Ch 3: War Breaks Out On Earth

An Eric Chapter


It has been fifty years since Godric met the sun, Eric thought bitterly. Fifty years since Sookie disappeared that very same morning. There were so many unanswered questions. What happened to her? Everyone else gave up hope, even Bill Compton. Everyone thought she was dead, because neither Bill nor Eric could feel her presence after that nightmarish morning that his maker died. Eric and Bill were both a part of Sookie since she had the two vampire’s blood flowing through her veins.

Eric never gave up hope though. His millennium old blood was strong. On a few occasions when he lay in his sleeping chamber waiting for the dawn he could swear that he felt a flicker of her faint presence, however fleeting it was. Once he felt fear as surely as if she had been right beside him. Then the emotion was gone in a split second, as fast as it had come, leaving only a silent void. She was in danger and scared, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

He stared into the night sky and saw a meteor streaking across the sparkling heavens. He wondered if she was looking at the same meteor, wherever she may be.

All he could do was wait and hope and never forget. He would never forget her tenderness when he mourned Godric. No human had shown him such compassion and he was sure no human would ever again. Not with what was happening in the world. Sometimes he wished he had done things differently concerning the young telepath.

He looked down from his perch high above the city of Dallas as the humans rushed to and fro like little ants. He sneered disdainfully. Eric and his child Pamela were forced to flee to Dallas several decades ago when new legislation passed in Louisiana proclaiming that vampires were to be hunted and disposed of like animals. Texas was one of the last places in America where vampires weren’t considered fugitives. But even this safe haven was a thing of the past.

Vampires had become too arrogant. Godric was right about one thing. Eric’s kind should have learned to live in peace with the humans when they had their chance. Now it was too late. Humans ruled the day and vampires were fighting a loosing battle. Those who had survived the ten year slaughter, what the humans called the decade of the day sweeps were now in hiding. Eric and Pamela were two such survivors hanging on and guarding their lives jealously.

The U.S. government was taking more extreme measures to flush them out now. Every citizen was required to carry papers. Fake identification for vampires were becoming a hot commodity, but they were no guarantee of safety. It wasn’t too hard for a vampire to be recognized for what they truly were.

A new division of the government called The Department of Vampire Extermination deployed thousands of officers to patrol the big-city streets, armed with UV silver bullets, glamour proof contacts, and silver plated armor. The once vampire friendly country of America was now a brutal police state. And similar actions were being taken around the world.

These changes were causing a lot of turmoil. Not just for vampires but internationally between governments of different countries. There were whispers of an all out war between the superpowers of the world. The European and South American countries blamed the United States for the worlds problems since the country that supposedly preached liberty and freedom were once at the forefront for vampire rights. Then in a drastic turn of events declared vampires as demons that should be put down when Steve Newlin won the presidential election of 2024. His regime put a lot of pressure on Europe and other areas of the world to follow suit and it caused a lot of hatred.

A new administration took over last year after winning the 2060 election. They were spreading propaganda that the real root of the problem were the vampires. They were to blame for every single problem that has happened in the world since the beginning of time, supposedly. The damage has already been done internationally though, and war is on the horizon. A catastrophic war that is sure to devastate the Earth and go down in history as World War III.

Eric heard his child Pamela approaching on the roof top behind him as he perched on the edge of the building looking down.

“Eric,” Pam said irritated. “We’ve overstayed our welcome”

“This is the last place I saw him.” Eric said looking at the street below, lost in thought. “Right here on this rooftop.”

Pam sighed and looked away from her maker. “I know.” She said with a touch of tenderness, which was rare for her. “But the city is too dangerous. War could break out between the human countries any day, not to mention the extermination officers that patrol at night.”

Eric jumped to his feet as an explosion went off in the distance, sending up a huge plume of fire that lit up the black sky above the Dallas cityscape.


“It’s a missile.” Pam gasped. The frenzy of activity below in the streets became chaotic and panicked. Shouts, screams, and horns honking filled the crisp night air. A police siren rang in the distance. Pam was now standing beside Eric looking out over the hysteria that ensued.

A section of the city lights began to shut off in a dramatic cascade that emphasized the clamor of panic that rose above the city in an eerie clatter. A woman on the street below could be heard crying frantically, and Eric saw that she had been trampled by humans that were wildly running in every direction.

Another explosion boomed across the horizon in a thunderous rumble sending up a second fire plume, and a new cacophony of shouts and screams resonated all around them. The sirens that Dallas weather control usually used as a tornado warning began blaring which just made the humans panic more causing several cars to crash into each other.

Suddenly rapid gunfire could be heard coming from the west, probably in the city of Fort Worth. “Someone is lobbing missiles at the U.S. Why am I not surprised? The big cities aren’t safe anymore.”

“Lets go. Follow me,” Eric shouted launching himself high into the sky, Pam close behind.

They flew for nearly an hour, finally landing in a city in Arkansas called Fayetteville.

“Down there.” Eric pointed to a lit up street that seemed to have several opened shops and night bars. There were so many people all around that he was sure some sort of special event was taking place. Motorcycles were everywhere, parked and zooming up and down the surrounding streets. Landing he saw a large banner that read Bikes, Blues, and Barbeque. The frenzy of activity and colorfully dressed humans would provide them some cover from any extermination officers that were lurking.


“It must be some sort of human ceremony or celebration.” Pam said stating the obvious. They both sensed panic in the air as news of the attack in Dallas spread through the throngs of humans.

“There,” Eric muttered, quietly nodding his head toward a tavern door swinging open. He could see humans gathered around a large screen television inside. They made their way to the tavern and entered the crowded interior. Pam stepped to the bar and ordered two human beverages. Hopefully holding them in their hands would divert any suspicion that they were vampires.

“Take this,” She said handing Eric a beer. They listened to the news broadcast along with the humans gathered around. Everyone’s eyes were glued on the screen.

A frantic reporter held a microphone to his face and screamed in panic. He was outside as chaos reigned behind him. “Craig, I’m here in Washington D.C. and missiles are literally falling out of the sky every minute or so. We can hear gunfire in the distance. It is complete and utter chaos here. Sources tell us that the president has been taken to an underground bunker somewhere in the…”


Suddenly the broadcast was interrupted by a blaring patriotic tune and a picture of the U.S. flag. The screen switched to a head shot of the president of the United States.

“My fellow Americans. Many of you may have heard about the attacks on American soil in the cities of Dallas, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City, and Detroit. This is a grave day that will go down in infamy. As commander in chief my highest priority is security of the American people. For the last several years we have consistently taken the fight to the vampires who terrorize our country. We took out the terrorist Russell Edgington and much of the Authority leadership over the years. Thanks to our military and counter-vampire measures America is safer.”

Several of the bar patrons started cheering and one inebriated man dressed in biker garb elbowed Eric in the arm. “We showed them fangers.” He shouted to Eric jollily.

Eric’s lip curled up a bit and the man narrowed his eyes. But then Eric raised his beer in the air and yelled, “Yea, death to the blood suckers!” Which produced a hearty laugh from the biker. He turned his attention back to the television announcement.


“For our brave and selfless acts to rid the world of the vampire menace many other countries have sought this opportunity to point fingers. We sent a clear message to the rest of the world that if you weren’t with us you were against us. When we targeted several African and Asian nations for not conforming to our demands to help hunt down the vampires other super powers united against our great nation out of fear and weakness. We have received confirmation from intelligence that the attack on our home soil originated from China. This heartless act of the Chinese will not go unpunished. Even as I speak forces are being deployed for an air strike against China. We believe that a top level leader in the Chinese government is a vampire. After this skirmish is settled it will be our top priority for the next several months to convince the rest of the world that the root of the problems that plague us today are not our differences but rather the problem is the vampires! We are all human beings and we must band together to exterminate the spawn of the devil once and for all!”

Eric had heard enough and turned to leave the bar. He walked on to the street looking around at the crowd of humans.

“Maybe they will destroy each other.” Pam said bored, pretending to take a sip of her beer.

“They are idiots. Vampires always thrive in times of war. Plenty of meals for the taking and there will not be enough police officers to enforce the new vampire agenda. There is no vampire in the Chinese government. It is just more propaganda to further their cause.”

“I hope you’re right.” Pam sneered. “I’m tired of burying myself in soil every night and tip toeing around to get a meal. I thought those days were passed us after the Great Revelation.”

“Oh, do not confuse my words Pamela.” He said turning to her with an expression of seriousness. “There are dark days ahead of us. It will take every bit of our cunning and centuries of skill to survive what is to come.”

Eric sighed. He knew this was only the beginning. Once the in fighting ceased between the humans they would come after vampires a hundred fold. His kind would become their scape-goats. This was not like before the Great Revelation when they hid. Back then humans didn’t know about vampires. Things were different now. They would actively and brutally hunt them down like never before.


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