In the End” by: Kittyinaz
One night a pull to their very souls, calls out Eric and Godric to their future.  And that one moment, that one action, sets forth a change to the entire world. E/S/G

Review: It has a really thick plot which you know I love! It’s so good and the chapters are very long for those who want to relax into a good read! Oh and it’s a Eric/Sookie/Godric romance so yummilicious! I absolutely love this story!

Destined in Dallas” by: The Unseen Wonder
What if Sookie was suspicious of Bill in Dallas? Meeting Lorena certainly wouldn’t help. Luckily Godric and Eric are there to help Sookie as she leaves Bill and figures out what she needs. If Sookie can save Godric from himself that is. Bill bashing. Lemonade. OOC Sookie/Eric/Godric.

Review: Okay well wow. This is such a good take on the whole Godric on the Roof scenario which lands Sookie under Godric and Eric’s care after she leaves Bill in Dallas, who let me add is a total douch bag so that’s a plus. This story is very popular and after reading it you will see why!

Rooftop Confessions” by: TextCrazy2011
Sookie managed to convince Godric suicide wasn’t the answer, but what if there was more to her heritage than either Eric or Godric were aware of? Sookie/Eric/Godric

Review: This is another very popular Sookie/Eric/Godric story which is in progress at the moment. I must say it is very addicting and wonderful. The Romance is a slow burn which in my book is a very good thing. I love it when writers take the time to develop the relationships between the characters and she has done just that!

2 thoughts on “Eric/Sookie/Godric

  1. I squealed when I saw my story on your favorites page! I absolutely love everything that you write so it’s a HUGE compliment to me. I hope that you like the update coming up this Friday (probably like 3 am on Saturday cause I still count that as Friday :D) !

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