Ch 8: The Wraith




The challenges of today weighed heavily on my mind while we sought answers. I felt Sookie squeeze my hand under the round meeting table where we sat with the council. I glanced over at her face to see her worried eyes staring back at me. My dear sister was missing. The vampires sent to retrieve Alia never returned in the night. There was no sign of her or Titus to be found. His domus was abandoned. I felt the anger boiling up in my core like a raging fire. Titus will regret the night our paths ever crossed. This I vow.

My eyes swept the room. Introductions had already been made. To my left sat Scar, the shape shifter council member. Beside him was Grenhelda, the ambassador for the witches. Across from me was the Pythia and beside her sat Niall Brigant, the fae leader. To her other side was Roman, the King of the Vampires in Italia. Also seated at the table was Dubya who represented the demons and several Were pack leaders, including a female Werewolf named Raven and a brutish Werelion named Crax.

“Let me remind all council members that the secrecy of our interactions here must be kept in the strictest of confidences.” Niall began. “As you all know the fae only agree to be on this council in exchange that our existence is kept a myth.”

“Yes we all know about your precious little secret.” Scar spat. “No one is going to tell the rest of the supernatural world about you and your little fairies.”

“Good, because if the treaty is broken it will mean war with the fae.” Niall looked over at Sookie. “With that being said, I would like to welcome my great-grandaughter Sookie of Delphi to the council. Her and Godric have come from 2000 years in the future. It is a momentous occasion indeed.”

Raven the Werewolf council member jumped to her feet and started screaming. “Aren’t we here to talk about Caesar’s death? Not your time traveling kin?”

“Why are they even here?” Scar sneered. “The girl is nothing more than a hybrid fairy. I could snap her like a twig.”

I stood to my feet and leaned menacing over the table towards the shape shifter. “If you, vermin, so much as look at Sookie in a manner that displeases me I will rip you limb from limb.”

He began laughing. “A bold little human you are. Rip me limb from limb will you?”

The Pythia stood up and put her hand in the air. “Silence!” She bellowed. “As the chancellor I demand silence!”

Everyone became quiet and settled back in their chairs.

“We must stay on topic. Rome burns as we speak.” Grenhelda the witch said. “Half of the witch covens within the city have already been destroyed. The apocalypse is upon us. The human leader has been assassinated by a vampire and rumors churn that a mysterious race descends upon us.”

“What is this? Assisinated by a vampire? Your race, Roman, puts us all in danger of being exposed to the humans!” Dubya screamed. “The Pythia should step down from her role as chancellor!”

“The Vampires have held the chancellor role for 147 years!” Roman said. “Now is not the time to make changes.”

“He is right. I agree with the vampires.” Niall announced. “We must stay united and find the source of this unfortunate event.”

“I have had a prophecy.” The Pythia said. “In the day a great vision came to me.”

“A prophecy?” Grenhelda gasped. “Tell us of what you saw!”

The Pythia closed her eyes and whispered one word. That word was my name. Everyone at the table turned and looked at me. “Godric,” she whispered again. “Godric stood upon the precipice of a great chasm in the Earth. In his hand he held the Jewel of the Underworld.”

Niall gasped. “The Jewel of the Underworld has been lost for over 2 millennia. It was once the greatest treasure in the fae realm.”

“What is the Jewel of the Underworld?” Sookie asked.

“It holds the magic of all the fallen fae from the beginning of time. Our legends say that one day a great fae will be born who will unleash the power of the Jewel and reshape the world, bringing with her a hero to save us all.”

“That fae has been born and the power of the Jewel has manifested itself. The Jewel gave Sookie the power to bring Godric to us,” The Pythia said.

“How did it do that?” Sookie asked.

“The Jewel’s power is not bound by time or distance. I believe at the right time when you tried to stop Godric from meeting the sun on the roof the Jewel channeled your fae power and brought you, along with Godric, to where you were needed.” The Pythia explained. “In my vision a great army ascended from the chasm in the Earth and reeked havoc on our realm. A race of old ones that have long been forgotten in the shifting sands of time, they once roamed the Earth, slithering and gliding upon the ground as they devoured the souls of the living. The army of death came out of the chasm and swept the world, leaving a barren wasteland in their wake. A sorrowful gloom descended upon us all and the world was plunged into chaos. The humans were fed upon like chattle and the supernaturals dispersed to the darkest corners of the world. The bones of the ancients withered to dust and the souls of the living disappeared from the Earth.”

“Who are these old ones?” Niall asked with wide eyes.

“I call them the Wraith and they will be our undoing if Godric cannot save us.”

“But he is just a human.” Crax yelled in exasperation. “Surely he cannot stop such a great army.”

“He can.” The Pythia said with confidence. “And he will. Or all will be lost. It is his destiny. As is Sookie’s to be the one who manifested the stone, causing it to pull her from the future to save us all. For if these events did not come to fruition in this moment and in this place the Wraith will destroy the world in the third era. The era where Sookie and Godric come from. It is my belief that the stone brought them here to fufill their destiny.”

“My great grand-daughter is the great fae from our legends?”

“Yes, she was born into greatness as was Godric. The Wraith have come and the only thing that can close the rift to their realm is the Jewel of the Underworld which they now have in their possession. The Jewel must be destroyed so the magic can be released and the rift closed.”

“You can’t be serious!” Sookie said looking over at me. “You can’t send him to destroy the stone. It’s a suicide mission!”

“I will do it.” I said calmly. “Tell me what I must do and I will go.”

“Godric, no! Please. You can’t.” Sookie’s eyes were full of desperation. “You’ll be killed!”

I took her hand in mine and looked at her beautiful face. “Little One, it is the only way to stop the wraith. The prophecy is clear.”

“We can’t let him go alone.” Scar the shape shifter said. “I will accompany him on his mission.”

“I’m going too!” Sookie demanded. I grabbed her hand and started shaking my  head before the Pythia began speaking.

“No, Godric must go alone. The Wraith will be able to sense any supernaturals within their lair and you, Sookie, have fae blood running through your veins.”

“I’m only 1/8th fae. Maybe I’m human enough that they won’t know.”

“Sookie, you cannot go. I will not put you in danger.” I said looking at her with eyes full of regret and longing. I was soberly aware that all my dreams that Sookie and I would live out our lives together were a whisper on the wind.

“He is right, daughter. If you go with him you will both die.” The Pythia said solemnly. “Godric, you hold our fate in your hands.”




I brushed Sookie’s hair out of her face as she stood in front of me. We were alone now back in my chambers, our last night together before I must leave and attempt to stop the chaos. I was realistic. I knew it was probably the last time I would ever see my Sookie again. But I would gladly go to my true death to save her, to protect her.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Why does it have to be you?”

“You heard the Pythia’s prophecy.” I said as I cupped her face. “I’m so sorry, Sookie. I must go. I must stop the Wraith. I now know Titus has been working with them all along in his grasp for power.”

“I might never see you again. This may be the last night I see you, Godric.”

I leaned forward and put my forehead to hers and wrapped my arms around her. “I never thought I would fall in love.” I half laughed under my breath. “With a human for that matter. You have made me see the world through new eyes, Sookie. You do not know how much you have given me. I would not trade 2000 years for the time I have spent with you.”

She looked up into my eyes and put her hands on my face. Slowly and gently her lips came to mine before she whispered to me. “Make love to me.”

My eyes softened as I looked at her. I desired for this woman to be my mate and now finally that I had her I must leave on a mission that would most likely result in my true death. “Sookie, I have nothing to offer you. When the dawn comes I must leave and I do not know if I will return.”

“I don’t care,” she said shaking her head and squinting away the tears. “I want to be with you, Godric. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

I felt an excitement surge through my body. Oh, how I have desired her and how bitter sweet this was. My breath came out raggedly as she stepped back away from me and let her dress fall to the ground. I drank her in with lusty eyes as she came back towards me and pressed her lips to mine again.

I felt my erection quivering inside my pants and found that I could not wait one more second. I guided her backwards to the bed and she landed with me on top of her. I drove my tongue in her mouth causing her to moan. I leaned up and tossed my shirt over my head with her help and my pants soon followed.

I pulled her panties down her thighs and tossed them away. My eyes raked across her body before I was soon back on top of her.

I sighed at the feel of her against me, skin to skin. She was so soft and I slowed a minute to look down at her face. She looked back at me and her hair was a wild mess and her eyes glowed.

“I love you so much,” I said hoarsely.

“I love you too.” She whispered back.

For the longest time I moved my hands all over her body causing her to sway under me as if her body was boneless. I wanted her to be in another world as I pleasured her. I wanted to give this to her. My hands slid along her sides and my lips kissed every inch of her as I mapped her body.

My lips found her mouth again and I felt her legs hook around my thighs. I sat up and pulled her onto my lap and felt her heat against my cock while I started to kiss her delicious neck, the neck that I so desired I could sink fang into. I was about to claim Sookie completely.

“You are mine.” I rasped out, grazing my mouth along the column of her throat. “Mine.”

I pushed her back on the bed and she arched into me, trying to mold her body to mine and guide me into her.  “Tell me again.” I said raggedly as I looked down at her. She looked so vulnerable as my body pressed her against the bed.

“I love you.” She said, but her last word was drowned out as I thrust hard into her, filling her in one quick move. I sighed heavily. She felt amazing stretched around me. She moaned loudly and I knew she savored the feeling of my hard, hot length inside her. I pumped into her again and again and her legs shook around me as I drove into her, desperate to revel in the feeling of her as I claimed her completely.

She was so beautiful and everything felt so right as she looked up into my eyes, her face etched in pleasure. Our time might be short but for this night, Sookie was finally mine. She was the woman I have undeniably fallen in love with.

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11 thoughts on “Ch 8: The Wraith

  1. Ack!! Why does it have be so damn hard for these two!! I think I’ll go back to my Holy Grail references and set forth the Silly kaniggits from France!! Since the singing ones from Camelot never do much….

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  2. I feel like when Godric goes on his mission to get the jewel that will like “right the wrong” so to speak and put Sookie and Godric back to the present time of 2000-and-something.
    I’m looking forward to see where you go from here.
    Especially in regards to Sookie. I’d love to see her Fae magic get more strong.

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  3. Oh gods why!?
    The Angst is getting to me.
    However, this was lovely…
    Hey, would she be bearing his child if things ended the worst way possible?
    So she could have a part of him…
    Also, if they live, ohhh, it would be awesome to see them through the ages… Fixing the wrongness Godric did in the past?
    Btw, I hope Godric’s sister is still alive…

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  4. i am so heartbroken. *sniff* but i think this is Godric’s best chance for atonement. to ease the guilt in him. to be really worthy of Sookie’s love and his own redemption. still sucks though. 😦

    anxiously waiting for what happens next with all fingers and toes crossed.

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  5. Oh wow, I sure am hoping for a happy ending. It would be wonderful if Godric gave her a child. It would also be a shame if Eric wasn’t there, too. And poor Alia. I wonder what happened to her. I know you have a life and I appreciate you taking the time to give us these stories. Please remember to take care of yourself.

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