Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to “Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole” Please enjoy this story!

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I don’t own True Blood, SVM, or have anything to do with HBO nor do I actually hold any ill will to those involved in it’s creation. I’m just playing around with what other people have created. This story is completely fiction and the characters, fictional or real in name, are completely made up.

Sookie is just a regular girl in our world and a huge fan of the True Blood TV show. She goes to tell off Alan Nut, the creator, about how the show turned out, but she gets more than she bargained for. She is literally tossed into the TB universe and embarks on a eye-opening adventure to change things. Faced with the prospect of never returning home she learns there is more than meets the eye.


Romance/Comedy and a bit of Mystery/Adventure
Rated MA
Anticipated Number of Chapters: 40-45

Current Beta


Chapter 1 : You Shut Up!
Chapter 2 : Screw You Nut-Sucker
Chapter 3 : Super Secret Agent Sookie
Chapter 4 : The Turd Must Die!
Chapter 5 : The Sly Sheriff and Bill-Hair Tea
Chapter 6 : The Spy in the Shadows
Chapter 7 : The Wisdom of the Gran
Chapter 8 : Viking Voyeurism
Chapter 9 : Eric Tests the Waters
Chapter 10 : Giddy with a Gaul
Chapter 11 : Glimmering My Eyeballs Ain’t Polite
Chapter 12 : Bite Me!
Chapter 13 : Ancient Brains
Chapter 14 : Lets Get Stoned!
Chapter 15 : A Psycho, A Fairy, and A Banana Peel
Chapter 16 : Sookie Sucks A Sheriff
Chapter 17 : The Love Shack
Chapter 18 : Rise of the Pheonix
Chapter 19 : Forbidden Fruit… Err Fruits
Chapter 20 : I Demand It
Chapter 21 : I Need Your Body
Chapter 22 : A Night of Woe’s and Whoa’s
Chapter 23 : Fuck A Zombie
Chapter 24 : Crossroads of Duplicity
Chapter 25 : Beautiful Release
Chapter 26 : Eat Shit Russell
Chapter 27 : Godric Reflects on Suicide
Chapter 28 : Godric is Alive!
Chapter 29 : A Meeting of Minds
Chapter 30 : The Riverhouse
Chapter 31 : Violations

2 thoughts on “Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Hey darlin! So I wrote up a review for TDtRH and it’s set to post next Thursday on my blog. Hopefully that’s alright. 🙂 If it’s alright I can add the story banner, but I didn’t want to do that without permission. I’d also be interested in doing an author interview if you’d like. Just let me know. Thanks darlin!


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