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American Android’s Bio

Who are you?
Hi, I’m American Android, aspiring writer, university graduate, artist, and educator. I love to write, and the reason I have chosen to write True Blood fiction is so I can get better at what I love to do. To tell you the truth, explicit romance is not my forte, but I enjoy learning something new to improve my writing. My true love of fiction lies in fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, historical fiction, and young adult fiction. True Blood is one of my favorite shows though, and I have very much enjoyed dipping my fingers in this fandom. My two favorite characters are Godric and Eric Northman. You will almost always find Godric in my stories, because I quite enjoy exploring his mysterious character. And since I’m a fan of Godric, naturally I’m also a fan of the adorable and talented Allan Hyde, as indicated by the Allan Hyde paraphernalia you may find around my website.

What is this website about?
This website contains all the stories I write in the True Blood fandom. These stories are based off the work of the True Blood TV show and Southern Vampire Mysteries books. These type of stories are called fanfiction and are offshoot stories depicting the characters and world from said fandom. They are free to the public and contain full disclaimers giving credit to aforementioned organizations.

Do you write anything besides fanfiction?
Yes 🙂

Your stories make me laugh. Are you funny in real life?
I guess that depends on who you ask. I was the class clown growing up in school, and I love to make people laugh.

What else is important to you, American Android?
Family, academics, education, technological advancement, seeking the truth behind the veil, contemplating the universe, a hope for a better future (for us all), happiness, laughter, compassion, and the human condition.

True Blood Fandom Honors and Awards!

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