Ch 5: The Next Morning


Eric had just about enough of Compton over the years. His lip curled up as he paced back and forth in the office alone. The first time he had a run in with the trashy young vampire was right before Pam was turned in San Francisco. Compton was draining Pam’s girls.

He had come across the vampire several times over the years since then. Compton was always causing problems, and more often than not, Eric was left to clean up the mess.

This was the second time Bill had attempted to lure a girl out of his club with drugs and Eric was ready to destroy him for it. His club was edgy, yes, but it was meant to be a safe place for all who attended.

He dialed the phone. “Pam, give me an update on your little mission.”

“I managed to procure a fine pair of Jimmy Choo’s and Gucci peep toes,” Pam purred in a bored tone. “Good thing too because you owed me one.”

“Pam cut the crap. You know what I’m talking about.” He didn’t need to know about shoes.

“Well aren’t we in a great mood tonight,” she deadpanned.


“Fine. Our Southern gentleman, or so he likes to believe, has been skimming quite a bit off the top of his company.”

“What a shocker.” This is why Eric liked giving Pam these tasks. She was always thorough when it came to screwing people over.

“I was able to get a copy of the ledgers. The company has made no growth and it definitely should have. Also the ledgers indicate there is at least twenty million dollars unaccounted for.”

“Twenty million? How is that possible? Is someone skimming besides Compton?” Eric asked.

“He pretty much rules the board with an iron fist. But get this. Each board member has a salary of roughly $100,000 a year but they are all millionaires. So he’s probably paying them off.”

“Alright, let’s go to phase two of the hostile takeover.”

“I’ll get on it right away. And Eric… Please once we get this company lets change that ridiculous name from Monster-Mart.”

“Keep me updated of any problems.” Eric hung up the phone with a devilish smile. First he would bring Compton to his knees by taking everything he has away from him. By the time he is done Bill will be begging for the true death. Maybe even his worthless childish maker, Lorena, will get involved and he can have the pleasure of taking her down as well. What was he thinking? Of course she would. Her love for Bill was never ending in a creepy stalker kind of way.

Eric sat in the chair behind the desk and kicked his feet up. He closed his eyes and pictured the delectable Miss Stackhouse in his mind. He was barely able to control himself tonight. She was a mystery. What was that delicious scent wafting off her? Why didn’t she wear glamour proof contact lenses like every other human? Is she that naive? And why, oh why, does a human of all things have him so enthralled?

He frowned a little. It would seem that Sookie already had him wrapped around her little finger. He was already destroying Compton because of her. He couldn’t tear his thoughts from wanting to lick every inch of her exquisite skin. He wanted to sink his fangs in her soft flesh and pound her until she screamed his name in worship.

But… there was something else. It was more than that. Just thinking of her seemed to make him smile. Fuck. He hoped he wasn’t getting soft. Truth be told, he had longed for love for many centuries. Never in a fucking million years would he have admited it to anyone. He could barely admit it to himself, but looking at Sookie made him remember the need that he has ignored and denied for so long.

Do not kid yourself Eric. You wouldn’t know love if it smacked you in the ass. Love was as foreign a concept to him as running through a field of flowers on a hot sunny day. Although he knew that would be quite a gift just as love would. But was love really for him?

Godric had taught him for nearly 1000 years that emotions were a weakness, but over the last century, his maker seemed to have some sort of epiphany. Godric was constantly preaching things to him that made no sense. Such as, meaningful relationships were the key to happiness. Sometimes he thinks Godric has gone insane but at least the Gaul seemed to take Eric on as sort of a project to re-teach everything he (thinks) had gotten wrong instead of meeting the true death all those years ago. As long as Godric believed that Eric needed him, he wouldn’t try to meet the sun again. At least not until he was sure he had done right by his children. But Eric didn’t want to think about that.

Now to come up with a plan to make Sookie his…



Sookie sat up in her bed and squinted because of the bright light pouring in through the window. Oh sweet Jesus. Her head felt like it had a vice on it holding the split down the middle together. What happened last night?

Oh… Holy… Hell… The last thing she remembers is walking in an office or something and running to Eric Northman. “I called him Over Six Feet of Sin,” she gasped. “I am such a cheese.”

She put her hands on her face. How embarrassing. What if she ran into him in the elevator again? She could see his amused grin now. She hoped she didn’t do anything else unlady like… She was at home, in her own bed, so that was a good sign.



Brandy filled up a glass of water for Sookie and fished out some Tylenol. She was likely to have one killer headache. She had been thinking about Godric all day. He seemed like a pompous ass like all vampires. She smiled to herself, a very handsome and sweet pompous ass. When was the last time she met such a decent man? Was he a man? He looked so young! But did that matter? I bet he is much, much older in years…

Shut up Brandy! You know vampires are un-trust worthy. Doesn’t matter how old he is. The last time she had a run in with a vampire was at the very same club they had to rescue Sookie from. Some nasty, greasy-haired fanger with a fake Southern drawl tried to drug her. It was probably the same drug used on Sookie.

That was about six months ago. The fanger said his name was Bill Compton and was a CEO or something. She had told him to get lost and the next thing she knew she was being escorted out of the bar in a drunken haze by the dumb shit asshole.

He had pulled her in an alley way to have his way with her, but luckily a couple passing by saw, and out of concern, called the cops. Yea, that was by far the most embarrassing moment of her life. They had to restrain her in the hospital because she kept trying to fondle the night nurses and doctors.

She called the bar the next night and bitched out the owner. She sort of wondered if one of the three vampires from last night was the owner. She gasped at the thought that maybe it was Godric she had bitched out on the phone.

She walked in Sookie’s room. “Good morning sunshine.”

“Ow! Don’t yell,” Sookie complained covering her ears lightly.

“Here’s some water and Tylenol. It’ll make you feel better.”

“What happened?” She asked after swallowing the pills.

“Well… apparently you were slipped a drug in your drink last night.”

Sookie’s eyes got wide.

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t have any lasting effects. Believe me I speak from personal experience.”

“That A-hole greasy-haired Bill Compton.”

Brandy sighed. Yep it was the same fanger.

Sookie looked at her hands nervously. “I didn’t do anything…”

“Besides crawling up Eric Northman’s body, wrapping your legs around his waist, attacking his mouth, and moaning his name over and over?”


Brandy started laughing. “Hey it’s not that bad. Well I can’t be sure what happened before Christopher and I got there. But, he seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit.”

Sookie’s face was about seven shades of red.

“He’s got the hots for you Sook.”

“He was probably just trying to be polite in the face of a psycho, drugged up, crazy woman.”

“No, I’m telling you that man likes you, a lot.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well let’s see. His fangs seemed to be dripping with saliva when he looked at you and he was kissing you back pretty feverishly. I had to practically threaten him to put you down so we could leave.”

Sookie laid down on her back. “I can never show my face in public again.”

After Brandy left the room, Sookie smiled to herself. So Eric Northman likes her does he? Surely not. If he had half the attraction for her that she had for him, then she’d be in heaven. Vampires are notorious though for being closed off and unemotional. She wondered if a human-vampire relationship could really work.


A/N: Eric snatches you into his arms. “Mmmm.” He growls. “Do you have any idea the things you do to me when you leave a review.”

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6 thoughts on “Ch 5: The Next Morning

  1. The morning after, at least she didn’t do the walk of shame.but then again he does own and live in the same building..betting they will be running into each other sooner rather than later.


  2. So Brandy was drugged by Billy boy too?!
    Loved how Sookie is excited about Eric’s involvement..she is already thinking about human/vampire relationships…


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