“Sire, I brought you some o-neg. You must feed.”


Kade didn’t roll over. He didn’t lift his head from the pillow. He knew his child was standing in the doorway, watching him. He could feel Raven’s eyes on his back, full of pity and sorrow. Kade didn’t want his sympathy. He didn’t deserve forgiveness for his long list of crimes.


Raven’s voice was cautious as he chose his next words carefully. “I got it from the blood bank. It was donated. No one was hurt.”


“I am not hungry, child. Give it to one of the others.”


Lies, Raven thought. He sighed and looked at the bag of blood. His maker’s voice was always so calm, so even toned when he spoke. It was a carefully composed façade, a sham, a mask that Kade wore, something he had honed and perfected over his two thousand year life span. Raven was well aware of how torn he was. He was losing him. He had been losing him for centuries to the dark pits of depression as he caved within himself, as he became consumed with the cries of his past victims, all faceless and nameless in a never ending trail of carnage.


Kade was something other. Many names had been given to his kind since the dawn of the age of civilization: midnight walkers, demons, but in modern times they were known as vampires. Even among his kind he was exceptional, being the oldest vampire to walk the Earth, yet the face of a 17 year old boy graced his features. He was known as the boy death in many human legends, a name he had earned for his past deeds and something that now made him cringe. Among his own kind he was known as the Ancient Harbringer, a name not far from the legends of humans. Many traveled from far lands, as far as the other side of the Earth in order to seek his wisdom and knowledge, and sometimes even his judgment on disputes, but he had lost interest long ago, and only the one he had turned. Only his child Raven had the bravery to enter his chamber.


“Sire,” Raven said, making Kade growl a soft warning under his breath. He recoiled slightly and took a step backwards towards the door before squaring his shoulders and gaining back his nerve. “Sire, a delegation from Crete arrived at ‘first nightfall.”


“What does that have to do with me, child?”


“They seek an audience with you.”


“Send them away, and tell them to solve their own disputes. I fear I am not long for this world and I wish to spend the remainder of my life in silent seclusions.”


Raven’s eyes widened and he stepped closer to his maker. “No!” he yelled, tossing the bag of blood on the bed beside Kade. “You plan to meet the sun?”

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