Whispers on the Wind

Welcome to “Whispers on the Wind” Please enjoy this story!

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Sookie, desperate to save Godric on the roof, tries to use her fae magic to stop him from burning. But something goes terribly wrong. She is hurtled back in time over 2000 years, before Godric’s maker turns him. Godric’s 2000 years of memories are still in tact, but he is human. She must find a way to free him from his bondage as he relives his slavery under a sadistic Roman vampire. Learn about Godric’s past and join him as he rediscovers his humanity and falls in love with the woman who gave him a new beginning.

Rated MA
Historical Fiction/Romance/Drama
Anticipated Number of Chapters: Unknown

Current Beta

Historical Guru

I don’t own True Blood, SVM, or have anything to do with HBO. I’m just playing around with what other people have created. This story is completely fiction and the characters, fictional or real in name, are completely made up.


6 thoughts on “Whispers on the Wind

  1. I can’t read your new post for this story! Even when I enter my password. What in the world is going on? Why is it protected by password anyways? I have been waiting and waiting for a new post of this story and now you put it out but I can’t read it! Gah! Help


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