Complete Godric-OC

Sookie Stackhouse Wannabe” by: IsisMama

Janie is obsessed with SVM and True Blood fanfiction. She always thought how exciting it would be to be Sookie Stachouse. That is until she became Sookie Stackhouse. I have labeled this fic as TB because I plan on having Godric in it. However there will be aspects of SVM as well. Sookie has big boobs and blue eyes y’all! Rated M for language. I’m not sure about lemons. This is my first fic so we’ll see how brave I am. OC, Sookie, Eric, Godric

Review: I recently discovered this story and it is amazing! It begins with an OC named Janie who wakes up in the True Blood Universe in Sookie’s body. She eventually comes across Godric and must convince him that life is worth living. It is great for those craving some yummy Godric fiction! Anyway if you ever dreamed of waking up with your favorite characters in TB/SVM this is for you!

I See You” by: Midnat
After offending the Fellowship of the Sun, Sophie is tossed into a cage underneath their church, only to realize that she’s not alone. AU, Godric/OC. Small bit of Eric/OC/Godric later on. Rated M for language and True Bloody goodness.

Review: Oh my GODric! What a way to meet the Gaul! It is thrilling idea to be tossed in the cage with him in the church basement as a snack! Mwhaha! This story has a lot of lemonade! But it’s just not about that. The plot is well thought out and thick! Anyway it was one of the first Godrc fics I ever read and is what made me fall in love with his character “in that way.” I couldn’t find her story on her wordpress site which I will link here. So the link above takes you to She has two other really really good Godric fics that she hasn’t updated in a long time. I think they are on hiatus but that is the only reason they aren’t listed in this library. When she resumes I will definitely include them because both are fantastic!


Anticipating” by: Meridian
When Cara saved Isabel one dark and scary night, Godric felt much more for the daring, beautiful human than mere gratitude. This is just my take on how things could be. It starts a bit slow, kinda dreamy…but that doesn’t last too long. AU/Other Character; NOT canon. It’s actually a faster read than you’d think considering the number of chapters…

Review: Okay so this is another super duper good Godric fic by Meridian! The story follows Godric and Cara’s developing relationship and boy does she develop it very well. I love that when Authors take the time to do that. All too many times the love duo is romping in the sheets on chapter 2. But not here. It is perfect! This was also one of the first fics about Godric I read which made me fall in love with his Character and make me want to write about him too! I have Meridian to thank for that!

3 thoughts on “Complete Godric-OC

  1. Awww, thanks for listing my story! *psst: it’s not complete yet, but it’ll get there* Oh, and I adore IM’s SSW – do wish she could come back to the TB fic writing world.


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