New Chapter: 26 Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole – Plus news



Chapter 26: Eat Shit Russell


Please enjoy this early update of Rabbit Hole. Click here to go straight there then come back and read the news below. This is my last scheduled update for January and I am also including my monthly news in this here post which might contain hints and/or spoilers.

Monthly NEWS: January

Spoiler Alerts
Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole: 
January has been a great month for the RaBBit. There has been an amazing 6 updates this month for this story. It was also honored by the Writers Coffee Shop as the featured story of the week. And it has broken 200 followers on FF dumbass dot net. There are big plans for this story for February which is sure to get your knickers in a twist or your britches in a wad depending on if you are American or British. In February, you are sure to bite your nails clean off your hand when Eric and Sookie make their way to Mississippi for a dramatic and edge of your seat culmination. Two other characters from the show will be making their debut in February as well. Thank you to all the readers, the fellow writers, and my beta team for all your threats, curses, support, love, and feedback on this story. And a special thank you to Leah a.k.a TexasEx (FF) The Queen of Delicious (WP) for your everlasting and unrelenting assistance on this story and your wonderful friendship that has ensued. And your recipes from your blog (munches on a chili brownie)

Whispers on the Wind: January kicked this story off finally after the prologue stewed for a few months. 4 new updates for this story this month and the next update is scheduled for Feb 1st! It is full of intrigue, suspense, danger, romantic tension, and twists and turns that are sure to make you dizzier than a hairless dog chasing his rump to get at a flea. This month we met the Ancient Pythoness and discovered that she IS in fact the mama of our heroine and we are gonna find out next month just how the hell that is possible and what Sookie’s reaction to it is. We also learned from da ASS that the Pythia is on some sort of council of supernatural’s. We are sure to find more out about that next month as well and just how Titus and the attempted assassination of Julius Caesar ties in to it all. Many readers are dying to know… Is Godric gonna be a vampire again? Are they gonna return to the future? Is Eric gonna be in the story? Is Godric gonna do the nasty wasty with the fairy? And I did not forget… Do you, AmericanAndroid, enjoy pissing me off? I can answer all those questions and more with one simple word: EVERYONEISGONNADIENEXTCHAPTER. Also, I’d like to thank Reinla for beta reading this story and being so cool. Then there is Navidasti which means black panther in Cherokee. She is my historical researcher for this story and has added so much to the caliber to it. Plus, she listens to me rant and rave for hours about Allan Hyde and never once calls me insane.

Other News: I made a calendar on the website. I received back all the beta read chapters for Six Feet of Sin from mistressjessica1028 and have re-vamped chapter 1 and 2. I’ll get to the others soon I hope. I plan to make some new wallpapers this month. 2 of Joe M. as requested by Leah and 2 of Allan H. as requested by my insane inner voices for the wallpaper page. Also, one story banner is still up for grabs.

That’s about it for this month.
~ American Android

4 thoughts on “New Chapter: 26 Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole – Plus news

  1. i would like to say that i loooooove Rabbit Hole. reading it is like riding a roller coaster…up and down, up and down. it actually affects my mood. when i’m feeling grumpy, you can bet that something unpleasant has happened to my favorite character….especially Godric. i think my husband thought i was on extended PMS. hahahaha

    Whispers is another favorite of course. this story is making my head spin with so many possibilities. so exciting. and no, i don’t really question any plot too much. this is your story. i’m like the best person to watch a movie actually. i just usually watch and enjoy the ride. same goes with my stories. i will react though, strongly, might i add. 😉

    but i guess what i’m trying to say is thank you for the stories. i really appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you so much. That is one of the best reviews I’ve ever gotten! I’m so glad I have readers like you who enjoy my work. It makes something I enjoy doing all the more sweeter! Rabbit hole sure can be a roller coaster for sure! I sometimes get carried away with trying to invoke and flip emotions around with the readers! Tell your husband I’m sorry for that lol.


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