Ch 38: The Long Night Begins

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I dragged a hand through my hair trying to calm my frayed nerves. I felt inadequate, not knowing how this would happen. Bringing my eyes up to Godric, I quickly glanced away because the lust that swirled in them nearly caused me to panic. I looked over at Eric. Despite the fact he didn’t have that special little vampire gift, his stare was nearly as crippling. Those piercing blue eyes bore into me as if they were trying to learn every inch of my soul.

The last time the three of us were in a room together, the scent of arousal permeating the air, I had only made love with Godric. Then he left, causing a nasty series of events to play out like a chain reaction, which had led us all to this point.

Now, here we were again, the three of us together in a room, ambient candlelight glowing on the walls and ceiling. We were about to perform the second blood-bond ritual, which was supposed to strengthen our connection even more, though I couldn’t imagine how it could get any stronger than it was. My heart was so wrapped up in them that I could barely breathe as it was.

There was one very big difference between now and the last time we were together like this, some sort of primal instinct had taken them over. My fairy biology had reared its head and pulled at them like gravity holds things to the Earth.

They were both beside me, eyes flashing wildly, bodies shuddering in anticipation, fangs throbbing with need. The aroma of their arousal hit my nostrils, two distinct scents, one of a winter ocean breeze, and the other a dark spice with undertones of an evergreen forest.

Despite my mounting arousal, I felt fear and anxiety. I shouldn’t because I’ve been with them both, but I was clueless. I didn’t know how this was going to work with all three of us.

“Look at me, my love,” Godric said thickly as he leaned over me in the bed. He loomed over me so closely without even touching me, and I wondered if he was hovering in mid-air beside me. I didn’t feel crowed though. I felt oddly reassured.

My eyes locked on him, and I tried to relax my eyelids because, I knew they were slightly bugged.

He ran a hand down my face and tilted his head as he spoke. “Do not have fear, Little One. We love you and will not bring harm to you.”

I wasn’t afraid they would harm me. I was embarrassed that I had no idea what to do, and I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I smiled a little and nodded, but they weren’t buying it, as if they had direct access to my thoughts.

“Lover,” Eric said, grabbing my attention. I looked at him. He was lying on the other side of me, stretched out and supporting his head on his elbow, his other hand caressed my stomach and his blue eyes glowed with desire. “Relax, and we will show you pleasures you have never imagined.”

His hips instinctively arched a bit towards me and he captured his bottom lip with his fangs as his eyes swept down my body. God, he could barely control himself, and Godric wasn’t much better.

Ever since they had walked back in the bedroom, their undivided attention had been on me. The fighting had stopped. Godric had obviously talked to Eric. There was only one thing on their minds, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what that was.

They had insisted on feeding me by their own hands while I laid there on the bed. They had brought all sorts of fruits to my mouth and watched me eat with an erotic fascination, their eyes hypnotized and fixated on my lips as I chewed.

Godric brought a red grape forward, and I dutifully opened my lips. He slowly put it in my mouth, pulling my bottom lip down as his hand retreated. He leaned forward and captured my lip in his mouth. I could hear a sharp hiss escape him as he sucked.

They were being so slow and methodical, and I wasn’t sure if it was for my benefit, seeing as how I was nervous, which made me feel even more inadequate, or if it was because they were enjoying themselves.

“We want to savor every last bit of you,” Eric said hoarsely, and I felt a heat shoot through my body, which caused him to smile, showing his white fangs under his lips. “After all we will only experience the blood-bond ritual three times.”

Yea, the first time had started out great but went terribly down hill when Godric slapped on his silver armor and jumped on his white horse.

It was still daylight outside, so there wasn’t a chance in hell of anything like that happening this time. God that made me realize they’d be awake for about fourteen more hours; the rest of today and all night before the sun rose. Fourteen hours of me releasing these pheromones and driving them crazy—I wasn’t sure if I’d survive!

You wouldn’t know it was daylight outside though, with the barriers down over the outside glass of the windows. The wall clock said 3:15 p.m.

Godric followed my line of sight to the clock and turned his face back to mine, an excited glint in his eye. “Yes, we have a very long time together before we go to slumber again.”

They were tracking my every subtle movement like hunters, like predators, like an obsession, and when I sat up an inch they jumped and gasped as if I had startled them or as if I had committed a crime, I wasn’t sure which.

Godric squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. “Please forgive us. We should have given you blood to ease your pain.” His lips peeled off his fangs in anger, and I realized he was ashamed.

“It’s no big deal, really guys.” I looked over at Eric who had gone still, his eyes wide and full of pain. My broken arm was killing me and my chewed up throat stung like a bitch from Nora. “I’m not hurt that bad.”

“We are the cause of your injuries,” Eric croaked. “We must heal you now.”

“You will take from both of us, and you must take as much of our blood as you can,” Godric said in a soft, yet demanding tone.

They both sat up and gathered me in their hands like I was so fragile I’d break from the softest caress.

Godric sat me in Eric’s lap, and I realized he wanted me to drink from Eric first. Eric looked at his maker and his eyes filled with gratitude and awe. I knew Godric was giving his child a gift that only a vampire could truly understand and appreciate.

I waited for Eric to cut his skin with the ornate dagger they had used in the first blood-bond ritual but he only held me in his arms, looking down into my face. It struck me they wouldn’t have the dagger with them. Why would Eric have brought it to a battle?

Eric’s hand swept across his chest. “Bite me,” he breathed, the anticipation heavy in his voice. He leaned back and pulled me on top of him, his eyes wild as he stared at me. I could feel Godric close behind me, surrounding my back with his body, his fists pressed into the mattress on both sides of me and Eric.

I felt a twinge of pain from my own weight on my fractured arm, which was soon rectified when one of Godric’s strong hands snaked under my waist and lifted me slightly, pressing my back flush against his bare chest. He pulled my shirt up my back as if he was craving some skin to skin contact.

I felt like I was in a vampire cocoon as I looked down at Eric’s smooth chest, the light splattering of blond hair standing on end as if he had goose bumps.

Eric braced his hands on my sides, sliding them under the pants I had put on after the shower. Damn, his hands were massive and nearly swallowed me whole as they wrapped around my hips. He pushed my hips up and spread his legs, before settling me back against him. I could feel his hard length against my belly through his sweatpants and my breath caught in my throat.

I focused back on his chest and noticed his body started vibrating. “I cannot bear it any longer. You must bite me!” He said, crashing his head on the pillow before raising it back up to stare down at me. I glanced up to his face to see his fangs fully elongated, his face taught, his eyes watering as if he was about to crawl out of his skin.

Not taking my eyes off of his, I bit into his chest right over his heart as hard as I could. He immediately howled in pleasure and his hips bucked up towards me.

I could feel Godric position his other hand on Eric’s hips holding him in place so he didn’t buck and hurt me. I was still injured and not yet healed.

When I drew in a gulp of blood, Eric’s fingertips dug into my hips as he moaned in pleasure. The blood hit my system hard and fast, and I suddenly had a heightened awareness of sensations that had been dulled by the pain of my injuries. I hadn’t been able to focus on much more than the broken arm and stinging throat. I could feel Eric slowly pushing my pants down my hips with his big hands. I could feel Godric’s erection in the cleft of my bottom as he rocked slowly against my backside. My hearing became better, and I could hear them both whispering so low in that foreign language.

I felt a soothing sensation as my arm literally snapped back into place and the bone knitted back together. The stinging started to go away in my throat and my bodily aches were a memory.

As surely as my injuries were there, they were gone, and I felt as good as I had after the first time they gave me their blood. I finally leaned my head up when I needed air and looked into Eric’s half-lidded eyes. He stared at me with complete adoration.

“You have blood on your lips,” he breathed.

He threaded his hand in my hair on the back of my head and brought my lips to his.

I deepened the kiss and his hands slid down my body all the way back to my pants and pulled them along with my panties right down to my knees. I felt Godric lift off my back and my pants were yanked off. Eric pulled my shirt off and unclasped my bra and within seconds I was lying on top of him completely naked.

I moaned in pleasure when I felt Godric press himself against me again from behind, his hard length now completely exposed, twitching when it made contact with my skin.

Godric lifted me in the air, levitating us a foot above Eric, breaking my kiss with him. I gasped and looked down to see Eric hurriedly pulling his pants off as he stared up at me. His massive erection sprang free, lying across his belly, a bead of moisture at the tip.

I was flipped around and laid on my back against Eric. Godric’s face had a dark, provocative expression playing across his feral features. I reached out and ran a finger down one of his fangs, and his eyes fluttered and rolled back in his head as he opened his mouth wider and let out a great sigh. I smiled. So vampire fangs were an erogenous zone. Nice to know!

He pressed his hips hard against me, above my core, so that his chest was positioned above my head. I had the sudden urge to reach between us and wrap my hand around his length, and that’s exactly what I did.

He yelled out in that foreign language when I touched him and started to pump in my hand. I had the distinct feeling his foreign words were something along the lines of GOD YES.

I worked my hand up his hard length, the soft skin feeling smooth in my palm. That’s when I felt Eric move slightly, and he pressed his erection at the juncture between my legs. I looked down between Godric and me, beyond the erotic magic that was happening in my hand, and saw Eric poking out between my legs.

I whimpered when Eric started moving his hips under me, rubbing that massive thing against my cleft. I looked down again and saw him glistening in the candlelight from my own arousal.

“You must bite me, my love,” Godric groaned above me. “Bite me hard over the heart. I want to feel you take me in your veins for I am yours and I must flow through you.”

His chest was heaving above my face as it came closer, filling my entire vision. That dark spice and evergreen scent clouded my senses, swirled in my brain, carried me on a high like a drug.

I clamped down on his chest without hesitation and his growls of approval filled the room. Almost at the exact same second, I felt Eric sliding his erection up and down my slickiness which caused me to moan in Godric’s chest as I pulled at his blood.

My palm continued to move up and down Godric’s throbbing erection which jerked and strained in my hand. All three of us were moving with a rhythm, our bodies swaying in perfect sync with each other. I was on the verge of exploding and the only part of either of them that had entered me was their blood.

I released Godric and sucked in a huge gasp of air. I felt the explosion then and cried out with a crashing release. I squeezed my hand hard around Godric’s erection and he growled ferociously.

I looked up at him, afraid I had hurt him and his face was contorted in some sort of erotic expression as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut and inhaled the air around us. I could hear Eric taking in big gulps through his nose as well. What’s going on? Oh right, the fairy pheromones and I had just had an orgasm. Oh shit!

Eric was out from under me in the blink of an eye, and I shook my head for a second because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They both had their backs plastered to the ceiling above me as they looked down at me, an expression of total shock and utter excitement on their faces. They grasped at the ceiling with their palms as if they were trying to get some sort of handle on the situation, but they just growled, and heaved, and shuddered up there like some sort of fictional paranormal event that you only hear about on the sci-fi channel.

“Guys?” I said looking up at them in disbelief.

My only responses were growls and hisses but not the threatening kind. They were more like you are mine and I’m about to come get you type of growls and hisses.

They both landed at the foot of the bed on their feet, crashing hard and shaking the room.

Godric grabbed my ankles in his iron grip and dragged me down the bed.

“Shit!” I squealed.

He dragged me quickly and powerfully across the bed until my bottom was resting on the edge. I looked to see both of them had their top lips peeled off their fangs like they had just gone total ape-shit beast on me!

“GOD!” I screamed when Godric fell to his knees and slung my legs over his shoulders, burying his face in my throbbing core. He ran his tongue up my cleft, lapping up every drop and growling loudly, vibrating me down there and threatening to cause me to explode again.

If I thought this was all that was about to happen I was sorely mistaken. Eric launched himself in the air and landed on the bed, one foot on each side of me as he stood over me at his full height, like a fucking giant, completely naked, his arms bowed out as he stared down at me with possession and wild lust dancing in his eyes. I shuddered as I looked up at him and a loud moan escaped my lips as I felt Godric’s tongue penetrate me.

Eric crashed to his knees above me, straddling my waist as his erection jerked against my belly. He struck hard and true, straight for my jugular, but right as his fangs were about to penetrate he paused, as if he was waiting for permission as the sharp points pressed into my skin without breaking the surface.

His growls were almost painful sounding as they came out with long, unnecessary breaths. His jaw was open wide on my throat as he waited, and I realized even in this crazed, maniac state they were following some sort of instinct to protect me, never force me, and ultimately love me.

I brought my hands to his back and ran them up the smooth muscles around his spine. They arched and curved as my palms moved over his cool skin. My touch was all the permission he needed and his fangs pierced my throat.

The combination of his mouth on my throat pulling at my blood and Godric’s tongue in my sex made me shudder again with another release.

“Yes!” I heard Godric yell out as my liquid hit his tongue. In my peripheral vision I could see a glow down there and knew whatever the heck that fairy glow I saw in the bathroom earlier was, was now hitting his mouth, and he loved it. I knew that much from the way he was feverishly running his face and tongue all over my lady bits.

Eric drank slowly, savoring every drop as he moaned against my throat. Godric was relentless down there as he growled and hissed and licked and sucked. I writhed under them, the delicious sensations almost too much for my brain to process.

Then Eric’s fangs disengaged and he was beside me on his knees, licking my throat. Godric was nuzzling his face against my inner thigh; groaning and scrapping his fangs against my skin right where I knew my artery was. I hadn’t forgotten the last time he drank there. It was erotic as hell.

He sank his fangs in slowly, sighing and purring in pleasure. I whimpered as his teeth penetrated me.

Eric was then sitting up, staring down at my sex wildly. He reached down with his big hand and started rubbing me there with perfect skill.

“I want your sweet honey on my fingers,” he growled, turning his eyes to lock with mine. He buried two digits deep in me and started working me over, his other hand palming my breast.

It didn’t take me long. Soon my back was arching with my release as I screamed out. His head darted southward to drink up the aftermath, his body pressed across mine while Godric continued to pull at my thigh and growl erotically.

Jesus Christ!

Just when I was getting a grip on the sensations of everything that was occurring, Godric’s fangs were out of me and Eric’s mouth was off of me and I was being flipped around on my hands and knees. I was still at the edge of the bed, my knees right on the end.

Someone spread my legs wide and I felt a mouth dip to my core and start licking again. A hand was on the small of my back making me arch, Godrics, I could tell because it was smaller than Eric’s.

“Gods, you are beautiful,” I heard Eric mumble into my core. Ah, it was his mouth down there.

Godric’s hands smoothed over my hips, my back, my bottom. I heard something like a cap on a bottle popping off and yelped when I felt something wet and cold on my… uh… yea!

“Have I hurt you, my love?” He said.

“No, I was just surprised,” I rasped out, barely able to breathe. “What was that?”

“It is oil. Forgive me. I should have warmed it,” he said deeper than usual. Then I felt his finger penetrate me in a place that nothing had ever been!

I twisted a little to look at him over my shoulder, and he was staring right at my ass like he was about to eat me alive! He squeezed my cheek with his other hand, the one that wasn’t invading me there. His lips peeled up showing sharp, white fangs and he was gritting his teeth like it was taking every ounce of self control he had to stand there. He moved his hips closer to me and pressed his huge, throbbing, twitching, hot (despite the fact he was a vampire) length hard into my other cheek.

I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. All of us together like this.  I mean if my life were a fan fiction we’d already be on like chapter 35 or 40. Luckily for me it was real! This was no fictional work by some nerdy lady who sat behind the computer and cackled evilly while she tapped furiously on the keyboard. This was as real as the night is long, and I was about to go on the ride of a lifetime.

He kept his finger in me and bent over and started kissing a trail up my spine while he rocked his hips into me, shadowing what was soon to come. “Eric is right. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.” His voice was thick and heady as he spoke into my skin.

Our blood-bond heightened my senses, made me aware of every sensation, aware of their desperation, their unyielding love, their ferocious possessiveness. I sucked in a sharp breath, concentrating on Eric’s mouth down there, Godric’s finger that remained motionless, his kisses as he moved up my spine.

“But your outer beauty,” Godric continued, “is but one of a thousand reasons why I call you mine.”

He moved his oiled finger out and slowly pushed it back in. I cried out with a strange pleasure I had never felt as they worked both my zones with a gentleness that was uncharacteristic of big, bad vampires.

Godric chuckled quietly. “My love likes that, does she not?”

“Mmhmm,” I squealed in a high pitched moan as he did it again.

My eyes opened and I looked down at the tangled sheets below me, my hair dangling down around my face and swaying as Eric and Godric gently rocked me with their movements.

Eric’s mouth came out from between my legs and I sensed he was standing behind me, staring at my backend. “Gods,” he groaned.

“Lay under her, my child, and let her sheath you inside her,” Godric said hoarsely as he pumped his finger in me again, before inserting a second finger.

I knew in that moment what Godric had planned. He meant for Eric to get under me while I rode him, and Godric wanted to enter me from behind at the same time, he was prepping me for it that very second, preparing me to take in his hot, slick, oiled vampirehood. I don’t care how calm and together he tried to act, he was one damn kinky vampire and he knew it.

I started to panic, and Godric realized I knew what he had planned. “Trust me, my love. We will stop if you do not enjoy yourself. Your pleasure is our pleasure.”

Eric was now in front of me, sitting with his legs spread wide in front of my head. He tilted my chin to look up at him. “We will not hurt you, Lover.”

He bent down and kissed my lips softly.

“You are my heart,” the Viking said and my breath caught. It was so uncharacteristic of something I thought Eric would say. But then I had been seeing a different side of him that was never shown on the TV program, a side that overflowed with devotion, love, and loyalty.

When he was under me, my legs straddled him at the hips and his erection pressed against my heat. I was damn near desperate to get him inside me by that point.

I grabbed his length in my palm and positioned myself over him. He hissed when his tip touched my entrance. Eric’s hips arched upward in his need. Suddenly, something came over me and I felt powerful. I had made soft love to Eric several times since Godric had disappeared, the type of sex when you are taking comfort in each other’s love. My core slick with arousal and swollen with several orgasms, I slammed down on him hard and fast.

“Fuuuck!” he yelled as he gripped my sides. He leaned his head up and looked at me with a mix of shock and delighted satisfaction.

I raised myself again and thrust down on him, causing us both to cry out in pleasure.

Then Godric was on my back, pulling my hair to the side and growling possessively into my neck like he was going to bite me. My aggressive start had obviously brought that beast back out that I saw at the beginning of this session. Eric’s eyes had gone all animal as well as he stared up at me, his lips parted, his fangs elongated, the veins in his neck protruding.

Godric’s fangs penetrated my neck but he didn’t drink, only held me in his gripping bite as he brought me up and back down on Eric. We both cried out again. He leaned me forward slightly and slammed me down again, hard and deep.

Holy cow! Erotica high heaven, I have arrived!

Then I felt Godric’s throbbing erection probing, searching, desperate to get inside me. I could feel his hand working up and down his shaft desperately, his palm sliding from the oil he had already spread on himself. He growled into my neck and held me tight with his arm.

Despite his mounting need, his animal side being in control, and my pheromones driving him to complete mania, he slowly worked himself in me. I gasped and moaned and lolled my head around as he entered me inch by delicious inch.

I felt so completely full with both of them inside me and at first I gasped with the foreign invasion, the discomfort of it.

Godric knew what to do though. He left himself fully sheathed inside of me while he raised me up and down on Eric, slowly at first until I became used to the sensation of them both filling me.

He lifted me off of Eric and he slowly pulled out and pushed back in a few times, rotating his hips as he did. Every time I cried out in pleasure he growled in my neck with satisfaction, his fangs still buried deep.

Soon we were moving to a rhythm, all controlled by Godric behind me. He would lift me off of Eric and thrust in me. Then he would pull out as he slammed me down on Eric. God, it was freaking indescribable. I had orgasm after orgasm and it wasn’t long before I was limp in Godric’s arms, swept away in a world of pleasure.

This was going to be one long, crazy night!




Something stirred Alan Nut out of his daytime rest. His eyes fluttered open and he cracked a lid. Looking over at the clock on the bedside table he saw it was only 4:30 pm, and he almost panicked. He had never woken up before the sun went down before. Then again, despite the visions he had as a child of this world, there was a lot he still didn’t know about being a vampire.

God he was famished. Every night since he had been turned he had awoken with a debilitating hunger that nearly sent him in a blood frenzy.

There was a heady scent in the air that caught his attention. He knew it was coming from outside his chamber, and it had to be strong to penetrate the thick steel doors and walls that he rested behind.

He hoped Eric wouldn’t find out about his lapse in following his orders before he went to rest. So much had happened and it had been traumatizing. His body had been used like a second skin for an ancient lunatic who rose straight from hell. He had completely forgotten to call the Werewolf Alcide to watch over Sookie during the day as Eric had ordered him. But then again he was the king, not Eric-fucking-Northman who happened to show no gratitude in the fact that Alan had been the one to rid them all of the maniac Russell Edgington.

Alan picked up his phone and saw that he had one voice mail. Damnit, it was that fucker Charles Harrison, his childhood friend who he had told his visions to. The fucker had stolen his idea and wrote a series of books called The Southtown Vampire Miseries. He had completely fucked up and re-arranged the visions Alan had when he wrote it too.

It took many years for them to reconcile their friendship but they had and Charles agreed to let Alan make a TV show for profit. Thanks a fucking lot for the permission, they were his own damn visions after all.

At the time, Alan had thought they were just the musing of his imaginative childhood mind, he had convinced himself of that over the years and never mind the fact that the visions had come to him in one overwhelming rush when he found the stones in that ornate box out in the woods behind his grandparents house. Turns out the whole damn thing was real. He figured that out the day he had been fiddling with the stones and accidentally opened a portal to this world. That was after the show had finished shooting on set and they wrapped up. He had been alone in his office one day, turning a stone in his hand then it happened. Little did he know stepping through that portal would strip him of his humanity, nearly bring him to the edge of death on more than one occasion, and eventually make him an immortal vampire king. Funny how things turn out.

After the first time he had come through the portal, he had told Charles about it in his excitement. He needed to tell someone and Charles was the only one who knew about the stones and visions. His buddy had begged to let him cross the threshold through the portal and see it with his own eyes. Yea, Charles had ended up a vampire by sunrise, turned by some no name Alan had never heard of and his friend didn’t have access to the stones so he was stuck in this world. Tough shit.

“Karma,” Alan mouthed with a sad expression.

Enough with the trip down memory lane, he had to call Alcide and get his ass to the mansion before Eric woke up. Then he had to go find the source of that mouth watering scent that caused his pecker to stand at attention under his plaid pajama bottoms.

“Alcide,” the gruff voice answered after he dialed. He was surprised his cell was even working with the storm raging outside. Before he went to rest he had watched the news and there was already one cell tower down.

“Mr. Herveaux, this is Alan Nut calling on behalf of Eric Northman.”

There was a groan of irritation on the other end.

Alan cleared his throat. “Mr. Northman has taken up residence in your area for the next few nights.”

“Jackson?” Alcide said surprised.

“Yes, he is currently residing in the monarch mansion…”

“Forget it…” Alcide cut him off. “I ain’t going around that fucker Edgington.

“Edgington has been killed and Northman and his retinue currently control the state.” There was no need to tell the Werewolf he was currently talking to the king. What sort of pansy would Alan sound like if he said he was king and taking care of Northman’s errands.

“No shit?”

“I shit you not.”

“So what’s Northman want?”

“He’d like you to come to the mansion and guard a woman named Sookie Stackhouse during the day while he is at rest.”

“That’s a lot of hours. Ain’t cheap.”

“He’ll pay you well,” Alan said, hoping Alcide would bite. He’d hear it from Eric if he didn’t.

“Fine, when do I start?”

“Right now. The human servants have been instructed to lift the lock for you when you arrive so you can enter the mansion.”

“Well it’s going to be at least an hour before I can get there. Half the roads in Jackson are flooded and a tornado tossed vehicles all over the highway. I’m going to have to come in the back way.”

“What ever it takes. Just get here as soon as you can.”

After getting dressed and brushing his teeth, Alan couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to go find the source of the delicious aroma drifting in his chamber from somewhere in the mansion. It made his fangs throb with a hunger he hadn’t even felt on his first rising.

He turned the heavy lock to his door and opened it. Immediately he was hit with a blast that sent him careening backwards across the room and crashing against the far wall.

“Shit!” Alan groaned as he grabbed his leg which had twisted in a way that would have left him crippled for life if he were still a human.

The scent rushed inside his chamber and saturated the air around him like a thick invisible fog. He quickly sat up, his eyes dilating to near black except the small circle of green around the blackness. He lumbered to his feet, popping his knee back in place, barely aware of the pain. He beat feet out of the chamber in a frenzied rush as he zeroed in on the scent.

The kitchen galley. The kitchen galley. It’s in the kitchen galley, he chanted in his mind, the saliva dripping from his fangs as he surged forward.

He had no idea where all the human servants had gone but at the moment he didn’t give a shit. He just had to get to that incredible fragrance and sink himself into it. Make it his. Possess it!

Alan came to a halt outside the swinging door that led to the kitchen galley. God it was in there. The thing he wanted most in his entire life. He had no idea what it was but god he wanted it.

He cracked the door just enough so that he could peek inside. Jesus Christ. It was Sookie Stackhouse. She was on the other side of the kitchen, with her back turned to him, pouring herself a glass of some beverage. He licked his lips. She was so beautiful. He hadn’t noticed how beautiful she was until that moment. He would go in there and claim her! Yes, he had to claim her.

He inhaled deeply through the crack, taking her strong scent in. He didn’t remember her smelling this strongly. It was Sookie Stackhouse times a million!

He hovered on the other side of the door, peering in through an inch or so like a stalker. Her heart beat drummed in his ears, her beauty swirled his vision, her very nature nearly brought him to his knees. He used to despise her. He didn’t know how he could have been so mistaken about the goddess that stood on the other side of the kitchen galley.

Just as he was about to push the door open wider so he could rush in, a face appeared on the other side, one blue eye menacing and dangerous, followed by a loud rumbling sound that startled him so much it sent him staggering backwards and falling on his ass.



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  1. oh Alan……you just can’t catch a break, can you? you better head for the hills or a couple of ancients will make mince meat out of you. run Alan, RUN!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    to be Soookie right now….one can only wish. *sigh*

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  5. Oh my! That was a delicious slice of lemon pie! Or should I say tasty sandwhich!
    Bwahaha Charles Harrison is a vamp too like Alan. Karma bitch. And to think Alan was thinking he was going to get a tasty Sookie treat but her mates will fight him and mess him up.

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  6. You are awesome! There’s so much lightness and fun in your writing – I’m loving the satire and the self-depreciative humour (as one geek girl to another). Your writing is refreshingly different and I like the pace as well. Some fan fiction gets a little bogged down at times and needs some tough editing – but not yours! You are just too much fun!


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