric’s lips as his body shivered all over at his words. His Eric had only penetrated him three times in their immortal un-life. It was usually the older of the two who was the one thrusting into the other, being the dominate one. However, Godric had enjoyed those three times immensely and now that they were in a tri-mating together perhaps the nature of their relationship could change somewhat. Perhaps Godric could relinquish some of that control to Eric.

Technically Eric was his—Godric had a rightful claim on him—but he was an ancient in his own right after all and they had always strove to be brothers, despite the fact that in their world a maker had complete control and autonomy over their child. The problem was, Eric refused to be released by Godric, preferring to keep their close connection, and truthfully, Godric was pleased at his favorite child’s decision, who he cherished and loved with all his heart, a love that went far beyond desires of the flesh. It was built upon 1000 years of brotherhood and trust that touched all aspects of their immortal lives.

Godric could hear the wet sounds of the Viking stroking the warmed oil up his own length, no doubt making himself slick and hot as he throbbed in anticipation. So few times had he and his Eric enjoyed each other in such a way. His body shuddered at what was about to happen and he stretched as he loomed over Sookie’s silky body as she lounged beneath him in the chair.

Eric reached around his maker with his free hand and started stroking his erection as well, making Godric gasp and rumble at the feel of being handled. Eric pushed his hips into Godric’s lower back, forcing him closer to Sookie’s face. He rubbed the tip of Godric on her lips and her mouth opened, her tongue moving over his head. Godric hissed in pleasure as he watched her put her mouth on his pulsing erection.

Her big eyes looked up at him as she took his head in her warm, wet mouth experimentally. He sighed heavily, still holding himself against the wall with the flat of his palms.

Godric’s growl came out in heavy pants as Sookie started swirling her wet tongue around his shaft. He felt Eric widen his stance so he could lower himself to Godric’s shorter stature. He knew any moment Eric would slide into him from behind. He would slide his…

“Ja, åh gud,” Godric groaned roughly, his body momentarily going limp as Eric plunged into him from behind, sheathing his entire oiled, swollen erection inside him, every last inch of it. Godric leaned towards the wall, wavering for a moment as he held himself with his hands against the surface. Sookie craned her head to look at him as she sat in the chair, the tip of his length resting on her wet cherry lips. He groaned again as he felt Eric lower his body more to position himself better from behind, his length still completely buried in him. Godric knew any second Eric was about to go wild with mad lust. He could feel it over the bond as well as the way Eric’s body shook and strained against him. He could hear a snarling growl behind him, and imagined how ferocious and angry Eric looked in that moment, his lip peeled off his sharp fangs, but Godric knew all to well from the maker bond that Eric’s mind was swirling in passion and pleasure.

Eric momentarily stood still and then Godric felt the oil dripping down over the muscles of his back. Big hands started rubbing and spreading it all over him.

Sookie grasped his throbbing erection and started taking him fully in her mouth at the same time that Eric grabbed Godric’s hips and pulled out slowly, making them both growl. His progeny held him firmly to keep his body from moving and drove into him again from behind, their skin making a loud smack as Eric buried himself deep with a loud grunt. Godric too braced himself against the wall so Eric’s movements wouldn’t cause him to thrust into Sookie’s mouth. They did not want to hurt her.

Godric braced his arms as Eric slid in him over and over, each thrust becoming harder and faster, slamming with the power of a 1000 year old vampire. His Eric’s fingers dug deep into his hip as he held him still. Godric’s deep erotic growls that had filled the room turned into long drawn out cries of pleasure as Eric thrust in him again and again, unrelenting and endlessly. Godric moaned and whimpered as he clenched his eyes tightly shut and bent forward over Sookie, resting his forehead against the wall, desperate to hold onto the feeling before he released. Sookie was just as unforgiving as she skillfully sucked him in her mouth, taking him as far in as his thick length would go, her hand rubbing his balls as she sucked and licked.

Eric struck down on his shoulder with a loud roar, sinking his fangs in deep. Godric smirked as he continued to groan in pleasure, knowing very well that Eric was aware of his affinity for being bitten, but he dared not take blood. He would never do that without it being offered. Godric’s growls turned into higher pitched howls of ecstasy, coming in rough moaning pants every time Eric plunged deep inside him. He did not need the bond to know his vocal confirmations of pleasure made Eric smile behind him. But the Viking too was becoming overwhelmed with pleasure as his head rested on Godric’s shoulder, his fangs retracting as he lay the side of his head on his maker, burying his face in his neck, snaking his arms around his waist and grasping the crook of his legs near their mate who was working him like a goddess.

His Eric had taken a risk by affording himself the freedom of mounting him, and they both knew this. Godric was an aggressive and domineering ancient, though he liked to give the impression of calmness and serenity. Eric’s risk had paid off.

Eric’s chest slid against Godric’s back as he drove into him, the oil making them slippery wet, the friction creating heat. Their skin shined and glistened, accentuating every rippling muscle as they moved, flexing and tensing, trembling and shaking.

Godric focused his darkened and hooded eyes on Sookie as  her warm mouth glided over his length while Eric continued to push into him with powerful thrust. His thick erection was achingly hard and swollen and wet from her saliva. She teased him with her teeth and lips and swirled her tongue around his head, then slid her mouth around him again. He could take it no longer. He closed his eyes, feeling his pupils roll back and he cried out in a hoarse and sensual growl as he released, his cock swelling up before shooting his cum into her mouth.

His ancient and intelligent mind momentarily shut down and all he felt was pleasure, unimaginable pleasure.


Alcide paced nervously back and forth in the small security office. When they had first started this… this threesome together, he yelled out, getting up from his chair and turning his head. But a strange curiosity got the better of him and he had faced back to the monitor, holding his breath as he watched.

He now knew that Sookie was not only Eric’s bonded but she was this dark-haired, shorter vampires bonded as well, this Alan Nut who was apparently the king. He had never heard of such a thing. Maybe Alan Nut was Eric’s child, or Eric was Alan Nut’s child. That would explain how they could put aside the territorial behavior that usually came with a bonded vampire.

He sank back into his chair and stared wide-eyed as Alan Nut looked like he was having an orgasm. His hand glided over his bare chest as he leered at the monitors, he couldn’t believe he was getting turned on watching two dudes and a girl.

He cursed and looked around for the button to turn the monitors off. He saw a switch on the wall that looked like an off button and he switched it up since it was down.

“Oh, Godric!” Sookie said as the vampire picked her up and turned her around, both him and Eric nuzzling into her.

Shit, it was the sound button! He had turned on the sound. Wait… Godric?

Fuck. The sheriff of Area 9 in Texas? This was the vampire Godric, not Alan Nut. Alcide had heard of the Dallas vampire. He was supposed to be one of the oldest in North America. People spoke of him with both fear and reverence in their voices, called him ‘Death’ and flinched when they said his actual name.

“Lover, I think we have thoroughly made someone other than you the center of attention,” Eric said with a smirk. “My maker looks quite pleased.”

“Pleased, my child, but never sated,” this Godric vampire said. Then he seemed to fly in mid-air and land on the servant dining table, his legs hanging off as he sat down on the edge and put Sookie in his lap. “However, I wish to rest a moment and hold and love Sookie while I watch you pleasure her.”

Alcide nodded. Made sense. Godric was Eric’s maker. That’s why they could share a blood-bonded without killing each other.

Eric strutted towards them and put his hands down on the table, looming over the girl as he picked up her legs and straddled them over the outside of Godric’s thighs, opening her wide.

“What do you think of that, Lover?” He said seductively raking his eyes over her face. “What do think of me pleasuring you?”

Alcide had a good view of the table from a camera that was mounted directly above them on the ceiling. He couldn’t believe he was about to watch this—again. Jesus, they all three had the stamina of race horses. His eyes ravaged over Sookie’s body as he watched them on the monitors and he wished it were him there. He wished it was his hand, not Eric’s, that was caressing across her collarbone down to her breasts. Damn she had nice breasts. They were more than one handful in Eric’s big hands and her nipples were hard against Eric’s palms as he moved over them.

Sookie said something to Eric but Alcide was so fixated on what was happening that he missed it all together. He felt jealous, though he didn’t know why, he didn’t even know Sookie. He just hated being alone and damn Sookie turned him on. She would make a good lover, someone he could hold at night while they kept each other warm.

He felt a little disgusted with himself for a moment, disgusted he was basically a voyeur watching an intimate moment between a married couple. But they weren’t a couple were they? There were three of them. And they weren’t married either. They were blood-bonded, which the vampires claimed was more sacred then any marriage. All hell, fact was he was invading in on a private moment.

Then Sookie wrapped her small hand around Eric, bringing Alcide’s attention to the vampires massive hard on. Holy fucking cow! He glared to the side and crossed his arms over his chest, but not because he was jealous, no he wasn’t jealous anymore. He was turned on. He wasn’t a fucking homo though! He shouldn’t be turned on by Eric’s big dick! He liked women, not men for fucks sake! It was like before, when Eric was pounding into Godric. Alcide had gotten a throbbing hard on that strained uncomfortably against his jeans, but he blew it off and said it was because of the naked chick not the guys.

His eyes flicked back to the screen and he saw Eric rubbing that huge erection between her legs. She leaned her head back on Godric’s shoulder and moaned hoarsely. The Dallas vampire leaned back and propped himself on his elbows, which caused Sookie to lean back across his chest too. Godric must have been a little surprised because he let out a sharp moan when Eric grabbed his erection while he continued to rub his own against the girl.

Alcide could take no more. He couldn’t take watching this anymore. It was turning him on too much. He switched the sound back off and turned his chair around so his back faced the monitors. Rubbing his face roughly he growled in frustration. Yes, this was going to be a very long night.


“That was great, but I don’t think I can take anymore,” Sookie panted, as Eric rested on top of her after collapsing, still fully sheathed inside her.

His Eric gave her a long kiss on the lips before slowly disengaging from her and Godric rumbled as he lifted her off of his own aching erection which was fully inside her backside.

Godric could not help himself. He reached around her and rubbed her tight core so he could bring his fingers to his mouth and taste her. She squirmed on top of him, fully exhausted but obviously becoming more aroused by his touch, but he agreed with his love, he wanted to hold her and enjoy her warmth for awhile.

Godric gathered her up in his arms and walked over to the kitchen sink. Eric was already standing there warming the water and wetting a wash cloth. After cleaning her, Eric, and himself off he carried her out of the kitchen into the next room, which seemed to be a sitting room.

He lounged across the couch and pulled Sookie close to him as Eric sat on the other side of her. Together they laid there, twisted in each others arms and legs as they hummed. Godric whispered in her ear how much he loved her and how fortunate he was that she was his mate. He told her he would always protect her and be hers as he rubbed his fingers through her hair. Eric’s head was in her lap as she caressed his head. His child’s eyes closed in contentment.

Their bond was stronger, double what it was after the first blood-bond and if something happened to one of them now, it would surely kill the others from grief. Godric shook the frightening thought away and laid his other hand on Eric’s shoulder while he continued to lavish his Sookie with love and kisses.


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      • That’s interesting. The dialect is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese with some other elements. The translation is interesting, I don’t know enough about the lexicon to really make the connections. But at first sight it looks like spanish and just adds to the overall humor in my mistranslation . Lol. Please ignore my ramblings.

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