A Midnight Snack

Trinity had lived on her little farm which sat far in the western wild lands for as long as she could recall. Now she was all alone. Her mother died last winter, and she didn’t remember her father. It was just the two women since she was a child. But that was all a memory now. Her mother had succumbed to consumption during an especially hard winter season.


She had barely managed to survive the hardships of the last year on her own. It took all she had just to keep the house up the way mother had taught her. The crops she grew and the animals she raised were plenty enough for just her, but it was hard work, and she was well toned as a result.


Often she wished she could just go to the village which was nestled in a valley on the other side of the mountains, but mother had warned her to avoid that place. Women weren’t allowed to own land and if anyone found out about their little farm they would take it from her.


In fact, Trinity had never laid eyes on another human being except her mother. She spent her mornings tending to the farm and she spent her evenings day dreaming about what people were like. She was naïve in the ways of the world and the inclinations of men, but that didn’t stop her from thinking about how nice it would be to see one face to face.


Sometimes Trinity thought she could sense another soul peering at her through the shadows of the woods while she busied herself with finishing up her chores. When the sun went down she always had to go lock up the hen house to keep the foxes out and put the cow and horse up in the barn.


For the last few months she got cold shivers up her spine as night fell, but she brushed off the feeling and went through her nightly routine as she always had.


One fateful night, everything would change for Trinity as she warmed herself by the hearth of the fire in her little house. She had just finished eating supper when there was a loud knock on the door that startled her, making her jump to her feet.



One hour earlier


The leaves in the trees rustled from the howling steppe winds that blew down the mountain and the crickets serenaded the night in a musical symphony as old as life itself.


A dark silhouette of a form resembling a young man lifted his head into the air. Closing his eyes, he sniffed the unforgiving wind and sighed with a primal hiss. He looked human except for his pale skin and eyes that sparkled with an otherworldly flare. Those eyes were full of a mysterious awareness that spoke of his ancient soul.
He glided to a thick tree and peered into the clearing. It was too dark for any human to see, but for him the twilight of the moonrise peeking above the eastern horizon was like the bright sun bathing the landscape in all its glorious wonder. His searching gaze honed in on every detail with crisp clarity. He remained unnaturally still as his anticipation rose.


Another gush of wind rushed past him. The smell was stronger this time. Excited, he relaxed and let his fangs slide out with a loud click. It was uncomfortable to keep them retracted when he was so aroused.


With a fixated gaze, he watched a woman hurry to the barn. He had watched her for weeks now, having come upon her homestead by chance one night during his travels.


She was one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. And what was that aroma that wafted off of her? He had never smelt anything so divine… so incredibly mouth-watering.


Godric preferred to stay far away from civilization. He had many bad experiences with humans and only came in contact with them when it was time to feed. He wondered why this woman was living in the middle of the wild lands alone. It was uncommon for human females to lack the company of men.


He was traveling through this area of the country as he did every 25 years, to meet his child, Eric, for their usual quarterly reunion. Often they would stay together for a few years before they once again went their separate ways.


Tonight was a special night because he could feel his Viking child approaching, even as he watched the beautiful woman finish up her chores.


“Fader,” he heard Eric whisper and he turned slightly to give the blond a sideways glance. His child was suddenly beside him, peering through the trees in order to discover what had Godric so entranced.


“My child,” Godric said in greeting with a slight smile. “You have come early.”


Eric was 1000 years younger than Godric, but already his cunning and strength had proven to be extraordinary. The Viking was his greatest achievement and he loved his child.


“I was in this part of the world and was going to the village to dine before we met, but then I felt your presence nearby.” Eric mumbled, his eyes widening as he saw what Godric was looking at. “A woman? She is alone. I do not smell the scent of any other humans in this godless place.”


Godric nodded as he looked back towards the woman. “She is alone.”


“What are your intentions?”


“I do not wish to frighten her.” Godric replied with the crease of his brow.


“Why not?” Eric chuckled. “It could be fun.”


“When will you ever learn, my child, that it is much more enjoyable to indulge upon the willing. Perhaps it is time I teach you this lesson.”


“Perhaps we can make a compromise.” Eric said with a smug grin.


“I am not one to compromise.” Godric quipped. “However, you have intrigued me. Please continue.”


“I believe that your tactics and mine can be intertwined so that we can find a speedy resolution to this conundrum.”


Fast forward One hour


Trinity was startled from her chair and quickly rushed to the door. No one had ever knocked on her door before. She wasn’t sure if she should be frightened or not, but all she felt was unadulterated excitement.


A person!


Another real live person was at her door and she was about to meet someone new for the first time in her life!


She swung the door open and stared in utter shock at the sight before her. There was a very tall blond man holding someone unconscious in his arms, and that unconscious person, well he was completely nude!


She wasn’t sure what she expected, but this was the last thing on her mind!


“H… hello?” She stuttered, as she looked them up and down.


“Miss.” The tall man said. “My son was attacked by a wolf in the forest. He is badly hurt. Can you tend his wounds?”


Mother had taught Trinity how to treat injuries. Mostly on animals but occasionally she would scrape up a knee or cut herself and she was knowledgeable about how to clean and wrap a wound. The least she could do was help these poor men.


She looked up at the tall man and gasped at how handsome he was. He certainly looked too young to be the father of the young man he was holding, but Trinity wasn’t sure since she had seen no other people besides her mother.


Her eyes fell to the unconscious man in his arms. He was just as handsome. His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open, and his arm was hanging down loosely.


“Yes,” she breathed in a shaky voice and waving them as she rushed. “I can treat his wounds. Sit him over here on the table.”


“Are you inviting us in? Both of us?” The tall blond man said, not moving a muscle, still standing in the doorway.


“What?” She turned and looked at him, a little shaken by his calm demeanor during such an urgent situation. But how was she to know how other people acted? Maybe this was normal.


“Are we permitted to enter?” The man asked, still standing perfectly still. The younger of the two who was unconscious started moaning loudly and lolling his head from side to side.


“Of course,” she said confused. “Bring him inside and sit him on the table. I can’t very well treat him outside in the dark.”


The tall blond actually smiled at her, in what she could only understand as a sort of dubious smile and he looked up at the door jam above his head before stepping inside, as if he still wasn’t sure if he could enter her abode. Maybe the people from the village had a law that you couldn’t enter someone’s home without verbal permission. That would explain his behavior.


“Where are his wounds?” She asked as the tall man sat the patient down. She saw no injuries or blood to speak of. What she did see was a lot of naked flesh, though she wasn’t embarrassed. She knew next to nothing about sexuality, it was one thing mother never spoke about. But looking upon the young man in all his glorious nakedness stirred something strange within her. She wasn’t sure what that something was, but it made her insides swirl.


“I am not sure, you will have to check him over thoroughly.” The man said. She was becoming irritated as thinking of them as the tall blond man and the young man. She wished she knew their names. “My name is Eric, and this is my son Godric.” He said as if he could read her mind. “What is your name?”


“I’m Trinity.” She said glancing up at him before lifting Godric’s arm to try and find an injury. “These markings, they are so strange.”


She had never dreamed of anything like the ink drawings that were on Godric’s body. She often drew on paper that mother had taught her how to make from crushed leaves, but she never thought that you could draw on skin. They were so beautiful.


“Those are his tattoo’s. They are markings from the tribe he hails from.” Eric said with a small smile.


“You mean your tribe? You said he is your son.”


“Yes, our tribe.” He mumbled with the raise of his brow. “Do you like them?”


“I do. I would like to know more about where you come from once I heal your son.”


“And I am sure that once my son is healed that we both would be interested in learning more about why such a beautiful woman lives by herself out here in the middle of nowhere.”


Her face flushed red. No one had ever called her beautiful before. She had never thought of herself as beautiful.


Godric’s suddenly sat up on his elbows and looked at her. Their eyes locked and she became almost lost in his intense blue gaze.


This was the most exciting night she had ever experienced. She wasn’t sure what would happen next, but for the time she was completely focused on healing Godric. He winced in pain as he moved and she knew that he must be hurt, but she wasn’t sure where. She reached up and put her hand on his to help soothe him and let him know that she was going to take care of him.

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