True Blood Stories


Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Pairing: Eric/Sookie/Godric
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Adventure
Rating: MA


Sookie, a huge fan of the True Blood TV show, goes to tell off the creator of the show. She is tossed into the True Blood universe where she faces her worst nightmares, sweetest dreams, and most scandalizing fantasies.

newwowbannerWhispers on the Wind

Pairing: Sookie/Godric
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance/Drama
Rating: MA


Sookie tries to use her fae magic to save Godric, but something goes terribly wrong and they are hurtled back in time 2000 years. Learn about Godrics past and join him as he falls in love with the woman who gave him a new beginning.


Over Six Feet of Sin

Pairing: Sookie/Eric, Secondary: Godric/Brandy
Genre: Romance/Crime
Rating: MA


30 years after Eric develops New Blood he is a famous billionaire living in an upscale Dallas penthouse. In this reality he meets Sookie for the 1st time and Godric is still alive. He has countless enemies that will use any means to hurt him, and that includes using Sookie to get to him.

strengthbanner Strength of the Soul

Pairing: Deep Friendship
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Rating: T


Sookie, determined to save Godric, goes to the land of fairies to seek out the ancient knowledge of the Sanguinista resurrection. Meanwhile, back on Earth Eric must use all his centuries of wit and cunning to survive the chaos that is to come. Three destines will collide in a world full of wonder!

6 thoughts on “True Blood Stories

  1. *Sniff* You’re so cruel asking us to pick just one story. But then again you are on a terrific roll with Rabbit Hole so I had to pick that one. 🙂 I’m going to devote part of my Sunday to listen to your great idea to audiotape it. That was a horrible sentence, lol , you probably don’t know what an audiotape is either! Geeze I sound like I’m 50. So no matter what story gets picked I’ll still be a happy camper. Thanks for writing and sharing!

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