Ch 2: Sookie’s Journey Begins

A Sookie Chapter


Sookie surveyed the scenery in astonishment. Never had she seen anything so enchanting. They were in a mossy clearing in the middle of some lush green forest. There were flowers of all colors everywhere, and the greenery seemed to twinkle and sparkle from the faint blades of light that peeked through the thick canopy of branches overhead. She peered curiously at the trees; they were so thick and tall she was sure they were centuries old, if not older. Some of them had to be over 200 feet tall as they towered above them. There was also a lot of space between them to accommodate the far reaching branches.


Everything had a feeling of timeless age. As if nothing had changed in thousands of years under the tangled umbrella of branches above them, and nothing ever would. The hands of time itself seemed to have fallen into a dreamy slumber from which it would never awake.

On closer inspection Sookie saw that some of the trees seemed to have a peculiar shape to them. In fact, they weren’t trees at all! They were houses! Or rather, trees that had somehow been molded into dwellings, yet were still alive.

“Do people live in those?” Sookie asked in fascination.

“Yes,” Claudine smiled delighted. “This is one of many fairy villages in the realm. The fae use their magic to shape the trees into houses.”


“But, you said I was part fairy.” She turned to Claudine with her brow knit in confusion. “There must be some sort of mistake. I’m just a regular girl.”

“You are part fairy, and you carry the spark.” Claudine’s eyes twinkled. “Haven’t you ever wondered where your telepathic ability comes from? Or your immunity to glamour?”

“You mean to say that I have these abilities because I’m part fairy?”

Claudine nodded. “I’m quite surprised your abilities are so strong. Our magic weakens when we aren’t around our own kind, just as it strengthens when we are.”

“This is unbelievable.” Sookie gasped.

“Come,” Claudine said taking a few steps toward the tree dwellings. “There is someone I would like you to meet.”

She warily followed Claudine as she walked across the clearing to an area of twisted trees that braided themselves so far into the sky Sookie couldn’t even see the top, which was smudged and obscured by shadow. The petite fairy put her hand on a gnarled knob sticking out from one of the braided trees. Sookie could have sworn the girth of the twisted trunks measured at least 100 feet wide.

When Claudine touched the knob the crease between two of the intertwined trees spread revealing a doorway.

“Come,” Claudine said happily as she entered through the archway which was now at least twelve feet high and 10 feet wide.

Sookie let out a sharp breath of air, overcome by the sheer beauty of her surroundings as she followed the fairy inside. Never in a million years could she imagine such a place existed. The interior opened up into a large dome-like room that was illuminated by white lantern type balls of light that seemed to defy gravity as they floated in place every ten or so feet.

They approached another fairy standing before them on the opposite side of the interior. She was garbed in flowing robes with a circlet of silver on her brow and long strings of matching silver chains dangling from her arms and neck. Her face was old, imperious, and tranquil.

“Sookie,” murmured Claudine. “This is Mab, Queen of the fairies. She possesses knowledge that you need for your journey.”

Mab smiled but it somehow gave Sookie the shivers. She had no reason not to trust the old fairy but there was no doubt in her mind that Mab could be a force to be reckoned with under different circumstances.

“Nice to meet you,” Sookie said a little too enthusiastically.

Mab inclined her head slightly. “Sookie Stackhouse. We all mourn Godric’s death. Which is quite ironic since we longed for his demise for over 1000 years.”

Sookie’s eyes widened. “Why would you long for his death? Godric is good. He would never harm anyone.”

“It wasn’t always so.” Mab grumbled. “Godric was a leader in the Sanguinista movement up until about 800 years ago.”

“I don’t understand. What is the Sanguinista movement?” Sookie asked her.

“Those involved in the movement believe that humans are food and nothing more than a gift to vampires. They believe vampire blood is sacred, that there is no right or wrong, only survival or death.”

Sookie gasped. “Godric wouldn’t…”

“He did. He was more radical than most vampires in the movement. He believed humans were only good for one thing and it wasn’t for love.” Mab said with disdain.

“If what you say is true then why do you all mourn him? Shouldn’t you be glad he’s dead?” Sookie was a little angry. She met Godric personally and he only showed her kindness. He saved her from a very big rapist and he intervened when Lorena threatened her.

“If he had died 800 years ago his death would have been celebrated across the realms. But after he began teaching his child, Eric, Godric had a change of heart. Many vampires believed he lost his way. The fairies believe that his past was fate. The memories of his former years taught him the error of his ways so to speak. Godric continued to evolve and grow over the centuries into something extraordinary.”

“Claudine said I could change what happened. But I don’t understand how.” Sookie looked down at her hands. “I watched him die the true death.”

Mab continued. “It is just rumor and speculation but these Sanguinista’s believe in resurrection from the blood. In some cases you will often see them preserve the blood of another vampire, such as a child, maker, or idol by keeping their remains in a vial or urn.”

“But,” Sookie’s mouth opened. “He burned in the sun. There is no blood left. There is nothing left of him.”

“Yes, I know. I’m sure that’s why he chose to meet the sun. So he couldn’t be brought back. He knew Eric too well. No doubt his progeny would go to the ends of the Earth to find a way to resurrect him.” Mabs features became determined. “However, there is one in this realm who possesses not only a vial of Godric’s blood, but the knowledge of the Sanguinista resurrection.”

“Who?” Sookie would have never guessed that Godric of all vampires would be involved in such a dark group. But she now had a greater understanding why he wanted to end his life. It made sense. He must have been in complete turmoil and regret over his past.

“There is a place that will take many days if not weeks of journey. The path will be dangerous and treacherous. But if you can make it, there is a hermit who lives far to the East in the Kalihari Marshlands. Fairies rarely trek that far because of the wild territory that must be crossed. Not to mention the strange and dangerous creatures that lurk beyond our villages. We would go ourselves but the Hermit hates fairies. Although I don’t know why since he is one of us. I believe since you are only a halfling he will speak to you.”

About fifteen minutes later, after Sookie received all the information for her journey that Mab could offer she was standing outside with Claudine. She had a map in one hand and a pack of food that would last about a week in another. She couldn’t believe she of all people had to undertake this task. But she was willing and determined. She wanted Godric to live. The fairies believed that he was their ticket back to Earth. That he was somehow destined to change the world, making it safe for their kind to return.

“All of this just seems a little sudden.” She said blinking at Claudine. “Half an hour ago I was in a hotel room in Dallas with Eric Northman trying to console him after… after Godric met the sun. Now I’m in some strange fairy land on a quest straight out of a novel. I wonder what Eric will think when he wakes up and I’m gone.”

“My dear, Eric already woke up months ago.” Claudine said with the wave of a hand.

Sookie narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean he already woke up months ago? I’ve been here less than half an hour.”

“Time on Earth is passing by in a whirlwind while here it inches along like a lazy river. For every half hour about four months pass there, more or less. This is why it is important that you leave immediately and find the hermit.” Claudine’s voice lowered. “If it takes you too long you may find that your world is more alien than Faerie.”

“No,” Sookie gasped. “That can’t be. I mean I have family and friends. If this journey is as long as Mab said years could pass on Earth.” She tried to do the math in her head. So that would be 8 months for one hour, she thought to herself. 8 months on Earth times 24 hours in fairy land would equal… it would equal… a lot. She wished she was better at math. If what Claudine said was accurate then that meant for every day she spent in fairy land many years would pass on Earth!

“It is your choice Sookie. You do not have to undertake this task. But know this. The fae believe that without Godric the world is doomed. We truly believe he is the one we have all been waiting for, we have looked forward to a vampire such as him for many millenia. If he isn’t resurrected all hope will be lost.”

Sookie took in a deep breath of air and sighed heavily. “I owe it to Godric, and to Eric to do this. I’m sure if Godric knew what was at stake he wouldn’t have met the sun. I will do it.” She hoped that the journey wouldn’t take more than a few days, and she prayed that the ‘more or less’ that Claudine referred to about the passage of time on Earth leaned more on the less side.

Claudine smiled and nodded. “Good luck on your journey dear. I hope that you are successful. For all our sakes.”

Sookie turned East and disappeared into the gloom covered forest. She had no idea what trials awaited her in the mysterious lands beyond. She would soon find out that the fairy realm was not as jolly and cheery as one might expect, but rather, a cacophony of vile and vicious creatures that made vampires seem like fluffy kittens with balls of pink yarn.


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  1. You know I can’t stop calculating! 1 hour in Faery = 8 months on Earth. 24 hours x 8 months = 192 months! That’s 16 years for each day in Faery! I wonder how long she’ll be there.


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