My Favorite Stories

Under Construction! I am still adding stories… (If I missed your name under the author list and you want it added let me know and I will add it!)

These are just a few of the stories I have read or am reading and love! Along with my review and recommendation. In no particular order. I hope to grow this list very soon! I know there are so many great ones out there not listed here but I have such limited time. Being a teacher and single mom keeps me busy. Not to mention my own writing! Without further ado…

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Stories In Progress

Completed Stories

Amazing One-Shots
Take Me There

Archive of Reviews:

  • Eric/Sookie – In Progress
    • Black Friday by Gyllene
    • The Moon by Meridian
    • We Wear the Mask by VictoryInTrouble
  • Eric/Sookie/Godric – In Progress
    • In The End by Kittyinaz
    • Destined in Dallas by: The Unseen Wonder
    • Rooftop Confessions by: TextCrazy2011
  • Godric/OC – In Progress
    • In The Shadow of the Oak by: Royal Ember
    • Into the Mystic by: Mesuline10
    • Decisions by: Meridian
  • Eric/Sookie – Complete
    • Pretty Kitty by: ficlit78
    • The Debt by: kjwrit
    • A Different Life by: mistressjessica1028
    • Back and Forth by: CaliforniaKat
  • Eric/Sookie/Godric – Complete
    • The Dying Series by: mavrosal
    • True Colors by: js1280
  • Godric/OC – Complete
    • Anticipating by: Meridian
    • Sookie Stackhouse Wannabe by: IsisMama
    • I See you by: Midnat
  • Amazing One Shots
    • Eric & Alan by: Morgaine Swan

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