Ch 17: The Love Shack


Eric was sucking on my finger which caused a gasp to escape my lips. I could hardly believe the gorgeous Viking was hunched over me licking me clean! First Godric, now Eric!

He had made quite a show of licking the blood off of my face, neck, and arms. Doing it slowly and sensually, with little purrs, growls, and moans, on purpose I’m sure to raise my arousal. He would stop periodically to pay special attention to various spots on my skin, like sucking behind my ear or grazing his fangs along the curve of my neck and shoulder. There was no doubt in my mind that the Viking longed for me to want him with every bone in my body. That was exactly what was happening too.

At first, I had been a bit concerned that my taking his blood then him licking me clean would create a blood bond, but he assured me with a curiously raised eyebrow that he would have to sink his fangs in me to get enough of my blood to seal a blood-bond, adding confidently that when we do bond I will know it. Although it looked like a lot of blood on me, it was just very thin streaks because most had pooled onto the floor or soaked into my clothing.

I was still not completely healed. He had given me so much of his blood and kept offering me more, but I didn’t want to make him too weak, so I said I would just heal the rest of the way on my own. This caused him to grumble and say something about Godric giving me blood when we get back to the house. I felt aches and pains through out my body, but I no longer had any broken bones or internal bleeding.

My attention was brought back to him when his piercing blue eyes locked onto mine as he slowly pulled the column of my index finger out of his mouth, swirling his tongue around it on the way. When my hand became free from his torturous mouth, he licked his lips and closed his eyes, exhaling loudly.

My hand was still grasped in his. I waited with baited breath and exhilarated curiosity, wondering what he would do next as he savored and relished the last remnants of my blood on his taste buds.

He opened his eyes and released my hand. Leaning forward and supporting himself with his hands on both sides of my hips, he stared down at me intensely.

“Sookie,” he began huskily. “Godric has changed because of you. I have not seen him so happy in a very long time. I owe you a debt I can never repay.”


“You don’t owe me anything Eric.” My breath hitched in my throat. “You have no idea how happy I am that he isn’t going to meet the sun.”

He chuckled under his breath and shook his head in unbelievable awe. He was so close I could feel the breath from his soft laughter on my lips. “You are… remarkable. You want nothing from me?”

“The only thing I want is your respect.” I told him, unsure of myself.

“Believe me,” he said, his voice becoming serious and determined. “You have my respect.” He sighed and frowned a little. “Is that why you have done everything in your power to avoid a face to face encounter with me? Not that it worked. I could have approached you any time.”

“Yes, that is exactly why. I was afraid you would try to claim me as your human.”

“Lover,” the word came out of his mouth like a smooth caress causing a bolt of electricity to course through my body straight to my groin. “You are not only beautiful but also extremely intelligent…”

I blushed as he showered me with compliments. He was really enamored it seemed. I knew exactly what he meant when he said I was intelligent. He was saying I made the right move by waiting to meet him. That was a little unnerving. I wonder if he would have put me through hell or tried to claim me had I just gone to Fangtasia that first night. I’m glad I would never find out. I’m all about equality you know.

He continued… “And you are so stunning when your head is swung back in the throngs of passion, my name escaping your luscious lips.” His eyes twinkled and glowed in the moonlight with a mix of mirth and hunger, and the corner of his mouth was turned up in a smug grin of mischievousness.

“You saw that did you?” My face was set in horror, but I had already suspected Eric had seen me pleasure myself in the shack though I wasn’t sure since it was only my third visit. I can’t believe I didn’t think about a camera.

“Oh yes, I have seen it. I have saved the file and watched it many times.”

My face turned about seven shades of red. “I should have known that you would come up with some diabolical plan, such as spying on me with a camera. Is that how you found out I worked at Merlotte’s?

“Yes, you wore your uniform on the first visit I recorded.”

“Well, this rendezvous was bound to happen sooner or later between us. I guess we are in each other’s lives now.”

“Now that you are in my life. I fear I can never let you go.” He took a hold of my side as he spoke, holding me tight. His eyes were unwavering and his jaw set in fierce determination and certitude.

That’s when it happened! I was still laying down, propped up on my elbows looking up at him as he loomed over me. He ever so slowly leaned forward, his eyes burning like hot molten lava.  His lips brushed against mine in the lightest of touches. I was surprised by his gentleness and affection. I had expected him to be rough but he was the opposite. Just as I had expected Godric to be the more gentle one, but he was at the other end of the spectrum with his fierce growls, feverish want, and dominance. I liked both, don’t get me wrong. They were complete opposites of each other.

Eric sighed as he leaned into me more, pressing his body against me. He stopped caressing his soft lips against mine and expertly sealed our kiss like a master of the craft. Wow, he was a good kisser. A millennium of practice… I felt his tongue brush against my lip, eager to gain entrance. I gave in to my desire for him as I parted my lips and met his tongue with mine. Our kiss was gentle, slow, and passionate. I have not kissed a lot of men and I never expected it to be like this. It was so sensual that I became lost in his touch and melted into him, the heat radiating off of me. I felt like I was floating in the heavens on cloud nine.


After several minutes he pulled away from me, and I let out a moan of complaint as my eyes opened to look at him through haze filled lenses. He was staring down at me smiling. He gave my lips one last longing glance before looking back into my eyes.

“Godric is about to compel me into insanity over the bond with his worry,” he whispered, taking my hand in his.

I giggled nervously as he pulled me to my feet. I was a little torn about Godric and Eric. I knew that both of them wanted to be with me now. Godric was very obvious about it in the other world and we shared a very intimate moment, but we had not kissed. Eric let there be no doubt in my mind tonight what his intentions were. I didn’t want to cause a rift between them. Honestly, I have never been in this situation where two incredible men wanted to be with me. I would be a lucky woman to have either of them. Some how I felt a bit heart broken because surely once they both found out the other’s feelings they would back off. Which made me wonder why they didn’t already know. Aren’t they supposed to be connected and feel each other’s emotions? They were extremely close and wouldn’t want to hurt each other. My heart broke knowing I may end up with neither of these wonderful men in my life. Not even as friends.

“Where is Godric?” I asked.

“He awaits us at your home with your grandmother.” He looked over at Rene and nudged him with his foot. “Wait outside I will take care of this worm.”

“No,” my eyes widened and he looked at me questionably. “We need him to turn himself in to the police. Jason is being blamed for the murders. I promised Gran I would set things right for Jason.”

I had not even met Jason yet. He was arrested on my first day here and sat in jail up until the point I drove to Dallas. I wanted to help him then but honestly I had more important matters to attend. I was much more worried about Eric swooping in and making a claim on me and Godric meeting the sun. Not to mention my stress over the maenad, the Rattrays, Bill, Nut-sucker, and Queen Sophie-Ann. You know come to think of it there were quite a few people I haven’t met. Things have just been happening so fast and most of my time has been spent in Dallas stalking Godric.

“Very well, I will glamour him.” Eric said disappointed. “But this piece of trash deserves far worse for attacking you. No one will harm you again.”

He gave Rene a sharp kick in the side and I heard a bone break with a disgusting crack that sent a shiver through me.

“Maybe you should give him some of your blood to heal him so he can wake up?” I suggested. I just wanted this to be over with.

Eric looked at me with the most affronted look of horror imaginable. “I would never honor such a low life with my blood! He is not getting one drop.” And that was the end of that.

After a few more kicks Rene roused with a painful groan. “What da fuck?” He spewed grabbing his side and sitting up.

“Get up.” Eric hissed looking straight down at Rene.

The creepy psycho just sat on the ground glaring up at Eric without moving. He glanced over me. “I knews you was a fangbanger whore.”

Before I could respond Eric slammed his foot into Rene’s chest pinning him flat on his back to the ground. The Vikings face was expressionless but his eyes were wide. “Do not insult my future mate.”

I gasped. Future mate? Oh my god! I… uh… oh… couldn’t even think straight after he said that. I was flattered that he would call me his future mate, worried about what Godric would think of that, and a little annoyed (in a gleeful sort of way if that is possible) that he was so presumptuous.

Eric leaned down and captured Rene’s eyes. He began speaking slowly and dreamily. It was really eerie seeing someone being glamoured. “You are a low-life vermin who deserves to die.”

“I am a low-life vermin and I deserve to die.” Rene repeated with a far off expression, his Creole accent completely gone.

“You will go to the Bon Temps police department and confess every crime you have ever committed starting with the murders of the women.”

Rene nodded and repeated what Eric said.

“If you do not do this your worst nightmares will come true.”

Rene’s eyes got wide and his bottom lip started shaking.

“Now go!” Eric roared as Rene scrambled to his feet and ran out of the shack.

He started chuckling under his breath as he turned back to me. I was limping toward him, still sore from the attack and not fully healed from the blood he gave me.

“Lover, we must get you back to your home and Godric will give you more blood.” He said concerned, cradling me in his arms. “Everything will be okay now that you and Godric are back and the serial killer is taken care of but we still have much to discuss once we get you healed. I have found out more information about this Alan from your world and who his maker is. I would like to see what you know.”

I nodded hoping he was right about everything being okay. I was also extremely curious who turned Alan and I was eager to get home and see Godric. We had grown very close in the other world. I frowned feeling a bit guilty about my kiss with Eric. I don’t want to hurt either of the vampires. I tried not to dwell on that hoping that everything would work itself out.


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    lovely chapter, as usual. 🙂


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