Ch 8: Insidious Inquisitions

Godric & Brandy

Godric held Brandy close on the dance floor. She had warmed up to him quite a bit since their date started. She was a bundle of emotional conflict. He wondered why she was so wary of him. He truly hoped she had not endured a bad encounter in the past with a vampire.

He looked down into her face and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. This made her fidget a little and raise her eyes to meet his. “Little One,” he began. “Have you ever encountered my kind before?”

Her lips parted and he could see that she was gritting her teeth. “Unfortunately, yes,” she hissed.

“It does not sound as if your encounter was a pleasant one?” He had guessed correctly. Not much could get past a 2000 year old vampire.

She looked away and frowned. “It was several months ago. Same club where I met you actually; same vampire that targeted Sookie,” she said in a faraway voice, not even looking at him.

He nodded, his eyes showing a hint of concern. She must have been the first woman Bill Compton tried to drug. He hoped she wasn’t a third victim. The other woman that Levi told him about had been spared Bill’s twisted game when a human couple saw the girl being pulled in an alley. The concerned humans called the police and the woman was taken to the hospital. He was mulling over what words he could use to get this information without offending her.

She saved him the trouble when she spoke again. “I called the club and spoke to someone. Told him they ought to have better security. Luckily nothing happened and I ended up in the hospital. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.” Yes, Brandy had been woman who spoke to Levi on the phone and gave him a colorful scolding.

He tightened his hold on her, circling his arms around her snugly. “I am sorry that happened to you Little One,” he said softly. She finally turned her face to look at him again. “But I promise, not all vampires are of such low caliber as Mr. Compton. But there are many I must admit. You should never go out after dark unescorted.”

“I thought we were past those days…err nights of human attacks and staying indoors after dark. It’s been 38 years since the Great Revelation. That was before I was even born.”

“What do you know about that time? When vampires revealed themselves to the world.”

“We learned about it in history class. Vampires came out of the coffin and there was a lot of fear. Lots of humans and vampires died in the first ten years. But after the vampire virus New Blood was developed. It’s supposed to taste closer to human blood and cure the virus. I know lots of humans who are infected. They prefer it that way so vampires will think twice about who they feed on.”

Godric frowned. “Yes, everything you have learned is true. However, 38 years is a mere blink of the eye to my kind. That time is still fresh in our minds, and vampires are hunters by instinct. It will take more than a few decades to change the natural inclinations of the vampire, though many are trying, such as myself and my child.”

She looked over at Sookie and Eric sitting at the table and Godric followed her gaze. “It looks as if your child Eric still enjoys the hunt.” Eric was as close to Sookie as he could possibly be and his arm was slung over her shoulder as he leaned into her with an ornery smile. Sookie looked incredulous.

Godric chuckled as he looked at his child. “It is a different type of hunt.”

Brandy’s head snapped back to him and her feet stopped moving. “Am I being hunted as well?”

He grinned, one corner of his mouth turning upward. “I am afraid revealing too much to you may give you an unfair advantage.”

“You mean, give your prey an unfair advantage,” she narrowed her eyes.

“Oh Little One, you must know I would never harm you. If anything I would meet the true death to protect you as I would for anyone I cared for.”

“I thought vampires were so unemotional. You care for others?”

“On the contrary, vampires feel emotions fiercely, like a turbulent storm, thunderous and seething below the cool facade of our composed exteriors. Over time we learn to control it, deny it, and some find violent outlets for it, otherwise it is our destructive undoing as we are consumed by emotion.”

“And you? Do you… find violent outlets? How do you deal with it?” She had begun moving to the steps of their dance again.

“I am not violent unless I have to be.” He looked deep into her eyes making her flinch at the intensity of it. “However, you will find that I do not deny my emotions. When something or someone sets my insides in a burning blaze I can be quite zealous in my passion and pursuit of the object of my desire.”

Brandy gasped. “Do you often find someone or something that… stirs you so intensely?” she whispered.

“Rarely.” His eyes twinkled at her. She knew the meaning of his words. She was the someone he was referring to. She had roused the sleeping giant within him. But why her? She herself was a chaotic upheaval of contradicting and intense emotions. Surely he would prefer someone who was more placid than her. Her nerves felt like they were frying and it took every bit of her to keep from shaking in his arms. Not because she was scared but because he was so… Godric! He had this effect on her. It was a bewildering feeling because it was mixed with a sense of protection, arousal, and warmth.


Sookie & Eric

“You… you… how dare…” Sookie couldn’t believe Eric just waggled his eyebrows at her in response to her squeezing her thighs shut!

“How dare you.” He interrupted with a shameless grin.

“What? Me? What did I do?” Sookie said in an outraged voice.

“Why Miss Stackhouse. I believe you are sexually aroused and you are so obviously showing it.” His face was hovering so close to hers that she could smell his delicious male odor. Did all men smell like that or just him?

His gorgeous face was taking up her entire line of vision.

“I feel… so… violated,” he said putting his hand on his chest and feigning offense.

Her mouth hung open and she was at a complete loss for words. He was still grasping her hand and flipped it over palm up. She watched in utter shock and fascination as he ran his tongue over the blue vein of her wrist.

“Are you going to bite me?” She whispered in a shaky voice.

He looked up at her while his head was still tilted over her wrist. “Are you offering?”

“No!” She stammered, yanking her wrist from his. Of all the… Yikes! Don’t squeeze thighs, he’ll notice.

He chuckled looking down at her. He truly did enjoy rattling her.

“Daddy! Daddy!” a scream echoed across the restaurant. Sookie turned to see a dark haired woman bubbling their way to them excitedly. Daddy? Who was this woman? Eric was rolling his eyes.

The woman screeched to a halt in front of them. “Daddy, what are you doing here?”

“I have told you many times, do not call me daddy.” Eric’s mischievous grin had turned to a brooding expression. “Sookie, this is my child Willa. Willa, Sookie.”

“Oh my god! Are you on a date?” Willa’s mouth was wide in a huge excited smile. “I never thought I’d see the day when you took a woman on a date! I guess grandpa Godric has been rubbing off on you Daddy.”

“Willa,” Eric growled. She did this to him on purpose. She wanted to make him suffer for his negligence when she was first turned. He had made it up to her since then though, becoming the maker he was to Pam and treating her with the eternal commitment she deserved. But she still liked to remind him that she was his child in the most infuriating ways.

“Fine.” Willa laughed. “It’s nice to meet you Sookie. Maybe we should get together sometime. I can tell you all about Eric’s scandalous past.”

“I would really like that actually!” Sookie chuckled. “I’m sure you must have some great stories.” Eric was still brooding as he looked in a different direction, his arm still around Sookie.

“Did you know he used to own a bar named Fangtasia? He sat on a throne and would glare out over the crowds of fangbangers and bloodthumpers trying to intimidate them. Then every night he would find a…”

“Willa, aren’t you supposed to be helping Pamela with a certain task regarding William,” Eric interrupted.

“Oh, it’s all good Pops. We have set the fiery hands of justice in motion so to speak,” she winked. “It was nice meeting you Sookie. I’ll call you sometime.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Sookie was pleased that Eric was now the one who was uncomfortable. She watched Willa leave and turned to Eric. “How many children do you have?”

“Just Willa and Pamela. I made Pamela 142 years ago and Willa 39 years ago.”

“You waited a long time to turn more vampires.”

“Yes, well it is an eternal commitment. Much responsibility is involved, as you can see with my youngest, Willa. I will have to punish her later. She knows better, but she enjoys getting a rise out of me. Pamela taught her that.”

Sookie watched Willa sit at a table with a black woman. “Who’s that with Willa?”

“That is Tara, Pamela’s child. Probably plotting ways to anger me no doubt.”

Eric’s family had grown quite a bit during the events that occurred after the Great Revelation. Tara liked to call him Gramps just to piss him off and Willa sometimes called him Daddy, Paps, or Pappy… she knew he hated it. He was easy on her because of his guilt at being a bad maker in her early years. There was no other bond quite as sacred as a maker and their child and he had left her to fend for herself during the virus break out. He would give her a few decades to heal, but sooner or later, he would earn her respect as he had with Pamela. They had already formed a special love for each other, and her faith in him was already growing. They had an eternity.



Bill Compton sat in the back office at Monster Mart with his maker Lorena. He had requested her presence because of her devious mind. Completely outraged at the audacity of Eric Northman, the pompous bastard, he hoped to hatch an evil plan to pay the Viking back. Eric had the nerve to initiate a hostile takeover of his company! And why? All because he had slipped a pill to a pathetic human female! Why did Eric care so much?

“Sounds like he was protecting the little human,” Lorena mused, her painted red lips forming a sneering grin. “Do we know who she is?”

“Sookeh Stackhouse. The surveillance company I hired spotted her in the same building he lives in.” Bill’s features werepleased as he realized his maker was going to indulge him in a conversation she would usually think was beneath her. “The private eye followed her. She lives on the twenty-third floor.”

“You might not be able to touch that Viking piece of shit.” Lorena leaned forward. “But why not hit him where it hurts? Send a message.” She started chuckling under her breath.

“You mean try to drug her again? I’ll have to follow her when she’s going out and I can try to slip her another pill. That will piss Eric off.” Bill smiled at the thought of tasting the sweet smelling blood of the blonde.

Lorena rolled her eyes. “No, god! Have you not learned anything from me?” She frowned. “He is enamored with this human apparently. You know where she lives. She probably doesn’t even remember what you look like because she was drugged.” She was waving her hands in exaggerated gestures as she snapped at her child.

Bill leaned back in his chair, nodding knowingly. “Oh… you mean go to her apartment and drug her.” Bill wiped the smirk off his face when he saw Lorena’s reaction.


His face froze in momentary shock, but his expression soon became as wicked as hers as he absorbed her words. “Damn. You turn me on.” He muttered before launching himself at Lorena in a frenzy of sexual arousal.

Three minutes later, after Bill had run out of sexual stamina, he was on his way to complete the very dirty deed that his maker, Lorena, had brilliantly hatched. Bill glided up the emergency stairwell of Eric Northman’s apartment building. He was seething with rage at the audacity of the Viking, and he felt his arousal more intensely than he ever had at the thought of hurting Sookie, striping her of her virginity, and leaving her in a dying heap of human flesh. He was throbbing and bulging knowing that he was about to have his way with her against her will before draining her. Oh, he wished he could see Eric’s face when the bastard found her broken and battered.

“He thinks he can initiate a hostile takeover of my company? We will see who the more ruthless vampire is,” he muttered with glee under his breath.

“I’ll strike him where it hurts,” Bill mumbled to himself. It didn’t take much effort to figure out that the blonde woman lived in the same building as Eric, although it was quite a coincidence. No wonder the Viking was so protective of her that night. He must have already known Miss Stackhouse. She was quite a prize with her virgin scent. That innocent scent of hers was mixed with something else so sweet smelling. His mouth watered in anticipation. He had smelled the scent on another woman several months ago in the same club. But it was not that woman’s natural scent. It was the scent of another woman that she was perhaps in close contact with. It had peaked his interest but the cops showed up the night he drugged her and he had to abandon his little game.

Then when he tried to drug Sookie everything went downhill. He would now get his revenge on Eric.

His plan was perfect. He was going to knock on Sookie’s door, glamour her for an invite, and drain her, but not before he had his way with her. He too noticed that she didn’t wear the contact lenses. In fact, most humans didn’t wear them within their home. It would be so easy. Eric Northman had so many enemies he would have no idea it was Bill. He reveled in his cleverness as he opened the door from the stairwell to the twenty-third floor.

Bill held up the cardboard box in his hand that he would use to entice Sookie to open the door. He was wearing a FedEx uniform with the name tag Joe. He was surprised more vampires didn’t think of this. Lorena had come up with it. She was so brilliant.

Finally arriving at Sookie’s door, he gently knocked and changed his facial expression to a pleasant smile for anyone looking out of the peep hole.

After a minute, a voice sounded through the door. “Who is it?”

“FedEx delivery for Miss Stackhouse. A signature is required for delivery.” Damnit, it wasn’t Sookie’s voice. It was male. Oh well, he will just have to drain and kill two humans.

“Well call me Sally and slap me silly!” The male voice sounded. The door creaked open and the face of a well groomed young Latino man appeared. The man looked Bill up and down and his lip curled up in disgust. The gesture was so minuscule a human wouldn’t have noticed, but Bill did and it infuriated him. “I’m Christopher, her roommate. She’s not home right now. Did that sexy Northman send another package for my Sookie?”

“I’m not sure who it is from.” Bill said trying to get Christopher to look him in the eyes.

It worked. Christopher glanced up at Bill, and he wasn’t wearing his contacts. It smelled as if he had just gotten out of the shower. Bill was using every bit of his resolve to not lose it. He was enraged that Sookie wasn’t home. He would take it out on this male.

“Invite me in,” Bill compelled him.

Christopher’s expression became distant as his eyes glazed over. “Please come in,” he said stepping aside as Bill strode past him in the apartment. He slowly turned and closed the door so he could execute his insidious plans in the privacy of the human dwelling.


A/N: A green fog comes out of Bill’s mouth as he opens it to speak to you.
“Hi, darling. I don’t like to give reviews either. We will get along great.”
Suddenly Eric appears and pulls down Bills pants. “Don’t insult this beautiful woman, she always gives reviews.”
Eric grabs your hand and kisses it. “Ignore the fool. Lets go review. Then I have plans for you.”

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  1. Willa was very funny and I could picture Eric with his head turned away seeming to ignore her shenanigans. Ha Good for you Willa!


  2. Oh no what a cliffie!
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  3. Oh no, I hope Bill doesn’t get a chance to hurt Christopher. Eric and Godric are adorable. I love that Pam, Willa, and Tara are part of the story.


  4. So bills still up to his old tricks and Lorena pulling the strings! Although Fedex is clever. Willa is a total brat. Sookie better watch herself! She is going to fall hard.


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