Ch 8: Whispers on the Wind


Chapter 8: The Wraith… Click Here. I hope you like it. So just letting you guys know that this story is coming to a close soon. I estimate maybe 5 more chapters unless I get inspiration! But I think it will have a great ending that you will like.


So I have had some emails and some questions about my stories and why I’m not updating every week all the sudden. Why I’m not updating six feet etc. So I thought I’d take this oppurtunity to address those questions.

I love to write. But like anyone else I have to follow my muse or you end up with crappy chapters. I try to follow a schedule as best I can which is great if my muse is in the right place but it doesnt always work out that way. Plus I have real life. I was sick for several weeks. I’ve been ultra busy this week with my sons basketball tournament, his team is going to the championship game btw and my other sons ochestra competitions which finished tonight. I’m a single mom and this is my hobby. On top of all this I decided to take this last month easy since I’ve been writing like a bat out of hell for 3 months… churning out like 10 chapters a month which is a lot of time at the computer for me. I have got some readers who’ve e-mailed me about my not updating this or that and some readers who just ask nicely which is fine. I don’t mind to answer those questions. In 4 and half months since I began writing in this fandom I have written 51 chapters for 4 different stories, which roughly totals about 163k words. That is larger than most published books and most famous authors can take up to a year to write a book with a length of 100k words.

Six Feet hasn’t been updated since last Novemeber and it was a super popular story. I know. But my muse has been on Whispers and Rabbit and I can’t help that. Six Feet has not been abandoned. In fact, I’ve been talking with MistressJessica who is the beta for it about the plot and such for months. We have planned for 2 months for it to restart in April which will happen. Just as me and Suzy planned for Strength to restart in March which happened. Whispers has hit a lull in updates because the story direction has changed and my inspiration keeps trying to pull me in different directions. I finally decided where to go with it and the story is almost complete. Rabbit hasn’t been updated in 2 weeks because I’ve been focusing on where to go with Whispers.

Rabbit has always gone reguarly and smoothly because I’ve had 45 chapters outlined out in detail since I started the story with exciting plots and intrigues. Not all stories go that way and are harder for the author to write. Rabbit is just easy for me… plain and simple….

Now that I got a Whispers update out to you guys I’m going to be turning my attention back to Rabbit to finish out this story arc which I estimate is about 4 or so more chapters. Then their will be some intermission chapters before the next story arc starts which will be fairly short. Then the story will end. But for the rest of the current story arc my muse is desperate to write! My muse is also excited to write the next strength chapter which is an Eric chapter. I really loved the last Eric Chapter and I’m excited to write the next. After the current Rabbit arc is done and the strength chapter done I’ll focus on Whispers heavily since the story only has like 5 chapters left.

I hope this answers your questions and assures those six feet fans that the story is not abandoned, assures other readers that your favorite stories are all special to me in their own way and I’m always plotting and planning. I know it’s frustrating to get regular weekly updates then all the sudden not have an update for 3 weeks. All I can say is sorry… I do the best I can!


4 thoughts on “Ch 8: Whispers on the Wind

  1. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    Often, we as the readers, forget that Fanfiction is not paying any of the writers. Because of this, many of the writers have to deal with RL. On top of that, well there is a reason why the muses were worshipped as Gods. They only stay around for do long, and we have to cater to them. Please remember this when you read a Fanfiction chapter and/or story….


  2. Patience is a virtue but unfortunately not many of us are virtuous. I am glad to see some of your writing though. I enjoy your work a lot. Congrats on the bb championship.


  3. I’m signed up to your blog(I think) even if it takes you twenty years to write them I am enjoying the stories and will continue to read them. So, sorry, you’re stuck with me!


  4. I read your news update this morning. I hear you. It is all a balance and while the satisfaction that comes with creativity is amazing there are the other equally or more important moments. The moments when you watch your child in wonder and awe. The time your give of yourself to a friend. The smile on a stranger’s face when they return your own. The satisfaction of accomplishing something at your regular job because we all need money to pay bills. The quiet time of doing something just because it feels good. Single is hard sometimes. It makes you less dependent but it also leaves you without the safety net. All these things; these very important moments go into recharging those deep wells that you draw from for any creative endeavor. One can’t exist without all the rest. My long way of saying you shouldn’t apologize or feel beholden to anyone for sharing your gift when it’s ready. Because it is a gift. Doesn’t mean folks (like me) won’t feel selfishly inclined to whine and beg. Just see it for the compliment it’s meant to be and know that when you’re ready we’ll be happy with your efforts. Congrats for your boys. Life is always sweeter when seen through their eyes. Best to you.

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