SVM/TB Historical Fiction Contest





Welcome to the first and maybe only contest held here at AmericanAndroid fic. The theme for this contest will be Historical Fiction. Please read below for more information and thank you for coming!

Contest Admins:

Please direct any questions to the following people
The Queen of Delicious (Leah on FB)
AmericanAndroid (Alicia on FB)

Contest Rules:

1. One entry per person

2. Entry must be within the SVM/TB fandom and contain at least one character from the show/book who is a primary character in your story. (Crossovers are permitted)

3. Entry must be a historical fiction in nature, a period piece which takes place in the past. (Example: Ancient Rome, Early America, Roaring 20s, European Renaissance, Medieval, etc.) Time travel from the present is permitted.

4. Entrants must remain anonymous until voting is concluded and are not permitted to tell anyone which entry is theirs.

5. All entries must be received by midnight central time on April 30th in word doc format.

6. Email your entry to and include your pen name, rating, and title.

7. If you enter you are welcome to put the contest banner on your website and link it back to this page.


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The winners will receive a custom banner for their story and an award graphic to put on their website. Winners will be announced about a week after voting ends. Voting will be conducted via a wordpress poll.


I added this FAQ section to answer a few of the questions we have received about the contest.

Is there a word minimum/maximum?

No. This is your story. Make it the length you want and enjoy yourself!

Can my beta edit my story for me?

Yes, you are allowed to have a beta edit your story. In the interest of fairness, please be discreet and make sure you do not tell anyone other than your editor which entry is yours.

How are stories handled when they are published?

Once your entry is received you will get a confirmation e-mail from a contest admin. After your story is uploaded on this website you will receive another e-mail with a link to your story and a password (It will be password protected until May 1st) so you can approve formatting before it is available to readers for voting. If you see any problems with the formatting of your story please inform a contest admin and we will fix any issues.

Are the contest admins going to submit an entry?

No. Contest admins are simply hosting the contest and verifying votes. Neither Leah or Alicia will enter a story or vote on the stories, though we are excited to read all the entries! Poll results will be verified by both admins before winners are announced.

How often do people get to vote on the poll?

In the interest of fairness, the contest admins have decided that the poll will be configured to only allow voters one vote for the entire voting period which will last from May 1st to May 15th. This ensures that every voice carries the same weight whether it be a casual reader who may only vote once or a friend who may have figured out which story is yours and would have otherwise voted every day on a daily poll.


I hope this FAQ answers some of the concerns and questions we have received. If you think of any other questions you have, feel free to ask and we will be more than happy to answer!

36 thoughts on “SVM/TB Historical Fiction Contest

  1. Gosh that sounds wonderful …but i would need a serious beta…because I’m not the greatest with grammar. … and i would need help with posting to WP. …BUT I HAVE IDEAS. …Just need a lot of help…so I guess I’ll just read you guys entries and be happy. ..


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