New – Whispers on the Wind ch 12

Ch 12: The Calm Before the Storm. Click Here to go straight there. Thank you to the Queen of Delicious who beta read this chapter.

I have a few things to announce. I am working on Whispers on the Wind, trying to finish it up. When I’m done with it I will work on Rabbit Hole. I finished the final outline for whispers and it will have 15 chapters. It has a great ending I think and I hope you guys will like it. Things are going slowly at the moment but I hope to get back some momentum soon.

Also, I have redone my website and it’s still under construction so some chapter pages aren’t finished and may be a bit funny. Six Feet chapters are done and all other pages besides rabbit and whispers. I am trying to make it more compatible for people who read on tablets and mobile devices. And I’m trying to take out all the flashy distractions that may interfere with reading.

So to go along with this new website revamp I have taken out a bunch of pages and added some new ones. One important page is the News page where I can tell you what is going on and stuff. There’s another page called Adventure into my Mind. This page is basically just my drabblings, story starters, originals things like that. Check it out if you want. I have had some readers express interest in reading some of my other stuff that I never publish and this page is basically so I can figure out what is going to be a good story and what is isn’t by you guys letting me know what your opinions are.

So to answer your question… Am I back? I’m not sure about that but I am finishing up my stories. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. Some of you guys have followed my stories for over 6 months and I never like to leave anything unfinished but also I really want to know what happens myself. I am just lacking some momentum right now. Thank you to all the readers who have e-mailed me and sent me msgs letting me know how much they love my work and how much they miss my stories. Some of you guys are so sweet and such good people. I hope you like this latest chapter of Whispers.


14 thoughts on “New – Whispers on the Wind ch 12

  1. I hope you decide that you truly are back. I know I haven’t been in communication, but it seemed like you needed time. Thanks for deciding to finish your stories. You were sorely missed.

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  2. So happy to see you finish these wonderful stories. So first I want to say thank you. Secondly I hope you find your momentum again and don’t let any one person, group, or “random” take away something you enjoy and find fun in. For every person that brings bad drama there will be some one to help you find the joy. Take care.

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  3. What a treat to see you have posted a new chapter..and I like the new look here. You have a great deal of talent and sharing it with your readers is a gift that is much appreciated.


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