Eric/Sookie/Godric – Complete

The Dying Series” by: mavrosal

Sookie and Bill are in Dallas trying to save Godric, but what happens if he does live? When Sookie finds out that Bill may be with her for other reasons than love, who will she turn to to help her with the pain of dying love?

Review: Ok well super WOW! This I think was the very first E/S/G fic I read and I was blown away. It inspired me to write my own E/S/G fic because after reading this I found that I loved that pairing which had not even crossed my mind before! mavrosal has written 2 stories in this series that are complete and has already planned to write a third story called “Dying Soul.” The story begins in Godric’s nest with Lorena harassing Sookie and goes on a wild ride from there! This is one of those stories that made me scream out in excitement right from chapter one… literally running through the house screaming and cackling like a psychotic killer on a happy pill, yanking at my hair and jumping up and down like a crazed lunatic…. Seriously I’m not joking. And I think I’ve ever only done that a few times! And it’s not like there are any lemons in chapter one or anything it was just that exciting! mavrosal is basically my hero!

True Colors” by: js1280
A different take on how things could have gone in Dallas when Bill’s true colors start showing. Not Pro Bill. Eventual S/G or S/G/E.

Review: Such a short summary which doesn’t do this story justice. Her profile page on FF says this is her first fic and she did a wonderful job. I mean this fic is super good! This story also starts in Godric’s nest when Lorena is harassing Sookie like the above story but the events are definitely different as the story progresses. She also has a sequel that she has written for this story called True Calling I believe but it has been on hiatus for a long time so I didn’t list it! I really hope she comes back and finishes and writes more stories because she is very talented!


I have searched high and low for completed E/S/G fics and alas I have not found any others. I found a couple of abandoned ones and have not listed them in this library. If you come across one that is complete and descent please let me know because I would like to read it!

What did you think?

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