Ch 10: Giddy With A Gaul

I found myself in a very precarious position. Godric was laying on the floor on his back, and I was spread flat on top of him with my face smashed into his neck. He had heroically broken my fall so I wouldn’t be injured. The rope around my torso and arms was digging into my skin with a biting sting, and I had somehow scraped up my knee which was bleeding pretty badly.

I wriggled my body trying to get up, and my legs moved to straddle Godric around his hips in a very unladylike way. I sat up still slightly dazed. He groaned and closed his eyes at my movements. And let me tell you, it wasn’t a painful groan because it came out all throaty and husky. His hands were still wrapped around my waist and he looked up at me with his fangs still dangerously bared, a mix of utter shock and smoldering intensity etched in those eyes of his.

Okay, so you are probably wondering to yourself, what the hell is going on and why am I straddling Godric on the floor whilst tied up. So let me just back up a bit and rewind.

It was a warm balmy Louisiana day, and I had tolerated just about enough of looking over my shoulder and jumping at every little sound after my encounter with Eric at Merlotte’s three days earlier. I was sort of freaking out, and I had not gone back to the drop point. I avoided going out at night if I could help it. I wasn’t just fearful of Eric but there was also a serial killer still on the loose. I continued my lessons with Claudine, but I just couldn’t get the sinking feeling out of my brain that shit was about to hit the fan in a very bad way.

I got a wild hair up my ass and decided it was time to put on my big girl pants. So I stomped into Merlotte’s and demanded time off. Then, I hopped in my car and headed for Dallas. But not before I left a very detailed note about Renee at the drop point for Eric. He claimed he was investigating the murders so if that was true I will give him the information he needs. I scrawled down everything I knew including who the serial killer was, where he lived, and everything the slimy little bastard had done.

When I first arrived in Dallas it was still daylight outside. To tell you the truth, I really needed to get out of that backwoods town Bon Temps. However, my main goal in coming to this city was to make first contact with Godric, but I didn’t know why or how I was going to do that. I know, I know. I hadn’t thought this through, but I was sure I would come up with something.

I had no idea where Godric’s nest was or if I’d even be able to approach him. On the other hand, it didn’t take much effort to figure out where Hotel Carmilla was. There were signs all over the interstate advertising the vampire hotel in Dallas. I obviously couldn’t afford such a luxurious place to stay so I ended up renting a motel room on the other side of town. I had one little advantage. Telepathy.

Every single day I went to the upscale vampire hotel and acted like I was a guest sitting in the lobby. I mind raped everyone I could and made sure I was out of there by night fall. I didn’t need any vampires sniffing me up.

I had picked up some vital information too. Apparently Godric was a benevolent Sheriff, but he ran Dallas with an iron fist. He required every supernatural that came to his area to register with him. He even required it of witches. He was also trusted by those supernaturals to keep their secrets which was smart if he wanted them to oblige him. This piece of information was important because it was my key to the inside. Hello… magical fairy princess from another planet. If that doesn’t require me to register I don’t know what does.

And apparently he wasn’t the type who was going to go and claim me just because I was special. In fact, if the information I picked up was true he wouldn’t even share knowledge of my existence with anyone or record it down on paper. It was his way of ensuring that all supernaturals trusted him enough to present themselves. In return, he offered them a connection to the vampire/supernatural world should they ever need assistance. Keeping the peace was important to him.

Getting frustrated and almost ready to call it quits and head back to Bon Temps I hit pay dirt. My lucky break happened on the sixth day when I spotted Hugo in the hotel lobby. I followed him back to the nest where I left my phone number and a note in the mailbox requesting an audience with the sheriff.

About two nights later I received a phone call from none other than the Latina goddess herself, Isabel. She was kind but thorough on the phone. Asking me a series of questions such as my name and my reason for requesting a face to face with the sheriff. By the time we got off the phone she seemed a bit irritated that I was not very forthcoming about who I was, but I tried to assure her that I was merely a supernatural and following protocol by contacting the vampire authority in the area. Frankly, she was suspicious that I refused to meet with one of the deputy sheriffs such as herself or Stan. I adamantly refused, saying that if they wanted me to present myself I would only see Godric.

So here I was almost two weeks after my encounter with Eric. I was waiting patiently outside Godric’s office for my appointment, nervously tapping my fingers on my knees. I wondered what he would be like. The show seemed to reveal multiple sides to him. Sadness and regret at what he was and the lack of vampire evolution as well as him snapping a mans neck. True, Gabe deserved it on the show but that is judge, jury, and executioner type shit going on there which seemed to contradict everything else about him. I knew Godric was good at heart but there was no doubt in my mind he had a dark streak that shined through more often than not.

I jumped upright a bit in my chair when the door opened and craned my neck to look at who was there. Two very large hairy men walked out grumbling under their breath. Werewolves…

They stopped a second and looked at me and one of them shook his head in irritation.

“He’s ready for you.” The hairier of the two said in a gruff voice. They turned and walked down the hall. I furrowed my brow and sent out the tendrils of my telepathy on the bastard.

I didn’t think Godric was the type but he is a vampire. Is she a fangbanger bitch? Vamps always get the pretty ones. She does smell different. Probably some bass ackwards supe. All sorts coming and going around here.”

I turned my attention to the other werewolf…

Need to hurry and get back and let the packmaster know what Godric said. Can’t believe the Ft. Worth pack is trying to move in on our territory like that. It’s fucking bull shit. Going to be a reckoning that’s for damn sure! Damn the razor burn on my ass hurts.’

They turned the corner and my connection was lost. I took a deep breath. I needed to get on my feet and walk into the office. Come on Sookie! It’ll be easy. My heart was beating a million miles a minute and my skin had gone all clammy.

I slowly stood and stepped inside the doorway…

I let out a big sigh. There he was. Sitting behind the desk. So adorable… He was wearing darker colors which threw me off a bit. He was always in some white pajama set on TV. I squinted my eyes. The True Blood wiki back in my world said he was about 16 or 17 when he was turned, even though the actor was 20 might I add. He definitely looked closer on the 20 side. What do people back in that world know anyway?

He was on the phone but he immediately turned his head to look at me when I stepped inside. God! I melted into a puddle on the floor. There were two little eyeballs in the Sookie puddle blinking up at him. Okay, not really but that’s how I felt.

After staring at me for several seconds while he apparently listened to someone rattle in his ear on the phone he swiveled his chair so that his entire body faced me. I had a clear view behind his desk from the door. I stood like a dummy in the doorway with my hands in front of my waist holding my purse strap.

I was trying to look every which way to avoid that deadly gaze of his. What was up with those eyes anyway? They were enough to make a nun giggle and show some ankle.

I glanced nervously back into his face and he was still staring with a burning intensity that made my panties moisten. My face turned red. If I had learned anything from my encounter with Eric it was that he could probably smell it. My assumption was confirmed when I saw his nostrils ever so slightly flare.

“Angelo will arrive on midnight the following week.” I heard him tell whoever was on the phone.

He relaxed back into his chair and his knees parted slightly as he grabbed a pen and started jotting something down. “I agree.” He said. “Very well.” Then he hung up the phone as he continued to write something.

I turned my head to gaze out of the window. I think I was shaking by this point.

“I apologize for the wait.” He said making me snap my head back to him. He was already standing up and walking toward me. Ah!

“No…no problem.” I muttered.

I stepped backward as he came into my personal space, my eyebrows rising in panic. “No need to be alarmed. I am just shutting the door so our conversation is not overheard. This is a sound proof room.”

“Oh.” I said embarrassed. He reached around me and closed the door. Locking it for extra measure. God he was standing so close I could smell him and he smelled so good. I could probably lean forward a little and lick his face.

My eyes saddened as I realized he looked tired, if it’s even possible for a vampire to look tired. No not tired in the sense of not getting enough sleep but pale, like he hadn’t eaten in awhile. I had no idea how often vampires need to eat (drink?). He was tired in a melancholy and despondent sort of way which didn’t surprise me seeing how he will try to kill himself in a few months time. My heart fell into the pit of my stomach as I tried to hide the visible concern from my face.



Godric had no idea what his next appointment was about. The only information that Isabel had was that it was a female named Sookie Stackhouse who had requested an audience. Her request had been most unusual. Leaving a cryptic note in the mailbox. He hoped it wasn’t another fanatical fangbanger but she would be vetted before being allowed into the nest. Occasionally one would get through the vetting process though.

He realized his concern was unfounded when her scent hit his nostrils. He was on the phone with the Ft. Worth Sheriff of Area 8 when he first noticed her aroma. He usually would have smelled it as soon as the door opened but the pungent odor of the werewolves still lingered heavily in his office.

He tried quickly to wrap up the phone call. There had been a few brawls in his area from unknown werewolves and after investigation he had discovered the Ft. Worth pack had breached his borders which was strictly prohibited under the Werewolf treaty that the Texas packs signed twelve years ago. When they breached borders it always caused skirmishes and troubles for all supernaturals and he didn’t want to deal with this headache right now.

He watched the young woman with interest as she stood nervously in the doorway. He wondered what provoked such anxiety. She was obviously supernatural, at least in part. Surely she must be accustomed to vampires.

He soon realized her scent was much stronger than he had originally anticipated as her aroma overpowered the lingering stench from the werewolves. She was lucky not all vampires possessed such as a strong sense of smell as he and his child Eric did. Otherwise she may be in more danger than she realizes. She smelled absolutely delectable. If he had been younger, not mainstreaming like he was, he may be tempted to… no… he has no interest in such trivial things anymore.

“I apologize for the wait.” He said approaching her to close the door.

“No… no problem.” She responded. He saw that she was visibly shaken. But then again why wouldn’t she be? He was a vampire after all. He ignored the little fact that he could smell her arousal as well.

He paused with concern when she stepped back away from him. “No need to be alarmed. I am just shutting the door so our conversation is not overheard. This is a sound proof room.” He assured her.

“Oh.” She said and a small smile formed on her lips that slightly warmed him. Godric quickly looked away and prevented himself from inhaling her scent while he was in such close proximity. He reached around her to close the door.

He straightened up still facing her. He put on his Sheriff face and continued to stand too close for her comfort. “Miss. Stackhouse. I have been informed that you requested an audience with me, unfortunately my assistant was unable to determine as to why. She said you were most cryptic on the phone.”

Her face turned red and she let out a soft chuckle which made Godric raise an eyebrow in question. Her antics were endearing, he will give her that.

Momentarily caught off guard he inhaled without thinking which caused him to take a step back trying to create some distance between them. It wasn’t as if he could not control himself. But the combination of everything about this woman he found intriguing. It shook him at his very core because all he had felt for decades was a dull numbness. Such a small thing as intrigue threatened to bring everything he had planned into question. He didn’t want to second guess himself as he approached the last weeks and months of his life. He had already made the decision long ago.

“Well, to tell you the truth.” Sookie said still grinning. “I am considering moving to this area and I was under the assumption that all supernaturals are required to register with you. I didn’t come to register though. I just wanted to see what this area is like before I decide to move here.” She scrunched her shoulders up and smiled even wider. “I figured the best place to start was the vampire Sheriff of Dallas.”

Godric frowned slightly. Why was she lying to him? It wasn’t that she was a bad liar; he was just a better observer of body language and human psychology. “Have a seat,” he motioned to the chair in front of his desk as he retreated behind it and sat down. He decided he was going to be blunt with this woman. He did not like to play games. “And perhaps I shall give you a moment to think carefully. Then you may tell me why you are really here.”

This made her pause and look at him wide eyed. Her eyes began to well up like she was about to burst into tears which made Godric rethink his approach.

“Miss Stackhouse. It is obvious to me that you have very little experience with vampires.” She nodded while he spoke in a clam soft voice. “I am not sure what your past encounters were like with my kind but I assure you this is a safe room. You may not have a reason to trust me but I give you my word that I will not harm you. So please be truthful as to why you have come here today.”

She looked down at her hands nervously as Godric waited patiently for her to speak. After a few moments she looked back at him and he was taken back slightly by a new sense of resolve that seemed to take over her features.

“I have seen it. Your death.”

He frowned. “You have seen my death? How?”

“I saw the future. You allowed yourself to die and I’ve come to make you listen to reason. To ask you to reconsider. And I think if you hear me out you will.”

He sighed deeply. “Before we get to the more important question of how you saw the future, I must say that I made this decision long ago, before you were even born. I doubt very little will sway my resolve.”

“I know you don’t know me. You probably think I’m crazy.”

“No, that is the furthest thing from my mind, I assure you.”

“Your death will change nothing Godric. But your life can impact the world in positive ways that you do not realize right now.”

“Someone must make amends. I am the best choice. My past crimes have been… deplorable. It is time I answered for them, not just on behalf of myself but on behalf of all vampires.”

“That’s like saying I should die for all the past mistakes of humans. Do you know how many humans have been killed, been raped, suffered, and tortured at the hands of each other? In almost every corner of the Earth, in almost every time period. Of course you do… because you’re 2000 years old. You see I may be young but I know a thing or two about what is going on here.”

He put his elbows on the desk, determined to win this argument. “Humans are meant to be here. We are not. Look at what the world is like. I believe vampires are responsible for the nature of humans. We have lurked on the fringes of society since the beginning of time and our nature has perverted human civilization. The Great Revelation was a mistake. It only shined a brighter light on our evil.”


Back to Sookie’s POV…

“Wrong.” He raised an eyebrow. I stood up and came around the desk. “You see I’m from another world. A world where there are no vampires. And bad stuff happens there the same as here. People starve, they kill each other, there are bloody wars, women are raped, children die. Vampires had nothing to do with any of that because there are none there. No werewolves, nothing.”

“Another world?”

“Yes, almost identical, except lacking magic and supernatural beings.”

He tilted his head curiously. I don’t think he believed a word I was saying. “Godric,” I said taking his hand. His eyes darted to my touch but he allowed it. “Without all the pain, without the wrong we do, how do we learn from our mistakes? How do we grow as people? As hard as they are to live with, how do we make the world a better place without these lessons?”

He stayed silent and gazed at me with an intensity I didn’t think was possible. I continued talking. “I know you must have seen and even done terrible things. But you don’t make amends by killing yourself you make amends by getting off your butt and making a difference in the world. Your death will only serve to rob the world of the most decent vampire I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” I rambled on.

I was surprised to see his usually expressionless face scrunch up in a pain that I couldn’t begin to fathom. He turned away from me and looked down closing his eyes, his hand still in mine. “You see me with such innocence.” He turned his head back toward me, his eyes still cast downward. “I fear what you would think if you knew I am known as…”

“Death.” I interrupted.

He turned away so I couldn’t see his face. “That title is well deserved.”

“I know more than you think. And I still think you are worthy of more than burning in the sun because you are stuck in the past instead of looking to the future.”

He turned back to me and our eyes met. Were my words making any difference? He seemed to be taking in what I said to him. I would stand here and argue with him all night if I had to. I had not expected this. I only came here to meet him and under the guise that I was moving to his area. I didn’t think I would be having this confrontation.

The next thing that happened was so fast I barely had time to react. The room crackled with ozone and the electricity in the air caused my hair to rise with static. A blue swirling vortex appeared behind me and a rope tied in a lasso was flung out around my body like something out of a cartoon. I was yanked into the portal with a rough jerk. What the fuck!? I screamed Godric’s name as I fell backwards into the blue swirl. My arms were pinned to my sides by the rope.

The last thing I saw before being completely engulfed was Godric speeding toward me and grabbing me around the waist. I screamed in terror as I tumbled down the rabbit hole. Godric still had me around the waist as he tumbled with me. He pulled me close against him and circled his arms around my body in a tight embrace. Our eyes locked, his fangs were out. We were both in shock as we were sucked through the enigmatic wormhole that led to my world!

So as I said before. I found myself in a very precarious position…


A/N: “For your own safety, I insist you stay with me during my daytime rest.”
Unbuttoning his shirt, Godric’s lips twitched slightly into the faintest smile.
“Leave your review Little One, and I will await you on the bed.”

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  1. Oh goodness! Did Alan Ball just kidnapped Sookie and Godric?
    Awesome…I wonder how Sookie is getting out of this situation?!


  2. Grrr… Argh… That man creates and then kills off one of the most beautiful and memorable characters ever imagined…what an idiot!


  3. Can’t.blame Sookie for going to Godric and trying to convince him to live. I believe all of us would do that too.
    So is it Nut-sucker at the end of the lasso or someone new?


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