Ch 22: A Night of Woe’s and Whoa’s


A/N: This is my first major lemon, so let me know how I did!

Dozens of candles lit the room in anticipation for the ancient ritual, giving the place a feel of a bygone age long forgotten in an ever changing world. I turned around to see Godric and Eric standing behind me. They were both shirtless and stripped down to their boxers. My breath hitched in my throat, and I felt a surge of arousal tingle up my body.

I looked between Godric and Eric puzzled. I had no idea why they were stripped down to their boxers for our blood exchange. It reminded me of one of those True Blood fanfictions that I read on the internet back in my world.

“Oh no you don’t Lover,” Eric murmured stepping closer to me.

“What?” I said confused.

“Sookie,” Godric said stepping in front of me and putting his hands on my sides. “You do not want to get blood on these do you?” He plucked at the hem of my shirt.

“Did you guys expect me to do the blood bond naked?”

“Yes,” Eric answered abruptly from behind, his chest pressed against my back. He ran his hands to my hips and pressed himself harder against me.

“But,” I stuttered about to panic. “I…”

“No clothes during the blood exchange.” Eric said seductively, breathing into my neck. “That is a rule.”

My eyes went wide and my breathing became rapid, but mainly from excitement.

“Little one,” Godric said gently raising his hands further up my side until they rested right beside my breasts. “The blood bond can be intense and we do not want to ruin your clothing.”

“Plus, we are going to make love to you until you pass out from exhaustion,” Eric growled still nuzzling my neck. “I have been looking forward to this since the moment I first laid eyes on you Lover.”

“As have I,” Godric said unable to hide the hint of disappointment in his eyes. “But we understand if you do not wish to be that close to us yet.”

“No, we do not understand.” Eric protested. “I am about five seconds from ripping these clothes off of you.”

“Ignore him.” Godric said giving Eric a scolding look over my shoulder. “You do not have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. We can perform the blood bond clothed if you wish.”

“I have never heard of such a thing,” Eric continued to argue, digging his fingers in my hips in near desperation. “It should be a crime to even suggest…”

“Wait,” I said. I can’t believe I was about to agree to this. Actually, I can. They were both hot as hell and sandwiching me beside the bed in nothing more than their boxers, and my insides were on fire. My fellow fangirls back in my world would give their big toe for this chance. They both fell silent, and I would say with baited breath if they actually breathed. “I want to,” I admitted sheepishly.

I only had a view of Godric’s face when I spoke since Eric was pressed to my back, and his eyes slightly widened before they narrowed into what I could only describe as a wickedly naughty look of triumph. Eric captured my earlobe in his mouth and began to suck and nibble, which made me melt like putty in their hands.

Oh, these were naughty dirty vampires and they had been thinking naughty dirty thoughts about me for who knows how long! They exuded an aura of sexuality every time they were near me or even so much as looked at me. Their insatiable appetite put any eighteen year old human male to shame, and with their centuries of experience, I suddenly felt like I was a lamb in the lions den.

Godric was already lifting my shirt over my head, and Eric was so excited he reached under the scrap of cloth to unclasp my bra. When I was topless, I shivered as Eric circled his hand around me and cupped my breasts oh so sensually.

Godric was also enjoying himself as his hands caressed my bare skin. He reached for my face and leaned forward brushing his lips against mine.

Less than a minute later, I was completely naked and nervously lying between two nude vampires. I had been screaming inside like a hungry animal clawing to get out ever since they discarded their boxers and gave me an eye full of two hard throbbing gracious plenty’s.

I never knew that a blood bond entailed everybody being naked as a jaybird, but what did I expect being in a relationship with two vampires whose sexual prowess made me quiver like a leaf.

“My love,” Godric said wrapping his arms around me. “We will perform the blood exchange first.”

“Okay,” I said stupidly.

“You will need the stamina,” Eric purred, while he nipped at my ear and ran his hand up my hips.

Their cool bodies pressed against my naked skin as they positioned me between them, so that I was sitting in Eric’s lap and facing Godric.

“Do not fear,” Godric said softly. He must have sensed my apprehension. I was a virgin after all. “We will be gentle.”

“The first time,” Eric growled from behind me. He entangled his fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck and pulled my head slightly back so that my throat was completely exposed.

Godric spread my legs widely with his hands, and I shivered as the cool air swept across my sex. He scooted closer to me and cupped both my breasts in his hands. I felt so open and exposed to them; at their mercy if you will, but I trusted them completely.

I trembled and closed my eyes when I felt both of their noses trailing up opposite sides of my neck while they inhaled my scent.

“I have only licked the blood from the surface of your skin. I have not had the pleasure of sinking fang in your beautiful flesh as Godric has.” Eric whispered into my neck. I could feel his fangs scraping my skin as he spoke.

“It is an experience you will not soon forget my child,” Godric rumbled in a deep voice, before he chose a spot on my neck and began to suck. “Her blood is like the nectar of life itself.”

They nibbled, and nipped, and licked, and sucked at my neck causing goosebumps to rise all over my body. I decided I really liked this blood exchange thing. Now, I know some people would say one woman and two men is just disgusting and downright sinful. There is a reason after all that it’s called a devil’s threesome. But I really didn’t give a damn what they thought, because I was on a wild ride that few people get to experience, and I wasn’t the least bit sorry for it.

I gasped as Godric’s fangs sank in the spot he had been paying so much attention to, and I began to feel tingles shoot through my body as his lips sucked and pulled at my skin.

Seconds later, Eric sank his fangs in my neck on the other side, and I whimpered in whispered breaths as the euphoria engulfed my mind.

I could sense the excitement surge through their bodies as they tightened their hold on me, and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears like a quickening drum. The sound was soon drowned out by a sharp growl from Godric as he pulled in a large gulp of my blood.

He released my neck and sat up with a hiss, his chin raised and blood on his lips as he looked down in my eyes. I stared at him, as I sat frozen in place. Although I knew he would never hurt me, my brain attempted to convince me otherwise. He looked so savage and so feral looking down at me with sharp fangs that glistened and dripped with crimson liquid. He loomed over me so closely as he stood on his knees in front of me, his body completely nude while his powerful muscles twitched with the thrill of his passion. His tribal tattoo’s only added to his wild and untamed countenance, and his eyes glittered in the soft candlelight like a sleek predator stalking from the shadows. It struck me that his very dangerous and instinctual nature seethed barely below the surface of his carefully composed exterior.

I felt Eric release my neck from behind in a similar fashion and there was no doubt in my mind he looked just as fierce and predatory as his maker. I could feel his large body hovering behind me as I sat on his lap.

Godric produced a very ornate looking dagger and held it up with his hand, not once taking his intense eyes off of me, or even so much as blinking for that matter. I had no idea where the dagger came from, but I had been quite distracted. He brought the blade down to his wrist and sliced his skin with a slow and methodical movement.

Holding his wrist to my mouth he said in a thick voice, “My sacred blood I offer willingly to you Sookie Stackhouse, let it flow through your veins as your delicious blood flows through mine.”

I obediently took his wrist in my hand and began to drink as his free hand ran up my inner thigh. I almost immediately felt his emotions. I felt… pride, pleasure, reverence, love… so many things that I became overwhelmed. I guess I had always assumed vampires didn’t have emotions quite as deeply as humans since they typically didn’t show them. But oh how I was wrong, his emotions were explosive… there was no other way to do describe it.

I closed my eyes and took in the experience only for them to shoot back open when I felt his fingers lightly brush across my wet folds a few times. He then pressed his thumb firmly into my clit and began slowly massaging me there. All the while, Eric was reaching around me and caressing my breasts. I could feel his hard erection pressed against my lower back as it throbbed against me.

I leaned back in Eric’s chest with my legs still spread wide in front of Godric, and I moaned into his wrist while he leaned closer to me. My mind was rippling with the sensation of his hands touching me in my most intimate spot while his blood rushed through my body.

“Yes, my love. Drink. Feel my blood swim through your veins. Feel my emotions and darkest secrets mingle with your own!” Godric hissed as he stood on his knees in front of me, his chest in front of my face. He lifted his chin and licked the blood from his lips and glistening fangs while he looked down at me.

I released his wrist with a big gasp of air when the wound healed. I felt so… so powerful, and like I was about to crawl out of my skin and jump their bones. I wanted them so badly in that moment. Before I could do that, Eric was reaching around me with his wrist which he had already sliced open with the dagger that apparently Godric had given him while I was busy drinking.

“My sacred blood I offer willingly to you Sookie Stackhouse. Let it flow through your veins as your sweet nectar flows through mine.” Eric breathed. He pushed his wrist to my mouth excitedly.

I drank from him as I did Godric, and again I was bombarded with a flurry of intense emotions. From Eric, I felt excitement, an almost debilitating lust, love, and even a small amount of fear. That surprised me, and I wasn’t sure what he feared. I would need to figure it out later.

All too soon, the wound on his wrist was healed, and I sank back on his chest as my body thrummed in pleasure. My legs were still wide open while Eric caressed his fingers between my thighs, preparing me for what was about to come next. Godric’s hands were resting on my knees as he sat back on his haunches.

“I Godric, pledge myself to you Sookie Stackhouse, forever and fully until I walk the Earth no more.”

“I Eric, pledge myself to you Sookie Stackhouse, forever and fully until I walk the Earth no more.”

“Umm… I Soo.. Sookie Stackhouse pledge myself to you Godric and Eric… till I… uh walk the Earth no more.” I stuttered with a blush.

“It is done,” Godric announced ceremoniously. “Our first blood exchange is complete. Our sacred union begins this faithful night, and we have taken the first step of our eternal journey together as mates.”

I felt the pride pouring out from him over the blood bond. What is that saying? My cup runneth over? That is exactly how I would describe the way Godric was feeling in that moment.

Then I was flooded with a wave of lust that nearly made me crumble. “Now let us seal it with the merging of our bodies.” Eric rumbled in my ear.

“Yes,” Godric said looking from Eric to me. “We shall celebrate by showering our new mate in carnal pleasures of the flesh.”

I couldn’t believe how ceremonial and serious they were being about the whole affair. Making announcement and speeches, but it gave it all a feel of an ageless ritual as ancient and timeless as the vampires themselves.

“Godric is the elder,” Eric said lifting my wrist to his nose and sniffing. “Though we are equals in this union, I wish to give him the respect he is due and allow him the gift of your first carnal pleasure.”

Godric grasped my thighs and slid me down Eric’s chest until I was on my back, and Eric shifted himself so my head was lying on his inner thigh, his very large, very hard vampirehood right beside my face and pointing at me like it was accusing me of something too dirty for words.

I looked up at Godric excitedly who was still sitting on his haunches, my legs now over his hips. He stared down at me and tilted his head while he slowly rubbed his hands up and down my thighs.

“I accept your gracious gift my child,” Godric purred as he moved his hips forward and grasped his hard erection, forcing it to lie across my aching center. My muscles twitched as he slid the tip of his cock across my wet slit until it was slipping and sliding like a wet delicious popsicle screaming to be licked and nibbled and devoured. He started hissing and sighing and leaning forward to steal kisses from my lips as he continued to tease me with his throbbing vampirehood.

“You are so wet, my love,” Godric said thickly in a shaky whisper. “And your scent clouds the air around us like a sweet perfume that calls to my heart and ignites my hunger.”

I felt Eric licking my wrist as he reached down and rubbed a finger and thumb around my nipple. All the sensations caused a lusty moan to escape my lips. My body came alive, and I began writhing in ecstasy, moving my hips towards Godric as he rubbed the tip of his shaft along my moist, aching center. My instincts took over as I moaned louder, and my mind swirled into a foggy haze, carrying me away on a wave of pleasure.

Godric increased his pace, rubbing the tip of his cock across my clit all the way down to my entrance and back again. Back and forth he went, so quickly my nether region was buzzing as I nearly drowned with pleasure. I incoherently moaned or growled, I’m not sure which, all I knew was that he had just given me an orgasm without even entering me yet.

My hair swayed in a gust of wind when Godric disappeared at vampire speed. Then his mouth was between my legs, his tongue imitating the trail of movements his cock had just performed. But this time he sucked on my clit and stuck his tongue in my entrance to lick up my juices. I panted, and moaned, and screamed out his name as he relentlessly sucked and licked between my legs.

“Come my child, taste your mate.”

I looked over to see Eric wide-eyed and licking his lips before Godric shifted slightly to allow him to taste my fresh orgasm.

The Viking moaned, growled, and grunted as his tongue caressed me. Oh my god, they were torturing me with pleasure. I didn’t think that was possible! “It is as delicious as your blood Lover.” He growled licking his lips.

I looked down to see his blue eyes staring up at me while his smirking face slowly lowered back to my nether regions. His tongue slowly glided up my slit before his mouth found my clit. He pulled and teased with his teeth and lips while he inserted two fingers inside me and continued his intimate exploration. My hips bucked into his face when he turned his palm skyward and started drumming his fingers on something… something so… so very wonderful! The elusive and mysterious g-spot! For the love of god and all that is holy the man started sweeping his tongue across my clit at vampire speed and drumming those fingers inside me just as quickly. How he managed to do it so expertly while my hips bucked into his face over and over I’ll never know. His growls vibrated my entire midsection while he brought me figuratively to my knees.

“Ohhhh! Eric! YES!” I screamed without a hint of modesty. My muscles clenched around his fingers as a surge of wetness made its presence yet again. I screamed and panted and drew in ragged breaths as I floated back to Earth with half open eye-lids.

Godric was on his knees, holding his erection which was still wet with my juices from when he rubbed it all over me. He was stroking the wetness up and down his shaft with anticipation. Eric looked up at his makers throbbing hardness which glistened in the dim light. Leaning his head up, he ran his tongue over Godric’s tip.

“Yes,” Godric growled in excitement through fangs, looking down at Eric. “Let us not waste any of her sweet essence. Lick every drop from my dick.” He growled and leaned his head back. “Yes,” he breathed hoarsely, “Devour it from my cock!”

Eric’s lips circled around Godric’s hard shaft and sucked feverishly, making the Gaul grunt. My eyes widened at the show, and I gasped loudly, causing them both to slightly turn and glance at me. Godric smugly smiled as he gyrated his hips towards Eric’s head, and I couldn’t be sure but I thought I could see Eric smiling, though it was hard to tell with his mouth full of Godricock a la mode.

Eric lifted his head, and I watched eagerly wanting a lick of the Godricock a la mode myself. Eric bit into his wrist, allowing his blood to drip all over Godric’s cock. When the wound healed he wrapped his hand around his maker and began stroking him, spreading the crimson liquid up and down his shaft.

“Eric’s blood will allow me to thrust into you without reservation until you scream my name, and you will feel no pain,” Godric leered at me.

I bit my bottom lip excitedly and looked up, letting my head sink in the pillows. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I tried not to squee as the realization of the momentous experience that I was about to engage in hit me, dead center, like a Twinkie truck being driven by a zombie. I mean I was about to do the nasty with two gorgeous vampires!

“Did you like that Lover?” Eric said, suddenly beside me again, lifting my head and sitting it back on his thigh. I looked at his gracious plenty who was pointing at me again. If it had a mouth it would be telling me how dirty I was.

“Yea,” I giggled, looking up at him while he caressed my hair.

“Then you will like this as well my love,” Godric said thickly as he spread my legs wider and positioned his erection at my entrance.

Godric slowly began to slide in my forbidden fairyhood. A breathy whimper escaped my lips at the sensation of him filling me so fully, stretching me around his thickness. He continued to slide in until he was buried in me to the hilt.

Eric was caressing my face and Godric’s hands were rubbing along my side as they waited for me to become accustomed to the sensation.

“Are you okay Lover?” Eric asked moving a strand of hair out of my sighing face.

“Oh, yes,” I breathed. “Feels so… good.”

“Mmh. You are so tight,” Godric muttered in a broken and breathy whisper. “You feel so delicious and silky.” He kissed my neck and breathed heavily into my skin as he tried to gather himself.

“God!” I screamed when he slowly slid out of me and back in a little quicker this time. He was so thick, I felt completely full of Godricock a la mode, my depths greedily devouring him as he entered my secret lair. And “God!” it felt good.

“It is Godric.” Godric said in a low chuckling growl, his voice humming with pleasure, the blood bond confirming his feelings to me.

My breathing became more ragged as he quickened his pace, and I didn’t even notice Eric had my wrist in his hand again until I felt his fangs sink in.

There I was, on my back in the candlelight with my legs spread; one vampire on top of me, thrusting in and out of me and another drinking the blood from my wrist. All the while, primal growls echoed in the thick air around us. It was truly erotic.

If I was going to be in such a provocative situation I wanted to do it right, so I turned my head and ran my tongue along Eric’s cock. He was not sucking at my wrist anymore, only licking the dripping blood. He stopped and looked at me as I swirled my tongue around his tip. Then he shifted himself slightly closer to me and entangled his hand in my hair while I sucked on the head of his cock. I couldn’t hear him purring, but I felt his body vibrating with a rumble. He started licking my wrist again as he watched me, like a kid licking a lollipop.

I continued to buck my hips towards Godric, meeting him as his thrusts became more powerful. He was still sitting up on his haunches with my legs pulled around his waist, his hands on my hips, holding me as he pounded in me with deep, hard movements. He would pull out slowly, savoring the feel and slam in me again, over and over. A growl resonated from deep in his throat with each thrust, my sticky skin smacked against his hard body every time he buried himself in me balls deep.

I took my mouth from Eric’s cock when I felt Godric sling one of my legs over his shoulder, opening me even wider. He leaned over me, his hard body loomed over mine, and I stared up in awe, looking at his rippling muscles as they glowed in the soft candlelight. He looked down into my eyes intensely and slammed into me deeper and harder and faster, not taking his fierce gaze from mine.

I stared up at him adoringly while I moaned sweet melodies in the air, and our eyes locked as we moved to a dance as old as time itself.

His eyes softened as he continued to thrust powerfully, almost desperate to reconnect us every time he pulled out, and I could feel the love pouring out of him through our bond.

Then I felt the breath of a cool whisper on my ear.

“Do you like the feel of my makers cock inside you,” Eric whispered as his hand wrapped gently around my throat. He kissed the skin below my ear. “I told you last night we would be sinking in you so deeply and thoroughly that you would scream in pleasure. Our night has only just begun.”

I was sure I would have never been able to endure this if Eric had not spread his blood on Godric before he entered me. But as it stood, I felt like I was in heaven.

My muscles clenched around Godric’s thrusting deadly weapon as I felt another orgasm begin to explode through my body.

“Yes, my love.” Godric hissed. “Let your sweet juices flow on me.” His zealous thrusts became more feverish as he quickened his pace.

I cried out, unable to contain my pleasure. I clutched my hands onto Godric’s shoulders and he bent forward, crashing his lips to mine, pivoting his hips as he thrust vigorously in and out of me with reckless abandon. Over and over and over until my brain shut down as I rode another wave of  pleasure.

I was vaguely aware of his loud growling, it felt so distant as I floated high above us on cloud nine, but I knew he had an orgasm at the same time as I did. He thrust in me one last time before collapsing on his elbows above me and showering my face and lips with kisses.

Godric slowly pulled out of me and lifted me in the air as he stood, my legs wrapped around his hips.

“Oh my love.” He said gently between kisses. “I never thought I would find a treasure such as you. You are truly a gift from the gods. My heart is overwhelmed with joy that I could show you tonight how much I truly care for and love you.” He pressed his forehead against mine as he held me in the air around his waist.

“I cannot believe the amount of love I feel from you over the blood bond. I am truly humbled. No one has ever shown me such love except Eric. I will cherish you until my last dying breath. This I vow.” He proclaimed.

Eric was standing beside us wrapping his arms around me and Godric and embracing us tightly.

We stood like that in silence for minutes. Just feeling and prodding the love from the blood bond, all three of us in complete awe.

That is when this faithful night turned into a never-ending nightmare the likes of which would bring us all to our knees. I wish I was a true seer because had I known what would happen next in this little story I could have done something to stop it, prevented the heart-wrenching destruction that was brewing on the horizon. But I suppose everyone feels that way looking on the past with retrospect. I look on it with an almost debilitating pain and anguish that will follow me all the days of my life.

The phone rang and Eric moved to answer it. He was frowning and I knew then that something was seriously wrong. He picked up the phone and pressed it to his ear.

“Pam, calm down.” He said after a few seconds. “What has happened?”

Godric stood me on the floor as we stared at Eric awaiting what news Pam had.

When he hung up the phone, he turned to grab his pants. It must be something important if Eric was getting dressed and leaving before we had the chance to “share in carnal pleasures” as he put it.

“Pam arrived at Fangtasia. The door has been knocked off it’s hinges and Nut-sucker is missing.”

“Edgington,” I gasped.

“My child, I will go to investigate. If trouble lies in wait, I will be able to handle Edgington better than you. Someone needs to stay here with Sookie and ensure she remains safe.”

“No Godric.” Eric hissed. “As much as I want to protect Sookie, it is my responsibility, and I cannot ask this of you. Pam is my child and she is my responsibility. You stay here with Sookie. If it is a trap I would rather you were here with her, as you said, you stand a better chance against Edgington should he come here.”

“I think we should all go together,” I protested. “With you two and my fae magic we can give him a run for his money.”

“Lover,” Eric said stepping closer to me and wrapping his arms around me. “We are in no way trying to say you are weak. However, your magic, as of now, is unstable and unpredictable and you must stay at the safe house. Neither of us will allow you to be put in danger. Edgington may be older, but I am far more cunning. I can handle myself fine. This is just Godric being over protective. That protection stubbornly extends to me as usual.” He turned to face his maker. “It is my child and my club. I will not allow you to put yourself in danger.”

“You will stay here with Sookie.” Godric growled. “Stay alert until the danger passes. Your final union will have to wait until I return.”

Eric grabbed Godric by the arm as he slid his shirt on. “Fader, I just got you back in my life. I beg you, stay with Sookie and protect her. Allow me to handle this.”

“It is me Edgington wants for some unknown reason. If it is a trap he will make his way here in search for me, and Sookie will be in danger.” Godric said buttoning up his shirt. He turned to look at Eric. “Do not force me to command you, my child.” He put his hand on Eric’s face. “I am sure all is well. I will go see to Pam’s safety and investigate the break in. Then I shall return, and we will continue our special night.”

Little did I know how important this moment was. I would have kissed him more tenderly as he brushed his lips against mine in goodbye. I would have held onto him longer with all my love as he embraced me in farewell. I would have begged him to hold me in his arms one last time. Had I known, I would have fallen to his feet and refused to let him leave. He turned and walked out of the door, giving me one last glance over his shoulder, the worry in his eyes almost completely hidden under the centuries of wisdom and control. But I saw the smallest glint of uncertainty present on his otherwise serene and composed features as he closed his eyes briefly before he turned to leave.

And then Godric… was… gone…




A special thank you to The Queen of Delicious, mistressjessica1028, suzymeinen, and Navidasti for the team work and putting up with my obsessiveness over every detail to make sure this 5160 word citrus was presentable to you the readers!

Eric and Godric watch you intently from the shadows. Your heart beats wildly in your chest as you look around sensing you are being stalked. You scream desperately as they jump out of the bushes, and you turn, making your escape through a door with a sign that reads “Ch 22 Feedback.” You slam the door shut and slump against the hard surface, sighing and closing your eyes in relief. “Hello Lover,” Eric smugly grins. “You fell for our little trap,” Godric leers at you as he comes closer.


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    Every detail was described so perfectly…
    Unfortunately shit hit the fan!
    Nut-sucker is missing..and we all know who took him…
    I didn’t like the last line though
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    Is it some kind of spoiler?


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    Hurry on that update, please, as I’m getting an ulcer over here, lol!

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  5. It was good all the way till the end, then I was rolling my neck and snapping my finger in a ‘Z’ with my hand on my hip saying, ‘What?!! Seriously? Oh no she didn’t!!!’ Please, don’t let Godric die!

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  7. That was spectacular and beautiful bonding they shared. Such love and devotion towards one another. And to leave us with an evil sinking feeling of loosing our Godric.


  8. I would have preferred you waited with the drama until Eric had taken his fair share as well … poor Viking ah, ah, ah !!!! I must have missed something because I am a little confused about the link between Appius – Russel – Godric right now …


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