Ch 1: Re-Awakened


The night sky was growing dangerously brighter as dawn’s twilight approached. Sookie looked up as a pair of black birds flew overhead, squawking noisily and disturbing the deafening silence and bitter tranquility of the moment. She heard a horn honk from somewhere far below on the Dallas streets. Such normal everyday things, the world continued in utter ignorance, unaware that a 2000 year old vampire stood on a roof top high above the city, determined to end his life by basking in the rays of the magnificent sun. Sookie, a human girl, would be the only witness to his end.


Her brow knitted, and she felt an overwhelming surge of hopelessness. She understood partly why he was doing it. He was tired. Tired of of his never-ending journey. He had experienced everything, been everywhere, and indulged in just about anything that one could imagine. There was nothing new. Then there was his regret. His regret at his past atrocities. His sorrow as he watched his race wallow in their vile and blood-thirsty nature. It was a huge burden to bare. She understood that. But, suicide just didn’t seem like the right answer.


She stepped closer to him hoping with every fiber of her being that she could some how reach him, somehow make him see that he didn’t have to do this.


“Godric,” she whispered softly. “Surely there is another way.”


He turned to look at her. He looked so happy. She had seen nothing but sadness and despair in his eyes since she first met him. But now he looked overjoyed. Her heart sank. “I want this. I do not wish to live any longer.”


He blinked at the unique human girl who stared back at him. She could never fathom what it was like for him. What he had done, the devastation he had caused in his long life, the things he had seen. And it only continued. The chaotic way of his kind continued even now while he stood on this rooftop. He was sure there were countless humans suffering around the world at the hands of his species. There were vampires suffering now too because of the Great Revelation. So much suffering. His death could bring peace. It could show the humans that vampires were not so different. At their core, the very fiber of their soul, they were all the same.


“Please,” Sookie pleaded. “Eric really needs you. Can’t you just wait a day or two and think about it?” She nervously fiddled with the hem of her dress.


“I have thought about this moment for centuries.” He muttered, looking back to the horizon. He started to unbutton his white shirt, all thoughts of the girl’s pleas forgotten.


Her shoulders slumped knowing nothing would change his mind. She had watched Eric plead desperately with him, but it had not changed his mind. She had no chance of getting through to him.


The death star peaked over the horizon, and Godric sighed in elation. He stepped towards the sun and took off his shirt, letting it fall unceremoniously to the ground.


She gasped watching the first wisps of smoke rise from his skin. No! She screamed inwardly. This can’t be happening. Her heart beat wildly and felt like it was literally being torn to pieces. She quickly took a few steps in his direction, but his head snapped towards her in silent warning to stay back.


She clutched her hands over her mouth as she tried, but failed, to hold back the tears.


“It will not take long. Not at my age,” he called into the sky joyously. She wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or trying to reassure himself.


The first blue flames licked at his shoulders, and a violent scream ripped from her throat, one that she barely recognized as her own voice. Her shout caused him to turn and look at her curiously even as he began to burn. He wondered to himself why this human woman was so moved by his death. He shook the thought away as the pain of the sun’s burning rays began to overwhelm him. Still facing her, he squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth, preparing himself for his punishment, the last sensation he would feel on this Earth.


Sookie fell to her knees screaming. “No!” She yelled. She had never seen someone die in this manner, and it was unbearable to watch. Especially to someone she had come to respect and admire. She didn’t know what overtook her, what was happening. She reached her hands out to him, and a series of light flashes shot from her palms toward the ancient vampire.


He opened his eyes when he realized the flames were subsiding, not increasing. What was she doing to him? She was trying to stop him and it enraged him. She had no right. He rushed toward her to put a stop to this nonsense. When he grabbed her arms a flash of light engulfed them both.


“What are you doing?” He growled, fangs bared, a look of thunderous fury etched on every inch of his face.


“I don’t know!” She cried, tears flowing down her face. “I just… I just couldn’t stand to watch you burn.”


The light still engulfed them blocking everything else out of their sight except the surrounding vivid yellow that streaked around them. Suddenly, they both felt like they were falling as he still held onto her arms. She flinched away from his look of fiery rage as he stared into her eyes, his fangs dangerously close.


They continued to fall weightlessly, the light swirling around them. Godric twitched, and his eyes widened. Something was happening to him. Something strange and unsettling. She did something to him, what that was, he knew not.


“Godric?” She yelled over the torrent of wind that filled her ears. “What’s happening?”


“I do not know,” he shouted back. “Something is happening to me.”


His face contorted in pain, and he winced so severely she thought he was genuinely on death’s doorstep. He began to scream as his fangs seemed to forcibly retract into his gums against his will. It wasn’t as if they just retracted, rather that they were changing shape before her eyes. He touched his fingers to his teeth and gazed at her in shock before his head rose to look up, and he let out the most terrifying scream she has ever heard.


His skin shimmered slightly as his chalky-white skin turned a tan pinkish color in a translucent wave, a hint of rosiness at his cheeks. He continued to scream and doubled over, his head landing at the curve of her neck and shoulder. He clutched his hands on her back desperately as he tried to endure some sort of nameless pain. His screams filled her ear nearly making her deaf. She didn’t know what else to do. She circled her arms around him and held him tight, hoping to somehow comfort him through whatever he was going through. They continued to fall…


He leaned back away from her and grabbed his bare chest with one sweaty palm. Their eyes locked again. His lids were half opened, those smokey blue irises peaking back at her, and she thought he was about to pass out. “Please, stop.” He pleaded.


“Godric, I’m not doing anything. I don’t know how to stop it.” She cried. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”


His chest started heaving, and he sucked in a vast gulp of air. He continued to breath heavily and raggedly as if he couldn’t get enough oxygen. He slumped into her again and continued to heave, apparently exhausted as if he had run a marathon as they fell through oblivion together.


Then they abruptly landed on a hard surface, collapsing to the ground in a heap. The light was gone, and they were both vaguely aware they were no longer on the rooftop. Instead, they were inside a strange room. Godric was laying on his side on the ground and he was… he was undeniable, unmistakably, beyond a doubt, 100% bonafide human in every sense of the word. He laid there in nothing more than his trousers gasping and sputtering for air, teeth gritted, eyes squinted shut tightly, holding his chest and curled in a ball.


Sookie didn’t know what she did to him. All she had been thinking was that she wished the sun wouldn’t burn him. She wished it with every fiber of her mortal being, with every emotion she could muster. She desperately wanted the sun to no longer harm him. Now he was human and the sun would never threaten him again. She could not comprehend what was happening.


She ran to him and put her hand on his naked back, caressing him softly. “Godric,” she whispered her voice cracking. “You are human.”


He pushed himself up on his hands and knees and slowly turned his head up to look at her. “I am.” He gasped. “I am,” he yelled gloriously. “Sookie you angel, you sweet woman, you are a goddess. I am human!” His face was overjoyed as he fell back on his side laughing. Overcoming her shock, she started laughing too. She had no idea what she did but he was happy, and that was all that mattered. It was what he wanted. Godric would live!


“Well, well, well.” Came a nasally wicked voice from a stone archway. Wait a stone archway? Where were they? “What have you brought me Godric?”


Sookie looked over at the man who stood over them menacingly. There was no doubt to her that he was a vampire. When she reached out with her mind all that she found was an empty void.


He was very tall, almost as tall as Eric. But his hair was dark brown, flowing straight down his back and pulled into a ponytail. His eyes were as black as midnight and his facial features were pointed and sharp. He was dressed like he was going to a theme party. Some sort of historical theme party. She searched her mind as she tried to place his style of clothes. Was it medieval Europe? No, his clothing was too fancy in a simple sort of way if that makes sense. Greece perhaps? He was wearing a type of white toga with a purple border accent. Gold tassels dangled around the hem above his knees every inch or so. The clothes were very intricately detailed and well made. He must have paid a great deal for the outfit. His shoes even seemed to be authentic. He wore leather sandals with long straps that wrapped around all the way up his calves in a criss-cross pattern.


Godric scrambled to his feet in surprise, his eyes dark and full of hate. Sookie wasn’t sure what was happening but she stood too. She didn’t understand what the man was saying. She looked over at Godric who’s lip curled upward in disdain before slowly inclining his head in a bow.


“Master,” he hissed. “This woman is from the Isle of Britannia. She does not speak Latin but her family are plebeians, not slaves. Her family is the clien of a patroni household here in Rome and they know she is here. Making any rash decisions would be unwise.”


“Do not tell me what is wise, slave.” He walked up to Sookie and sniffed. “Why does she smell like that.”


Godric continued to look at the ground. He wasn’t the naive child he once was 2000 years ago when he last saw this creature. He had 2000 years of knowledge and experience that had ensured his survival over the millenia, much more wisdom and skill than his cockroach of a master possessed. His master was a vampire and extremely sadistic and evil. As a human Godric was no match for him, at least not in hand to hand combat. Defeating this demon would take every bit of his cunning and craftiness. For now, it was essential he play his part. He hoped his story would work and the vampire would let Sookie go.


“Well tell her to scurry along. You and I have plans tonight Godric.” The vampire sneered. Probably some sick game he planned to engage Godric, his new toy, in. The Gaul closed his eyes and sighed sadly remembering the brutality he endured during this period in his life.


He turned back to Sookie and reverted back to modern English. “Sookie, it seems we have gone back in time 2000 years before I was turned to a vampire. I do not know what is happening. This man is my vampire master and eventual maker. He is very dangerous. Go now! Quickly, you are in danger! Hide some where safe for the night and return to me when the sun rises.” His eyes were worried but he was determined that they survive this.


Sookie didn’t have to be told twice. She shuffled out of the room as fast as she could without looking too obvious. This was unbelievable. 2000 years? How did this happen. She cringed. Was Godric a slave? My god, she had to do something. She had to get him out of there. He may be human now but he is in way more danger than she is. Her mind was reeling at the implications. She would get more answers when she returned at sunrise. Until then she was on her own in an ancient city where she couldn’t even speak the language.


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5 thoughts on “Ch 1: Re-Awakened

  1. I’m wondering why I didn’t see this story when you first posted, but I’m so glad I found it now.
    I love the idea of this story.
    I feel so bad for both Sookie and Godric, but I actually feel a little worse for Sookie.
    Mainly because Godric has those 2000 years of knowledge and he knows what to expect of his vampire master, and Sookie really has nothing.
    I mean I couldn’t imagine being in an ancient city, not knowing any of the customs or languages.
    I wonder if Sookie will have to be turned vampire. Because unless they are able to find a way back to the future Sookie would end up dying eventually. Plus even if they could find their way back to the future, the entire future has probably already changed because of the butterfly effect.
    I’m so excited to see how Godric plans to outsmart his keeper. I wonder if he will be turned because he is able to.
    Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a premise! So interesting! I can’t wait to read more. Poor Godric with that nasty master. And I wonder what Sookie will do not knowing anything of the area.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I came across your blog by kinnik7104 (kinnik’s Funhouse), reading a brief summary of your stories I had no choice but to read this one; reason 1) it’s a Godric/Sookie pairing 😍 2) the premise is intriguing. Although they were only briefly together they seemed to have a connection and this is wonderously building on that!! I have thoughts about his master/maker but I rather not guess I want to be surprised by reading the next chapter. Great start!!


  4. Where have u been? I read every story from authors A-Z and decided to re read each one in case I missed something and I’m just seeing your stories. This seems like it will be a great story. I really love what I’ve read so far and can’t wait to see where Eric comes in at.


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