Ch 12: Bite Me!

Eric remembers the exact second it happened. The moment he felt a gut wrenching twist in his stomach when his connection to Godric was lost. He felt like he was falling down a bottomless pit into some unnamed oblivion as the bond with Godric faded, then it was just… gone. Gone! Eric doubled over in his throne chair and clutched his stomach. Every pair of eyes in the club watched his uncharacteristic display of discomfort with some morbid curiosity.

He felt a violent surge of anger as the empty void that was once occupied by Godric’s millennium old presence disappeared. He looked out at the crowd of vultures and walking shells who stared back. The music had stopped. The silence was eerie. Such silence that he could hear the beating hearts of the humans that looked at him with big eyes. Even the vampires in the club stared with a mix of trepidation and fascination.

“Out,” he muttered in a ragged voice. No one moved. “Leave… NOW…” His voice boomed over the crowd as he rose to his full height and hovered over them, fists clenched, eyes seething with the fire of hell, and fangs bared like dangerous daggers. “GET OUT!

Gasps echoed like a wave over the onlookers and they quickly turned and trampled their way to the door in a frenzied haste to escape the ancient Viking vampire.

Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Godric’s nest was about to descend into a chaotic uproar. It began when Isabel, one of the deputy sheriffs, became worried that Godric’s meeting had gone on far too long. She cautiously walked up to his office door and put her hand up to knock. But she stopped herself and turned her ear to the door.

She heard two male voices inside, and neither of them was Godric. She stood as still as a statue as she listened.

“You incompetent idiot. I ask you to do one little thing and you failed me!” A voice with an exaggerated southern drawl hissed.

“Master, I apologize! Godric came through the portal with her. He would have killed me.”

“Do you have any idea how difficult it was to get here so quickly? I was in the middle of a ridiculous dog ritual with the pack master and his mutts two States away. I’m tired of cleaning up your mess.” Isabel raised an eyebrow as she listened. She had no idea who the two men were or why they were in Godric’s office. But she continued to listened because she needed information.

“Master, I forced the girl into the portal just as you commanded me. I had no way of knowing she was in the company of a 2000 year old vampire. When they both came through I escaped back through the portal which was still open in this location.”

“You are valuable to me because you know the future, that’s why I turned you. But I could just as easily take that stone away from you and find another sniveling human from your world who has just as much knowledge as you. I WILL NOT MEET THE TRUE DEATH!”

“Yes you could master. You are magnificent and seasoned. But I have one thing those humans don’t have. Loyalty to you. I was the one who sought you out and told you what would happen to you.”

“True,” the southern man chuckled. “However, only because you wanted me to turn you. Now open the portal back up to your world so we can get out of here before someone finds us. I would hate to bloody my clothes.”

Isabel reacted instantly. They were about to get away and she needed to stop them and apprehend them. Apparently one of the vampires was from another world and had a way to access it. That is where Godric is. She rammed her shoulder into the door but it was thick and made of steel. Godric had it sound proofed and reinforced several years ago. She ran to her office next door and fished the hidden key out behind the bookshelf. Running back to Godric’s office she flung the door open but it was too late. The last remnants of some sort of spiral portal were disappearing in wisps of blue light.

Within minutes phones were ringing all over the nest, staff were running around the rooms in a panic, a scream of a human woman could be heard some where in the nest. Everyone was in a total panic as the news of Godric’s disappearance spread.

A red-headed woman ran up to Isabel with the phone, she huffed out of breath. “Isabel. The King of Texas is on line two for you, and Eric is on line one.”

She took the phone and nodded to the woman. She would get the call with the King over with first. Eric’s call may take a little longer.

“Your Majesty.” She said putting the phone to her ear.

“Isabel, is it true?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. Godric was in a meeting when apparently he was pulled into some type of portal. The target was the woman he was meeting with but it would seem he went in after her to save her. When I arrived there were two men in his office, but they disappeared into thin air, through a portal I’m assuming.” She closed her eyes in failure. She scolded herself for not unlocking the door the minute she heard them in there. But how was she to know that they had the ability to disappear through some portal.

“Do we know who they were?”

“No your Majesty. I didn’t see their faces.”

“I will send over a tracker to assist you. We will find Godric.” He offered.

“I’m afraid that will not help. As I said they disappeared into thin air, through some portal.”

“Perhaps he can’t track them but he is an expert at recognizing scents. It can’t hurt to try.”

“Okay, thank you your Majesty. We will await his arrival.”

She pushed the button on the phone to change the line to line one. “Eric,” she said dejected.

“What the fuck happened to my maker Isabel? I can not feel the bond anymore!” Eric’s voice lowered. “Is he… is he dead?”

“NO! Oh Gods no Eric! Nothing so heinous, I assure you.” She took a deep breath. “It seems Godric has gone through some sort of portal, to where I do not know.”

“WHAT?” Eric screamed into the phone. A million thoughts going through his mind. He had only heard of the portal to another world regarding one person. A certain blonde seer telepath. He learned of it when he hid in the trees and ease dropped on her conversation with Nut-sucker.

“Yes, he had a meeting with a supe that was moving to our area. And…”

“What was the name? Of the supe?”

“Sookie Stackhouse,” she told him. A rumbling growl could be heard through the phone. “It wasn’t the girls fault though. Apparently someone opened a portal in the middle of the meeting and forced her in. Godric went after her to save her and he was pulled through.”

“That sounds like something my maker would do.” Eric growled.

She finished telling him the story about how she arrived outside the door and the conversation she heard on the other side. “Godric is smart. He’ll figure out a way back Eric. If there is a way to that world, then there is a way back.”


“This is it.” I said to Godric walking through the door. “Please come in.”

He tentatively stepped through the front door and looked around. “Thank you for allowing me to stay in your home.” He said turning to face me.

“Well, it’s my fault you are here in the first place. It’s the least I could do.”

He walked further into the room. “This is wondrous indeed. A whole other world. Devoid of vampires no less.” He sat on the couch and picked up a pillow, turning it in his hand he looked at it curiously.

“Oh shit!” I screamed running toward him. He had THE pillow in his hands. The one that had Allan Hyde’s face sewed on to it.

“What is this Sookie?” He looked up at me with a slight twinkle in his eyes.

“Um, well that will take some explaining, you see.” I said with a red face. He turned and picked up the other pillow with Alexandar Skarsgard’s face on it. Dammit! “Okay, well before you freak out and think I’m some sort of stalker let me explain…” I said in a rush. “You see in this world there is a TV show.”

“A TV show of what?”

“Well, it’s called True Blood. We think it might be showing the future in your world.”


“Yes me and my Gran. My Gran from your world. Anyway, that’s how I knew about your death. That’s how I knew you would meet the sun. And that’s how I knew your death would not serve the purpose you intended.”

He frowned. “I would like to see this TV Show True Blood.”

“Of course, of course. I have every episode on DVD.” I ran to the entertainment center and picked up a stack of DVD’s which immediately slipped out of my hands and scattered all over the floor in front of him. I bent over and picked one up. “Um, see this one is from season 2. It has a picture of you on it. Or rather the actor who plays you.”

He took the DVD in his hands and looked it over. “He looks younger than me. But the resemblance is uncanny.”

“Oh yea I know. But he looks more like you now. I think he’s 24 years old this year. How old were you when you were… um… turned?”

“I do not know. It was so long ago. But I was younger than 24.”

“I better start blacking out the windows in the bedroom.” I said nervously fiddling my thumbs.

“I will help.” He rose to his feet and walked up to me, standing half an arms length away. Do vampires always stand in your personal space like that?

“Okay,” I giggled. “Thanks.” My face was still red as he followed me into the bedroom. My mind started singing: Godric’s in my bedroom! Godric’s in my bedroom!

“You are a fan of this actor who plays me on TV?”

“Oh yes, he’s hot, I’m totally in lo…” I stopped myself. Dammit! “Yea, he’s good.” I said turning to look at him.

He was grinning some devious shit eating grin that I thought I’d never see on his face. Was he flirting with me? I smiled as I pulled the curtains closed tight over the windows and walked to the closet to get some blankets and sheets to hang over them. I was limping from the gash on my knee. I needed to get cleaned up but getting the windows blacked out before sunrise was the priority at the moment.

“I will be right back,” I said leaving him to tack up a corner of the blanket. I walked into the living room and snatched up my purse.

Reaching in I took out the label I had previously taken off the Tru-Blood bottle in Merlotte’s. Carefully unfolding the label I read it.

Shake vigorously, remove cap, heat in microwave on high for 1 minute.
Cover opening and shake well before serving.

Scientific studies have confirmed that consuming synthetic blood as a substitute to real blood is safe, healthy, and even recommended to maintain all the normal mental and bodily functions of a vampire. However, the manufacturer takes no responsibility in the unlikely event a vampire looses vitality, strength, or a lack of sated hunger as a result of consuming Tru-Blood.

Recommended Consumption amounts:
Newly Risen … … … Up to a case a day
2 weeks – 2 years … 3-4 bottles a day
2 – 100 years … … ..2-3 bottles a day
100 – 250 years … …1-2 bottles a day
250 + years … … … Varies
It is not recommended to go more than 5 days without consuming synthetic blood no matter your age. If you experience extreme paleness of skin, trembling muscles, inability to focus, or any other symptoms please consume a bottle immediately.

I knew it. Godric really needed blood. He looked awful. It has been nine days since he’s fed. Why does he insist on doing this to himself. I stomped back into the bedroom.

“Um, Godric?” I said standing in the doorway. “I hate to bring this up again. But you really need blood, and well…” I looked down at my bloody leg and held it up.

He stopped what he was doing and raked his eyes down to my leg, his pupils slightly dilating and his nostrils flaring. “I will be fine.” He said turning back around and resuming his work.

“No, I insist. Didn’t your mama ever teach you it’s bad to waste food?”

He looked back over at me with a grin and started laughing. It was the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard! His entire face was smiling, even his eyes! “I do not remember my mama.” He teased.

“Well, I mean it’s already there bleeding. And I’m offering. It’d be rude manners to refuse.” Maybe a guilt trip would work.

“It has been two years since I have had human blood.” He muttered hoarsely, all humor gone from his voice.

I walked over to the bed and laid down, bringing my feet to rest on the bed’s edge. “I insist. Besides, if you don’t the blood will get on my bed sheets.”

He stepped closer to me, standing over me at the edge of the bed and looking back and forth between my face and leg. “I am not sure you know what you are offering, little one.” He said in the softest voice.

“I know exactly what I’m offering.” Hello… number one True Blood fanatic here. LICK ME!

“The experience is not as simple as sustenance.”

Tongue on me… “Mhm.” I nodded. I held my leg out to him slightly. “I am aware. I know you must be hungry and I don’t like seeing you that way. I will do this for you Godric.” It will be so hard to do such a thing but I think I’ll manage.

He stepped forward pressing his knees up against the bed and wrapped his hands around my calf. Ah!

“You think you understand. But I must be honest with you Sookie. I have wanted to taste you since I first laid eyes on you.” He muttered bringing his nose closer to my leg. “And that is not all I have wanted to do.” Before I could respond he was leaning over me and his tongue was gliding up my calf. Oh hot damn!

5 minutes later…

Godric’s tongue trailed down my inner thigh as he followed the last streak of dried blood that was there. His eyes were still locked on mine in a fierce gaze of liquid fire that nearly took my breath away. I could not fathom the thoughts that danced in the depths of his smoldering eyes as they were quickly brewing into a thunderous storm of desire the likes of which I have never witnessed.

One of his hands reached under the thigh he was currently occupied with and wrapped around cupping the top of my quad just below my shorts. The other trailed up the other leg under my shorts, ever so slowly. It inched underneath the waist band of my panties, not even touching anything private. He moved it straight out the top of my shorts and rested his palm below my naval, with fingers spread. His arm snaked right under my pants.

I don’t even think he realized where his hands were. I tried to tell myself that this was a necessity but it was quickly becoming too much for me to tolerate as every inch of my body screamed out like a hungry wolf.

I nearly came unglued when he started sucking the skin of my leg right above my femoral artery. His eyes glazed over and I wondered if he had gone temporarily insane. I mean the poor vampire hasn’t had human blood in ages and he just tasted my fairy blood. He stopped what he was doing and closed his eyes.

“I apologize.” He whispered opening his haze filled eyes to look at me again. “I became carried away. You are… incredible. And it has been so long.” He put his face back to my thigh and inhaled deeply. He had not moved his hands.

My breath was ragged. Was I really about to say what I think I was? “Godric, you need to drink.” I pushed my thigh against his face like a ho.

“No.” He turned his head back to me. His face hovered ever so close to my not so secret area. “I can not. I will not. I do not deserve…”

“You look pale. You have to eat. I don’t mind. I’m actually curious what it will be like. You’ll be doing me a favor.”

“Sookie.” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Positive!” Bite Me!

He slowly turned his head back to my inner thigh, letting out a sharp breath he closed his eyes and sank in his fangs. I winced slightly but the pain was gone within seconds. I felt waves of pleasurable spasms spread through my body from the point of his bite. His lips sucked and pulled at my skin. It was amazing and oh so sensual. No wonder humans always seemed to like being bitten.

I let out a small moan, and he looked into my eyes as he continued to suck on my thigh. Oh God! My hips started to buck, and my head tilted back. Shit, Shit, Shit! How embarrassing. I couldn’t stop myself from what was about to happen as the pleasure rose higher. I lifted my head and looked back into his face. Oh, those eyes! What was he doing to me?

His hand which still snaked through my shorts and rested on my belly moved slightly lower. His thumb started caressing at the top of my triangle of curls and I could have sworn I saw triumph dancing in his eyes. Oh, this vampire knew exactly what he was doing to me, what was happening to my body, what was irrevocably and undeniably approaching. He was the puppet master and I was nothing more than his puppet. He tightened his other arm which was still wrapped around my leg and he raised himself a bit with urgency, pulling my hips up with him in his earnest thrill.

Godric started growling into my leg, his eyes never leaving mine. That growl did things to me… so anamalistic and savage, and those smokey blue eyes beckoning and bewitching and seducing as I became lost in his piercing gaze. It was my eventual undoing. That’s all it took. A long drawn out string of moans ripped from my throat as I bucked like a cowgirl, desperately seeking some sort of touch but only finding empty space. My mind shut down as I had an orgasm from nothing more than a bite and a stare. Before it was even finished, as my whimpers still echoed in the room, he had released his bite, and he was burying his face in my crotch through my shorts. His growls were vibrating me there in the most naughty pleasurable ways as he drew in frantic inhalations of air through his nose. Holy Mother of Moses! I must be dreaming!

Both of his hands had moved to the underside of my thighs right where they curved into my bottom. He was pulling my legs wide apart as he nuzzled me. Sweet Jesus! I twitched my body and chattered my teeth, riding the final downward slope of my climatic pleasure as he deeply breathed in the scent of my fresh orgasm. He never once ceased his rumble of beastly growls that rang out noisily like a sensuous melody in the thick air that hung around us. It struck me that Godric wasn’t as immune to desire and pleasure as he let on. This must be the very provocative, yet dark and untamed streak that I sensed in him from the moment I met him.

I grabbed under his arms trying to pull him on top of me. I was desperate and greedy, and I wanted all of him in that moment. He put his knees on the edge of the bed between my legs and gracefully climbed on top of me. There he hovered over me looking down into my eyes.

“You are so very beautiful.” He whispered softly. “And quite innocent.”

I tugged at the hem of his pants. “Take these off.”

He waited a few seconds before speaking. “You have no idea how much I want to do just that and take every bit of you right here on this bed.” He sighed. “I should not have done what I just did. I could not help myself.”

“I’m not complaining.”

“No, you do not understand. I used my gift. I became too swept up in the moment.” I had no idea what he was talking about. He closed his eyes briefly and sighed raggedly as he gathered himself. “I do not wish to take advantage of you right now.”

“Godric, it’s okay. Whatever you did I enjoyed myself.” I smiled at him. Why did he beat himself up so much?

“You forgive me for my actions?” He seemed surprised, but his facial expression was also pleased and dare I say… happy?

“As long as you promise to use your gift or whatever you call it on me again.”

He chuckled as he looked down into my eyes. He shifted to the side of me and laid on his elbow looking at me. Damn he was gorgeous.

“Sookie Stackhouse…” He began looking at me with some sort of reverence. “What are you? I have never met a woman such as you. You are not human, at least not fully.”

“Oh where do I begin.” I said turning on my side to face him. “Telepath and part fairy that’s suppose to live 1000’s of years.”

“What?” He said lifting his head off his hand and staring at me surprised. “Fairies are a myth.”

“Nope, I’m one. And I can read human minds.” I winced a little at the pain in my still gashed up knee.

He immediately sat up and put his finger to his fang. Grabbing my leg he rubbed his pierced digit on my wound as well as the bite mark he had left on my inner thigh.

“Thank you.” I said with a small smile.

“You are welcome, beautiful.” He grinned before pulling his shirt off over his head. Oh Holy Hell. He was yum… He laid back down beside me, both our heads on the pillow. He seemed almost completely changed since I first spoke to him at the beginning of the night. “I must sleep. The dawn is upon us.” He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Have a good sleep Godric.”

A content expression fell on his face and his eyes closed ever so slowly as he still faced me. I stared at his face for the longest time. He was so handsome.


A/N: Godric gives you his vampiric stare. “Thank you for your review.” He purrs stepping closer to you.

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10 thoughts on “Ch 12: Bite Me!

  1. I think I’m going to die Love the lime in there but also the fact that they r getting along so well I hope that russel still dies I have been praying for his death in almost every fan fic he has appeared in and this one is no exception except for a great plot and godric sighs fangirlishly godric hehehehehehe


  2. Glad Isabel over heard who was in Godric’s office. I like everyone’s guess of it being Russell with Alan.
    Poor Eric the pain he felt at Godric’s void. Atleast he knows somewhat of what’s going on since he eavesdropped on Sookie and Alan once.
    Oh my! That was Hot! Godric can feed and use his gift on me anyday.


  3. Well that was fuckton hot!! I assume Alan Nut was one of the vamps in Godric’s office but I have no clue as to the other. I want to say this is fairy business but I can’t be sure. This is a hell of a ride!


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