Over Six Feet of Sin

Welcome to “Over Six Feet of Sin” Please enjoy this story!

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30 years after Eric develops New Blood he is a famous billionaire living in an upscale Dallas penthouse. In this reality he meets Sookie for the 1st time and Godric is still alive. He has countless enemies that will use any means to hurt him, and that includes using Sookie to get to him. If you like dark romance, high society, and villain galore step on inside!

Main: Sookie/Eric, Secondary: Godric/OC
Rated MA
Anticipated Number of Chapters: 32-40
(Outline Complete to Ch. 20)

Current Beta

I don’t own True Blood, SVM, or have anything to do with HBO. I’m just playing around with what other people have created. This story is completely fiction and the characters, fictional or real in name, are completely made up.


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