The Thief Who Stole Me

Summary: 5000 years ago I was turned into a vampire by Lilith. When Warlow destroyed her I fled for my life for fear that he would destroy me as well. I was visiting an acquaintance in the year 46 BC in ancient Rome. That is when I saw him. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I immediately fell in love but his spirit was full of hate and loathing for the vampire master that abused him in every way imaginable. I stole the young roman slave away into the night and turned him. I nurtured him and taught him everything I knew about being a vampire and we spent centuries together after that. This is the proud story of my greatest accomplishment… Godric.

Current Beta

I don’t own True Blood, SVM, or have anything to do with HBO. I’m just playing around with what other people have created. This story is completely fiction and the characters, fictional or real in name, are completely made up.

Chapter One Coming Soon


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