Ch 6: The Spy In The Shadows

I overslept from staying up so late last night taking care of business and Gran had put me right to work helping her clean when I woke up. I had lost all track of time and was running late. (For a very important date)

I went ahead and got ready for work, putting on my uniform and fixing my hair and makeup so I could drive straight to Merlotte’s for my shift after I checked the shack for a message from Eric.

Once I pulled up I reached out with my mind. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right but I tried to envision my mind traveling over the landscape in waves. I really needed to learn this stuff. I needed to make sure no one was lurking and waiting for me. If it was a vampire I wouldn’t know but it was worth a shot anyways. I might be able to pick up a void. I wasn’t sure. But it was daytime so I wasn’t too worried about it. I wondered.. Sookie had read Bill’s mind in the last season so maybe if I tried hard enough I would be able to do it.

I picked up absolutely nothing and that was about as thorough as I could be. I timidly got out of my car and walked up to the shack with a pen and paper in my hand. I planned on leaving another message for the blue eyed Viking.

I slowly creaked the door to the shack open and took a slow step inside. Looking around I saw that everything looked as it should. There was no big bad monster waiting for me. Phew!

I made a bee line straight for the dog bowl and my heart skipped a beat when I saw a folded piece of white paper laying underneath. Oh my GODric! He responded! It really worked. I mentally patted myself on the back for my clever note drop idea and picked up the piece of paper.

I took a deep breath and began to read.

I will agree to your terms. Why don’t you come to Fangtasia and introduce yourself? I promise I won’t bite… hard.

– E

A huge grin spread over my face and giggles started rolling off of me at his comment. “Very cute Mr. Northman. You are one of a kind.” I said through fits of giggles. No way was I going to Fangtasia.

I didn’t expect much of a note from Eric. I knew how suspicious and cautious he was to those he didn’t know. For all he knew I could be an old hairy werewolf.

I looked over the debris that was spread all over the counter and shelves. I saw a piece of old cardboard and spread it on the ground so I could sit and write my next note.

I sat for a minute contemplating what my next ‘all seeing’ warning to Eric would be. There were so many things I could tell him about but I didn’t want to over do it. I had to pick one at a time. I really wanted to tell him about Rene. But for now I didn’t think I had anything to fear from the psycho killer. I had gotten him off my trail and he had no reason to come after me. Bill was dead, therefore I wasn’t openly consorting with vampires. No one knew about my arrangement with Eric. I think that can wait. I may even be able to deal with Rene myself.

I put my hand on my chin and closed my eyes to think. Maybe I should tell him about the raid on his bar. But that wasn’t going to happen for two nights. It’s not like it was a serious pressing matter.

No, I wanted to give him something big this time. I knew the perfect thing. In the show Maryanne the maenad was accidentally summoned by Tara when that con-artist woman performed a fake exorcism on her. Maybe I could prevent that exorcism from taking place and as result prevent the entire maenad debacle. I always hated that story line anyway. It may have not happened until season two but she was summoned in season one so I needed to warn him now.

I put the end of the pen in my mouth and chewed while I thought about what to write. I needed to word it in a way that he knew the seriousness of the matter. I didn’t want him to ignore it and think it wasn’t his problem.

Dear Mr. Northman,

I am pleased that you decided to take my message seriously.

Arg! Too formal. I frowned and wadded the piece of paper up. I’m glad I brought several pieces.

Dear Mr. Hunk,

Hey there you sexy vampire. 😉 I’m so glad to hear from you!

Ugg… Way too desperate. I ripped the paper in half.

Dear Eric,

I’m glad to see you are taking this situation in good humor. I’m afraid I will not be visiting your bar anytime soon. I’m well aware of your charms and intelligence my clever vampire, but know that glamour doesn’t work on me, nor am I tricked easily.

I would like to warn you of a major event that will take place soon in your area. A very nasty maenad who is an indestructible creature from Greek mythology that thrives off of violence, twisted pleasures, and mass mind control will put down roots in Area 5.

I wasn’t sure if he would know what a maenad was. In the show he visited the Queen to ask her about it but in the books he already knew what it was.

The havoc wreaked on the area will be enormous. It is imperative that you prevent this before it starts or there will be grave consequences to you and an entire town of humans under your jurisdiction.

All I know is that she will be inadvertently summoned by a con artist human female who performs fake exorcisms. I do not know where the woman lives or her name but she works at Save-A-Bunch in Shreveport. She is about fifty years old, black, and wears a wig. A glamour to prevent her from performing further con jobs should do the trick. Please do not kill her unnecessarily.

Until Next time,

~ A friend


When I finally finished my shift at Merlottes I was about half way across the parking lot to my car when I stopped dead in my tracks. I had the distinct eerie feeling that I was being watched.

You know like that sixth sense that everyone has when eyes are on them but they just don’t see anyone? That was it! I turned my head toward the woods and peered into the darkness. Who the hell was following me?

A cold chill ran up my spine as I remembered this was the night that Sookie was ambushed and beaten half to death by the Rattray’s. Did I fail to prevent this from happening? Maybe Eric had not taken care of them. Maybe Bill had already set it up before I killed him. Uh Oh!

I started sprinting towards my car and fumbled for my keys, glancing nervously at the gloomy woods on my way. After dropping the keys on the ground twice I finally managed to climb in and slam the door shut beside me. It was like something out of a horror movie!

Only after speeding off towards the house did I let out a sigh of relief. I dismissed the feeling and hoped that I was just jumpy because of listening to thoughts about Dawn’s murder all night.

But no. The feeling did not stop there. After I arrived home I got out of the car and as I was walking toward the front door I got the same scary feeling. Someone was definitly watching me. This is bullshit!

I threw my purse on the ground and faced the woods. Closing my eyes I reached out with my mind but I got nothing. Either I wasn’t doing it right or no one was there. But I couldn’t shake the feeling. It was so surreal and down right terrifying.

“I know someone is there!” I screamed into the woods taking a step back. Who ever was watching me at Merlotte’s had followed me home!

I squinted my eyes almost sure that I saw a shadowed movement beyond the treeline. It was so slight that my subconscious was trying to tell me it was a trick of the eyes. “What do you want?” I yelled shakily. “I will kick your ass!”

I took another step backward toward the house. Just get inside Sookie! Get Inside! I definitely saw movement this time. It was something large. Like a large man. I turned to run to the front door.

“AHHHH!” I screamed crashing into someone as I turned around who was standing behind me. I held my fist up and swung without even thinking. It was reflex.

My fist connected with Alan Nut-sucker’s jaw. I jumped back with wild eyes surprised that the eerie feeling was coming from him and not the movement in the woods, which was in a totally different direction. “Fucker!” I screamed.



Four hours earlier

When Eric rose from his daytime rest the first thing he checked was the surveillance footage. Pam had gotten her hands on quite a nice piece of equipment. The camera fed directly to his laptop via satellite, complete with sound. The camera also had a motion detector so it only began recording in the shack when the device sensed movement. This would save him a lot of time sorting through dead footage.

Opening his laptop he saw the light blinking on the surveillance program, indicating it had recorded something. His lips turned up slightly. “Well hello there.” He said with satisfaction and curiosity.

Clicking the program he waited impatiently for it to load. His eyes widened slightly as he watched a young blonde woman enter the shack on her tip toes, looking over her shoulder and biting her bottom lip nervously.

“This was not what I was expecting.” He laughed under his breath leering at her. “Well aren’t you sweet.” A shit eating grin spread over his lips.

Pam walked in and he paused it. “Eric! I told you to wait for me.”

“Pamela.” He acknowledged with a nod, trying to hide the anxious and excited expression at what he was seeing on the video feed. “I seem to remember something about me being your maker and not the other way around.” He teased.

She came around the desk and peered at the paused screen. “Well, it would seem your little air freshener looks good enough to eat.” Pam leaned her face closer to the monitor. “What’s that uniform she’s wearing?”

Eric stared at the still frame of the woman on the screen for a moment. “Merlotte’s.”

Pam smiled wickedly. “Bingo.”

“She works for that shifter down in Bon Temps?” Eric’s lip curled upward in disgust. “Why would a seer telepath be a barmaid for that dog? She cannot make much money there.” He sneered. Was that a hint of jealousy? No, he didn’t get jealous.

“What a waste of talent.” Pam sneered. “We need to hire her here.”

Eric pushed play on the video and they continued to watch as the woman retrieved his note.

He raised his eyebrow as she started to laugh. His note was not meant as a joke. He was trying to make her nervous when he promised not to bite… hard. But he was pleased at her reaction.

“Very cute Mr. Northman. You are one of a kind.” She spoke while shaking her grinning face.

He wasn’t sure whether to smile or frown. He was irritated that she seemed to know so much about him but on the other hand she was gorgeous and her laugh did something strange to his insides, in a good way. She looked nothing like the fangbangers that visited his bar. She looked… innocent and bright. Just who was this unique woman and why is she helping him? Why does she care?

“Fuck!” he whispered when she slid the pen into her pink luscious mouth. She seemed deep in thought as she leaned over the paper trying to figure out what to write. He licked his lips. “She’s…”

“Delicious,” Pam finished with a grin. She smiled when she looked at Eric. He was rubbing his bottom lip slowly with his finger. She could only assume all sorts of dirty and horrifically wonderful thoughts were running through her makers mind.

“Yes.” He said unable to tear his wide eyes from the screen. His lips quivered in delight as he watched her tear up note after note, unable to decide on what to write to him. Yes she was writing him! He was on her mind. He wondered what she really thought of him.

Finally when the video was over he shut the laptop and slumped back in his chair, letting out a long unnecessary sigh. He reached down between his legs and re-adjusted the very uncomfortable lump that was straining against his black leather pants. He had to see this woman in person!

“Pam, I am going to the shack to see what her note says then I am heading to Merlotte’s.”

“You’re going to confront her?”

“No. But I want to get a better look at her. Maybe I can even follow her home from her work and find out where she lives.”

“Why don’t you just grab her and bring her here? I’ll get any information we need out of her.”

“NO!” Eric growled. “We are not doing it that way.” Not with her. “I told you, I want to find out more.” He wanted to do this right. “There is something about her. I do not think forcing her into anything against her will is going to work this time.”

“Fine.” Pam said bored. “But why do you get to have all the fun.”

“Because I am the one she’s writing to.” He said smugly. Pam wasn’t taking a piece of this woman. She would be his.

“Lucky you.”


Eric was getting impatient waiting in the woods outside of Merlotte’s. He had been there over two hours when finally all the cars had cleared out except one old yellow pile of shit. He hoped to hell she wasn’t driving that. Why did he care?

He stiffened when he saw her striding out of the backdoor of the bar. She was stunning. He sniffed the air trying to catch her scent on the breeze. It was faint, she was far away, but he recognized it immediately. His eyes dilated slightly. The sweet honeyed aroma coming from her was amazing. He relaxed and allowed his fangs to slide out fully as he spied at her from the cover of the trees. He even shrugged off the pang of anger he felt as he realized she had walked to her car alone. How could her employer allow this? Once she was his he would make sure she was safe.

‘Shit!’ He thought when she stopped and looked in his direction. Did she know that he was watching her? What sort of abilities does this woman possess? The thought that she was dangerous to vampires bothered him a little. If others knew this then she would definitely be a walking target.

He had to hold in his predatory instinct as she took off running toward her car. It was not easy to keep from taking off after her. He wanted to find out where she lived so he kept his feet rooted in place, but when she closed the door he let out a growl of frustration.

She didn’t live far away. He followed high in the sky above her car and hovered down to a tall tree that was much closer to her this time. Her scent was lovely.

Again she turned toward the woods where he was perched in a tree. Dammit, humans usually couldn’t sense him watching them. She is definitely something more. She claimed in her latest note that she couldn’t be glamoured, not to mention mind reading and the sight were not something any human could do.

“What do you want… I will kick your ass.” She hollered nervously. He smiled. She was a fiery little thing. He liked that.

“I know someone is there!” She screamed in his direction. She turned and looked about fifteen feet to the side of where he was. He contemplated revealing himself but stayed put.

He nearly growled when he saw another vampire speed up behind her. He started to intervene by moving toward them but stopped when he saw her whirl her fist into his face. Is she crazy?

The vampire was short and squat. He was obviously a baby vampire too. Eric didn’t recognize him. Why is there a vampire in his area who hasn’t made their presence known to their Sheriff?

“Why are you following me and watching me from the woods?” She screamed at the vampire. Good. She thought it was the other vampire that had been watching her. But Eric knew that this newcomer had been no where around until only a few seconds ago.

“Why the fuck did you hit me you bitch!” The vampire yelled menacingly. Eric cringed. He had to stifle a growl and prevent himself from tearing this stranger apart. But he wanted to know what he was going to say. Maybe he could get some clues about what in the hell is going on. He wanted to learn more about this mysterious female.

The woman crossed her arms over her chest. “What do you want Nut-sucker?” Eric tilted his head in amusement. She had guts. The vampire might be young but he was still a vampire and capable of killing her.

“If you keep changing what’s supposed to happen you won’t be able to know the future anymore. You’re only digging your own grave.”

“Oh spare me Al. I don’t care about knowing the future. That is only temporary anyway. I will still have my telepathy and my light. And I found out I’ll live 1000’s of years because of what I am. I’m glad I’ve changed things.” Eric’s eyes widened. Is the woman immortal like a vampire? What the fuck is she? What the hell is she talking about her light?

“You already killed my favorite fucking vampire! He was meant to be a constant thorn in Eric’s side! It was going to be some funny shit all the crap he would have put Eric through. I mean you killed him! He was supposed to be king. You weren’t supposed to kill him for seven more years. Dammit Sookie!” She killed a vampire? Who? And it would seem she did it as a favor to Eric. This is a very intriguing development. It was also quite impressive.

“You want me to just let all the bad shit happen? Hell no! If I can do some good I will, and you can’t stop me. You know I can fuck you up with my light right now so don’t even think about touching me!”

This Alan Nut-sucker put his hands in the air. Was he scared of her? “I’m not here to fight. Just hear me out.”

“I’m tired of hearing you speak.” She hissed at him.

“Stop warning Eric about the future. Stop changing things.” He pleaded with her. Pathetic, really.

“I’m not going to sit by and do nothing.” She started shaking her head. “I suppose you want me to let Godric kill himself too? Him dying was the worst mistake ever and I have the power to prevent it. Godric doesn’t deserve that and Eric doesn’t deserve to have to go through loosing his maker.”

“If Eric can’t stop it what makes you think you can? Because you know Eric tries and fails.”

“Trust me I can.”

Eric’s brow scrunched up. There was much more here than meets the eye. Somehow his maker was also involved. He knew Godric had been depressed for decades. He knew his maker wanted to die. He could feel it over the bond, the small sliver that Godric left open. Eric ran a hand through his hair as painful emotions boiled up inside him. He couldn’t bare the thought of loosing Godric. If this woman could prevent such a thing he owed her a debt he could never repay. Hearing the woman talk about his maker with such conviction and reverence in her voice confused him.

He knew that very instant that she had no hidden agenda or evil plan. What he didn’t know was why she cared about him and his maker. Eric looked down from the tree at her with respect.

The young vampire started laughing. “He’s a 2000 year old vampire. Why would you want to stop it? You have no idea what Godric is like. He could be the most sadistic vampire on Earth for all you know.”

Eric had to agree with the vampire. He knew of Godric’s past. His maker was known as “Death” after all. Of course that was the reason he wanted to die in the first place. He felt remorse for his past. His maker had changed. Eric didn’t understand why Godric felt this way.

The woman shook her head. “No, he may have been known as “Death” at one point but he is has changed.” She looked down. Eric scratched his head. How much does this woman know? She continued talking. “He’s just sad about his past. Godric made Eric and Eric is good.” The Viking put his hand on his chin. ‘I am?’ he thought. ‘Oh ye who knows me so little.’

“He may act like an arrogant ass but he has a heart.” She stepped toward the Alan Nut-sucker vampire and poked him in the chest. Damn. This woman was either really stupid or really brave. “You will never convince me Godric is bad. And yes, I can and will stop it. I’m the only one who can.”

Alan started growling. “I should have never shown you the doorway to this world!”

Wait. What? Doorway to this world? What the fuck?

“You have no business being in the other world. You belong here Alan. People there have no idea that vampires really exist. They’re just a myth. They’re only real here.”

“You little shit. I’m from the same world as you. I’m not from here. I came here just like you and I was turned against my will. I have every right to be in the other world.”

“So your supernatural abilities remained when you went back?”

“Yes. And you’re coming back with me. You’re not staying.” He grabbed her arm roughly and Eric flew out of the tree and hovered high above them ready to kill.

“Let go of me Nut-sucker!” She screamed, tugging at her arm.

“We’re going.” He hissed dragging her along.

Right as Eric was about to pounce on the young vampire she raised her hand and a ball of light shot straight towards Alan’s face. When it made impact he flew ten feet back and landed on his back. “I told you! I will smite your ass!” She screamed.

Eric stared down at the scene in shock.

Alan looked up at her with rage in his eyes. “Fine,” he spat. “You’re on your own. You’ll find out soon enough that you can’t survive here. You’ll end up dead within a week.” He stood up and dusted himself off. “Goodbye Sookie Stackhouse.” He sneered, emphasizing her surname for some strange reason.

He sped away at vampire speed leaving her standing alone in the driveway while Eric hovered about twenty feet above her. She sat down on the ground and put her face in her hands. Eric tilted his head and watched with both curiosity and fascination. What is this creature?

After a few minutes she stood up and stomped toward the house. He waited awhile before hovering over to her open window and watching her sleep.

Eric would have to think about everything he had learned tonight before figuring out how to proceed. He wanted this Sookie Stackhouse creature. He wanted her to be his. Apparently she is supposed to live thousands of years. What a perfect little companion she would make with her delicious scent, beauty, and fiery attitude. He really did love the companionship of humans but never allowed himself to get too close to them. They aged and died too quickly and that could be painful so they didn’t make good companions other than short term flings.

But he also knew this woman was powerful. She just blasted the shit out of a vampire with some sort of light ball. There would be no forcing this woman into anything. He wondered if he could seduce her.

Right now he had a con-artist in Shreveport to glamour so he could prevent a maenad from being summoned. Those things were a nasty menace. According to Sookie Stackhouse’s note all he had to do was glamour some human and the entire charade would be circumvented. He had no qualms about avoiding such a lamentable and repugnant carnival that a maenad was sure to deliver to his area. If this headache could be avoided he will gladly stop it before it starts. Then he will think more about everything he learned tonight about Sookie, about Godric, and about this supposed other world where there were no vampires. What a strange place this world must be that Sookie originated from.


A/N: Godric puts his hands on your face and stares fiercely into your eyes. “Child,”
He murmurs his lips hovering dangerously close. “Your review quickened my dead heart.”

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  1. AB sure needed zapping during TB’s run –a lot –painful—-but he might have liked it as well……sigh……
    So Eric now has a head’s up about Godric….good…I hope….


  2. Loved this chapter!! Such a good one! Loved Eric and Pam’s reaction to the footage of Sookie, Sookie kicking AB’s ass with her light, Eric listening to her talk about Godric and his situation. Even the little tidbit about Alan from our world and changed against his will was intriguing


  3. How ever do you keep these two worlds straight in your head? Eric is intrigued by Sookie and we can all hope it turns to love, then there is Godric I’m so anxious to see what happens there. Also who will rid Sookie of her pesky V-card? And does that mean she was a virgin in her world too??? So many, many questions swirling around in my head!


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