New Chapter: Whispers on the Wind Ch 3


Enjoy this latest chapter of Whispers on the Wind. Chapter 3: Kissed by the sun. Click Here to go straight there. Also, I’d like to thank Reinla for beta reading this chapter on such short notice while she was working long hours at work. Thank You Reinla!

And one other thing. I’d like to announce that my 14 year old son is starting his own wordpress website with original stories. He has some really great story ideas. I’m in the process of helping him make his website and I’m going to be his Beta reader 😀 Of course it isn’t romance, but I hope that some of you would enjoy reading his awesome stories and leaving him feedback once we get it up and going. He’s smarter than me and I’m sure they will be great. The little snippets he’s read me have been amazing and when he gets something in his head he becomes obsessed so it’s all he’s talking about. I saw him following his little 9 year old brother around earlier reading snippets from notebook paper.

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